Hello. I'm back to take more questions. This time I'm at reddit in New York with a cup of coffee.

My latest film is Cuban Fury in U.S. cinemas April 11th. It's a film about love and dancing.



Hey Y'all thanks so much for the questions. Lots of fun. Cheers!

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adonbilivit1278 karma

What was it like to interview Richard Nixon?

Edit: To whoever gave me the gold, thank you

IAmNickFrost1133 karma

It was the highlight of my career so far.

jetthead1248 karma

In Shaun of the Dead, were you guys really paying Timesplitters 2?

IAmNickFrost1698 karma

Yes! very distracting.

tryingtoworkoutmylif1062 karma

Have you ever fired a gun up in the air and gone "ahhrgh"?

IAmNickFrost1239 karma


kupovi1018 karma

How did it feel to play the 'straight man' in The Worlds End, compared to the other movies you have done with Simon Pegg?

Do you have a preference? Straight-man or the Fuck-up?

IAmNickFrost1752 karma

i think straight fuck up works for me.

drinkwineandscrew1015 karma

Do you want anything from the shop?

IAmNickFrost1206 karma


tronjavoltashit1001 karma

who is the best smelling cast member you have ever worked with?

IAmNickFrost1754 karma

Pierce Brosnan

BewbewDingo913 karma

Your monkey impression in Shaun of the Dead was so good. Can you do other animal impressions?

IAmNickFrost1600 karma

Horses, hens, cats, dogs, bears, dolphins, birds of prey and an assortment of raptors.

no_fap_nick830 karma

How long have you known Simon Pegg for and how did you first meet?

IAmNickFrost1449 karma

21 years. we met at a drunken party.

Maniac0059762 karma

What's the best prank that you have ever pulled?

IAmNickFrost2408 karma

I told Simon we had meat pies in the freezer… there were no pies.

Kknowsbest760 karma

If they made a movie about your life, who would play you (other than yourself)?

IAmNickFrost2082 karma

Ryan Gosling

DarkestSin620 karma



Is Chris O Dowd really a dickmuffin?

IAmNickFrost755 karma

No! quite the opposite.

pileoflaundry591 karma

Is a Drumstick cone a suitable equivalent to a Cornetto?

IAmNickFrost683 karma


MsJessD4578 karma

Hi Nick, thanks for doing this Q&A. My question is : How do you think Simon Pegg would describe you in 3 words ? x

IAmNickFrost1827 karma

Wind beneath wings.

Scooby303541 karma

I need a player 2...you down?

IAmNickFrost1294 karma

Player 2 has entered the game.

eratru527 karma

Big fan. My question is, what is your favorite movie of the Cornetto trilogy?

IAmNickFrost910 karma

The World's End

rhodrir517 karma

What do you think when people who write off Paul because it was more "American" than Shaun/Fuzz?

IAmNickFrost818 karma

Their opinion.

kats206476 karma

You seemed to get legitimately drunk in some of your movies, like Hot Fuzz and The World's End. Were you?

IAmNickFrost1975 karma

No. It's called acting.

latetakeoff474 karma

If HBO gave you two seasons for your own show, what would it be about?

IAmNickFrost943 karma


BewbewDingo416 karma

What's your favourite beer?

IAmNickFrost798 karma


Baconator6390 karma

What's your favorite episode of Spaced?

IAmNickFrost737 karma

Clubbing ep.

gerryhanes385 karma

What's the first thing you would do if you woke up and found you were Indiana Jones?

IAmNickFrost874 karma

Crack my whip.

dayofthedead204356 karma

Hi Nick,

I'm a huge fan - thanks again for doing an AMA.

There's a picture of you and Simon at a Fatboy Slim concert in London before you guys got famous. Do the two of you still go to music shows together? And if so - what bands do you guys see?

IAmNickFrost502 karma

We don't sadly. It's been a while. It gets a bit tough to go out together. That show with Fatboy was actually on a beach in a town called Brighton. It was Amazing, He played a song for me.

MrYankee2k347 karma

Can dogs look up?

IAmNickFrost633 karma

Long story. Yes and no.

karlu23329 karma

What's your favorite british food and where can I find it? I wanna try it when I go to England

IAmNickFrost620 karma

Fish and chips

mubashir1337296 karma

Will you be in Ant-Man?

Just kidding.

IAmNickFrost853 karma

I'm playing a character called Concrete Bee.

Baginni289 karma

where did you learn so cook so well? did you teach yourself? every time i see that you've tweeted a picture of what you're having for dinner my mouth waters!

IAmNickFrost414 karma

I taught myself

EmperorPoo287 karma

Plug time. Why should I go see your new dancing movie, other than the fact that you're in it?

IAmNickFrost722 karma

Why would you not to feel happy for 94 minutes?

subtropicalmonkeys262 karma

Who is the coolest person you've worked with?

