Hey there, Reddit! I'm the host of HLN's Morning Express with Robin Meade, singer/songwriter with two albums, New York Times best selling author, DIY Diva, wannabe mixologist, high-heel addict, beginning golfer, and vegetarian that lives in Atlanta with her husband, two rescue pups and nephew all with different sleep skeds. I'm excited to answer your questions. So go ahead, ask away!

EDIT: Hey guys! I just hit 4 miles on the walking treadmill, so mama gotta shut this walking machine down soon, so hit me with your best and final questions as we get ready to wrap this baby up!

EDIT: I've enjoyed you so much today! thank you for watching our morning show. i hope to "see" you tomorrow morning. nice jammies.

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johnnynoname1286 karma

this is gonna sound odd but I'm sincere....anyway, could you make a attempt to be less sexy on air? I mean it is very difficult for me to concentrate on what's going on in the Ukraine when all i'm thinking about is how hard I want to bang you

EDIT: btw- don't none of ya'll make that face at me- I resound the sentiments of ALOT of men who choose to be tacit in the subject

Robin_Meade87 karma

okay dirty thinker

GhostCheese28 karma

It would be weird if someone else was host of Morning Express with Robin Meade.

Robin_Meade19 karma

good point!

Momrisner18 karma

My husband and i have watched you every morning for years. We hate when someone is subbing for you. Your salute the troops segment is one of my favorites. We are both veterans. Thank you for your support of our troops over the years. It means alot. My husband thinks your hot too. But i don't mind. Lol

Robin_Meade23 karma

thank you BOTH for what you do! glad to know you are watching. i joke with spouses "he or she may wake with me, but they go to bed with you". its a good line. lol.

Potterh3ad14 karma

May I say that you are absolutely funny, and beautiful? because you are :)

what inspired you to want to work as a news host? What type of music do you preform, and is it a hobby or professional?

Robin_Meade20 karma

i actually wanted to do music first, but my dad frowned on it, so when my aptitude test in high school came back saying i was good in history, reading comprehension, etc, it asked what i wanted to do in the field of communications. i looked at my pals paper who wrote down "broadcast news anchor". i said to myself: great idea!

gervasaraptor13 karma

Hey Robin! I've been watching your show for a long time, can I ask what are your morning rituals before the show airs that you go through? And how in the world do you stay so lively so early in the morning? Also, I love when you, Bob, and Jen all interact. Great chemistry.

Robin_Meade17 karma

morning rituals: i read in and go through scripts on my treadmill desk at work. trust me, i dont go fast, but it'll wake ya up.

sailorbrendan12 karma

Hi Robin, welcome to Reddit!

I work on a boat where your morning show is on most mornings, and we were wondering a couple of things.

How much control do you have over the content you talk about on air?

How do you feel about the amount of fluff and filler that you have to broadcast, and how much do you think the 24hour news format effects our relationship with the news?

And my engineer would like to know how you manage to have a social life given how early you must go to bed to be ready to work every morning.

He also wanted me to tell you that you're beautiful and should probably be a model. He may have been more... emphatic about that than I'm comfortable actually expressing to you.

Robin_Meade4 karma

Hi!! I'm wondering what boat you're on?

sailorbrendan5 karma

I'm in the gulf of Mexico.

I'm also wondering if you'll answer any of my questions

Robin_Meade7 karma

ah you must be on an oil rig! regarding fluff: i hate wasting the viewers time. who has time in the morning anyway? so any story has to be interesting. and if its fun and uplifting, great. i love being mood enhancement tv for people in the morning. but as far as fluff meaning gossip yada yada, na....i dont like that.

pixiechickrocks9 karma

What time do you wake up to do HLN? I've been watching you for years and I think you are absolutely hilarious!

Robin_Meade14 karma

I wake up at 2:30 am, if I have to wash and blow dry my hair; but 3:00 am if I am not washing my hair. Those are the days I wear my hair in a braid! I wake up at 3:30a, if I don't care about hygiene. Just kidding! lol. ;)

Iswearimsmart9 karma

Hi Robin! I've never heard of you! What's your favourite marsupial?

