Morninghead is a Kickstarter funded, Reddit curated product to fix bed head in seconds. If you've seen our video, you know we have a lot of fun with the name, so tonight's Shark Tank will be interesting to say the least. I am still under contract so I can't reveal any spoilers, but Ask me almost anything.

I've been a Redditor for a long time and I'm pumped to represent the internet with my time in the Shark Tank.


Shark Tank is on tonight at 9/8C on ABC

Edit: To find out more about Morninghead:

Facebook (there's a 1 minute video of Shark Tank on here)


EDIT 2: Ok guys, I have got to pull out. I have been blasting comments answering for over 4 hours straight and I cannot even see straight. I answered every question up to this point and I'll do it again next week with a follow up. Thanks so much guys, I've been a redditor for years and I'm proud to say I've done my own AMA and added to the community. Talk soon guys. Watch Shark Tank tonight at 9/8C on ABC!

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DarthTodd914 karma

Max hello from Tucson! Your mom was in my line at Albertsons yesterday! She sounded so damn proud of you. Good luck from Tucson. Also I checked your mom out...because I'm a cashier.

Edit: Sorry guys my name is not todd my username is from Jason Todd the rouge robin Edit dos: holy fuck I just realized its my cake day at 11 p.m. Have the stars aligned to give me epic reddit powers?

shreddor470 karma

haha she's awesome! She told me about you! You wanted a morninghead cap right? I'll send one to her and she can give it to you next time she's in!

DarthTodd336 karma

Omg I would love some morninghead! I'll pm you my name! Good luck again!

kueller790 karma

Lucky bastard getting morninghead from /u/shreddor's mom.

shreddor393 karma

hahaha so good. The puns will not stop with this company. Thank you for this. I just laughed outloud for the first time today.

afewtrix31 karma

Hey I'm from Tucson too

shreddor43 karma

Go Wildcats!

EskimoDave383 karma

well that is a misleading title if you didn't know Shark Tank is a TV and Morninghead is hair product.

shreddor829 karma

but I am actually attempting to fellate a predatory fish tonight.

atwork_sfw161 karma

Your answers are so much more telling after reading this reply.

shreddor151 karma


noahjk44 karma


shreddor39 karma

haha nice! Email us a pic!

unusualHoon39 karma

Wouldn't you be attempting to fellate a predatory fish this morning?

shreddor54 karma

Yes. Shit.

Gnoozhe209 karma

Where did you find the scary Asian?

shreddor375 karma

You're chatting with him >_<

I am impressed that you can see the 1/4 Chinese. Some don't see it.

GustavoFring202 karma

What was the process of getting on the show like? How long before taping did you know for sure that they'd accepted you?

shreddor289 karma

They actually reached out to me last April and suggested I apply. After I submitted a video application, I still went into the 40,000 person applicant pool. Over the next 5 months, I was interviewed every week, submitted two more videos, and eventually 2 weeks before taping they told me I was coming out to LA. Lots of waiting. It's almost been a year since I first was invited to apply.

gum-108 karma

Something I've always wondered for shows like this is, does the show cover the cost of your flight and accommodations? Or is it up to you to spend the money to come out to LA for the filming?

Before you walk into the shark tank and present your product, are you just sitting in a waiting room with all the other entrepreneurs, waiting for your number to be called like at the doctors office?

shreddor170 karma

Yeah, they fly you out and cover all that.

Sort of like the doctors office, but it's just a WAYYY bigger waiting room and there aren't sick people giving you the stink eye reading a magazine they care nothing about.

tig_old_bitties_baby58 karma


shreddor167 karma

It's already filmed! I'm just excited to see it. I honestly blacked out in there and can't wait to see the episode to jog my memory to the finer details.

JNS_KIP72 karma

When was it filmed?

shreddor162 karma

September. It's been a looong 6 months to stay quiet. Can't believe it's tonight.

Somnio142 karma

I cant imagine you are excited to be crushed like an unorganized tool on national television. So.. Congratulations on your deal!

shreddor149 karma

This is a very confusing comment. I MUST THINK HARDER TO UNDERSTAND TONE OF VOICE.

Mr_Abe_Froman63 karma

Logic is, you wouldn't be excited to see bad news delivered. Therefore, it must be good news. Maybe you are excited to see the presentation rather than the reception, so I won't jump to such conclusions. But great job getting on the show ( or maybe more)!

shreddor57 karma

Thanks man! No, I just dont understand it because he called me a tool didn't he? I'm telling my mom.

