So a little bit about me, around 2 years ago I started uploading videos about videogames, more specifically one of my friends always messed up when we played League of Legends, and I wanted on-hand proof for when he denied it. Long story short, now I have 203.000~ subscribers, and uploading videos, mainly League of legends content, is my job.

Here is my proof I wrote it in the about section. Since the contract for the MCN I'm currently with allows full disclosure, I can answer any questions whether it's about contracts that Youtuber's recieve, or how this has impacted my life. I'll be here all day.

edit: wow I never expected such a massive response, anyways don't be shy, I'll be going through every single comment, regardless of how long it takes me.

edit 2: Once again thanks so much for this massive response, I'll be sure to get around to all the comments. any YouTube creators who are looking for advice or a place to hang out with like-minded individuals should subscribe to /r/PartneredYouTube, NOT THAT I DON'T ENJOY THE PM'S.

edit 3: I think I'm done for today, thanks for all the comments. I'll go through tomorrow to see if I missed any, and thanks for the support to all thoose who watched my vids and/or subsribed.

Final edit: I've gone through as many posts as I can, thanks so much for everything. I had to remove my earnings from the original self post, simply because people refused to stop bitching about it. I have rights to full disclosure in my contract, and my earnings are stated several times throughout the thread, however I was just tired of the "you should remove it or you will be banned" comment. Thanks for everything everyone, you're an awesome community.

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mikpwn585 karma

so you use a gaming laptop and not a proper desktop?

what is your excuse for this.

UberDanger336 karma

I have just never had the time or money to build my own desktop PC untill now, however I'm only missing 2 parts before I can create my new monster

I couldn't find it on pcpartpicker, but I got the EVGA 780ti instead of the one on this list.

I should have my build done within a week or two.

edit: fixed link.

3 month later edit: yay I have my big cool computer now, it's awesome.

kajkavski299 karma

You make a month what I make in 5-10 months and you never had the money to buy a PC?

EDIT: I don't live in the USA sand I would appreciate less snide remarks. He can buy a PC off one month's wage, no problem. Even more amazing is that he makes money using a computer, but says it's too much of a hassle to invest in it.

Moomoomoo1395 karma

drugs are expensive

UberDanger901 karma

I'm hooked, I eat at least 3 marihuanas every day.

the_lonely_road39 karma

Out of curiosity, what laptop are you using? I'm looking to upgrade and need something portable.

UberDanger88 karma

Well I bought a used MSI gaming laptop, however it is fairly overpriced for the hardware. I'd reccommend building a very small portable gaming PC, you can get help at /r/buildapc

gabbaybay384 karma

I just wanted to tell your that you're my favorite YouTuber and I would totally have sex with you.

UberDanger537 karma

are you a girl though?

UberDanger736 karma

This changes everything.

mccraabi470 karma

ziggurati654 karma

can i join? 18/f/uganda

UberDanger147 karma

Yes, but only if you have that face while we do it.

UberDanger238 karma

wrathfulgrapes121 karma

Dude I didn't know YouTube celebrities got this much action.

Guess it's time to make a channel.

UberDanger407 karma

Yeah I bet someday you can also be swimming in female comments on your Reddit thread, it'll be awesome.

Nabulon320 karma

How did your family react when you decided to become a full-time YouTuber?

UberDanger568 karma

Well I live with my mother, and at first she didn't quite understand it, but once I explained everything to her and actually started making a decent amount of money from Youtube, she became very supportive.

The rest of my family is also incredibly supportive, way more than I would have imagined. My father is a teacher at a film school, and he sees it almost as if I'm stepping in his footsteps.

So all in all they take it very nice, I even dropped out of my education as a chef for this.

iamlegman200 karma

Did your parents ever actually watch any of those videos?

UberDanger496 karma

They watch all my videos, they don't understand it though.

jcandpenny621 karma

Son, why is this man calling you a "scrub"?

UberDanger458 karma

It's a codeword for duck, he has issues.

IdleChatMeister105 karma

You should always have a backup profession, like welding.

UberDanger200 karma

Always fall back on the welding.

