I've only been doing this for about 8 months now and it's taken off more than I have imagined. I'm traveling, meeting other girls, and getting paid to masturbate in front of all of you, what else could I ask for?

I'm a bit addicted, even when I'm not on cam I'm keeping up with all the social media and fans, it's great!

Twitter! MFC Profile!

edit: updated my links to a recent chnage :D

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sklog53 karma

me and my gf are in a long distance and I would love to give her some tips on how to make our experience interesting. Do you have some tips for her? some links from where she could get some advice/training. :P

amie_46 karma

Well since you can't touch, being vocal is certainly important, it could be awkward at first it but asking if she likes it, what she wants, etc could be fun... add in some fantasies (even ones that you might not want to do in real life) could be hot just for the added imagery. Just image what happens when the distance is no longer an issue ;) You'll have that pornstar gf you always wanted telling you how she wants your cum ;)

As far as links... well send her to my room and have her watch me, I have some videos as well, haha... but really... I'm not that good, find a raunchy porn!

Soup_Can_Stu52 karma

Jeez, there's a lot of douchebaggery in some of these comments.

amie_65 karma

Nicer than I expected, though!

champaca22 karma


amie_14 karma

Very true. There are tons of shy guys that aren't comfortable talking to girls in bars or in public and it is just easier for them to get to know a real girl in the comfort of their own home. And get pleasure too. They wouldn't completely understand until they come by the site and hang out... :P

lan10base239 karma

How much of your show is actual self pleasure, and how may times a day on average do you orgasm?

amie_55 karma

Well if we're talking about my "show" being the entirety of my time spend online, only about 2%, if we're talking about it being the time I'm pleasuring myself while online... often all of it. I'll set a goal and once I reach it I'll do something... I set what I want to do so if it's a DP glass toy show (as it was last night), I wanted it so once I hit the goal I'm ready to go!

Shooting from the hip here but I would say the average is around 2.2857 times a day.

Egypticus32 karma

Those significant figures though...

amie_52 karma

Looks fancy with 5, eh?

BaloogyMcBoy6 karma

So what you're saying is roughly 2 per weekday but 3 on weekends, or something around that. Would be 2.285714 repeating.

amie_3 karma

Well some days 1, others 4, and believe it or not, typically less on weekends but with the same result per week, yes.

leopardprintlife36 karma


amie_51 karma

The site I work on is tip based so there's no limit, it just depends on how popular you are and how much time you put into it... The average for the site is around $17/hr but obviously there's a bunch of people that bring that down... My best day was a few hundred, some of the top girls make over $1k a day.

2th21 karma

How many hours a day do you spend on camera?

amie_37 karma

Me... 2-4... seems to be about average, some girls go crazy and do 8-12 if they're trying to be on the top that month... others could make the same money in an hour, though.

VT-Sensational19 karma

How big of a cut does MFC take?

amie_24 karma

50 down to 37% depending on how efficiently the customer purchased. We make $0.05 per token regardless of what they paid.

KeegoTheWise14 karma

Huh, TIL spamming 20 tokens is the mfc equivalent of making it rain with singles.

Edit: to be clear, by spamming, I meant rapidly donating in groups of 20

amie_11 karma

TIL? Yes, haha , I suppose it is...

jpop23mn6 karma

Til = today I learned

amie_9 karma

Well, I feel silly... Thanks for letting me know!

hanguation30 karma

Have you ever been recognized?

amie_43 karma

Just at the conventions.

hanguation28 karma

What kind of kicks do you wear for a day out on the town?

amie_30 karma

heels.. unless I'm walking a lot... then I need band-aids too ;)

black_brotha19 karma

do you usually like to layer your kicks or just use one with the snare??

what kind of hi-hat patterns do you normally go for...even measure or odd?

amie_53 karma

idk, I play a lot of latin jazz so I usually just have a clave pattern going on the hats with my left foot while I'm ridin' something a bit more syncopated.

i_ate_the_cake27 karma

A few questions >.<

What's the creepiest experience you've had? Is this your only job? (do you make enough for a living?) If you don't mind, how much do you make roughly? Was there training involved? Do you get free rein over what you do on cam?

amie_52 karma

Nothing too creepy, some weird stuff, some guys that try to get too close.

It is my only job, since I've only been doing it for 8 months it's hard to gauge what my income will be for the year... if the trending continues, I should have to pay uncle sam around $25-30k next year...

I wish there was some training! There's a lot of content out there in forums and wiki articles on the site that tells you the basics, but really, everyone's different so you have to figure out what works best for you.

