Hey Reddit, I'm Robert Beltran. I'm an actor who you may have seen on TV, "Star Trek: Voyager", "Big Love", and the big screen, "Night of the Comet". I'm returning to sci-fi with a new film "Resilient 3D" that will start production next month and currently has 10 days left on our Kickstarter campaign if you want to be involved with our efforts to make the film.

Let's do it!

Please ask me anything and looking forward to talking with everyone! Keep an eye out for "Resilient 3D" in theaters next year and please look me up on Twitter if you want to follow along at home.

After 3.5 hours, I am in need of sustenance! Thank you to all of the fans who commented and who joined in. i had a great time with your comments and your creative questions. Sorry I couldn't answer all of your questions but please drop by the "Resilient 3D" Facebook page to ask me anything else. I look forward to the next time. Robert.

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dialthegate593 karma

Hi Robert! I grew up watching Voyager and I started rewatching it last year when I was going through a rough time. Chakotay was so comforting to me! That kind smile and the occasional jokes made me feel a million times better. I just wanted to say thank you for bringing such an amazing character to life. :)

P.S. Chakotay has now replaced my childhood crush on Tom Paris

robertbeltran74948 karma

You're welcome and your choice of Chakotay over Tom Paris shows great discernment.

ConcernedCitizen93448 karma

Hey, I'd just like to say I've been a big fan of Voyager for ages now and found your critisms to be very accurate as to where the show went wrong. But were there any episodes that you found did Chakotay justice, such as that one (can't remember the name) where you were temporarily abandoned on that planet with Janeway and had a chance to work on a romance together?

robertbeltran74788 karma

There were many scenes that I enjoyed working on and generally they out numbered the bad ones. My discontent on the show has been greatly exaggerated, partly because some people take my flippant comments too much to heart. My Voyager experience was wonderful.

insmniacinred367 karma

Hi, Robert, thanks for doing this! :) Having recently rewatched Voyager, my friend and I were struck by what an obvious racial stereotype Chakotay is. Did it ever bother you/did you ever say anything when going over the script and seeing the 400th "In the ancient legends of my people"?

robertbeltran74812 karma

What bothered me most was trying to find the location of that damned flute that was playing every time I had a private moment. I kept waiting for the pow-wow to start and it never did! Yes, annoying!

stickyglew366 karma

Was a kiss scene between Chakotay and Janeway ever filmed, but not screened?

robertbeltran741088 karma

Only at Kate's house with our own private camera. We have had private screenings since. You'll never see it.

Twipsie493 karma

Did you wear your Starfleet uniforms? ;-)

robertbeltran74859 karma

Thank you for your willingness to join the spirit of this AMA session and not take things literally or too seriously. Yes, of course we did wear our Starfleet uniforms.

cherrypie23uk321 karma

I hope there were special lingerie uniforms. Pips on the pouch, and all that.

robertbeltran74673 karma

The Combadge does present certain problems but a little creativity can solve anything.

stickyglew104 karma

Oh come on .... please let us see it .... I'm sure all the Janeway/Chakotay fans could pool some money together to give to Resilient 3D if you would let us see it!!! LOL

robertbeltran74376 karma

Let me get Kate's okay, in anticipation of her positive response go ahead and make your pledge to Kickstarter for RESILIENT 3D, time is running out.

garnteller316 karma

What is your most interesting story of interacting with Trekkies/Trekkers?

robertbeltran74693 karma

One day I was met by a delegation of Trekkies at my front door and when I asked them what they were doing here, they reminded me I had said to them "I hope to see you again someday soon". They only understood what I meant after I ran to get my shotgun.

N8theGr8336 karma

It's not every day one gets a chance to shoot a delegation of Trekkies.

robertbeltran74401 karma

True. Unfortunately, they were gone by the time I locked and loaded. There is always a chance this could happen again.

garnteller294 karma

I'd recommend not ending your AMA with: "I hope to see you again someday soon"

robertbeltran74495 karma

Thank you for watching my back! Your BFF (at conventions or Twitter) only.

MattTheHuttHutt276 karma

Voyager Final Episode SPOILER WARNING

Thank you for doing this AMA. I just finished watching Voyager a couple days ago and I really enjoyed it. However, I was a bit confused by something in the final episode. SPOILER The romance between Chakotay and Seven of Nine. It just seemed to come out of nowhere. Was that planned ahead of time or was just thrown into the last episode?

