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Do you want anything from the shop?

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Sorry, traffic was mental. Got Semi, Almond and Soya.


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Hi Bill,

I visited Kenya last year, and in spite of it being relatively developed, I was shocked at the rate of poverty and unemployment. What do you feel are the barriers to increasing industry and employment in the developing world, and how can we overcome these?

P.S Thanks for all the software. I work for a big Microsoft LAR, and without your work I'm pretty sure I'd be an unemployed waste of space!

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Hi guys, first of all, thanks for doing an AMA :) secondly, what are your thoughts on the rise to prominence of UKIP over the course of the past twelve months? Do you feel this is part of a larger trend in British and/or European politics, or a media perpetuated flash in the pan?

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Hi! Firstly, thank you for imprinting the phrase 'Microsoft Zune, it's Crackalackin!' in my brain forever.

Secondly, was it a difficult decision/process to leave a burgeoning career in the UK in order to move to the US, and do you think that process is different for actors/comedians now than it was for you?