*EDIT: ** Thanks for the explanations guys. I get it now.

AATroop3 karma

If it's reality TV the last thing you should expect are the finer details.

shreddor6 karma

That's true, but I'm just saying I only remember the bullet points from the pitch. Looking forward to seeing what was actually said minute for minute.

thebitter1180 karma

How much negotiating happens behind the scenes as opposed to upfront? Is what's shown on TV everything that happens? Is anything planned in advance?

shreddor416 karma

Everything in my pitch was planned. I had a 2 minute pitch prepared, and then I had been practicing any possible question they could ask me. The crazy thing about Shark Tank... is that it's real. The Sharks know NOHTING. Nothing. Not my name, company, not even a picture of me. Their initial reactions and all the questions from them are all freestyled.

gaviidae123 karma

Don't they know some of those things from seeing the product placed on the set before you arrive?

shreddor208 karma

If you have a huge bicycle that has a canopy over it, then yes. But for something smaller inside packaging, it's much harder for the Sharks to guess.

Mrosters92 karma

TIL the sharks are Jon Snow.

shreddor49 karma

sans the bear pelt.

TryNstopME024145 karma

How are you going to handle yourself if they don't like your product?

shreddor296 karma

I work in sales and am used to being ambushed. I always learned that if someone is attacking you, understand their point of view. I learned long ago never to fight fire with fire when in a sales negotiation. I always try to understand their point of view and find common ground.

monolithdigital97 karma

please tell me you have an example

shreddor327 karma

One time I was in New Zealand selling the product I sold for the last 7 years (I was the international sales manager of a contraction company). I walked into a presentation and 7 principals of the firm were standing in the conference room with arms crossed and they threw down a sample of our product and said, "this shit doesn't work," and were ready to attack. I agreed with them because they weren't understanding the product properly... so "AS THEY saw it, I totally agree. This shit doesn't work... but if we look at it this way... we can see how... X,Y,Z." Never disagree. Agree and show alternative.

Funkagenda225 karma

You worked for a contraction company? I just imagined a bunch of suits angrily standing around a board room throwing down contractions like "ca'nt" and "wou'dnt" and you calmly saying, "Well of course they don't work that way...".

shreddor314 karma

No, you're mistaken. I worked for a company where we induce labor and work on making women's contractions more frequent to ensure a successful delivery.

Aurick399 karma

Hey bro, never disagree. Agree and show alternative.

shreddor172 karma

haha nice one. The pupil has now become the teacher. (actually read between the lines, we were doing one of those internety/reddit things where you circlejerk about pretending to be mistaken about something but then you continue to be mistaken). It's pretty stupid and I'm glad you broke the chain before it went any further.

madog141856 karma

But i was just coming up with an STD joke :(

On second thought, maybe it's good we stopped when we did

shreddor38 karma

hahaha. SEE!

laidbackpk26 karma

Well to be fair I thought you worked for a construction company.

shreddor65 karma

I did. It's just a joke within a joke. I N C E P T I O N

Hoboken_NJ71 karma

Will you come back here later tonight or tomorrow and answer questions about whatever deals are offered or not offered? I understand you are restricted at the moment, but after the show airs...are those restrictions lifted?

shreddor97 karma

Yes, I am planning on doing an AMA next week to chat more.

Hoboken_NJ28 karma

cool! Good luck, will tune in to watch it.

shreddor40 karma

Thanks man! Pumped for you guys to see it.

MsK8er2No167 karma

I saw a product like this when my brother was in the hospital. He was hooked up to iv's and couldn't take a shower, so they gave him a cap to wash his hair. How is this product the same/different?

shreddor145 karma

The product is identical but does not have the sterilizing solution in it and doesn't cost $50 because it's being sold by a hospital. I am working with the original patent hold in an exclusive agreement to bring this technology to the masses. Before Morninghead it was not available outside the medical device industry. Great observations!!

TheDarkLight145 karma

Why did the patent holder not want to market the product themselves?

shreddor104 karma

They tried and failed.

