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Just a shout-out - cool to find you here. I was Eric K"s first Casablanca rep and came to visit you in Vetter a few years ago. I am writing this post from NAB in Las Vegas. We threw some great parties here, once upon a time. You are more multitalented than i ever knew. Best Wishes!!!

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Jorge, I'm watching your channel on my iPad, listening with earbuds and laughing like a hyena. People around me think I have lost my marbles. I always knew you were a genius - I just never imagined that you would use that creative power to create a gigantic chainsaw-throwing slingshot! Incredible! I had dinner last night with the Draco person who used to stage and plan the rep/dealer events, and we were recounting some stories of the great parties and outrageous fun we had working with all of you. You and Eric always shared a great sense of fun and irreverence that I appreciated and enjoyed immensely.

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This comment is pointing out that there is an industry supported by an ultra-conservative Christian community. This industry is very similar in many ways to the one that sprang up to provide "counseling and recovery" to gay Christians who were told that being gay was either a behavioral disorder or a mental illness for which they could be treated.

In these circles, any use of pornography - even viewing an R rated movie, is viewed as sin, and equal to committing adultery. Guilt and shame drive this business model, and a man whose wife and church community have sided against him can be convinced that he should pay (big money) to participate in programs designed to reinforce sex-negative propaganda and further the agenda of the religious community. Rather than admit that people are sexual beings and that people can express that in healthy non-destructive ways, free from shame and guilt - these "sex addiction" centers simply tow the line of religious dogma, and rake in lots and lots of $$.

There are a lot of guilt-ridden men raised in this environment who are told that their desires and urges are unhealthy, unnatural and sinful. They are told that they are either willfully sinful and will be shunned or excommunicated (losing their church and biological family in the process) - or they may be suffering from a treatable sexual addiction. That label, and the cost of treatment that goes with it is preferable to the alternative.

I'm not saying that sex addiction isn't a real thing; but when the doctor or the foundation/organization puts religious beliefs and a narrow view on morality ahead of science and medicine, you aren't getting good information, and you won't find truth.

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Hey! Fellow cancer survivor here. Also a fellow atheist. Thanks for sharing your story. I just wanted to say that I'm really glad you decided not to take your life. I'm not going to be so asinine as to suggest that I know what you are going through - or went through - but I can tell you that even when everything seems like it's going to shit, most of the time, things change and get better. Sometimes it's your circumstances that improve, but sometimes it's just your perspective and/or attitude that changes. Somehow, that can make a huge difference. So here's my question for you: What are you looking forward to right now? Or, given the chance, what would you like to be planning to do as a fun experience, or just something that you really want to do?

I ask, because it's what always keeps me sane. Having something that I'm really looking forward to...

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I may be too late, but I just want to say "thanks!" for being you - it is so refreshing to wake up and have you being what seems to be very real. I don't sense any political agenda, no attempt to try to be "cool and detached" - you just put on a huge smile, tell me what's going on, and make my day better. You rock! BTW - your husband is a very lucky man. :-)