Hi reddit, a little bit about me: I started out as a singer, became a host somewhere along the way, and then sprinkled that with a dose of reality television and some acting stints. My latest project is being the host of VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live every weekday 10-11 AM ET. I'm a Scorpio and I love tater tots. I love sports, ice cream and ice cold Miller Lite. Here with Victoria from reddit, so AMAA.


I really enjoyed hanging with you all this afternoon. Hope that I answered the majority of your questions to your satisfaction. See you guys everyday live on VH1's Big Morning Buzz @ 10 AM. And if you're in NYC, stop by Times Square and say hi.

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savagepirate82 karma

I once told a hot sorority girl that you were my cousin in an attempt to get laid. it worked. thank you sir.

Nick_Lachey126 karma

My pleasure! I hope you represented the family well.

BoxOLuv80 karma

Do you believe with current global warming standings you would still be 98 degrees?

Nick_Lachey156 karma

For a minute, I thought we might have risen to 98.4, but since the polar vortex, we have been returned to our normal temperature of 98 degrees.

dcsportshero63 karma

Nick- I torrented your "98 and rising" album last month.
Just wanted to say sorry about that and also, it's a really good album.

Nick_Lachey73 karma

Shame on you! But thank you for the compliment.

dejaent53 karma

Was there any serious competition or awkward tension between yourself and the boys of BSB or NSYNC? Any Anchorman News Team-like showdowns?

Nick_Lachey83 karma

Sorry to disappoint. But the answer is a boring one. There was only mutual respect and admiration between those of us in the "Boy Band" world (seriously, I just made air quotes). No sing-offs, no dance-offs, no fight-offs. Just party-offs.

luckyhusky21 karma

Please tell us about these "party-offs"

Nick_Lachey50 karma

All I meant by that was that we all enjoyed hanging together, whether on the stage or off.

mrgoober133743 karma

Nick, please tell me I'm pretty.

Nick_Lachey81 karma

You're beautiful.

piercmat1535 karma

Your wife seems cool. Is she cool? I bet she's cool.

Nick_Lachey72 karma

She is cool. That's why I married her.

electron-shock29 karma

Why not just round up to 100 degrees?

Nick_Lachey35 karma

Doesn't have the same ring to it.

imayposteventually28 karma

In 1998, I took my daughter and some of her friends to London Ontario, The Western Fair to see your show. I just want to tell you that they had the best time and one of them, after the show said:"OMG this is the best day of my life!" You all smiled and pointed at them, they were right up against the stage. You made their night! Thank you.

edit It may have been 1999.

Nick_Lachey40 karma

It was the best day of our life as well.

QueenPoser26 karma

If you could switch places with someone else for 1 day who would it be and what would you do?

Nick_Lachey96 karma

I would switch places with Joey Votto of the Cincinnati Reds, and I would hit the game-winning home run in the bottom of the ninth to win the World Series.

Grundle_Poacher20 karma

I forgot you were a Reds Fan. Are you a Bengals fan too?

Nick_Lachey46 karma

Absolutely. Whodey.

shadybushman20 karma

Good Afternoon Nick, just wanted to let you know that my friends and I call Miller Lites a "Nick Lachey"

"Hey, grab me a Nick Lachey from the fridge"

Nick_Lachey84 karma

What if one day you open the fridge and I was sitting there?

gojays202518 karma

Dear sir, do you prefer cake or pie? Elaborate on the answer if you could.


Nick_Lachey42 karma

More of a pie man. Pumpkin, sweet potato, apple, cherry being some of my favorites.

RagsToBitchez15 karma

You should try a filbert pie. It's like a pecan pie but with hazelnuts.

Nick_Lachey26 karma

That sounds, actually, very good. Sign me up.

Kat102517 karma

Hi Nick, Were you aware of the Lacheybowl contest on twitter during the Super Bowl? Have you signed any of the prizes? I Am one of the winners of that contest. I was supposed to win a pic & call. I've kept the call thing quiet until now :)

Nick_Lachey16 karma

Sorting it out currently! Sorry for the delay.

dem_bond_angles14 karma

If you had to challenge a member of NSYNC to a Most Extreme Elimination show, which one would you choose?