DukeMaximum55 karma

What was the application process like, and what was it like the day of shooting? I know you can't tell us the outcome, but I'd appreciate a description of your experience. Are the sharks similar in real life to the way they are depicted on the show?

shreddor127 karma

I answered application process here. The day of shooting was intense. It had been 5 months of preparation and it was all about to happen. I do presentations for my day job, and used to do theater and standup comedy, so I am comfortable in front of people, but my heart was beating out of my chest with excitement. Then the big HUGE ass doors open and I'm eye to eye with O'Leary instantly. The weirdest thing was that because I had seen the show so much and because I had been preparing for so long... It felt very natural. It felt like I had been there before. It felt like I knew these guys. It is EXACTLY like it is on TV. It's fucking bizarre. They look the same, the chairs are the same, the rug is the same. It was creepy to be stepping foot somewhere you never have before, but be oddly familiar with where you are.

DukeMaximum53 karma

I read one person's account mentioning that the pitch was very awkward, because they kept having to set up new shots and angles, and that he had to stand still for a couple minutes before he could pitch in order to get some establishing shots. Did you find this?

What's the reverse angle look like? (The "fourth wall," so to speak.) Also, is it true that the production company requires equity in your business in order for you to appear on the show, regardless of whether you get a deal or not?

shreddor93 karma

They used to take equity in past seasons, but they do not do that anymore. The only equity on the table is between the Sharks and the entrepreneur.

For me, there was none of that. I didn't even realize the cameras were there. It was EXACTLY like it was on TV. Honestly. And I don't know about the setting up shots and angles. It is my impression that you get ONE shot. If you fuck up, then fuck you, you fucked up on national TV. There is no "Can I get a do-over?" So maybe that particualr entrepreneur had a really intricate product that needed closeup videography, but from my perspective, it was exactly like the TV show. Walk in, pitch, do your thing, walk out, give exit interview. Can I have an ice cream.

JNS_KIP54 karma

I feel like you should partner with the guys at Dollar Shave Club. Have you ever considered that?

shreddor90 karma

I've spoken with Michael Dubin, we're talking. Great thought. We have the same demographic and both use humor in our marketing.

JNS_KIP26 karma

That's awesome. Yeah I noticed similarities in demo and your online video strategy.

One more question - do you think a sexually suggestive name like Morninghead will possibly hinder mainstream success down the line? I know it's great because the name is a funny double entendre and will keep you top of mind with consumers, but do you think there's a chance people (without a sense of humor) might be turned off by the name?

Anyway, good luck. I'm rooting for you.

shreddor52 karma

I was fortunate enough to ask Seth Godin (marketing guru) about this in an open panel. He said he loved the name, but it MUST be subtle. If it's too much, it'll go nowhere. So we walk the fine line and try to keep it as an inside joke. you would be surprised by how many people have no idea about the innuendo.

AATroop32 karma

How far inside you do you have to keep the joke?

shreddor156 karma

Back of the throat

austinhannah51 karma

There's that subtlety.

shreddor46 karma

Did I go to far mom?

AFDStudios53 karma

Congratulations, I hope it goes well!

I made it to the second round so I have to produce an audition video this weekend. Any tips on how to make it good enough to get picked?

shreddor95 karma

ENERGY. ENERGY. ENERGY. It will feel like over-acting, but you have to do it. Watch a bunch of Oxiclean infomercials. Try to match Billy's energy. It will feel silly, but it's absolutely necessary (don't be a clown, but high energy).

LinkRazr46 karma

So...cocaine. I'll just tell the cops a guy trying to sell Morninghead to a bunch of Sharks told me get on the Blow.

shreddor87 karma


croppaganda41 karma

As we all know, people across the globe universally are afflicted with the issue of morning head, but as with any phrase, it might not translate well into another language. Have you considered changing to name to better adapt to the local language/vernacular? Also, would you consider a female version of the product, like Morninglingus?

shreddor39 karma

haha. The thing is, bed head or morning hair is universal. The innuendo will only work in american speaking countries, but the product attributes still apply overseas!

bhaller19 karma

But you didn't answer about lady head!!! I've been skimming this AMA looking for LadyHead!!!!

shreddor16 karma

If you have "a bob or shorter" hair, women can use it too!

bhaller14 karma

Have you thought about adding dry shampoo to the mix, and by mix I mean your product line, even though there is only one product. (also thanks for answering my question, I always get to AMAs late)?

shreddor15 karma

I have. It is being considered

courtneyleem41 karma

What made you decide to go on Shark Tank vs. more traditional methods of marketing your product?

What concerns did you have before going on the show?

Looking forward to seeing the episode!