ShellOilNigeria37 karma

You can make a shit ton of money by opening your own welding business.

wtfamiwatching85 karma


UberDanger40 karma


oldknave277 karma

Youtubers always say to "like, favourite and subscribe" to their videos. What is the motivation behind this, particularly likes? Do you get paid per "like" on your videos? I have always wondered this, some of my fav. you tubers always say that likes mean a lot to them, they try to hit a certain like count on their video, etc. Or is It the case that how much you get paid per video solely based on views and ads?

UberDanger482 karma

You only get paid based on views/ads, however getting an engaged audience through different means such as likes and so on, will give your videos higher rankings, which will let more people watch it.

______DEADPOOL______177 karma

What's the difference between becoming a youtube partner and doing this yourself compared to signing with a network such as MCN in terms of pay?

UberDanger246 karma

Only a very small percentage of your views will be monetized if you don't contract with an MCN.

Btw I've seen your name AT LEAST 50 times on Reddit, can't believe you commented on my AmA.

Panther72266 karma

Can you explan a bit more on how money is acquired through a YouTube channel. Thanks for the AMA.

UberDanger367 karma

When someone watches a video, there's a chance that an ad will be served, there are several types of ads, the highest paying being an in-stream ad (you know thoose annoying videos you have to skip? yeah). When it does, it's because an ad agency has paid for it to be shown, then Google gets 45% of the gross revenue, and you are left with the net earning, this is then split between you and your network, depending on your contract.

Holyholley363 karma

Do you get paid the same amount whether the ad was skipped after 5 seconds or watched fully?

Andsc2135 karma

Totalbiscuit said they got alot more if you watched the whole thing.

audentis61 karma

I believe he actually said he gets nothing if it gets skipped, but that he doesn't blame watchers for skipping the stupidly long ones.

UberDanger177 karma

This isn't entirely true, in-stream ads also pay if they get skipped, though the people that missclick and hit the ad click the advertisement for great products on purpose, pay a lot more.

______DEADPOOL______60 karma

it's because an ad agency has paid for it to be shown, then Google gets 45% of the gross revenue

Do you make more money overall from a network as opposed to individual youtube partnership?

UberDanger142 karma

Yes, much more.

/u/unidan AND /u/______DEADPOOL______ both on my AmA? That's it, I'm done, I win.

AudioManiac47 karma

What do you mean by "your network"? If I wanted to set up a Youtube channel with the intent on making money, do I need to have a contract with someone other that Youtube?

UberDanger71 karma

Yes, an MCN (multi-channel-network) is a third party network, they take responsibility for your channel, and they own a ton of licenses.

3 month later edit: and =/= an, grammar is important, especially since 0 people will read this.

FatUglyAutist1177 karma

If you were put in the situation where you were naked in a bed between worlds hottest woman on your left and a prison gay guy on your right, who do you face and who do you turn your back to? You have to choose.

UberDanger321 karma

Easy, I turn my back on the prison gay guy on the right, what's he gonna do, he's in prison. At worst he might shoot for me from his cell.

edit: I wasn't as witty as I first thought with this comment, the downvotes tell me that. But I am a man of honor, I stand by my bad comments, LET THE DOWNVOTES RAIN >:C, FOR I SHALL COMMENT IN THE SHADE.

edit 2: That was unexpected :D

God-Mode151 karma

From his cell?

He's in bed with you. Naked.

UberDanger174 karma

I'd turn my ass towards him still.

Me6678 karma

I don't know. This sounds like win or win-win to me.

UberDanger76 karma

The woman is actually putin.

KungFuHamster132 karma

Putin out?

makesyougohmmm105 karma

And when the prisoner is deep in you, and tears start rolling out of your eyes, he is going to whisper into your ear with a husky voice, "Hey, why ukraine?"

UberDanger69 karma

Then you putin the penis imsosorry

kyotie198 karma

Your mother and girlfriend/wife switch bodies, the only way to revert this is to have sex with one of them, which one do you have sex with?

UberDanger97 karma

If any kind of sex counts, that means oral sex would count as well. Even if it's just for a second. I would have my girlfriend touch me just briefly from my mother's body, then they switch back and my mother has no memory of it as it was my girlfriend that was in control of her body at the time.

