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The biggest turning point is recently switching careers into sales. It's always something I've loved aspects of in previous jobs though lack of real experience really kept me from pursuing it earlier.

I suppose the message in all of this is that I absolutely love the new direction my professional career is taking and I would strongly urge anyone to (and this will sound cliche) follow their dreams. If you know you love doing something, find a way to do it!

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Absolutely love your work in the past and really admire the work you're involved with now. I don't have a question per-se, just wanted to post the comment. :)

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This is the comment I would most like to see a response to

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How soon till you get voted right out of office, people are seriously counting the days...

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I'm a lawyer with a snowballs chance in hell of making a difference and my case will be laughed out of court. At least you have this AMA for what it's worth. So the question, how's that feel?