EDIT: I see now you were invited to apply. Both questions still stand, as you could have turned them down in favour of other methods.

shreddor83 karma

Honestly, people always told me "you should go on Shark Tank!" And I always responded with "I'm not ready yet." Ideally, I would have wanted to have a huge empire, then go on the Tank and ask for a $10MM valuation. But as Gladwell says in Outliers... people are successful because the seize opportunities. Shark Tank reached out... I said fuck it, I'll go for this thing. I had read that just BEING on shark tank is well over $1MM of advertising for a new product. So I had to pounce on it.

Concerns... not a whole lot. I was so well prepared, I guess I was just hoping I didn't have a stroke or something. It was intense in there.

mrmagoo51238 karma

shark tank is well over $1MM of advertising for a new product.

Yeah, get your keyboard ready... You'll be getting a lot of orders tonight!

shreddor53 karma

I hear you man. I've been working 18 hr days for the past two weeks straight in preparation.

mrmagoo51230 karma

So I'm curious... when you say 18 hours for two weeks straight, what does that entail? What kind of work would require that much time, for two weeks? Are you working on inventory, a new product offering? Like what could possibly keep you that busy? Just curious.

shreddor68 karma

Inventory production, getting the website ready (backend stuff), tweaking product images, making the amazon page better, setting up and launching the subscription program, working with the media, giving interivews, designing and ordering the cards that will go into every shipment And so. much. more.

blitz190430 karma


shreddor22 karma

Thanks man! Great idea. Someone suggested that last year. Do you have to add water to your beard to tame it much like bed head?

blitz190421 karma


shreddor30 karma

Interesting. The thing is, is it a real problem for you? Is wetting it in the sink a hassle? The reason MH is so cool is because wetting your hair in the sink sucks ball star weekend

blitz190428 karma


shreddor19 karma

I like it. Thanks. Added to the idea book.

YourInternetHistory25 karma

I am one of the hugest Shark Tank fans you will ever meet. I have read books by almost all of the sharks and I have seen every episode. I can almost guarantee you made a solid offer with 2 sharks for this product (maybe Laurie and Cuban). This is the first product from ST that I am actually going to purchase myself. I actually just bought it off Amazon. Good luck to you, this is an amazing idea!

shreddor17 karma

Thanks! Can't wait for you to see it.

Rozrozroz23 karma

Can I offer a piece of marketing advice?

shreddor30 karma


Rozrozroz35 karma

Aim that stuff to parents for kids. The bed head my kid wakes up with every morning is crazy! This is a wonderful product, I'm going to have to get like 2 of them. I wish you luck on your product, and am looking forward to getting it.

shreddor46 karma

Thanks! We mention it in our video. The question is... do we need to re-brand it? Some parents said they love it for their kids, but take the label off so they don't have to feel weird about "giving their kids morninghead." What are you personal thoughts on that? Name bother you?

Rozrozroz28 karma

I think the name only gets weird when it is mentioned in the video as the joke. Obvious if the commercial was on television it wouldn't be there. It's not like the box is going to be sitting around. I think rebranding it, I dunno, what has the rest of parental response been like? Can you make a kid version either in colors or patterns that would take the name off the product. Wouldn't you have to make it smaller anyways to fit a smaller head? I liked that it wasn't called bed head something or other, to many other products with that similar names. What about MorningHair over head

shreddor28 karma

Right. I hear you. def gonna think about this.

GingerAvenger45 karma

I'm no marketing genius, but perhaps just a simplified stylized "MH" logo on a smaller frame would be appropriate. Its still a morning head product, which ties in with the full sized adult product, but a bit more suburban soccer mom "no red dye 6!" friendly.

shreddor33 karma

Ahh. I like this. Thanks!

shreddor25 karma

Like KFC!

craigscott3922 karma

I own a box and I don't even have hair on my head!

shreddor27 karma

I love you.

BingeInternet22 karma

What about african americans ?

shreddor28 karma

African americans have written in saying that water alone doesn't help their afro. If water works for you, then get some MH, it'll work nice.

Law0819 karma

Was Cuban cool/down to earth? Or typical rich guy?

shreddor42 karma

Cuban is exactly like you see him on the show. He respects people that deserve respect. I don't think his money affects how he acts at all.

andtherisfor14 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA. Who was your favorite shark (before going on the show)?

shreddor25 karma

That's a tough one. I always liked Cuban and O'Leary. Their business sense and improvisation is very impressive. I emulated them in my sales interactions over the last 3-4 years in my day job.

squatfarts10 karma

you should try to package this with hairgel products since they go hand in hand. Otherwise I don't think I would just buy it on its own. I really like the idea.

shreddor12 karma

Interesting. I like this idea. Thanks!

ktferretti10 karma

Man I heard you on ecommerce fuel I believe it was. Great work man. I'm excited to watch shark tank and see how it went.

