Nick Frost

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is an English actor, comedian and screenwriter. He is best known for his work with Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright

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I'm looking at the photo of you in the hospital bed and if you ever need anyone to play you in the biopic... I'm in.

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Get up at 6 AM, walk my dog for 3 hours, come home, go food shopping and make a beautiful Sunday lunch for family and friends. Lot of drinking beer, laughing with my son, and then once my son goes to bed, a furious bunkup with my wife on the sofa. And then maybe an episode of Wallender.

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I would have to say a sword. A long broadsword. So you're far enough away that they can't bite you. Failing that, genetics. Maybe we could just find a way to cure them.

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I told Simon we had meat pies in the freezer… there were no pies.

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It was a fantastic night.

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Yes, I played Timesplitters and I got quite good at it. It got to the point where I'd have to pause it during takes, otherwise it would distract me!

My favorite Pokemon is Snorlax.

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Ryan Gosling

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No. It's called acting.

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Wind beneath wings.

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Pierce Brosnan