If it has to be full-on sex then this questions is FUCKING, TOUGH.

kyotie182 karma

I don't believe I said Oral Sex, now make a decision...

UberDanger328 karma

Are you sure there's no loophole? I don't wanna use any of the holes I've been given.

ziggurati111 karma

who is your favourite youtuber, and why isn't it fitzthistlewits? ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

UberDanger7 karma

It's you Snipars

or maybe Vsauce, or like Roosterteeth or something.

mccraabi101 karma

Are you single? ;)

UberDanger190 karma

Yes :(

edit: pls daterino.

ad2460199 karma

How many hours a week does it take to create content, edit it, and generate enough profit to survive?

UberDanger133 karma

Tough question to answer, because I don't know whether to factor in the time I spend actually playing and recording. I'd say 4-6 hours a day is easily enough.

EcKuLz98 karma

What video do think pulled in the most subscribers and do you feel pressure to always keep the sub's happy?

UberDanger149 karma

Well in terms of exponential growth, it would have to be this video: The Adventures of Full AD Darius. Now it doesn't have nearly as many views as some of my other more viral videos, but it jumpstarted my growth as a Youtuber, and my channel wouldn't have been what it is today if it wasn't for that early kick.

In terms of straight up traffic and views-to-sub ratio, it's probably my most viewed video: The Full Revive Bungaloo

I don't feel a ton of pressure, however I do intend to follow the strongest piece of advice I've ever heard: "Make everything better than the previous", as long as I try to follow this advice I believe I can continue to maintain an engaged audience.

HerpDerpinAtWork93 karma

I have no idea what is happening in either of these videos, but props for making it relevant and humorous to north of a million people. Crazy.

UberDanger51 karma

Cheers, most people wouldn't have a single clue what's happening if they don't understand the game. I'm glad that you can appreciate the effort regardless.

iamlegman91 karma

Does using adblock (skipping 100% of ad's) effect your income?

UberDanger244 karma

Not in the slightest, people overestimate adblock's effecton Youtube, over 50% of my views are monetized, and less than 2% of the un-monetized views are from adblock according to my calculations. I actually use adblock on many websites myself, not Youtube though, that would be hypocritical.

Kandai77 karma

What advice for growing a small youtube channel?

UberDanger179 karma

I actually wrote an entire guide for this, you can find it here: The small stay small, the big get bigger, a guide on growth stages by UberDanger

If you are a gaming channel, I wrote a more specific guide here: How to grow a large gaming channel

ShawnPaul58 karma

Sweeet! Thanks for such a detailed guide. I run a guitar channel that features song lessons, and just hit 4k a couple days ago. I've only been getting subs from natural growth over my channel's 8 month career. I wanna get up to 10k by the end of the summer so using your other tips will be a great help! Thanks again!

UberDanger182 karma

Hey link me your channel, I'll give it a shotout for some free traffic <3

Oh my lord, this is my first time being gilded, I appreciate it and I'll see you in /r/lounge

TheFiretryer74 karma


UberDanger269 karma

StaIky68 karma

Hi, how much money do you get with product placement such as lolskinshop?

UberDanger198 karma

That is one of my main sources of revenue, I like to work on a CPM basis, he has paid me 3 dollars per 1000 views showing his ad. So 100,000 views = 300 dollars. He paid 1 million views ahead on my latest League video, so that's 3000 dollars. He paid me in PC parts , funny enough he even paid for the parts with dogecoin.

edit: I did a bad

______DEADPOOL______83 karma

enough he even paid for the with dogecoin

I think you accidentaly a word

UberDanger20 karma

Fixed :D

sometimes you just do a bad.

no-more-mr-nice-guy61 karma

I'm not fully aware of how being a youtuber works, so could you explain how you make money?

UberDanger93 karma

Ads get shown on my videos, then I earn a large percentage of the money the ad agencies paid to show thoose ads. The more views = the more money.

You do however need a LOT of views to make a lot of money, I get 2-3 million views a month, and this is what I need to make it my job.

_shit42 karma

I've always wondered this about youtubers I watch on occasion (not gaming related) who all have 1 to 2 million subscribers and at least 1 million views per video. Does the money scale to that level? So if you're making let's say $3000 for 2 million views and they have 20 million views per month, would they be making 10 times as much?

