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fishyfish741 karma

Why is it than when I double-down at Blackjack table, sometimes the dealer will let me have the card down while others insist its shown. Is there an industry standard? I see no disadvantage to a casino to let me have it down, it adds a bit of excitement for me.

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Do you use Diplomatic Immunity often? If so, in what type of situations? Also, what is the most extreme situation you have used your immunity?

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I rarely tip at the craps table, but anytime the point is even I throw a two-way hardway, I realize that it is probably not ideal for the dealers and its not like I am forced to tip; but is that somewhat acceptable in the stickman world?

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That's not a competitor, you're owned by the same company.

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Do you immediately sell the bitcoins for cash to take away the currency risk or are you keeping the bitcoins in your account?