I pretty much have free rein, the site has rules about no men on cam, no illegal stuff, no objects inserted that aren't made for it (got a warning for using a botttle), but they don't tell me what I have to do or anything like that.

i_ate_the_cake10 karma

Awesome answers :) ty Good luck with everything

amie_11 karma


tedbradly-18 karma

I don't get why you can't just say the number you'll make, you've wrapped it up in a misleading way. Does that tax figure include state income tax? Are you even in a state that taxes income? Does "uncle sam" tax only include federal taxes? Are you implying you'll make 160k - 180k "If the trending continues"? Are you smart enough to realize the fallacy of applying a linear regression and supposing it will continue forever? Hint: most things are nonlinear. The trend will not continue indefinitely, and it very well may not continue over any period in the future.

Instead, if you want to brag about your income, you should just say how much you've made in how much time. Give us the data, not your interpretation of it that derives from a high school education using Excel's features mindlessly.

amie_2 karma

Yes I am in a state that levees a tax on income, yes it is included, as is local taxes, and the federal does include the self employment tax. Yes I do plan to form an LLC at the end of 2014 to reduce that tax, the complications just aren't worth the time for the amount of money I would save this year.

While I may not be able to do the modeling on my own my SO does hold an advanced degree in mathematics and I trust his calculations and we speak of it enough for me to have a good understanding.

My reason for not including an exact figure, aside from making you mad and respecting other cam girls, is because it is not linear by any means. There are certain times I make and achieve much higher goals, along with others that I intentionally make less to take a break. I made twice as much in September as I did in October as I planned. That along with the ease of the ability to hit and surpass my goals as I become more popular makes it much more complicated. Knowing that I made a bit over $30k in 6 months won't help you come to a number without understanding the growth trends. If you really must understand, feel free to pm me and I'll put you in contact with my SO.

hanguation26 karma

Have you got any formal education, or just highscool or GED?

amie_6 karma

just a certification, luckily my SO has an advanced degree and takes care of the finances ;)

yukisho22 karma

Up for a chaturbate show?

amie_17 karma

giving or receiving? lol

hanguation19 karma

If you know there's some poor guy on MFC who has developed a crush on you, do you try and exploit them for more money and gifts, or is it just business as usual?

amie_19 karma

I had a couple that got into it a little too deep, I backed it off and/or ended it, I don't want to ruin anyone's lives. I do have a guys that are into the exploitation as a fetish, though, they want me to control their money (i.e. I could be a #findomme)

TheShadowCat4 karma

What's the most one person spent on you? What's the most you have heard of one person spending on a model?

amie_14 karma

The most one person spent on me in a single tip is 3,000 tokens. That is 150$ that I make. The most I have heard of a cam model getting in one tip is around 440,000 tokens I believe. Crazy huh?

mister_brian7 karma

Is that $22,000? How does the company pay you?

amie_10 karma

Yep, he mentioned a few guys when he did it, some people say it's all him and he was just recognizing friends, others say they pulled them all together.

I get paid by direct deposit as an independent contractor. I'll be getting my 1099 any day now.

dflemingsss16 karma

Do you have a S.O. and if so, how do they see it? How did you tell them? Your parents thoughts?

amie_25 karma

Yep, he actually suggested it because I wanted to do something from home for a little spending money... I used to be a stripper (a couple of years before this) so it's not really a shock if they were to know... luckily we were doing well financially before this anyway so the increased income isn't really noticed by family.

hanguation15 karma

How do you feel about the thought that there could very easily be underage kids in your room? I'm sure it happens, but do you care?

amie_26 karma

I do, I banned a girl that said she was underage... 99% of the time my room is R-rated or better.

hanguation14 karma

Who do you think will win the super bowl?

amie_57 karma


emperorxyn22 karma

But, but, the steelers are not in the Super Bowl!

amie_43 karma

Oh sorry, I forgot football is still on, I thought it ended back on 12/29 and we were talking about the 2014 season. ;)

idiotlikeyou5 karma

First web cam girl to make me horny. Maybe I have a problem.

amie_4 karma

That is just what I do, there is definitely no problem with that!

zAbnormality13 karma

what are your political views on obamacare?

amie_27 karma

I believe it's in the right direction and support it, just have some nuances that I would like to see ironed out a little better.

hanguation12 karma

Are you friends with any of the other girls?

amie_12 karma

Yeah I was just in Vegas and spent some time with a few and am good friends with 2 other models locally that I cam with on occasion as well.

endrok12 karma

How do u keep your viewers consistently engaged? Ie. do you have to keep pushing the boundary with what's done on cam?

amie_10 karma

I try to keep good conversation going... typically I fail, but I try. I'm not like the raunchy "lets see what I could shove where" girl, set a goal to play once or twice, do a bit more during if for more if I'm excited.