Any idea on where you're gonna go from here? Expanding product wise?

shreddor37 karma

Thanks man! Well, we're launching a subscription program today that give you Morninghead on your doorstep every three months (insert wink). In terms of new products, we're looking at launching more products in the "fast morning" category (that we've sort of created). I have a few more cool products on the way. My goal is to allow people to slide out of their bed into a vacuum tube and arrive at their destination looking like a million bucks feeling great.

Kknowsbest10 karma

What is the best advice ever given to you?

shreddor36 karma

"Get your assets above your expenses and you're instantly wealthy"

jcyoda9 karma

I started using a month ago and love it! Been getting morninghead almost every day. Have you thought about incorporating it into existing direct delivery services (Manpacks, Dollar Shave Club, etc.)?

shreddor9 karma

Awesome! Thanks for your support. I have been talking with DollarShaveClub, but haven't heard back from ManPacks. Looking into it!

fresh_exciting9 karma

Where do you see the future of entrepreneurship going?

shreddor21 karma

I see the future of entrepreneurship right now. It is the internet. It is kickstarter, it's 3d printing. 10 years ago Morninghead never would have got off the ground. The internet allows "nichey" products to do very well.

TTT149 karma

Is it all staged? Do you know so and so is going to give you this much, or is it all real when your in there and they are offering.

shreddor16 karma

It is honestly the most real TV show I've ever heard of. The sharks know NOTHING about me. Not my name, company, they don';t even have a photo of me. It's all very real.

houseofbacon8 karma

I must know: how much do their on-air personalities reflect their overall attitude? Is O'Leary really... like he is? Is Cuban a jokester?

shreddor15 karma

It was weird man... they are EXACTLY like they are on TV. It was weird to interact with them because I felt like I knew them from watching so many episodes.

garygaryboberry7 karma

What amount of equity is the show taking from you just for going on the show, regardless of making a deal with a shark?

shreddor22 karma

The show doesn't do that anymore. From this article Cuban took a stand.

GreyWoLF16 karma

I always have a huge respect for self starters such as yourself. I see a great future for you. Hoping the best for you. I have a question too, how did you come up with this idea? I'm a big thinker myself would like to invent or create things to make our daily life easier. Any tips for me. Thanks in advance..

shreddor6 karma

I have a list of inventions. Even if you're too busy... when you get an idea make some place where you can store them. MH was one of these ideas I had 4 years ago. Then one day I had had enough, and I just set out to make it. I like to think that there are always 100 other people in the USA trying to do the same idea. You need to work harder than them.

snid65056 karma

Were you able to meet with the sharks at all outside of recording after your pitch? Obviously you can't divulge the outcome yet, but I'm just curious. Also, what is the studio is like outside of the tank and the long intimidating hallway?

shreddor5 karma

I can't get into that right now. I'll do an AMA next week and give more info on the aftermath.

croppaganda5 karma

What is your education background and how do you feel it helped shape the entrepreneur you became?

shreddor20 karma

Mechanical Engineering degree from Brown University. I think being surrounded by enterprising people at Brown shaped my entrepreneurship so than the education itself.

dtg1084 karma

Where you nervous? Do you think you did well? Was Kevin as heartless as he seems?

shreddor12 karma

I was more excited than nervous. Kevin is a big teddy bear. If you know your shit he'll respect you. If you're a muppet, he'll treat you like a muppet.

dtg1086 karma

Wow, I figured Kevin just told it how it was. Thanks.

shreddor12 karma

I mean... he has no heart, don't get me wrong. But if you know your shit you're less of a target.

hyphenatorwilla4 karma

Can you tell me more about your product? How does it work? Where did you come up with the idea? How many tries until you figured it out? Just some history, maybe?

shreddor15 karma

You can lean how it works from (this video]( I came up with it because I shower at night and every morning I would wet my hair in the sink, made a mess and pissed off my wife. I hated wetting my hair in the sink... I felt like a dog. But I didn't want to take another shower because 2 showers/day is a water of time/water/energy.

