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Which 5 artists would you choose for your ideal music festival?

Thanks Jerry

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Hey Nick, thanks for doing this AMA!

Do you laugh when you watch your own movies?

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Hey man, I'm glad you're here. As someone in your situation, how do you find good friends? I imagine it could be difficult to find trustworthy and cool people to befriend. Do you ever kick back with normal people? Or do you feel you can you only hang out with other celebrities that understand your lifestyle and can relate to it?

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Oh you know, someone that you would feel comfortable singing "If I can't have you" by Etta James to.

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Hey Chad, huge fan of your work! As someone who's been to a countless amount of your shows, I've noticed that you're more passionate about some songs than others. What are a few of your favorite songs to play for an audience?

Also, is there going to be a farm jam 2015? The one in 2014 was incredible!