Robin_Meade17 karma

Good to meet you!!! Here's a little about me: http://www.hlntv.com/talent/bio/robin-meade I don't have a favorite marsupial... but I do love a three-toed-sloth!

RIAuction6 karma

You and Kristen Bell should talk. :)

Robin_Meade16 karma

is she the one who cried at seeing one? i seem to remember something from the Ellen show.

LexLuthorsHair8 karma

Hi Robin, my co worker Mike thinks he's going to marry you. How should I tell him that you aren't available? Thank you!!!

Robin_Meade10 karma

Let him down gently.

marruffo8 karma

No question. Just a thank you for helping me get my butt moving in the morning.

Robin_Meade11 karma

Thanks for watching! You rock!!!

HerForsakenSpirit7 karma

Thanks so much for this AMA, Robin! I've been watching the show for several years now, and without you guys, the mornings would not be fun. So, my question is: do you have any tips for how you overcame your battle with anxiety?

Robin_Meade10 karma

hi there. its different for everyperson but one very good tip is to try to stay in the present instead of day dreaming forward imagining all the terrible things that can happen if you fail. that's just a movie we make up in our heads, ya know?

Afghanistanication7 karma


Robin_Meade7 karma

in kandahar, meaning you are in the service?

OATMEALMAN1476 karma

Hey Robin, big fan of the show. My question is, what is your opinion on Nancy Grace an her style of reporting?

amano_h5 karma

Hey Robin, thanks again for the AMA.

Like others today I don't really have much of a question for you, however: I started watching your show while studying for the LSATs back in my college days, and now I watch it every morning before heading into duty.

Thank you very much for your "Salute to Troops" corner every morning; a lot of us in the service don't have much of a say in what we want to do and at times question why we are doing what we do at all -- watching you give a shoutout to fellow servicemembers every morning gives me that little spark to keep on going.

Thank you again for everything you do, and God bless.

Robin_Meade4 karma

The REAL thank you is to you and all of our U.S. Service Members! I know I could never be as brave as you; therfore thank you is the least that we can do! God bless.

Well_thats_Rubbish5 karma

Hey Robin, I don't know if it's your natural personality, but you have the ideal on-air manner as far as I am concerned. Friendly, funny, smart without being 'perky'. I think you do a great job.

Robin_Meade8 karma

thanks, that's me. i love my team and my job and i guess that shows through. you can't hide happy. lol. i'm so grateful you watch

OneNamedLucas4 karma

Hey Robin. Thanks for the AMA. I am currently a Broadcasting Production major in college and I was wondering how you got into the business. Everyone says that Broadcasting is one of the harder careers to get in to.

Thanks again!

Robin_Meade9 karma

If your college has its own channel you need to live there. Don't be a ghost major where you show up to class but don't do anything on-air. This way when you graduate you'll have something on tape that you can show around.

oldmanonreddit714 karma

Hey Robin! I am a Weather Forecaster (In the USAF) and there are like 5 of us that would like a BVD AMA!! haha

Robin_Meade2 karma

OMG!!! Bob would be hysterical! I feel like he's a very good meteorologist. If you ever really pay attention... what he forecasts happens. Bob will even call us at home when there is a funnel cloud in the area. He's called me in my basement once!

BreakingForABad4 karma

What has been the most embarrassing moment for you on television? How did you handle it?

Robin_Meade6 karma

isnt it funny we dont remember how we embarassed ourselves, but remember other peoples bloopers. and believe you me i'm sure i've done some doozy bloopers myself.

theaaron984 karma

Have you ever said no to reporting a story?

Whats the craziest moment you have had on TV?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

Robin_Meade4 karma

My co-anchor accidentally said Mother Teresa had passed away when she hadn't!

seriesone4 karma

My parents actually got me hooked on HLN in the mornings...and now I've managed to get my boyfriend hooked on it as well. But I have my doubts that it's JUST about the news. Last week when you were out of the studio he couldn't help but to chime in when he noticed you were gone. "WHERE'S ROBIN!? I DON'T WANT MY NEWS FROM THIS LADY"

Now for the actual question... Do you need a intern..who has radio/communications background? That would be awesome! Thanks for keeping me up in the morning and making sure I do get to work.