I experimented with winter hats, baseball caps with absorbent materials until I settled on the MH cap you see today

cryospam3 karma

So...what is the cure for Bedhead?

shreddor8 karma

Cryospam, today, we have the nice gentleman here from Morninghead. He's here to talk about bed head and it seems like you weren't paying attention and were chatting with Jimmy again. If you're not listening, you're going to have to stay in for recess. If you have a thoughtful question, go ahead and ask the nice man.

fresh_exciting3 karma

Where do you see the future of entrepreneurship going?

shreddor5 karma

The internet. Kickstarter, 3D Printing, more smaller guys like me selling to niches following the 4HRWW model.

FearOfTheDock3 karma

I've heard that even if they don't fund you, they own 5% of your product forever just for appearing on the show. True?

shreddor6 karma

jQuaade2 karma

So, where i come from, morninghead means waking someone with a bj. So yeah, i thought you were going to suck off some groggy sharks.

I'll see myself out.

shreddor8 karma

Who doesn't like fellating a great white early in the morning? Seriously though, we use the innuendo in our marketing.

darksideofdagoon2 karma

So what's to stop me from gettin a shower cap and puttin some water in it, and calling it bed head remover or something? And sellin it way cheaper with a much bigger company?

shreddor2 karma

First off, it's a patented product that has a super-absorbent material on the inside, and second... it wouldn't be called morninghead.

gb3ry2 karma

Is it true they take request equity for just appearing on the show?

shreddor1 karma

AsteroidB3251 karma

Hi! I'm really interested in the product. Does it get the roots of your hair wet? How effective is it for longer hairs? Thanks!

shreddor4 karma

Yes, it gets your entire head/hair wet without water dripping down your neck or arms. It works well for hair that is less than shoulder length. If you hair is shoulder length or longer, it may still work for you, but you will likely have to wet the cap more than once.

anniecandy181 karma

Hey you are from Maine right? I heard about you on the Q this morning on my way to work. I would say good luck but i know that the show is already been taped so that part is over. Yay Mainers :)

shreddor1 karma

Thanks man! q, Q, QUEUE UP ANOTHER HIT!!! Q 97.9, THE Q!!!!!

fishyfish71 karma

I hear pitches generally last between 45-120 minutes, how long was your actual time in "the tank"?

shreddor1 karma

Can't get into this right now man. Sorry. Thank for the question though!

xXBlackAndGoldXx1 karma

How often do you morninghead?

shreddor3 karma

I use my pretty much every morning (or at least before I leave the house at whatever time that is). I shower at night so this thing is a fucking lifesaver.

Now if you're talking about the sex act... sadly my wife has never obliged. I asked once and got a, "-the fuck outta here"

jbaugues1 karma

Not sure if you know the answer but if a deal falls through after one of the sharks makes the deal on tv, what happens then?

Could one of the sharks that was interested but didn't make the final deal get another shot at a deal?

Would you contact them directly after the fact?

shreddor1 karma

I can't really answer this one. Thanks for asking though man!

jbaugues1 karma

Maybe after tonight you can have another AMA. I would love to know what negotiations go on behind the scenes and all the background research they do after a deal is made on tv. I record the show every week so look forward to watching it this weekend!

shreddor1 karma

Most definitely! Next week.

x1expert1x1 karma

It's.... A fucking shower cap

shreddor35 karma

With a fucking sham wow inside it. That wets your hair in seconds. Yes, that's exactly what it is - it's not an iPad man. It looks stupid as hell, but it works

Shekanery1 karma

This looks like a great product...great idea. Is the use of Morninghead limited to just to the hair on my head or can it be used on other body parts? My dog looks at it too and wants some it pet-friendly?

shreddor3 karma

Some have used it for their beard. I wouldn't recommend anywhere else. And this device was not tested on animals. (so I don't know about your pet. Maybe we should test it on animals...)

well_ima_comedian1 karma

If you get a deal, after you walk out through the doors is there a meeting with whatever shark made an investment? How long until an actual meeting takes place to discuss business?

shreddor1 karma

I can't get into that right now as the episode has not aired yet.

well_ima_comedian1 karma

Ok, fair enough. Not sure if you answered this one, did you try and pitch to any other places? Also, I can totally see this being licensed like crazy, good luck!

shreddor0 karma

I didn't pitch anywhere else. It was just me and

southorange1 karma

Do you mean morning head?

shreddor1 karma

Nope. The product is morninghead.

DooDooBrownz-2 karma

prediction: they will not want your shitty shower cap

shreddor5 karma

Thank you for your comment. Morninghead's not for everyone. Have a great day internet friend.

Unknown_Default-12 karma

Not interested, fuck off

shreddor9 karma

Thank you.