Hello reddit, we're finally here and ready to take your questions. You probably know us from Shaun of the Dead, or Hot Fuzz, or The World's End in theatres this Friday. We're here with Victoria from reddit for this AMA. Come get some!

proof: https://twitter.com/edgarwright/status/369929502518157313

update: Thank you so much for your support and your questions. Sorry we didn't get to answer more questions but we love you all. Thanks to everyone who goes to see the film and who joined in the gift exchange. We hope to be back!

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IAmSimonPegg2653 karma

Yea, of course we're aware of it! We went as guests of Norman Cook and had a thoroughly great night. They had to ask us if we didn't mind being in the film. Sometimes if things crop up on the internet it doesn't mean we haven't seen them before.

IAmNickFrost2184 karma

It was a fantastic night.

alexbgoode842355 karma

Last month you all were in Dallas, Texas doing some promotional work for "The World's End" and signed an amazing poster for me while I was in the hospital recovering from a brain operation. Here is a picture of me smiling for the first time operation . Thank you all so much, really helped me get through recovery and I can't wait till this weekend to see "The World's End". You all are a class act! Quick quesiton: Where did you all come up with the idea for the "shortcut" bit with the fences? I about died when I saw that it during the trailer for "The World's End".

IAmNickFrost3739 karma

I'm looking at the photo of you in the hospital bed and if you ever need anyone to play you in the biopic... I'm in.

IAmEdgarWright2395 karma

The fence jumping is an obsession of mine because when I used to walk to school it was in the alleys not through people's back gardens, and I always wanted to take a shortcut through their gardens and I never did, so I'm living vicariously through the movies.

IAmSimonPegg1631 karma

You're very welcome and we're glad you're better.

manav942043 karma

Have you ever fired two guns whilst jumping through the air?

IAmSimonPegg3157 karma

Yes. Have you seen Hot Fuzz?

keeblerlorien1421 karma

Your show SPACED was very fun and clever and all that, but one thing about it that stands out for me is the portrayal of the woman lead, Jessica Hynes. Her character is a bit of an anomaly in television – she isn’t merely a “strong female character” or a pair of tits or any of that. Just like Tim Bisley, Daisy Steiner was a three dimensional PERSON and as a woman myself, I adore it when I get to see that in television or film.

My question – when writing films or television, do you find yourself striving to not delve into tired tropes with your characters? (Not just women ones, of course. Any of them.) You seem to be so successful at it thus far.

IAmSimonPegg1503 karma

Yea, we try to be truthful. That's our main desire. I personally think that Jessica Hynes' contribution to Daisy was what made that character so 3-D. She was like the ancestor of Hannah from GIRLS. She was the proto-Hannah. It's hard for guys to write good girls, I think, and I don't think me and Edgar have perfected our technique yet. We have amazing actresses that bring these characters to life, but it's hard to write a woman when you're a man.

Canfield1275 karma

Describe your perfect Sunday

IAmNickFrost3274 karma

Get up at 6 AM, walk my dog for 3 hours, come home, go food shopping and make a beautiful Sunday lunch for family and friends. Lot of drinking beer, laughing with my son, and then once my son goes to bed, a furious bunkup with my wife on the sofa. And then maybe an episode of Wallender.

IAmEdgarWright2010 karma

Sunday papers, coffee, sitting on the sofa watching bad TV, then a movie, then a meal, then bedtime.

IAmSimonPegg2037 karma

What he said.

Yo_mumma1270 karma

What are your weapons of choice in a zombie apocalypse?

IAmSimonPegg2633 karma

You have to go with blunt objects. Guns are very well but you have to reload them, and they are going to run out of ammo, so blunt objects - always always always.

IAmNickFrost2438 karma

I would have to say a sword. A long broadsword. So you're far enough away that they can't bite you. Failing that, genetics. Maybe we could just find a way to cure them.

IAmEdgarWright3615 karma

I'd like to kill them with kindness.

filmbuff1011225 karma

Have any of you tried to jump over a fence that collapsed on you in real life?

IAmSimonPegg2443 karma

No but I feel like I have because I've had to do it three times over the past 10 years for the films. I'm naturally quite wary of fences as a result.

TheBoredGuy1135 karma

Edgar, any chance of directing a Doctor Who episode?

IAmEdgarWright2887 karma

I'm going to break your heart here, but I was offered the episode "Rose" by Russell T. Davies (the first of the new Doctor Who episodes) and I could not do it because I was busy with Shaun of the Dead. And my mother has never forgiven me.

mickyfitz1094 karma

Big fan of you guys, thanks for doing this AMA! I just wanted to ask, how does it feel now that the Cornetto Trilogy is ending?

IAmEdgarWright1711 karma

It's a HUGE relief that we're making good on a promise. We are very proud of the movies.

We're relieved that it's done.

bobbo17011036 karma

Dawn of the Dead is my favourite movie of all time, and I remember going into Shaun of the Dead (knowing nothing about you guys) ready to cringe at a shitty parody of something that I considered to be a work of art.