UberDanger60 karma

This is a subjective question, ad sales, CPM, monetization percentage, and other things all rely on so many factors that you can't tell specifically how much money someone makes. But generally, yes, more views = more money.

MasterOfPlayz38 karma

Hey Uber you are my favorite youtuber!I wanted to ask how do you react to negative comments?I mean a long time ago like last summer i uploaded a video about how not to play katarina in greek commentary because i didnt knew much english and someone started to "flame" me that i suck and other stuff what do you usualy do to these people?I hope you answer asap!

UberDanger63 karma

Well a lot of it is flame bait, however I actually take many comments very sincerely. I've gotten good at distinguishing trolls, haters, and actual people who are dissapointed with my content. The first 2 don't bother me in the slightest, but I try to listen whole-heartedly to the last.

ZeAthenA71432 karma

Hi !

Youtuber myself (not full-time yet), I'm starting to receive quite a lot of propositions from different MCNs (5 different ones since the beginning of this year). I haven't had time to really think about all those options, so I was wondering : do you have any advice you can give me on making the correct MCN choice ?

UberDanger74 karma

Alright, theese are the most important aspects of an MCN. You need a high revenue share, good partner support, and you channel needs to be managed. If you can get a contract which you can leave at any time that's even better.

I have had great experiences with Omnia Media, their requirements is more or less 1 million views a month. Make sure they will make your channel "managed", this is incredibly important in terms of protection against copyright.

lithedreamer5 karma

What does 'managed' mean?

UberDanger7 karma

Your network (MCN) takes full responsibility for copyright and content on your channel.

aintthatinnocent28 karma

Do you sometimes watch your videos and go "urgh" and then either spend ages fixing it, or do you pretty much go "meh" and just upload it anyway?

UberDanger32 karma

I assume you're talking about before uploading them, I actually look them through several times and try to change all the things I didn't like. The only recent example I've had of "fuck it, I'll upload" would be Having fun in Dank messiah of MLG and magic

3 month later edit: Yeah the whole "fuck it I'll upload" is just a bad excuse to upload mediocre content that you didn't work hard on. That's why the video isn't up anymore.

Fapplet27 karma

Do you see yourself getting too a million subscribers?

UberDanger79 karma

Yes, but not for maybe another year or two. Can't wait for that GOLDEN PLAY BUTTON

DoogieBrowser28 karma

Did you get a silver one for 100,000 subs? I heard that was a thing too.

UberDanger78 karma

I track the shipping every day, it will be here soontm

3 month later edit: I've had it for like 2 months now, it's sweet.

axman15127 karma

Hey. Lots of love from Canada. Just wanted to ask, if you could become a super hero, but with a really lame power, like the ability to see through windows, or the ability to act kind of like a bug but you really want to be a bear, what super hero would you be (Custom, of course)?

UberDanger72 karma

I would want to be wikipediaman, the man who has the answer to everythang.

My power would be to be able to research wikipedia at any given time in a matter of milliseconds.

My weakness would be that I would have to accept any and all information there as fact, even if someone had purposely re-written it.

Tubzilla40 karma

Wikipedia man the easiest superhero to kill!

Edit Wikipediaman died of a heart attack 3/4/2014 at 7:00 AM EST

"Hey Wikipediaman, how are you doing?"

UberDanger52 karma

You and me should copyright this, sell it to Marvel in 6 years when they run out of ideas for superhero movies.

Tubzilla19 karma

Alright, you do that and I'll take some All creative credit for it when we sell it to them!

UberDanger24 karma

Sounds like a deal.


RightInDaFeelz7 karma

So like /u/unidan? Except he knows only facts.

UberDanger16 karma

Dialing /r/circlejerk

Dahlle25 karma

What kind of shampoo do you use?

UberDanger45 karma

Sanex, don't judge.

ZeroCiipheR25 karma

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

UberDanger179 karma

Watching the final season of Game of Thrones, in which I played a major role.

