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I like Cuban. He's got a direct tone, but I think he's really smart, and he really does try to give the applicants advice, even if he's a bit rough about it. He also tends to sit back and let everyone else talk first, which I think often puts him in a strong position when the sharks start fighting over an opportunity.

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I saw you years ago star in a stage play of "Shane" in Xenia, Ohio.

How did that play come about, and how did you become involved in it?

I met you afterward and you were incredibly nice, so thank you for that. And thank you for doing an AMA. I'm so excited about the new Evil Dead movie! I'm a big fan of your work!

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What was the application process like, and what was it like the day of shooting? I know you can't tell us the outcome, but I'd appreciate a description of your experience. Are the sharks similar in real life to the way they are depicted on the show?

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I read one person's account mentioning that the pitch was very awkward, because they kept having to set up new shots and angles, and that he had to stand still for a couple minutes before he could pitch in order to get some establishing shots. Did you find this?

What's the reverse angle look like? (The "fourth wall," so to speak.) Also, is it true that the production company requires equity in your business in order for you to appear on the show, regardless of whether you get a deal or not?

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The sharks don't want to get into the chicken business, Gustavo.