From the opening seconds, when I heard the DotD sound effects, I knew you guys were legit. Shaun was absolutely brilliant and I saw Hot Fuzz in the theatre, by myself. Also brilliant.

I don't even have a question, I just wanted you to know that you are all great. I love you all I really enjoy your work.

Can't wait for the new flick.

IAmEdgarWright1631 karma

One of the first people to see Shaun Of The Dead was George Romero, and he really loved it. Which meant the world to us.

MannOfDiversity964 karma

A bit of a stupid question, did you guys actually play timesplitters?(the game that shows up in Shaun Of The Dead) Because knowing my favorite filmmakers played my favorite video game of all time would be really amazing to know. And what's y'alls favorite Pokemon?

IAmNickFrost2120 karma

Yes, I played Timesplitters and I got quite good at it. It got to the point where I'd have to pause it during takes, otherwise it would distract me!

My favorite Pokemon is Snorlax.

IAmSimonPegg1996 karma


IAmEdgarWright1749 karma

Sean Connery is still the original and the best.

Maddie_N663 karma

Hey! I have a question for Simon. I loved your portrayal of Scotty in Star Trek XI and XII. How did James Doohan's portrayal influence your version of Scotty? I noticed some similarities and differences between the portrayals. Also, can you share any details on Star Trek XIII? Thanks! :)

IAmSimonPegg1007 karma

I have seen Doohan's portrayal of Scotty and he's obviously wonderful, so it's a very authentic Scotty. I love Chris and he's a great guy and I'm very pleased to have that connection with the Doohan family.

As for the new Star Trek - are you effing kidding me??!

jarrettbraun626 karma

Ever since I drooled over my first screening of Hot Fuzz, "YARP" has permanently replaced "Yup" in my social circle. It's not even consciously said anymore. It's just something I notice from time to time. Sometimes my friends even forget why they're even saying it, text or vocally.

Anyways, which one of you came up with that? Do any of you catch yourselves replying in that manner on a daily basis? I just hope it got equally stuck in your heads as it did ours.

IAmSimonPegg882 karma

Yea, I do, I use it all the time in emails. Someone sends me an answer asking for a yes or no question, I will usually respond with Yarp. Or no, if it's no.

tfu09621 karma

At the end of Shaun of the Dead, do you think Shaun ever got around to taking Liz out to Fulci's?

EDIT: Also, my username is a reference to your Battlebot from Spaced.

IAmSimonPegg1396 karma

Absolutely. Yes he did, and they had a lovely meal. Shaun had some linguine and some chianti. She had a starter but not more than that since she was trying to lose weight.

IAmEdgarWright1477 karma

Then Shaun brought a doggie bag home full of steak for Ed.

IAmSimonPegg1397 karma

And then later that night Shaun proposed to Liz.

AFConfidential580 karma

In your honest opinions, which one of you is the sexiest?

IAmNickFrost1697 karma

Well I mean I think we're all going to say ourselves individually... I'm a very charismatic man who cooks and I'm a sexual Tyrannosaur, so I'm going to say it's me.

IAmEdgarWright1933 karma

I've changed my mind. I'm going to say it's Nick.

IAmSimonPegg1301 karma

Edgar thinks it's him.

IAmEdgarWright1112 karma

Surely it's me?

Thisisyoureading506 karma

I come prepared. Hello to my 3 current favourite filmmakers! I have some generic questions (that my mum actually asked for) and then specific ones.

1.) What was the last present you bought and who for?

2.) What was the last present you received?

3.) Who did you last dance with?

4.) What was the last film you watched (that wasn’t one of your own as I know you three have been doing appearances at trilogy showings)

5.) What older film did you recently discover and think everyone should see?

Now for Simon and Nick:

Your on screen double act is irreproachably awesome, what do you think makes it work so well on screen? Also what is the most embarrassing thing you ever did together?

For Edgar:

You’ve done a handful of films now, all of which are comedic and have action scenes in them. Would you like to be able to do a more calculated Kubrick style of film, and do you have any stories in mind at the moment that might fit this direction? Also, who are your top 3 directors?

Thank you so much for answering any of these and for being top chums! Sorry for the wall of text.

IAmSimonPegg811 karma

1) It was for my daughter and it was a My Little Pony. I think it was Twilight Sparkles.

2) This morning I received a spa weekend from Wheels & Cake because I bought the Royal Baby a diaper bucket. A diaper genie actually.

3) Edgar Wright's assistant Leo Thompson at the Kickass 2 Party at Comic-Con.

4) I watched Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers and I thought it was excellent.

5) Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.

Because we are friends in real life, I guess. We've known each other for 20 years and what you see on screen is underpinned by genuine friendship, and that can only be an aide to the working environment.

IAmNickFrost755 karma

1) The last thing I bought was for my son's birthday. I think it was a little tractor.

2) My wife bought me a set of golf clubs for my birthday. In 12 years best present she ever got me, and that was because I bought them for myself and she gave them to me.

3) I danced with an actress called Ophelia Lovibond. We danced a furious salsa together.

4) The last film I watched was... The Bling Ring. I liked it.