RCD12311 karma


amie_15 karma

No, I have my state blocked and I'm on late, but I used to be a dancer so I am not hiding under a rock either.

I've only been recognized at the conventions... but that's kind of the point.

mister_brian4 karma

Wow, you can block the entire state from finding you?

amie_13 karma

Yeah I just ban the people with redneck handles...

It does it based off IP, so obviously you can get around the block with a proxy.

Las_Pollas_Hermanas10 karma

Where's the most unusual place you've ever masturbated?

amie_11 karma

On cam? nothing too exciting, moving car, corner of a bar, backyard... that's about it.

thhhhhee8 karma

Why did you choose MFC over other camsites such as chaturbate? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of MFC over the other camsites?

amie_18 karma

MFC and Chaturbate are fairly similar... MFC has a much nicer, more polite customer base, though from what I have experienced, the top girls on MFC make more than CB as well.. I'm barely in the top 500 on MFC and my numbers would put me in the top 50 on CB; however, they do have more going on in terms of affiliate/referral earnings.

airwolf7378 karma

what is your passion in life besides being a camgirl ?

amie_10 karma

Having great orgasms :D

Life in general, though, traveling, good food, different cultures, etc.

Juanchouribe7 karma

Do your parents know?? If they, how do they feel about it??

amie_6 karma

Nope, but they knew when I was a dancer, I'm sure they'd be happier about this!

hanguation7 karma

Would you ever branch out and do real porn?

amie_10 karma

Nah, not my thing.

SomedaysFuckItMan6 karma

I read a response to another question that you work for a site. How free are you to conduct your sessions? Are you given parameters/boundries? If you wanted to pair with someone else (another girl perhaps) would it have to be cleared with the site? Or would they not really care as long as they get a cut of the money?

amie_6 karma

A couple of boundaries (no men, nothing illegal, no insertion of objects not meant for it, etc), but there's no parameters that I have to follow, I do what I want!

I have been on with a couple of girls, they should be cleared with the site, splitting the money is decided by us, though.

hanguation5 karma

Do you ever get tired of masturbating? Do you ever have days when it just isn't going to happen?

amie_3 karma

I try to take a day or two off a week, but not really, I don't masturbate constantly when I'm online, though, just once or twice a day.

graviga3 karma

What do you do the rest of the time?

amie_3 karma

Go to the gym, travel, keep up with social media.... just enjoy my life :D

SouSy2 karma

I think he ment what do you do on cam when you're not masturbating

amie_3 karma

I try to change up my shows if not nightly every few nights, so sometimes I play a small game to get the night rolling. Mostly I like to chat, tease, dance, and have fun with the guys and gals that cum to visit..

graviga1 karma

Thanks for answering!

amie_1 karma

thanks for asking ;)

Mediocremelody5 karma


amie_4 karma

I have not seen anything solid to back that up, I have had them send out DMCAs to other sites that were trying to profit from my shows, though.

thepartybrigade5 karma


amie_2 karma

Sadly I didn't see a single thing in theater.. I did finally watch Gatsby on my way home from vegas.

Blaine665 karma

If it's the AVN, then why is it the Adult Entertainment Expo? Wouldn't that be the AEE?

amie_3 karma

AEE is the Adult Entertainment Expo, AEE is sponsored by AVN. The AVN Awards show takes place on the final night of AEE.

hanguation4 karma

Whats the weirdest request you've ever gotten? And did you do it?

amie_8 karma

A lot of people certainly have a lot of fetishes, I do them if it doesn't gross me out and isn't too awkward. I can't really classify the weirdest... someone approached me about the whole financial domination thing, I thought that was just plain odd, but I certainly did it ;) Most role-playing is awkward if it's not something you're into or have done before.

tuxp5 karma

someone approached me about the whole financial domination thing, I thought that was just plain odd, but I certainly did it ;)

How exactly did that go? They just pay you money? How much?

amie_7 karma

It still goes, lol...

Usually it's about knowing what someone makes, what they spend, and telling them how to spend the rest, usually on me, but maybe I'll reward them with something for themselves occasionally.

tuxp8 karma

So this happens regularly? How much does "the rest" consist of usually? I want numbers, lady!

amie_5 karma

Well I just started that kind of domination and it was by request. Once one person started, two others approached me for the same. I have had someone that was spending $300 on me at a time while I was on cam, then I had a $100 allowance to buy something when we were done... did that a couple of times a week...

