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You'd fuckin buy a pair for $15 with free shipping you dirty bitch

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This is a super awesome (super weird) fucking idea. The advice: Just do it.

  • Buy 100 socks for the cheapest you can find.
  • Go to these guys and tell them you've started a company called Cheap Socks for Men or whatever.
  • Tell them you're running a coupon for the first week and they're free. All you ask is that they bring the socks for tomorrow. If they bring the dirty socks the next day you'll give them another free pair. "Normally it costs $20 to be a part of the program," etc.
  • Then try to sell them on ebay, and then make a URL using top keyword using google keyword planner tool, like "Dirty sock fetish" etc. and get a URL close to that.

The real money will be in the sale of the socks, and you can get people to use the dirty socks for free using the coupon model.

Also, get hefty ziplock bags with a sticker with your logo on it

But that can come later. JUST START. Who cares if it's ghetto. JUST START. Get these socks on those dudes' feet TOMORROW MORNING. Be a champion and the mogul of dirtyworkinmansocks.com


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Awesome idea Mark Cuban from 20 years ago!

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Ok, sick idea. You are a brilliant man. Please call me when this is live I want to do it.

  • Partner with a construction company that does a lot of teardowns/mcmansion build ups

  • Sign up for smartwaiver.com. Consult an attorney to make a bullet proof waiver. This is essential for the construction companies too. They will need to be a rider on the waiver.

  • Once you have this dialed you have a "product."

  • You can probably actually fucking use fareharbor for online booking. Set up availabilities based on when the construction firms need them smashed. Give them a 20% cut of your profits.

  • Then once you have the product, market the fuck out of it. Honestly, one GOOD viral video could help in a big way. At FareHarbor, we have some clients SORT of like this. Check out https://tanktownusa.com/

  • This is the type of idea that can go viral on its own. Work to set it up ASAP and then spend a lot of time on the ecommerce marketing.

  • Come up with a simple tag line, "Smash shit, feel good."


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It's not about the idea. Any ideas you have... 1,000 other people already have those ideas. The way to win is to execute. And this is free advice. Check /r/entrepreneur for the successes there - they're all asking for help and crushing it. People who think their "idea" is what's going to make it... are usually people who are always talking about how "I had that idea 4 years ago!"

Ideas are a dime a dozen. Execution will always win.