Robin_Meade6 karma

Hi! We have a fabulous internship program here at HLN! Check it out http://www.turner.com/careers/

harjon4 karma

Would you ever consider doing a different genre of music. I see you perfectly suited for jazz.

Robin_Meade3 karma

that's a cool thought. how do you feel about americana style music?

procdaddy3 karma

my gf loves you soooo much. how do I get her to love me as much as she loves you?

Robin_Meade9 karma

smile a lot and say yes, dear! ;)

ThePlayfulPython3 karma

Robin! I love you! Thank you so much for the hysterics of Morning Express. I need that at 6:00 a.m.

What makeup brands do you use for the show because I LOVE your makeup - it is flawless!!!

Robin_Meade9 karma

Hi! Thanks! I love MAC & Temptu! But the makeup pit crew at HLN is awesome, airbrush baby!

ScubaTwinn3 karma

No question. I just wanted to thank you for the Salute to the Troops you do every morning on your show. It always makes me feel proud.

edit - wording

Robin_Meade4 karma

It's my favorite part of the show! Thank YOU for your service. God bless.

dawgfighter3 karma

Hey Robin! I absolutely love your fashion sense. I've always wanted to know where you go shopping for some of the items you wear on the air, especially your tops and jewelry?

Robin_Meade7 karma

Thanks! BostonProper.com, ruelala.com & INC at Macys!

WorldTravelBucket3 karma

We know you are a great country artist, but when will you head into the rap game and drop some beats?

Robin_Meade4 karma

ha! love that. maybe we should ask colt ford for some help :)

Lynchmob0663 karma

Hey Robin! We watch you everyday in our history class and I'd just like to say we are your biggest fans!

Robin_Meade7 karma

great to know about some of the classes that watch us for current events. and here the history class is too!

Robin_Meade3 karma

Hey, no one has asked me about being a wannabe mixologist yet!

Robin_Meade3 karma

here's my recipe for a cheater margariter: fresca, tequila, fresh lime squeeze and zest of ginger. mmmmm mmmmm. diet margarita.

Universu2 karma

Thanks Robin for having this Reddit IAMA Here are a few historical and current questions: 1. Today, it has been 12 years 6 months 23 days (396,316,800 seconds; 6,605,280 minutes; 110,088 hours, 4587 days; 655 weeks) since your first day at HLN, how has the time since 9/11/01 passed in your personal and professional perspective, as an American and as a citizen of the world? 2. The 911 Memorial, 7 and 4 WTC had already opened and next month, May 21, the 911 Museum will finally open, thereafter One WTC, Liberty Park and hopefully soon 2,3,5 WTC (symbolizing the Caring Hand Concept- The Palm is the 911 Memorial and the 5 extremities are the 5 Towers), will it be true for you also that until the whole WTC site is fully developed, there is still a big part missing? 3. What are the Top 3 News Story of the your career? 4. Why September 10, 2009 for the release of Morning Sunshine!: How to Radiate Confidence and Feel It Too ? 5. Here comes the Sun and True Colors cover are very niceLikewise Better than me and Morning Sunshine. What is your favorite song from Count on Me and Brand New Day and why? 6. Is there an insteresting anecdote behind the selections of song in your albums? 7. Whose tops for your music, Amazon (to be anounced today), Apple iTunesTV, or Google Chromecast? 8. Whose idea was the April fools event and why iPad and not another tablet on your set? Thanks you very much. Good Day

Robin_Meade1 karma

Hi... so many questions! My top three stories: if you mean "gets" interviewing three former Colombian hostages, interviewing and skydiving with President George H.W. Bush & interviewing Kenny Chesney right before I sang with him in front of 20,000 people.

BuckHuckster2 karma

Good morning, sunshine. no questions, just wanted to say "hi".