IAmNickFrost488 karma

Fortunate to have worked with a lot of cool people but Bill Nighy and Paddy Considine mud be up there.

Kknowsbest240 karma

What is the best advice ever given to you?

IAmNickFrost724 karma

It's okay to succeed

latetakeoff235 karma

What is your favorite difference between the US/UK fans?

IAmNickFrost742 karma

They're all wonderful, feel happy that people give a shit to be honest.

BewbewDingo203 karma

Hi Nick, thanks for making people laugh! It was your birthday recently, did you get to flush another cake? What's the total flushed cake count?

IAmNickFrost445 karma

I've flushed 3 cakes publicly. 600 in private.

DoctorHelicopter199 karma

Who smells better, Simon Pegg or Edgar Wright?

IAmNickFrost338 karma

Simon but it's close.

DrDoop180 karma

Nick Frost! Do you play any video games? If you do what would you say is your favorite to play?

IAmNickFrost435 karma

Championship manager

hermit101164 karma

Spaced is STILL the best sitcom in history. Any chance of a comeback? Perhaps a Xmas special?

IAmNickFrost241 karma


ThatFreshhy159 karma

Who is your most memorable cast member to work with? It can be to do with personality, performance, or just straight up memorable. Thanks!

IAmNickFrost467 karma

Simon. he's my BFF

ningrim140 karma

tell us something about working with Rashida Jones

IAmNickFrost242 karma

she's amazing.

JesterOnCoke138 karma

What is the safest place in an Alien invasion?

IAmNickFrost345 karma

In the Mothership

starthirteen122 karma

Any plans to return to Comedy Bang Bang the podcast to give us an update on what Sean and Michael are up to?

IAmNickFrost176 karma

I would love to do that. I had the best fun and got to meet 2 of my acting heroes.

Pee_Earl_Grey_Hot110 karma

Do you own a peace lily?

IAmNickFrost131 karma

Sadly no.

3ajku104 karma

do you and simon pegg plan on covering anymore Daft Punk songs? ;)

IAmNickFrost222 karma

Gosh I hope not. Poor Daftpunk having to have that terrible cover floating around the universe.

alexexiled103 karma

Hello, Nick! I don't really have a question, I just wanted to say that I admire and look up to you, and I'm a huge fan of yours. Keep doing what you do, and thank you for the laughter and happiness that you've provided to us all.

IAmNickFrost141 karma

Thanks! :)

PussyMud5100 karma

Big fan, Do you ever miss the mexican restaurant business? Haha

IAmNickFrost191 karma

I actually do. I loved being a waiter and line cook.

RollingCompass90 karma

How important would you say location is for an acting career?

Oh and how does it feel to have your own wikipedia article? Doesn't it suck when everybody knows your life?

IAmNickFrost263 karma

My wiki article is about half a page long, not really my life. It's a badly quoted footnote.

Sensitivity87 karma

What does your living room look like? I imagine it being just like the one in Shaun of the Dead but somehow I don't think that's likely

IAmNickFrost280 karma

Lots of grey paint and dark wood. Like the treatment room of a famous scandinavian therapist.

SugarPistils79 karma


IAmNickFrost146 karma

It hasn't. It feels the same as it always has.

ovary_act78 karma

Hey Nick, thanks for doing this AMA!

Do you laugh when you watch your own movies?

IAmNickFrost175 karma

I'm a little bit critical of my performance usually so i try not to watch, sometimes they'll be things that tickle me though. Usually Simon's performance.

LaxGuit75 karma

Love your work. Don't stop

IAmNickFrost97 karma


Eagle98175 karma

What was your favorite experience from the filming of Paul?

Thanks for doing another AMA. You are awesome!

IAmNickFrost196 karma

Seeing bears walk through our unit base one night. It was amazing shooting up in the mountains in New Mexico.

LeoLockhart65 karma

What haircut should I get to guarantee success?

IAmNickFrost186 karma

Flat top...

Rush2162 karma

What was your favorite movie to do with Simon Pegg?

IAmNickFrost169 karma

Paul. Although it's close between them all.

LilOme40857 karma

Hello Mr. Frost. I am a huge fan of all of your films and TV shows, like Spaced. I have two questions for you.

  1. What is it like working with Simon?
  2. Can you give me a high-five through the internet?

IAmNickFrost139 karma

Here's your hi-5…


Nezzatic56 karma

What scene was the most fun to film (cornetto trilogy, cuban fury, or other)? Least fun/hardest?

IAmNickFrost101 karma

There's a 10 minute dance at the end of Cuban Fury which was amazing to do. Tough but incredible.

bennyshilling51 karma

Hey Nick, One of my favourite movies with you is Attack the bock, but Shaun of the Dead is one of my all time classic favourites.