5) For a slice of old time British Life, I recommend "Dad's Army" (the movie)

I would say the fact that we trust one another and both allow the other to shine when necessary.

IAmEdgarWright713 karma

1) I bought a sky diving session for my brother because I'm too chicken to do it myself.

2) I just cleaned a third of Gallery 1988 buying presents for myself. I haven't gotten my redditgifts gift exchange present yet.

3) I have a dim recollection but it was just before the drugs kicked in and I blacked out.

4) I watched The Way Way Back yesterday afternoon.

5) Everybody should see the Gene Kelly musical "It's Always Fair Weather." It had an impact on The World's End.

I'd like to do all sorts of different movies. I'm a big fan of Kubrick but there's only one Kubrick, and I like to make movies that are personal to me. It might be something more serious in the future, however. My top 3 directors: Alfred Hitchcock, The Coen brothers, and Quentin Tarantino.

Dazzledust33414 karma

Simon: What is your favorite type of tree?

Nick: If you were a dinosaur, what kind would you be?

Edgar: Who is the most influential author in your life and how has he/she impacted your work?

IAmSimonPegg684 karma

My favorite kind of tree? It's probably a cedar.

IAmEdgarWright640 karma

My favorite kind of tree is a Monkey puzzle.

Well since he passed away today, I'm going to have to say Elmore Leonard because he the smartest, funniest crime writers of them all.

jscottd403 karma

Have you flushed any cakes down a toilet lately?

IAmSimonPegg1351 karma

We haven't flushed any cakes since 2007 because it led to a lot of wild cakes growing in the sewers, which led to a lot of problems in New York.

IAmNickFrost1011 karma

Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground DundeeCakes.

rokuthirteen362 karma

Thanks for the AMA, guys! I have two (point five) quick questions.

  • The World's End has quite a bit of beer in it. What are your favourites?
  • Are you football/soccer fans? And if so, who do you support?

Can't wait to see the movie! Hope it does well for you all!

IAmSimonPegg1815 karma

I don't drink so that's my answer.

I would rather drink bleach than watch soccer.

IAmNickFrost940 karma

My favorite beer is Stella Artois from Belgium.

I am a football fan and I support West Ham united.

IAmEdgarWright874 karma

My favorite beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon, just because I like the way Dennis Hopper says it in Blue Velvet.

I don't support a team, but I did used to like Chas & Dave's song about the Spurs.

ImNoSuperman45288 karma

What is each of your favourite bands?.

IAmEdgarWright693 karma

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, David Bowie, Battles.

IAmEdgarWright394 karma

And many many more.

IAmSimonPegg523 karma

I like The London Boys. I don't listen to anything else.

IAmNickFrost745 karma

Erasure... and The Eurythmics.

drocks27273 karma

Simon and Nick:

1) When did you know it was love?

2) How has life changed now that you are both married and “settled down”

Simon, Nick and Edgar

3) What was the funniest moment you have had filming a movie together?

4) How did you come up with the idea of “conformity” being a part of all of your movies?


Sorry to hear about your split with Anna, she seems like a nice woman.

I think you guys are awesome. I love your humor and the realness you bring to your movies even though they are about zombies, robots, aliens etc! Thanks for doing this AMA!

IAmSimonPegg366 karma

1) Almost immediately I think when we met. When we met we became good friends very quickly and I think it was immediately apparent to us that there was chemistry.

2) Lot better.

3) We work very hard, we don't do it to mess around and we enjoy what we do, but we have to focus. Too much messing about on set can be detrimental to the process. So yes, it's huge fun but to have to pick a single moment, we loved it all.

4) With the film it's about an idea of something being forced on someone - maybe it's part of being British, or on the fringes of the filmmaking process, but it's something that appeals to us as a storytelling device.

IAmEdgarWright305 karma

4) I think in this movie, the idea of conforming for Simon's character is his big fear - the idea of conforming and being a part of this system is part of growing up and he's a man who absolutely does not want to grow up. So the villain is the idea of him having to grow up and he wants to go in the opposite direction.

alxf162 karma

Where did the "Come On, Eileen" scene with Brian in Spaced come from? Based on a true experience? It introduced me to the song, and my life is infinitely better for it.

IAmSimonPegg332 karma

No it was based on the idea that back in the '80s the bars and clubs were more dangerous than before Ecstasy appeared. After which, there was a cessation in violence in nightclubs. Not saying that's a good thing but that's what it was.

adamschoales78 karma

Hey Lads! Mostly just wanted to come here and say I absolutely love all your work, and am so looking forward to seeing The World's End when it opens here.

Actually since I have you, it happens to be my birthday (need proof?) so my question is can I get a happy birthday?

Also, Mr. Wright, you have no idea how much joy it brings me to see my friend Christine as the demon hipster girl in Scott Pilgrim and know that I helped make it happen. Well, at least in my eyes... Yay Craigslist postings! We're birthday buddies too!

ps. Batman Soundtrack or Sade?

IAmSimonPegg145 karma

Happy Birthday you! from all of us.