Edit: How do I do spoilers? I don't want to ruin the last episode for anyone.

robertbeltran74663 karma

Jeri Ryan insisted on a kissing scene with me. It would've happened earlier but Brannon Braga only caved in after she threatened to break up with him. She's a great kisser by the way.

alienfrog237 karma

Now that you're doing sci-fi again, are you looking forward to learning your technobabble lines?

robertbeltran74542 karma

Actually, the technobabble on Voyager is not even comparable to the string theory equations my character is dealing with in RESILIENT. Michio Kaku is the inspiration for my character.

loveu157230 karma

Who's the worst person you have ever met? why is that person so bad?

robertbeltran74628 karma

I met a Wall Street investor and when I left the meeting I had no shoes and my underwear was gone...

stickyglew133 karma

Male or Female Wall Street investor? :P

robertbeltran74748 karma

I couldn't tell because the fangs and claws were very distracting.

KalEl1232220 karma

I've read a lot about how the set of The Next Generation was light and lively, while also having read that the set of Voyager was more of a dour and dark place. Can you speak to the truth of the claim that Voyager's set was not an enjoyable place to work?

robertbeltran74516 karma

Actually most of the crew that worked on TNG worked on Voyager as well. Their observation was that our set was much more lighter and more fun, and generally we were pretty crazy. "Dour and dark" isn't an accurate description.

dominion47202 karma


robertbeltran74337 karma

Getting fired from a job has never made me fear to be truthful. The fact that I have been working since Voyager left the air tells me no one took my outspokenness too seriously.

Jackbard188 karma

If you were to be in other Star Trek series apart from Star Trek: Voyager, which one would you choose?

robertbeltran74524 karma

Well, I personally like Deep Space Nine. Many of the actors on the show I admire, it would have been a privilege to work with them but difficult from the Delta Quadrant.

someoneiswrongonline184 karma

Bob, can I call you Bob? Listen, its about time we had a talk. You deserve the captain's chair. When will you pilot your own starship? As a fan of all things Trek, I would love to see you in the "new" universe in a commanding role.

Sincerely, Chris.

robertbeltran74483 karma

In RESILIENT 3D I do just that. But don't forget I was Captain of the Maquis ship, before I was betrayed!

stickyglew161 karma

I felt that when the writers Ron Moore and Jeri Taylor left Voyager the character development (especially Chakotay) suffered, do you know why they left the show?

robertbeltran74264 karma

I don't know the reasons they left the show, Ron Moore was very critical after they left. I would have to agree that the writing suffered without them.

Chreiya155 karma

Hai there!

Do you still keep in touch with anybody from the Voyager days?

If so, who?

robertbeltran74318 karma

yes, we all stay in touch but mostly the guys stay in touch and we make a point of having dinner at least 3-4 times a year at a private location in the Azores.

Bulk_Biceps70 karma

Do you still speak with John De Lancie?

robertbeltran74133 karma

Yes, we see each other often at various conventions

NetworkGuyMN142 karma

Mr Beltran,

Based on the Kickstarter description, it sounds like Mars has been colonized already, and that the colony doesn't want to be overrun by a massive influx from Earth. Instead it is your job to figure out how to get the populous to Europa. Is that accurate?

How much focus will be on making sure that the science makes sense? I realize that 2052 will have technology not available today, but will the technology be based on current theories?

Thank you for your work on Voyager, you balanced out Kate Mulgrew very well.

robertbeltran74201 karma

We have been very conscientious of the present day technology and projecting 40 years from now with the help of real scientists who happen to be working on a similar concept ...space colonization.

PandoraBlackBox129 karma

Are you generally a positive person?

robertbeltran74531 karma


Hope_Burns_Bright123 karma

How would you describe, from your experience, your perception of the Star Trek fanbase? Like, are they welcoming, accepting, brutal, whiny?

robertbeltran74246 karma

This description is true of the older generation of Trekkers, though much more accepting and welcoming. The newer generation of fans carry less baggage and just have fun and enjoy the show.

RudyButkus114 karma

Hello Mr. Beltran and thanks for doing this AMA.

One question: Have you made it through Star Wars without falling asleep yet? Thanks again.

robertbeltran74323 karma

Star Wars afforded me nearly as much sleep as the Hobbit movies.

PositiveJosh103 karma

Garrett Wang told the most hilarious story I've ever heard at a convention a few years ago, regarding a VERY late night on-set that ended up with Tim Russ violating Ethan Phillips.