You seem interested ;)

redditharish4 karma

Thank you for contributing. You make people life better. If we people don't masturbate, we'll die.

amie_4 karma

Keeping the world go 'round.

Spram24 karma

What's your favorite Pokémon?

amie_5 karma

sorry, I am aware but not familiar enough to have one, and refuse to be dishonest and pick one out of the sky.

There are tons of awesome cam girls that are into all things, though... you wouldn't believe how many D&D and gamers there are!

Trevie314 karma

You should have said Squirtle!

amie_3 karma

If I knew about Squirtle, that would have been my first answer for sure! Lol

AlexP2224 karma

I assume that when you perform its faked, so is there ever a time when performing where you legitimately 'get yourself off' so to say? Cheers and all the best!

amie_21 karma

Usually when I'm on cam it's not faked, I enjoy it, I have a good collection of toys... plus, I squirt.

Videos are a little harder, trying to keep it under 10 min and recording with no interaction is a bit forced.

NoxXwtf4 karma

wanna come over for a nice coffee?

amie_8 karma

sure, omw

123fakerusty4 karma

How much have you made so far? Do you have to pay taxes?

amie_7 karma

Everyone likes to ask me that. Since your question was direct at least, $42k since memorial day from all the related outlets. That is not to say that my income is $60k as I have mentioned earlier due to growth, though.

Yes, I pay taxes.

123fakerusty1 karma

how often do you work?

amie_1 karma

Typically 5 or 6 nights a week, I wasn't on much while in Vegas, though.

xenha3 karma

Show us your boobs!

amie_11 karma

hanguation3 karma

Have you tried any other cam sites like chaturbate or anything? How would "employment" some where else differ to MFC?

amie_4 karma

Yeah, chaturbate and streamate... I spent a little time on each, chaturbate was similar, but looking at what the top girls make there, it wasn't even comparable to what they make on MFC... streamate was okay but I'm not into the whole begging for private/gold show kind of stuff.

The atmosphere of the different sites are for different people... I'm more social so MFC makes more sense.

hanguation3 karma

Do you douche? Also, anal?

amie_8 karma

No. Yes.

IraqLobstah3 karma

What is your favourite euphemism for masturbation? I quite enjoy "flicking the bean".

amie_3 karma

Well I certainly hear fapping a lot... although I suppose that's just a sound... I always used choking the chicken.

RathalosKid3 karma

How many 5 year olds do you think you could take in a fight?

amie_9 karma

I'm upwards of 400 here now it appears.

RCD1233 karma


amie_4 karma

Some friends... everyone knows I was a dancer, though, so the reaction wouldn't be much.

VonBubenberg2 karma


amie_5 karma

Well I didn't really need the income to begin with but since I'm doing well I'm starting to plan for investments so I could continue to maintain the same lifestyle or better, rental income is my goal currently.

mlove0782 karma

how many people have you slept with?

amie_1 karma

Well, let me count.. 1. your mom.... 2. your sister..... 3. your cousin.... Shall I continue?

macleod24862 karma

There was a post on this site earlier stating that shows like AVN were pretty rigged and the nominees were the ones who paid the most and of course the winner was the one who paid the most. Can you confirm this?

amie_2 karma

I've heard it about others, not the AVN awards specifically, but can't confirm in either case.

SwollenOne12 karma

You said you squirt...when was the first time it happened? and is it fairly easy for you to get it to happen each time you (or someone else) tries?

amie_3 karma

A bit more than a year ago and yes, extremely easy, it's hard to hold it back more often than not now.

ancel112 karma

What is it that you have written on your arm?

amie_4 karma

"I love ancel11"

Bemmer2 karma

What is your moral view on your job? and why did you choose it?

amie_3 karma

That is a really good question, Bemmer. Camming is a way I get to make money and form relationships with people I would never have if it wasn't for camming. For some guys on the site the relationship between them and me is very real and they are very comfortable with it. I love to meet new people hear their stories and form relationships. Tons of guys on the site say they enjoy my company first and the sexual stuff is the added bonus. They enjoy tipping more to show me support than "pay" for my "services". It's much more personal. That is what makes me feel good about what I do. If that makes sense. :) I like to make people happy. I chose camming because it came natural to me really. I am a people person!

jpop23mn2 karma

Do you drink or smoke while working?

amie_2 karma

I am of legal drinking age so yes once in a while I enjoy a few beers or glasses of wine. I have been known to break out the moonshine.. haha I don't smoke.

cj953632 karma

Why did you join Reddit?

amie_2 karma

I like the interaction :D


What made you want to start doing this?

amie_1 karma

Used to be a dancer and wanted to work from home and make a little something to spend of my own.