Robin_Meade1 karma


innocent_bystander2 karma

Seriously Robin, you are far and away my favorite news host. I generally avoid TV news like the plague, but HLN is the exception because your personality comes right through the screen. Thanks for what you do. Now if only HLN was available in HD on FIOS... :/

Robin_Meade7 karma

HD? oh lawdy. scares me lol

orr250mph2 karma

i work early like you and find its almost an alt lifestyle. if i wanna do anything at nite, i gotta snooze for an hr in the afternoon due to my body clock. same for u? glad to see a fellow buckeye do well ))

Robin_Meade2 karma

O-H... I recommend people new to this shift to not take a nap! Doesn't that make you feel like you got hit by a Mack truck when you wake up! Most of the production crew do a "split-sleep" schedule: go home and sleep as soon as the show is over and then nap just before coming in (some as early at 11:30p the day before). But the on-air crew, most of us try to go to bed early and sleep 8 hours straight before coming in.

Goldentongue2 karma

How early do you go to sleep at night and wake up every morning? Do you ever wish you had a job where you could sleep in more?

Robin_Meade5 karma

I should go to bed at 7, but can't say I always do...I threaten when I retire I'm going to sleep for a full year.

PandoraBlackBox2 karma

Hi Robin Thanks for the ama session

What s the most exciting part of ur job? Best memories ? Who do u wanna have as celebrity in ur show? What do u like to do in ur free time?

What was the best advice given to u in ur career?by whom?


Robin_Meade6 karma

"No is a complete sentence." A former co-anchor in Chicago told me that because I kept saying yes to extra shifts.

MrProph242 karma

typing "robin meades" into google brings up these results


your thoughts?

Robin_Meade2 karma

Who said this line..."It's better to be talked about than to be forgotten." LOL

mark89922 karma

I may be too late, but I just want to say "thanks!" for being you - it is so refreshing to wake up and have you being what seems to be very real. I don't sense any political agenda, no attempt to try to be "cool and detached" - you just put on a huge smile, tell me what's going on, and make my day better. You rock! BTW - your husband is a very lucky man. :-)

Robin_Meade2 karma

i'm lucky my husband puts up with me for years and years on this crazy sked. lol. i'm glad you're watching, you're right, we are very careful to make sure there isn't an agenda percieved in our stories but that HLN MORNING EXPRESS WITH ROBIN MEADE is a home for everyone. i like to say "come as you are, bedhead and all" lol

oldmanonreddit712 karma

I have another one, not as pervy as that Johnnynoname guy, but here goes! Have you ever been told by the CNN execs that you should not wear a certain outfit because it was to, "Sexy". Maybe one you wanted to wear, but they made you change, or one you wore that they said...maybe don't wear that one again.

Robin_Meade2 karma

i was just told recently to keep a certain printed shirt in my closet for days when i'm off camera. i think that was a nice way of saying "man that shirt is too busy!" but no one has ever told me to dress like this, dress like that. instead, its usually a processs of learning what works on camera and what is distracting. but no one here wants us to be someone we are not, so individual style will prob show up in different individual ways. does that answer your question?

the_d3ude2 karma

How did the 'Good morning sunshine' thing come about ? Its the hi-light of the show; I cannot hear that without receiving a burst of positivity

Robin_Meade5 karma

my dad, when i was growing up, would wake my sister, brother and me up by saying "morning sunshine!". it was cheerful. but we also knew if we didn't start moving around and show some life, he'd kick our butts into gear so to speak. so morning sunshine is something i say to get you, the viewer into gear hopefully. lol.

wp7er2 karma

Hi Robbin, I usually watch your show around 4am West Coast time. The Morning Express Show has always had my respect because you actually provide the most news in the morning.

Unlike other networks that get bogged down/locked onto ONE topic for hours, your show keeps on moving...even when Prince William was getting married. Mad Props. Thanks.

Is this by design? Do you face any pressure to stay locked on the hottest news like other shows?

Thanks for adding some "sunshine" to my mornings! ooh and you genuinely have the funniest weatherman on tv!

Robin_Meade4 karma

Hi! Thanks for noticing! We like to keep things in the fast lane!