No particular question, I just wanted to see if you remembered.

robertbeltran74156 karma

I'm permanently scarred psychologically from having witnessed that violation. I hope I never have another such experience.

pharm-Dave101 karma

Robert... just linked over to your Kickstarter and you are at only 5%. Aside from donating directly, how can we help spread the word? How many days has this been going on and why are we just hearing about it now? What will happen if you cannot get enough crowd-funding by the end of the next 10 days?

robertbeltran74115 karma

We are still in the process and people are learning about it everyday, we are still very hopeful we will get it and that is what we are concentrating on. So if you will do your part in spreading the word that is how it will be successful. And thank you!

pharm-Dave45 karma

I have shared it. I do that a lot with projects I believe in. I helped Kent Boyd (So You Think You Can Dance) with his dance short film and Alexis Cruz (Stargate) with his graphic novel. I have a couple of friends that do Podcasts and I am sure they would love to have you on if you would allow me to do the introductions. One in out of Rochester / Twin Cities, MN... another is out of Altanta, GA... but both are nationwide... and I am in contact with a BIG one out of the UK.

robertbeltran7481 karma

It sounds like a fine idea. You can reach my publicist www.ProdigyPublicRelations.com .... Thanks for the support with the Kickstarter campaign!

Teapotje94 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! How annoying was it when shooting Voyager that half of the male cast had the same first name?

robertbeltran74242 karma

We were distinguished not by our first names but by the amount of hair we had on our heads. So there was Robert, Balding Robert, Bald Robert. Of course, I was Robert.

Teapotje72 karma

If I asked this question to the other Roberts, would I get the same answer? :)

robertbeltran74194 karma

Bob Picardo I'm sure is preparing a reply even as we speak. McNeil is applying Rogaine as we speak. They would definately have a different response!

GSgsonnenschein81 karma

Is your daughter growing up bilingual? Hope it's not a too personal question. greetings from Germany

robertbeltran74200 karma

Yes, for a three year old she is very fluent in German and English and her Spanish is rapidly improving. Plus she has her own language that I'm not sure I want to know. Hahaha!

pharm-Dave74 karma

Robert, Thanks for doing the AMA. While I am sure you get known most for Voyager, how big is your "Night of the Comet" fanbase? Better than a date night in the barrio?

robertbeltran74107 karma

It's amazing how many people have seen and are continuing to enjoy the movie and now, the second or even third generation viewers are making it a cult classic.

m0rris0n_hotel69 karma

Hey Robert, thanks for doing this. Any interesting stories or experiences working on 'Nixon'? How was Oliver Stone as a director?

robertbeltran74107 karma

Oliver Stone called me directly to play the role. It was a great film and I was happy to be a part of it and, obviously, he is a great director.

stickyglew64 karma

Tim Russ and Ethan said at a convention, that you were the one the forgot their lines the most! Was that more in the last few years of Voyager when you didn't like Chakotay's development or the scripts, or was that right from the beginning, because you weren't a fan of science fiction?

robertbeltran74186 karma

It is hard to memorize lines that make you nauseous, but Pepto-Bismo really helped.

dominion4764 karma


robertbeltran74146 karma

My favorite episode was the one with Virginia Madsen. Not only was it an intimate story, but Virginia was great to work with and I am happy we will be working together again on RESILIENT 3D! With a successful Kickstarter campaign (hint, hint) we will begin shooting April 1st.

calz100052 karma

Hey, thanks for the AMA.

I'm curious, how did you and the rest of the cast react to the ending of Voyager?

robertbeltran74146 karma

I think most of us were surprised at the quick resolution that didn't seem to be prepared correctly but there was nothing we could do about it.

Macarism52 karma

Loved you on Voyager! I used to park myself in front of UPN to catch every new episode as a teenager.

Any good stories you want to share about working on the show? I've heard the story about Jeri Ryan coming in covered in post-its ("not an elbow") and the bloopers make it look like Tim Russ had the time of his life.

Checking out your KickStarter and sending it out to all my Trek nerd friends! There's never enough sci-fi out there, especially smart sci-fi.

robertbeltran7477 karma

Thank you for supporting the Kickstarter campaign, and hopefully your friends will do the same! The truth is we had so much fun on the set that actually getting down to work required the producers to send SWAT teams to the set occasionally. So, one story is hard to pick out from so many I remember.

Zouch49 karma

Hello Mr. Beltran!

One of my personal favorite movies is “Eating Raoul,” and I have a question regarding it for you.

