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Last month you all were in Dallas, Texas doing some promotional work for "The World's End" and signed an amazing poster for me while I was in the hospital recovering from a brain operation. Here is a picture of me smiling for the first time operation . Thank you all so much, really helped me get through recovery and I can't wait till this weekend to see "The World's End". You all are a class act! Quick quesiton: Where did you all come up with the idea for the "shortcut" bit with the fences? I about died when I saw that it during the trailer for "The World's End".

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Nick, I am so happy to hear that. I love you guys and cannot appreciate you enough.

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My wife and I were married on June 9th and not only did we play one of your songs at our wedding (The Saga Begins), but your concert in Dallas during your Alpocalypse tour was our second date! So thank you for being awesome and rocking my whole life!

Question though: What makes you laugh and can you even listen to music and NOT come up with a parody?

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Thank you sir, I had to see the end of the trilogy!

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Holy shit, I just got your joke and it was in my own post! Jeez I'm tired.