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RollingCompass97 karma

Does it bother you in any way that you miss things that require an entry fee, like museums or other attractions?

RollingCompass90 karma

How important would you say location is for an acting career?

Oh and how does it feel to have your own wikipedia article? Doesn't it suck when everybody knows your life?

RollingCompass3 karma

Does your mass of muscles sometimes hinder you when you act? Does it somehow restrict you in your movement?

RollingCompass2 karma

Hello Mr. Beltran.

Do you have a professional actors training? Is acting an unthankful job to do?

RollingCompass1 karma

Hi Lisa!

What would you say to actors from different countries who aren't living in the film making area? Would you say that a career as an actor is unstable and extremely hard?