When you signed on to the movie, were you fully aware that the title literally meant your character was going to be eaten? If not, how was this news broken to you and how did you take it? If so, did you find the prospect of your character being eaten a bit bizarre or an interesting step early on in your career?

robertbeltran7482 karma

I read the script so I knew i would be eaten immediately. Because I made such a fine dish, I was happy to be digested!

lowbonedensity49 karma

Hi, Robert! Thanks for doing an AMA. One thing I loved most on Voyager was watching Janeway and Chakotay clash when they disagreed on a major decision. I felt this wasn't done nearly enough, and Chakotay almost always backed down because Janeway had to be "right" as the captain. What were your feelings on this?

robertbeltran74183 karma

Well, Captain or no Captain, all women everywhere always believe they are right. This has been validated with my three of marriage. You have to choose your fights and accept defeat graciously. Happy wife, happy life. Happy Captain, happy voyage.

locallyunscene44 karma

Mr. Beltran have you ever recorded an audio book? I'm hearing your voice in my head when reading your responses and realized I would like to hear it again.

robertbeltran7466 karma

I've always wanted to do that. How about some Kerouac?

Zouch51 karma

I'll give you $20 and a sandwich immediately if you record Doctor Sax. Legit.

robertbeltran7484 karma

That's exactly the first Kerouac book I would want to record! Can I take the $20 and sandwich as a retainer?

Zouch16 karma

Tell me what kind of sandwich you want and I can arrange something. Maybe a sub from Lowell to keep this authentic?

robertbeltran7425 karma

How about a meatball sandwich from the local Subway in Lowell

cherrypie23uk42 karma

So who won the bet over how long it would take you to join twitter? Jeri, Garrett or Robbie?

robertbeltran7485 karma

I didn't know there was there was a bet, but I still can't believe I'm on Twitter. And I'm having a great time. I'm sure this was a bet Garrett concocted because he is an obsessed gambler. And guess what? He won!

aboardthegravyboat40 karma

Also, what's your spirit animal?

robertbeltran7480 karma

An Elephant! What's yours?

loveu15740 karma

whats the strangest food you've ever eaten?

robertbeltran7487 karma


kimj847237 karma

Are you planning to do any theater work again. loved watching you perform as "The Man" years ago xox

robertbeltran7445 karma

Actually you haven't read the latest version but what attracted me to the script was the overall concept, the strength of the characters and the beauty of the story. My character of Dermot is a man with special gifts and these are put to the test and the consequences are the fate of humanity itself.

Innomasta236 karma

Hey Robert, big fan (kinda had a man crush on you through entire series, hope that's okay) my question is: which episodes are you most proud of? Your favorites etc.

robertbeltran7486 karma

The pilot, "Tattoo", "Unforgettable", "In the Flesh", "Maneuvers", "Scorpion 1 & 2", "Emanations", "Nemesis" and actually quite a few others the titles of which I don't remember. What were yours?

Lepoth36 karma

I saw that you had said that you weren't able to keep any momentos from the show. Aside from your uniform for burning purposes, what would you have kept if they had let you?

robertbeltran74127 karma

Probably the medicine bundle, it would be great if I could talk to my real dead father.

cyberomega34 karma

Hello Mr Beltran,

I was wondering if you had an idea of why you are singled out as the main on-cast critic of the Voyager series. It seems every time I read something negative of the show it seems to include a quote from you?

Were you the only person involved with these misgivings about the show or were you simply the most outspoken?

robertbeltran7478 karma

I was definitely the most outspoken, Garrett Wang was also outspoken. But our concern was always the quality of the show.

Lancey31 karma

When filming Voyager, how the hell did anybody get any work done while Jeri Ryan was walking around in that clingy body-suit? I mean, daaaayum!

robertbeltran7456 karma

You're right. When Jeri Ryan was on the set most of the crew volunteered to help adjust her costume. I believe there was a lottery to see who would be chosen for the "job" (Actually, it wasn't only members of the crew).

Majorxerocom30 karma

What charities or causes are you most passionate about?

robertbeltran7464 karma

I hosted a charity for the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles while on the show. I still support them and I feel it's a worthwhile charity.

MrDorkESQ25 karma

Hey, I am dating myself here, but I went to see "Eating Raoul" in the theater in 1982 when I was in college, and recently told my son that he really needs to watch it.

I was wondering how close are Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov's personalities are to the characters they portray onscreen?

