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Does anybody ever call you Zach Attack?

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Heya! I've.also gone through some of the things you have. I started with extreme gall bladder attacks 3yrs ago. Not being able to eat much & when I did I got very sick. After a gall bladder scan the Dr found that mine was only working at 20% & almost completely calcified. I had it removed that January. However, I still had constant stomach pains, & a hard time eating just about everything. I went in for a ton of tests. They thought I also had Sphincter of Oddi (honestly so did I!) alot of my symptoms were consistent with that diagnosis. However after a colonoscopy/endoscopy they found that it wasn't. I then had a gastric emptying study done & it showed that I have gastroparesis (paralyzed stomach) my motility (digestion of food) is extremely slow. Thus, I cannot eat alot without feeling bloated, crampy, & nauseated. I can't digest anything raw, or with alot fiber. I also take Zofran daily. I recently had a baby & the pregnancy was the worst part. I lost 20lbs in the first 3 months bc I was so nauseated & couldn't eat anything. We almost lost myself & the baby bc anything I was able to eat was going straight to him & I kept going into ketosis (starvation) & dehydration. I was admitted into the hospital for awhile on a Zofran pump, & IV nutrients. Alot women with gastroparesis are on feeding tubes their entire pregnancy. Once you're able to eat, do you have diet restrictions? Also, have the doctors said how this well affect your ability to carry a child?

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Can you tell me more about your product? How does it work? Where did you come up with the idea? How many tries until you figured it out? Just some history, maybe?

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You can order it from the Canadian Pharmacy if your Dr gives you a script. It's $80 for 100 pills or $130 for 500 pills. Idk if it's helping but I still take it every time I eat.

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Ok, so I have this idea of a tupperware type container that instantly heats up food. Not necessarily cooking raw food, but more reheating things like leftovers. It needs to be portable, small, & efficient. Purpose being that school kids can have a hot lunch without it being from the cafeteria or when working there's no issues with waiting for a microwave to be free. Or if there isn't a microwave available. But I'm not a scientist or an engineer. Can you just find someone else to make it for me?