Robert Beltran

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is an American actor, known for his roles as Raoul in Paul Bartel's cult film Eating Raoul and as Commander Chakotay on Star Trek: Voyager.

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Only at Kate's house with our own private camera. We have had private screenings since. You'll never see it.

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You're welcome and your choice of Chakotay over Tom Paris shows great discernment.

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Thank you for your willingness to join the spirit of this AMA session and not take things literally or too seriously. Yes, of course we did wear our Starfleet uniforms.

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What bothered me most was trying to find the location of that damned flute that was playing every time I had a private moment. I kept waiting for the pow-wow to start and it never did! Yes, annoying!

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There were many scenes that I enjoyed working on and generally they out numbered the bad ones. My discontent on the show has been greatly exaggerated, partly because some people take my flippant comments too much to heart. My Voyager experience was wonderful.

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I couldn't tell because the fangs and claws were very distracting.

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One day I was met by a delegation of Trekkies at my front door and when I asked them what they were doing here, they reminded me I had said to them "I hope to see you again someday soon". They only understood what I meant after I ran to get my shotgun.

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The Combadge does present certain problems but a little creativity can solve anything.

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Jeri Ryan insisted on a kissing scene with me. It would've happened earlier but Brannon Braga only caved in after she threatened to break up with him. She's a great kisser by the way.

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I met a Wall Street investor and when I left the meeting I had no shoes and my underwear was gone...