We actually do something called 'anti-flow' in our rundowns that keeps different topics coming in a short amount of time.

Secret behind the scenes: we play loud music in the studio during breaks to keep the energy up!

Thrilla871 karma

Hey Robin I love watching you on my days off. Your show is really the only non-local news show I watch. I read in your book about your issues with confidence and every morning it seems you have done a great job of getting over those issues. With that being said, are you excited for WrestleMania this Sunday? Will you be hyping it at all on Morning Express? Even for just 5 seconds?

Robin_Meade4 karma

Hi! Love the WWE guys & gals. Got this piece of hardware from my buddy Sheamus! https://twitter.com/RobinMeade/status/451394338875265024

andrewyb1 karma

Robin, thanks for helping me get the morning started just about every single day. I appreciate your insights, laughter, curiosity, and smile. Keep up the good work!

Robin_Meade1 karma

glad to know you're watching. you know without our viewers, i get fired. so....uh....keep watching please. lol.

so what gets you up so early in the morning sked wise

Imma_Livewire1 karma

Hi Robin!! Two quick questions:

1) Do you ever think you'll move to GMA or Today? I watch Morning Express every morning, and you're absolutely the morning queen.

2) What happened to Jen Westhoven?! I miss your partner in crime!

Robin_Meade1 karma

Jen's on maternity leave, she'll be back this month! I can't wait, I've missed her so much!

pixiechickrocks1 karma

What music are you now? Not at this moment, but within the past few days. What's your favorite dessert?

Robin_Meade2 karma

Pumpkin Cheesecake and peanut butter cup ice cream!

Ladrichard1 karma

Hi Robin! Thanks for being my alarm clock!

Robin_Meade1 karma

Hello!!! I personally HATE alarm clocks but I appreciate the sentiment! HA!

stevland821 karma

Mrs. Meade, how long do you stay on your desk treadmill, how much do you like it?

Robin_Meade3 karma

I love it! I bought it myself as a way to exercise without noticing I'm doing it. I hate working out!

oldmanonreddit711 karma

Robin!! You are the best! I am in the Air Force (Currently deployed) and I totally appreciate your support for the troops! Would LOVE to see you do a USO tour someday! Ever been on one?

Robin_Meade2 karma

i would love to do that!

Throwaway19447191151 karma

Do you think journalistic integrity still exists in your profession?

Edit: forgot a word. I think question was still answered quite well.

Robin_Meade2 karma

yes i do and i'll tell you what, we have a standards and practices department that MAKES SURE its exists here. seriously. there is a department that makes sure there are no conflicts of interest in terms of the way stories are written, how things are appearing on air, and even sometimes what we are doing or saying on social media in our private lives. all morning long our copy editors and producers work to update and adjust scripts so they relect the most accurate information. i hope that answers your question:)

WashboardRoad1 karma

Hi Robin! Huge Fan of you as a person first then musician second. Congrats on the albums. Amazing talent all the way around. Wonderful on the morning show as well. We met last year when our mutual friend Billy Dean played here in Madison GA and we opened for him(Tim Cadiere and Washboard Road). Tried to get ahold of you via Facebook. Wanted to extend an invitation to you to be our guest at our Annual Bayou Fest Charity Low Country Boil on Lake Oconee, GA! We donate the money to a camp for special needs children in Winder called CAMP ESP! Great for kids. Changed my sons life. April is Autism Awareness Month so we thought it appropriate to have it April 26th. Hope you can make it. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Robin_Meade1 karma

Love me some Billy Dean, btw it's his birthday today. Happy Birthday Billy! Thank you for thinking of me for your event, I'm actually already booked for a previous commitment; but I love what you are doing for such an important cause. I'm grateful to be thought of.

dnet691 karma

Do you ever have to re-shoot a segment if you accidentally say the time? Also, what is the most notable time something had to be censored or dumped live on the air?

Robin_Meade1 karma

Hi! The show is all the way live from 6a-10a ET. Can you imagine? I'm tired of hearing MYSELF after 4 hours!