Nick_Lachey48 karma

The Amazing Race, against Joey Fatone.

heyjefferson7 karma

Who would be your team mate?

Nick_Lachey22 karma

My brother Drew.

trollinwithdagnomies4 karma

Prob Drew, his brother

Nick_Lachey24 karma

Drew knows Joey better than I. He knows his weaknesses.

BallChinBoy13 karma

What is your favorite song sung acapella?

Nick_Lachey32 karma

Oh gosh, that's a tough one. "Ave Maria" is classic, you can't really go wrong there.

hatethejess12 karma

Is your son showing interest in music? Singing/banging instruments/etc?

Nick_Lachey23 karma

Yes. He loves to dance. And has great rhythm.

QueenPoser10 karma

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Nick_Lachey40 karma

My guilty pleasure is Barry Manilow.

thelandofnarnia9 karma

You're generally seen as a pretty nice and down to earth guy - which is pretty cool. My question is what charity or charities do you work with? Are there any smaller ones that your support has helped accomplish more goals than they could have otherwise?

Nick_Lachey22 karma

A few years ago I started my own foundation whose mission is to help children and families in need. While vague, that allows me to support a variety of different charities that I believe in, some of which include Feeding America, Make A Wish foundation, Save the Music, Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

evedamnededen9 karma

Can you tell us the most epic story from your years being in 98 degrees?

Nick_Lachey25 karma

Most epic story would be probably singing for President Clinton during the Christmas at the White House special. It was surreal. To make it even more special, I was able to bring my mom Kate with us to the performance. It was the best Christmas gift ever.

robynebos9 karma

Hey Nick! What was it like working on One Tree Hill?

Nick_Lachey17 karma

It was some of the hardest acting I've ever had to do. Playing yourself is harder than it looks.

evedamnededen8 karma

What have you eaten today?

Nick_Lachey32 karma

A chicken teriyaki rice bowl, blueberry muffin, maple & brown sugar instant oatmeal, and that's it.

CatieCarlton7 karma

Hey Nick! What is your favorite memory from your 98 degrees days?

Nick_Lachey19 karma

Performing with Stevie Wonder on the Tonight Show. To sing with a legend like Stevie on such a huge platform early in our career was an unbelievable opportunity.

kerryoakie7 karma

What does your ideal day in Cincinnati consist of (Cincinnatian here!)?

Nick_Lachey28 karma

Starts with a nice walk in the park, lunch at Skyline, dinner at the Boathouse, followed by a Reds game at night.

destinysangl6 karma

Whats your favorite color?? Love you!!!

Nick_Lachey12 karma


starter52 karma

All the shades of blue?

Nick_Lachey15 karma

Royal blue.

Jonesgirl9646 karma

how are the 40's treating you? Best looking 40 year old I have seen!

Nick_Lachey22 karma

apparently you never saw Brad Pitt at 40...

reddit1st6 karma

Hi, Nick Lachey! Favorite pizza topping?

Do you prefer hard or soft tacos?

Thanks and good luck in everything!!

Nick_Lachey16 karma

If I had to pick one, it would have to be pepperoni.

Hard tacos, I'm old school.

noctiswarp6 karma

Can you tell us about your time in Charmed and how your experience playing Leslie in the show was?

Nick_Lachey16 karma

Working on Charmed was an incredible experience. Leslie was a lot of fun to play and certainly working opposite Alyssa Milano was a fantastic experience.

xjennifer6 karma

You seem to have found your calling with tv, but any movie roles in the future?

Nick_Lachey11 karma

If you're making a movie, give me a call, I'd love to be in it!

Stoltz35 karma

Hardest adversity you've had to overcome in your life?

Nick_Lachey8 karma

None to speak of, really. I've been very blessed.

Stoltz35 karma

What's one thing about yourself that people don't know about you that you wish they did?