TheAnimalHD21 karma

Have you ever met any larger youtubers like seananners or captain sparklez

UberDanger39 karma

Not in real life, but 3-4 years ago I used to play call of duty with Seananners, he was one of the people who inspired me to make a Youtube channel.

The biggest Youtube I've worked with is Siv HD

3 month later edit: I went to PAX east and met a bunch of cool people, shoutout to my boy Keyori.

Mistawright17 karma

  1. Do you even lift?

  2. Do you play any other videogames like cs go or dota 2 or something

UberDanger23 karma

I do lift, I've trained martial arts, mainly Jiu-Jitsu for about 3-4 years now, and I frequent my local gym in Albertslund Denmark.

I play Hearthstone, Wildstar beta, and tf2. I also can't wait for titanfall.

3 months later edit: Hearthstone doesn't wanna work, don't play tf2/titanfall/wildstar anymore, I really spend too much time one Diablo RoS though.

jfeis16 karma

Do you think you will stay youtuber for the rest of your life? And how would your life be if that youtube thing would have to end? Also, League probably won't stay that popular forever and your channel is pretty oriented towards that game... What do you think will happen to that whole game and it's really big community and what will you do when League begins to disappear?

UberDanger21 karma

Well I plan on doing this as long as possible.

I don't think League will suddenly "end", or begin to die, it is the most popular game in the world with 27 million daily users (well I mean if we don't count minecraft, pls don't count minecraft).

I'm already branching out, and a lot of my subscriber's are beginning to watch my channel for me and what I can do with entertaining videos, as opposed to just League of Legends.

The first main title I'll branch out and make a lot of videos for is titanfall, I absolutely loved the beta.

jfeis16 karma

What is the secret behind A friend once showed it to me and it was... disturbing. Please, why?! (I think the picture of that... donger... was removed by now but I'm too afraid of losing my brain or my eyes in case of going back to that webpage.)

UberDanger41 karma

Well it was a joke, one of my friends carried my promotion game to platinum, his last name happened to be Adrian. I then made him ADRIAN AIRLINES VERY NSFW, don't even go there. Though my website I managed to get around 40,000 people to see that picture.

3 month later edit: apostrophe

rhansuk15 karma

Hi! How do girls react to you being a full time Youtuber uploading videos of you gaming? More dates or less?

UberDanger38 karma

Well nerdy girls think it's cool, there are also a ton that don't understand itl. I would say that people who judge you based on the fact that you're a Youtuber isn't worth your time anyways.

Lee1138149 karma

Ahem, "I make content for a major Google subsidiary."

sciencemax9 karma

damn that's a good one

UberDanger31 karma

I'm pulling this shit out at the next party

now if someone would be so kind to invite me

1dontpanic14 karma

Whats your idea of a perfect date?

UberDanger105 karma

A good movie (preferably with someone who'd totally love the Hobbit 2).

Nice Dinner.

And a girl .... pls

3 month later edit: Actually now that I think about it, The Hobbit 2 wasn't that good, I'd still love to go out and eat and it would be romantic and shit.

Frostifyed13 karma

When can i safely say you're my wife?

UberDanger16 karma

When noone hears you. they can never know

crazdave12 karma

Around what time did you decide to go full-time? Was it a hard choice? Could you believe it was happening?

UberDanger27 karma

I was working as a chef intern, when I earned more than 3 times an hour just from Youtube revenue, than I did peeling potatoes and washing dishes, I decided to go full-time. Untill you finish your education, being a chef doesn't pay very well.

crazdave11 karma

Some advice for anyone wanting to branch into the same line of work? I assume that competition is pretty heavy.

UberDanger28 karma

Competition isn't a problem, think of them as coworkers, not competitors. The issue is getting past that first stage of growth, and have your channel reach the self-sustainable stage.

I wrote an in-depth guide on growth stages it's a great read.

Rthomas488 karma

Hey Uber love your videos and would love for you to upload more often but anyways to the question, which full ad/ap video did you enjoy making the most and why? Oh and any chance helicopter dick is gonna come out in any of the upcoming videos?

UberDanger11 karma

My full ad/ap video I had most fun making would have to be The Adventures of Full AP Yi, I have never had as much fun as I had playing AP Yi back before Riot reworked him.