HalfAsianPat1 karma

Hi Robin! I grew up watching your morning show. You're great. I'm interested in becoming a news anchor, and I was wondering if you could offer me any special advice. What should I expect?

Robin_Meade2 karma

i tell people "be ready to move around the country". i think some folks just assume they'll be doing news in a certain state or a certain city. but you are really at the mercy of supply and demand...when a good opportunity calls..whether its nebraska or alaska, you gotta take it if its gonna help you grow as a journalist. prepare your family now! momma needs to know that you won't always be home at holidays.

FTerry341 karma

I think I want to make a cocktail named for YOU! What kind of spirits do you like?

Robin_Meade1 karma

tequila. st germain. root liqueor. my favorite is jalapeno tequila. lol.

what should we name it? how about "viewer discretion advised"

honestly, that's already the name of my boat. brilliant, eh? lol.

Gro0Grux1 karma

Do you wear wigs?

Robin_Meade1 karma

Hi! No... but I seriously threaten that I want a snap-on hairdo that I wouldn't have to style every day. We actually toyed with the idea of me going blonde for April Fools!

aiming-low1 karma

Hi Robin. You are always so alive and active whenever I see you and it appears you have been... shall we say energetic... based on all you have tried in your life and your past work history you discuss here.

Have you always been "energetic" naturally, or did you find it when you found jobs and projects you like to do? Also, do you sleep a normal 7 or so hours a night or are you one of those blessed with the ability to get an extra 2 or 3 hours in because you just need less sleep?


Robin_Meade3 karma

i guess people have probably always regarded me as a bit on the over-excited scale lol. but i think what you're seeing is this: a real passion for what i do, but also an excitement to impact you whether its with information or as an entertainer. even at parties. i gotta make ya laugh. lol. now.....give me a checkbook, or a balance sheet...i lose all energy.

SadSniper1 karma

No question, but I've been watching you every morning since I was 15, and I wanna say thanks for brightening my days! You, Jen and Bob are fantastic! Morning Sunshine!

Robin_Meade1 karma

Awwww! Thanks so much for taking the time to say so. See you tomorrow morning?

jay2josh1 karma


Robin_Meade2 karma

Hi! It's true. On Thursdays we do the CNN Morning Express Tour, here's more info. http://www.cnn.com/tour/meade.html.

breeclaire1 karma

Good Morning! I love your show and wake up to it every morning. I'm amazed at how natural and casual you sound on camera. Does that come naturally or is it something you have had to work at?

Robin_Meade2 karma

this sounds hysterical, if you picture it. but in college i used to read the newspaper outloud until i sounded like i WASNT reading. but nowadays it just comes down to talking with the viewer, you, and not "reading". i think about the person in the story actually hearing the story on tv and it completely humanizes the delivery imo

limelemon651 karma

good morning Robin. watching your show everyday is a great way to keep in touch with what is happening. Your presentation and humour with Bob is always a nice lift to the day.

Robin_Meade1 karma

Thanks so much for watching!!! Bob rocks!

Wassono1 karma

Hi Robin! You rock the best shoes on television. How large is your collection? How do you decide which ones to wear on the show?

Robin_Meade2 karma

Hi! I've lost count! But when there is no longer space in my closet for them I have a policy that I must give a pair away to make room! Ask outr business anchor Jennifer Westhoven, she's gotten so many of my shoes! However, just the other day I was told I was wearing my boots too late in the season!!!

disgruntled_upvoter1 karma

Good Morning Robin and thanks for being here. In your news career, have you ever had to do a story that either you completely disagreed with, or one that just left you saying WTF? afterwards? If so, could you elaborate?

Robin_Meade4 karma

Yes. At the local level, I had a boss who had me do a story about women shaving their faces to look younger. I couldn't believe I got someone to admit it on camera. She was brave! But it left me, as a journalist, thinking, WTF, did this really help anybody today?

greysmom1 karma

Hi Robin!! My 2 year old son Greyson was blowing you kisses this morning!! Thanks for all you do!!

