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Hello Clive, First off I think you are a great actor, I loved you in Children of Men. 1) Whats your favorite david bowie song? 2) whats your favorite/least favorite thing about America?

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I grew up watching Brain Candy on HBO when my parents were not around. I love this movie, it has such a creepy vibe to it, and your crazy character was my favorite. I constantly think of this movie when I dance to disco music. Here is my question, it just seems to me that you guys had to cut a lot out of the movie to achieve and R rating, is this true? If so can you explain which scenes

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Hi Barbara your books seem very interesting, definitely thinking about picking one up. Currently 27 years old living with family, saving at my job, but with a crippling fear of moving out due to what I've seen in the economy and debt. what advice can you give someone like me to get out there and not to be in constant anxiety over money.

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Thank you, you rule!

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What was life like before your big break, did you ever feel like a struggling comedian?