Helicopter dick is definately making his return, however I've gotta revamp the soundtrack and make my animator give him a proper re-introduction.

MadDogMcCork7 karma

What advice would you give to people trying to put out a lot of videos in a short space of time regarding the look of the video? For example, I used to make videos of me and my friend playing games but I wanted it to be like a tv series so I put an intro sequence before each new game but that took ages to put together and wasn't worth the time and I eventually stopped making them.

So what are your thoughts on the editing side of gaming videos? What elements should they have to make them successful?

UberDanger6 karma

Honestly that's a very subjective question.

You need unique original content if you want to entertain people in a way they haven't been before, and that's why it's up to you to find your way of making niche videos that people can enjoy.

If I had a great idea on how to make original content without a lot of editing I would keep it a secret.

kaisz10007 karma

what games do you play nor than league? and why can't i comment on your fb?

UberDanger12 karma

I play Hearthstone, tf2, the Wildstar beta, and I can't wait for Titanfall. You might have been accidentally banned from my facebook? That happens when I remove comments at times, if I've removed several comments from the same person, Facebook usually gives them a timeban.

HeavySwayingNutSack6 karma

Was it difficult to build your fanbase? How long did it take? Would you consider yourself lucky?

UberDanger11 karma

After it started catching on, it actually didn't take that long. About a year for 100,000 subs, and 4 months for the next 100,000 that followed. I do consider myself incredibly lucky, especially in terms of thoose early views.

Gurrahal6 karma

Hi Uberdanger Im a big fan and i got some questions.

  1. Will you ever stream (or stream more if you do) ? You streamed for awhile on hitbox but you stopped with that quickly.

  2. Will you go to events like Dreamhack? Its not to expensive since denmark is close and it would be nice to see you there.

UberDanger10 karma

1: Yes, as soon as my new PC is put together and ComX internet provider stops being a piece of shit I'll start streamin on my twitch channel again.

2: I WILL go to events like dreamhack, it'll be a good time.

surfhouse5 karma

what advice could you offer me, a musician and who just started youtubing?

UberDanger10 karma

Networking, early on you need to network like a mofo.

here's a guide I wrote on growth stages it should help anyone get started on Youtube.

DarkWanderer184 karma

Not a question but since I have the chance, love your LoL videos. They're awesomely strange and hilarious. Keep it up!

UberDanger7 karma

Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate the support.

Here is a cute dragon

WexAndywn4 karma

How often do you and Keyroi kooky spook nowadays?

UberDanger8 karma

I play with him 2-3 times a week, he's a swell lad.

WexAndywn2 karma

Yes, but has he shanked your nan outside Tesco's yet?

UberDanger3 karma

Upon several occasions.

His devious flim flams also often cause me to relenquish my emotional wellbeing.

hellocheeky4 karma

Can you tell us a little about the hours you put in and how that relates to return?

ie. x hours planning, playing, editing, voiceovers and titles, etc. promotions...?

UberDanger9 karma

Hmm, well I don't really do voiceovers, most of my content is live footage. I would say I spend about 6 hours a day working on this, that's a pretty good estimate, however that's not calculating in time for promotions, sponsorships, building relations with other Youtuber's, sending contracts back and forth, and planning.

It's very similar to a normal job, except I play videogames for a living.

pansnake3 karma

Whats your favorite game (beside league of legends ) ?

UberDanger8 karma

Diablo 2, fucking loved that shit as a kid, will never play it again just out of fear that it will ruin my memory of it.

SamW983 karma

How much time do you put into the dubstep ignite part of the videos?

UberDanger8 karma

Way too much, however it varies. Recently I cut production time SO much by having Snipars edit one of them for me, he did a great job in my opinion.

I'd say I can easily spend 2 hours editing like a 15-20 second dubstep ignite.

ToasterMic3 karma

When you started to have an audience how did you change your content to make it entertaining to the viewer?

UberDanger2 karma

I didn't change it, I just tried improving as much as possible.

The best sentence I've used for advice is "make everything better than the previous"

APM0013 karma

Last night my girlfriend showed me your video, Medic Force, and we've been watching the rest for a few hours now; almost shat my pants when I saw you were doing an AMA XD Now, for an actual question: do you play with your fans at all? If so, how do I get in on that?