Robin_Meade1 karma

glad to know you and he are watching. there is something about my voice that babies and dogs are attracted to. insert joke here.

justastarvingartist1 karma

You can tell talent, in the way a presenter reacts with the audience. In the case of television personalities, of course, you have no "live" audience. But the truly talented ones talk to the camera instead of at it. It's a sure measure of success in broadcasting.

You have this gift, and it's captivating. Your enthusiasm and personality come across clearly. What I love the most is your genuine spontaneity. Those belly laughs when we know it's something you truly find funny on a personal level.

You do a terrific job :) Please continue as long as you like. Wish you much success in this and in your singing career :)

Robin_Meade3 karma

someday i really want to make the show into a live studio audience news show. its like viewer reaction instantly!

no boss has ever taken my suggestion seriously that i want a live studio audience, a live studio band to play in and out of breaks, and a puppet who says all the curse words i cant. lol.

aurthurallan1 karma

Do you find it difficult to find vegetarian food in the south?

Robin_Meade3 karma

Hi! It's not a regional thing... but I find it hard to find vegetarian food that truly vegetarian. Just the other day after eating a veggie dish at a very nice restaurant it was just then the waiter told me it was made with beef stock! That's NOT vegetarian!

LWOP1 karma

You have done so many questions about you, I have to break the streak and ask one about BVD. He seems funny with an "adult" sense of humor. Is he funnier off camera than on?

Robin_Meade3 karma

yepper you guessed it. bob knows how to curse in other languages even. kidding. but when he needs to make a point (off camera of course) he doesn't bother minces words. lol. sometime we'll have to get him to tell you about his secret list of words he wants to get away with saying on the air without anyone noticing. mainly the fcc.

PiratesFan121 karma

Have you ever been panicked by a response a guest gave you because it wasn't what you were expecting and completely ruined your follow up?

Robin_Meade1 karma

i'm sure it has happened especially early in my career but now im comfortable listening to the answer before i hit a followup, ya know? glad you're wathcing.

Chiver3161 karma

Robin.. no question.. just been watching you every morning since 2003.. you are the best as is your entire news team!! keep up the good work!!!!

Robin_Meade1 karma

Hi Rockstar! Thanks so much!!!!

djkoolchris1 karma

Is singing the National Anthem A cappella at a major sporting event the most stressful thing you have ever done? If not, what is?

Robin_Meade3 karma

No, I love singing the National Anthem. I do have to say that I was nervous singing the first time for NASCAR. I've performed the National Anthem for NASCAR in Sonoma, Talladega, Daytona, Charlotte and for the NFL at a Patriots vs Falcons game. Here's my little secret though... I always write the words on a 3x5 notecard and hide in my outfit. I don't want to be the blooper at my own show. :)

techjunkie3041 karma

Robin- where do you get all the cool tech stuff? iPad, little microphone, cool red keyboard thing!! :-)

Robin_Meade1 karma

We have an awesome business development team. They keep me supplied and re-supplied with gadgets when I break them. lol.

GrandpappyMoss1 karma

What would you say is the one must do thing while visiting Atlanta? And the one must eat at restaurant?

Robin_Meade2 karma

Hi! A must do is the Aquarium!!! It's very interactive... not your typical concrete and water building! You even get to PET certain types of rays!

As for restaurants... Empire State South! It's a great blend of country and city!

paigetherage1 karma

Hey Robin! Big fan of yours -- watch you every morning and you always brighten my day! My girlfriend and I are going to Atlanta in October and would love to see a taping of Morning Express! Are there tours at the studio?

Robin_Meade2 karma

Well, my dear, I think you'll have a great time. We don't tape as it's live, live, live! We do have a VIP tour every Thursday, but it sells out quick! So you need to sign up here http://www.cnn.com/tour/meade.html

_Justified_0 karma

Which would you rather fight: one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

What was the winking about when you announced your AMA on air this morning?

Out of all of your passions (Morning show hostess, Singer, Writer...etc) which do you love the most?

Also I love your morning show!!

Robin_Meade4 karma

I would go for the horse sized duck, but I'm a vegetarian so I would prefer to pet the duck instead of fighting it.

I love writing the most, songs and news.