Also, did you have any Native American consultants working with you for the Chakotay character?

robertbeltran7466 karma

Mary Woronov is my good friend and her personality encompass' any character she plays. Paul Bartel was a genius who always played characters with lesser intelligence than his own.

We had no Native American consultants, just a flute player from who got kicked out of Red Bone.

leocadia25 karma

Hi, Mr. Beltran!

How did you feel about the Chakotay/Seven of Nine romance on Voyager? Just from dipping my toe into the fan community, I've seen a pretty wide range of responses to it.

Thanks for the AMA!

robertbeltran74127 karma

The fans who were hoping for a Janeway/Chakotay relationship were disappointed. The fans who were hoping for a Paris/Chakotay were disappointed. I thanked my lucky stars that it ended up Chakotay/Seven of Nine.

balanceofpower24 karma

Loved your role on *Night of the Comet," any funny / interesting behind the scenes stories?

robertbeltran7443 karma

Yes, I repeatedly turned down the role of 'Hector.' Not until the producers agreed to re-write the part and I was mostly satisfied did I agree to do it. They even went so far as to give me top billing when clearly I was a supporting character.

Brave_little_pew_pew23 karma

Bourbon or Scotch Whiskey? Also, have you ever heard of a game called Eve?

robertbeltran7443 karma

Never heard of it. But it sounds scary, although more interesting than a game called Adam. And actually I prefer Tequila.

elyneda20 karma

Good Morning, Mr Beltran - I am a huge fan of Voyager (and Chakotay in particular) and I have three questions :

1) with the Australian convention circuit starting to become bigger and bigger, will you consider coming over for our Supanova (or OzComicCon) event?

2) Did you get to keep the uniform after filming ended?

3) if you had to film one episode of Voyager again, which would it be and why?

robertbeltran7431 karma

I have done one convention in Australia, it was at a Billabong. Hopefully if I return it will be at a five-star hotel! You Aussie's owe it to me ;) If you are serious, please message me directly through Twitter, and that will get things going!

I wanted to keep the uniform, just so I could burn it! But we were not allowed to take anything from the show as memento's.

It would be good to re-do the Pilot episode now that we all know so much more about our characters and the storyline.

Teapotje19 karma

This AMA is bringing me to your kickstarter... I see more and more projects financed through websites like this (Veronica Mars comes to mind in particular), do you think this is a direction the film industry will keep moving to?

robertbeltran7435 karma

In some ways it is a very positive development because the fan base can actually choose a project they can get behind if they so choose. The negative side is, it is harder and harder to make an independent film the size and scope of RESILIENT 3D so I do think it is the wave of the future.

KukaBazeda16 karma

Recently there are huge amount of movies and TV-series with generally common theme: end of the Earth due Apocalypses, fatal alien invasion or anthropogenic disaster. Is your new film also connected with that theme?

robertbeltran7430 karma

Yes, but it is strongly rooted in actual science and the positive future of mankind.

BigKev4716 karma

How frustratong is it to be castable as "That Indian"... (Big Love,etc)?

robertbeltran7454 karma

Indians are people too. So whether they have feathers in their hair or a space age medicine bundle, the wants and needs and aspirations of the character are always universal. I don't look at the ethnic origin of the characters I play as much as what makes them tick.

Twipsie16 karma

Hi Robert, nice to meet you here.

Is there any chance that Resilient 3D will still be filmed if the kickstarter campaign would not be completed successfully?

robertbeltran7436 karma

We are hopeful that we will get there. Any other plan is not being considered at the moment.

videcortuum14 karma

Mr. Beltran, hi. I've always wanted to know what your favorite books were.

robertbeltran7432 karma

The complete works of Shakespeare, Carlos Fuentes, and any great historical opus that I happen to be interested in at the time.

KukaBazeda10 karma

Do you teach your daughter to play a piano? If so, which composers she likes more?

robertbeltran7425 karma

My daughter does love to sit at the piano and improvise songs that she makes up. I am teaching her not to bang so hard on the keys even if the lyrics call for it. She's still insistent that her interpretation supersedes mine.

yogurtforbreakfast4 karma

I'm currently watching through Voyager, and man, does it suck ass. Knowing you found the entire thing to be frustrating and bad has...for some reason made the show more enjoyable for me. Like we're all in this shit-show together.

robertbeltran7415 karma

Your comment could be regarded as a spoiler. Let's you and I silently enjoy the reaction. BFF

moonmman3 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck??

robertbeltran7411 karma

How much time to I have to fight them?