UberDanger3 karma

I play with them on my Stream I will start streaming again VERY soon, I just need the last part for my PC to arrive. (Fucking h100i cooler stuck somewhere in the post system)

YourMumsPal2 karma

Do you feel pressured to respond to your subscriber's needs all of the time? Are they demanding?

You must get a lot of feedback about your gameplay in your comments and a lot of pressure from fans to do things a specific way.

UberDanger3 karma

Not specifically, because my videos are very oriented about having fun instead of necesarily being "good" all the time. I'm not specifically skilled at League of Legends, which is the main game I play, I just think people watch it because it's entertaining to them.

As long as I can continue to be entertaining, I don't think I have anything to worry about. I do take critisism very seriously though, especially if several people are saying the same thing.

YourMumsPal2 karma

Aaah, nice. Do you respond to comments when you get the chance?

I'd have a look myself but I'm at work today :)

UberDanger4 karma

I try to go on "replying streaks" as often as possible, but there's no way I can repond to all the comments I get.

YourMumsPal2 karma

I can understand that.

Welp, thanks for replying UD, I think I'll take a look at your channel when I get home and maybe subscribe. Its been a long time since I played League of Legends but I appreciate anybody who works hard to entertain a crowd!

Good luck, brother.

UberDanger3 karma

Thanks for the kind words, and I'm happy I could answer your questions. Carry on mums pal.

iamlegman2 karma

Have you ever uploaded a league video without hentai? how where the views effected?

UberDanger3 karma

Well just to be clear, there is no hentai in my videos, though I do sneak in ecchi pictures. I actually have more views on the videos without them, though I still think it's pretty funny to surprise people.

All my most viewed videos has none of it.

Perryful2 karma

When will you finish adding friend from your inner circle? :3

UberDanger3 karma

Welp I'm gonna be making a secondary Skype account for fans to be adding, so as soon as I've done that I can add everyone to that account.

IronMew2 karma

How do you find the sponsorships?

UberDanger13 karma

They mostly contact me, except for coco pops, I've been trying to reach them forever.

DirtyEmarald2 karma

On a scale from 1-10, how much do you LOVE Chocopops!?

UberDanger3 karma

10, if it's the crunchy flake ones.

ZzingBongWang2 karma

Please can you explain how you get paid for your videos, do you get paid from google for ads or contracts for sponsorship or both, sorry but I'm a bit ignorant to how it all works, also, I've seen quite a few people get screwed over by machinima would you work for them if offered?

Also, what shampoo do you use?

UberDanger4 karma

I would never work or affiliate with Machinima, they are scumbags in my opinion, who scam people on a daily basis. I get paid both for google ads, and sponsorship advertisement. The money is split between google, me, and my MCN (multi-channel-network). I am with Omnia Media, they do not trick people like Machinima.

I use Sanex.

Mlorpe2 karma

Is your site Uberdanger . com going to be updated any time soon?

UberDanger4 karma

Yes, I'm working on having an entire store with merchandise, and also a countdown for when I'm streaming. If anyone is interested I might also upload previews and early access to videos on there.

WisWis2 karma

why is this not posted on the /r/leagueoflegends subreddit?

UberDanger4 karma

Well this isn't specifically about me as a League of Legends Youtuber, but more so about the questions people may have about being a Youtuber in general. Once I feel like I'm accomplished enough within the League of Legends community, I'll do an AmA there.

Tubzilla1 karma

Uberdanger, I'm a sub on your youtube and I was wondering, what's it take to get into a game with you? I would love to play one sometime!

Also, what or who inspired you to make this a full time thing?

P.S. Hexakill full shield had AMAZING Editing and I can't wait to see more in the future.

UberDanger2 karma

I'm gonna start streaming again very soon, after I get my new PC built. On my stream I do fangames all the time, there you could play with me.