Nick_Lachey14 karma

I feel like everyone knows everything. But I'm allergic to mold, grass, and dust.

katiedod4 karma

Who is more competitive, you or Drew?

Nick_Lachey19 karma

I would say we are equally competitive. He's just used to losing more than I am.

MrsMeganWVU4 karma

What is your favorite memory so far with your son? If you have another child what would you name them?

Nick_Lachey10 karma

Every day I find myself appreciating a new memory with my son. He's the best. I have no idea what we will name our other children.

kmase094 karma

Hi Nick! I am a huge fan :) Are you doing any upcoming fan meet and greets?

Nick_Lachey8 karma

No planned meet and greets that I know of at this point. But I'll be hosting Save the Music Family Day on March 22nd in New York City. Also, feel free to pop by Times Square around 10:30 and I'll be there weekday mornings for my show.

silveringrid4 karma

You seem like a warm, caring, older brother I've never had. I enjoy seeing you on tv, I get a sense of comfort... enough with the creepy, here's a question...

What is something monumental (in your life or the lives of others) you aspire to accomplish within the next five years?

Nick_Lachey10 karma

I aspire to run a marathon in the next five years.

TaraMac_213 karma

Has turning 40 had a big effect on u or r u always young at heart?! :)

Nick_Lachey7 karma

No, it did not have a huge effect on me. I'm as immature as I've ever been.

muzakx3 karma

What is a Band or Artist that you enjoy, that no one would guess you like?

Nick_Lachey6 karma

Massive Attack? is that unexpected?

DistillerCMac3 karma

You say you love tater tots. Does that mean you are anti-French Fry? There can be only one!

Nick_Lachey17 karma

I don't discriminate against potatoes. Especially those that are deep fried.

legolover3262 karma

What's the best thing about being a TV host? Any advice for a future news anchor about the whole live TV thing?

Nick_Lachey2 karma

I get a chance to be myself, meet interesting people, and work with music each and every day as host of Big Morning Buzz Live.

destinysangl2 karma

Are you and 98 degrees still close??? Loved you guys when I was younger. I love you and your wife!!! And always love watching you host the sing off.

Nick_Lachey4 karma

Very close. Those are my brothers for life.

LisaYee2 karma

Are you planning on having Drew, Justin or Jeff on the show?

Nick_Lachey3 karma

I'd love to have them on the show!

marianela_jsl2 karma

what is the thing that you love the most about your fans??

Nick_Lachey5 karma

Their unwavering loyalty, no matter where my career takes me, they've always been there.

kcdotz2 karma

When you started with 98 degrees did you envision yourselfs to be the band the madia portrayed you to be? It seemed you guys were more of the "bad boy" band, was this a thing you guys felt you were going for, or did the media seem to tranform you into this image to be markatable? When I saw you guys on the Today show recently you seemed like you guys had a very diffrent look from the 90's almost as if that's who you guys had been all along.

Nick_Lachey5 karma

We never even considered ourselves a "Boy Band" to be honest. We formed ourselves more in the image of Boyz II Men than NKOTB. That said, we were honored to be a part of what was a very successful time in music as a Boy Band.

MelBellaMuse2 karma

With whom would you collaborate musically if you could?

Nick_Lachey7 karma


the-d-man2 karma

what's the last song played in your mp3 player?

Nick_Lachey6 karma

A song by Muse.

hatethejess1 karma

Hey Nick- Did you watch the Oscars last night? What did you think?

Nick_Lachey6 karma

I did, and I thought that they were pretty entertaining. How about you?

hatethejess2 karma

Teenage me is squealing you answered my question! I just wish Leo could finally win one! I enjoyed it though!

Nick_Lachey13 karma

Yes, he is obviously deserving. Great actor.

Silentwes1 karma

Hey Nick Lachey, how's things?

Nick_Lachey8 karma

Things are fantastic, how are you?

CDTomea1 karma

Hi Nick...can u tell me what ur workout routine is?

Nick_Lachey4 karma

I love to do a lot of cardio. Elliptical or treadmill. I find I do my best thinking while I'm exercising. I also lift free weights occasionally.