I was wondering if you have ever been to Canada and have any cool Canada stories?

IAmNickFrost94 karma

I have been to canada a bunch and like it very much.

spunkyabroad49 karma

What was your inspiration for Cuban Fury?

IAmNickFrost118 karma

That beauty is about passion

shoot-the-wendybird47 karma

What's it like working with Chris O'Dowd?

IAmNickFrost82 karma

A dream. he's too funny.

russiaranda38 karma

I notice you post a lot of food related things on your Twitter. Whats your favorite homemade dish to make?

IAmNickFrost92 karma

Sunday roasts or curry!

GaryBuseySpaceNazi28 karma

If you, Edgar, and Simon had to fight each other to the death, who would win?

IAmNickFrost100 karma

Me. they lack the inventive spitefulness needed.

BigJim228928 karma

Hello Nick! I loved your role in Spaced...I was just wondering what is your favorite character to have been thus far in your career?

IAmNickFrost56 karma

John Self

DantehMan26 karma

Who is your favorite fictional character you've played? What's your dream role as an actor?

IAmNickFrost52 karma

A lunatic

I_am_your_alter_ego24 karma

Nick you're awesome!

Question: What does paint taste like?

Also: Would you be on board for a 3rd season of Spaced if the opportunity ever arose?

Thanks for being awesome!

IAmNickFrost50 karma

Like Oily blood...

Cpt_Awesome_Guy18 karma

Big fan of all your work and looking forward to this new film. How would you describe your perfect Sunday??

IAmNickFrost41 karma

roasted meats and ale.

sueflay15 karma

Whats your favourite sleeping position?

IAmNickFrost42 karma

Face down in sand.

SirYak15 karma

Whats your favourite part of the UK?

IAmNickFrost33 karma

The Pembrokeshire coast line is splendid.

lappy48212 karma

Was there any method acting involved during The World's End?

IAmNickFrost27 karma

All the time...

iamapillow11 karma

Sriracha or Mayo? There can only be one.

IAmNickFrost22 karma

Never tried Sriracha sadly.

Fuck_jarjar11 karma

Why are you so awesome?

IAmNickFrost27 karma

It's just in me I guess...

Pluppx8 karma

Favorite movie?

IAmNickFrost29 karma

Close encounters.

snap_crackle_puff7 karma

Hey Nick, first off, big fan. Also, as a Canadian, i can sure appreciate the pub crawl in The Worlds End. My question, what's your best advice in the event of a world wide, apocalyptic crisis? I'd just have a pint, and wait for things to blow over...

IAmNickFrost8 karma

Great advice...

Cole_the_Kosmonaut4 karma

Hey Nick, I've been a fan of yours ever since Shawn of the Dead. Love all of your movies with Simon Pegg. Thanks for doing another AMA!

My question is, how much do you actually enjoy Cornettos?

IAmNickFrost19 karma

They're nice, other iced confection are available however.

DoxBolt3 karma

Simple question, How is your day going?

IAmNickFrost8 karma


RamsesThePigeon3 karma

Does it bother you that people frequently say "your" when they mean "you're?" Or "everyday" when they mean "every day?" Does it bother you when people misuse apostrophes?

It bothers me.

IAmNickFrost8 karma

Not bothered.

macjames3 karma

What was your regular Romford drinking establishment? (if you had one).

And whats your rugby club of choice?

IAmNickFrost4 karma

Harlequins and Barking RFC

a3poify3 karma

What's the worst film you've ever enjoyed?

IAmNickFrost5 karma

There are a lot of them - Bula Quo maybe?

jesus7002 karma

When will Mr. Sloane be on TV?

IAmNickFrost2 karma

In May in the UK

kats2062 karma

What's your best drunken story?

IAmNickFrost3 karma

I couldn't possibly say...

wakeupmargaret2 karma

Can you actually salsa dance now?

IAmNickFrost5 karma


leodown02 karma

will you get the girl in Cuban fury

IAmNickFrost5 karma

Go and see it to find out...

DisgruntledDaniel2 karma

What kind of music are you into? Music is something very important to me personally and I'm always interested what other people like

IAmNickFrost7 karma

Hard Bounce - Google it.

ten_is_two2 karma

Hugh fan of you and Simon love your movies! Was just wondering how many takes did it take before you were able to do the Winchester gorilla scene? Hope to see more of your movies.

IAmNickFrost2 karma

It took a while.

trippedout1 karma

all-time favorite way to kill time?

IAmNickFrost4 karma

chopping onions

Faoeoa1 karma

coke or pepsi?

IAmNickFrost7 karma


gbrl_cooper1 karma

Whats your favorite music at the moment?

IAmNickFrost5 karma

Hard Bounce

Slinkybeats1 karma

How, if at all, did your school years influence your career?

IAmNickFrost3 karma

they didn't at all.