Keyori inspired me, he was the one who suggested it.

michaellicious1 karma

I'm thinking about becoming one in the future, any tips on how to become popular?

kaisz10001 karma

and btw im in the inner circle when will you add me? ' (im super exited)

UberDanger1 karma

Well I've been setting up a secondary skype account for fans to add, it will be done soon. I'll add everyone when I get my new computer built.

wisernowolder1 karma

So, given your estimation, how much do you think say... someone like Sxephil or Pewdiepie makes on Youtube?

UberDanger4 karma

I honestly can't say, I don't know how well ads sell for different types of videos. I know some people have CPM's that are 2-4 times higher than my own, yet other's who don't even have half my CPM (pay per 1000 monetized impressions).

Though one thing is for sure, they're making BANK.

thesweman1231 karma

Is keyori your waifu?

UberDanger4 karma

MADSSEJ1 karma

First of all, i saw the interview with you in danish tv, well done. Now the question is, how long would you like to live off of this? And what do you want to do after you quit YouTube?

Thank you for your time Sensei

UberDanger3 karma

If I can get money for making videos about videogames, I want to do that infinitely. I'm not like most people, in that I don't feel the need to be within a certaint "profession". I just want to live my life, and this makes that a whole lot easier. I've already contracted 2 animators, and 2 concept artists. I just need an editor or two and I'm set.

I don't plan on quitting Youtube, but I'd love to be an actor in Game of Thrones, like a major role, that would be cool.

Hadryr1 karma

When will you remake Full AD Rengar? You said that you will sometime in the Video, i am still waiting

UberDanger2 karma

Yeah it's my worst video of all time, I came home drunk, dubbed over most the footage while imitating videodunkey and siv 240p.

I'll probably do a re-upload within the next couple of months.

Jayjajy1 karma

What is your favorite video of the ones you made, and what is your favorite video on youtube?

UberDanger2 karma

My favorite video I've made would have to be The Medic Force, we just had so much fun making it, and it was generally awesome.

My favorite Youtube video has to be every episode of red vs blue

Not but if I have to chose a single video it's probably this

UKKPredator1 karma

Would you hate me as a league player for this (I'm the purple teemo;p)?

UberDanger4 karma

Yes, didn't need to watch, you had me at Teemo.

Daepilin1 karma

Did you finish any "real" job education in case the youtube bubble bursts one day?

UberDanger2 karma

No, however I'm halfway through my education as a chef, I can pick up where I left anytime I want.

VG-Rahkwal1 karma

How did you help your channel grow when it was smaller?

I myself have been trying to get my channel to grow using many different methods, but haven't really seen much success as it seems the gaming community is so over saturated now.

UberDanger2 karma

I got a ton of exponential growht through my full ad/ap series.

Testrox1 karma

can you adjust the camera angle in lolreplay since the new patch?

UberDanger2 karma

Yeah, but you have to go through a bunch of shit to get it working.

kluuwilly1 karma

Do you use adblock?

UberDanger3 karma

Yes, but I disable ads on websites I support, such as Reddit or Youtube.

blackouter1 karma

Why did you post under every LoL related video submitted in /r/leagueoflegends tho people got really annoyed by it?

sorry for my english..

UberDanger4 karma

I haven't commented on any submission in weeks, however I like to be a part of the community, even if some people try to give me shit for it. The fact that I have a lot of haters kind of stops me from posting as much, but I still try to ignore it as much as possible.

Kavalicious1 karma

I'm trying to get to know the industry a bit better incase I ever met a YouTuber, so if you don't mind indulging me: If were to meet a YouTuber at a party, what would be some good questions to ask that show I know a little bit about the industry? IE questions that you, personally, would ask a fellow YouTuber if you met them?

UberDanger1 karma

What I would ask is different from what you would ask, it depends on what you want to know entirely. Personally I'd like to know how ad sales works for their content, and how their network treats them, and so on.

You might want to know something different entirely.

BrosephStyling1 karma

Remember that time me and my friends went against you while you were trying the 'targeted items one shot' or something? Nathan backdoored you hard and you punished us by saying we couldn't be in the video? You made me a sad person that day :c

UberDanger1 karma

It's not that we punished you, it's the fact that we didn't accomplish our goal, so why would we upload footage of us failing?

ilove2frap1 karma

Next full AD/AP video?

UberDanger2 karma

AP Vel'Koz. (I know original)