JohnWad2 karma

Do you bang your fans?

amie_10 karma

Yes but this damn screen gets in the way every time!!

HaddEnough2 karma

Do you project that you will make enough money to do this full time or do you have another job?

amie_8 karma

I was making enough to do it full time within a couple hours.

ThatPolishKid1 karma

Wanna give me a free show? Hahah

amie_2 karma

You're welcome to join all the other freeloaders in my room getting one any night.

MickeyStrauss1 karma

Do you ever regret the choices you've made in life?

amie_2 karma

Nah, I enjoy every day.

hanguation1 karma

Have you ever been recognized?

amie_3 karma

Only when I want to be at the conventions ;)

paul_a_m1 karma

How much for skype show bb? :P going to check you out soon

amie_1 karma

Talk to you soon ;)


Do you think you could live off money you make from MFC?

amie_3 karma

Yes I do currently make more than the median household income for my area on my own.

paper_or_plastic_1 karma

Paper or plastic?

amie_0 karma

Paper is wayyyyy too absorbent.

buster24161 karma

what is your funniest fart story?

amie_1 karma

I am horrified of farting in front of people! Although, someone did ask me to make them a custom fart video... wouldn't do it.

Oryx1 karma

Was Lexi Belle there? She seems like a real sweetheart.

amie_2 karma

I think I saw her signing at AEE, no I did not get her autograph on my boobs.

bwredsox341 karma

If I make you laugh do I get free tokens?

amie_3 karma

You'll get something great than free tokens, a smile back.

I could give you a link to an online form where you enter a few fields and tokens magically appear in your account, though.

el_muerte171 karma

Why (did you put most of your title in) parentheses?

amie_3 karma

ha, it said "(blank)" by default and I only replaced the "blank"... oops.

m0j0j0_j01 karma

Favorite thing about being a Camgirl?

Most hated thing about being a Camgirl?

amie_4 karma

My most favorite thing about being a camgirl is that I get to meet people and hear their stories. Everyone is so different and so unique and I get to meet people from all over the world! Also, It has afforded me to be able to travel to new places such as Vegas for conventions. Next is Atlantic City and then Florida! My second most favorite thing (has to be said) is getting to orgasm with numerous men watching at any time multiple times a night! My most hated thing about being a cam girl is simply rude men out to ruin your night.. Everyone doesn't approve and I respect that but it is always nice to keep negative thoughts to yourself. :) What do you think about camming?

Hanshee1 karma

Other than your job. How is your social/sex life going?

amie_2 karma

Better than ever honestly. Thank you.

ballinlikewat1 karma


amie_4 karma

Ketchup! Ketchup on everything!

Gosty11 karma

Do you feel empowered when doing your show?

amie_2 karma

Of course! Knowing I can make a man hard as a rock with the right words, or look.... Quite empowering. :)

Sadpeepee1 karma

Do you know the best site for a Male to be a cam model and make some money?

amie_2 karma

Unfortunately, I do not have a penis so I have not looked into that side of things.. It seems like Chaturbate is the place to go for men.

uncreative11 karma

Who are you, ive probably trolled your channel and got banned

amie_1 karma

There's a link to my profile in the text... I don't ban many.

pack1231 karma


amie_2 karma


punit3521 karma

Would you ever bang a random redditor?

amie_2 karma

Are you asking me to bang you? haha... Seriously though no, I do not.

_aHuman1 karma

Got any funny/cool/awesome stories/shit thats happened online? Also, how did you get into the business, did someone come up to you? Did a recreation get ya (I'm trying )) to be funny)?

amie_2 karma

I think every night I am on cam is interesting/fun/funny so there is no specific night that stands out for me... Mostly just the stories I am told from the guys/girls in my room... I was trying to find some extra work from to do and after numerous attempts at we pay you to take survey sites,my SO suggested webcammig. :)

Geekosexual1 karma

Did you enjoy the AVN? What were they like? I could imagine in a room full of exhibitionists there must have been quite a few people who wanted attention.

Was it just awards or did they have "performances" as well?

amie_1 karma

Half people selling sex toys, a few dozen ppl like me shaking their asses on cam, and bunch of porn stars posing for pictures... some got a tad bit risque but they're big on the no nudity thing (warnings about showing nipples even).

AZJR0 karma

I have a "friend" who is curious about how much money she can make doing this, and if it's possible to do well without showing your face? I know some girls only show shoulders down but I imagine the girls who show face get more tips/shows?

amie_-1 karma

The site I work on actually requires you show your face for a majority of the time, I suppose others might be different.. I would imagine it would be hard to get some regular followers if you don't show your face, but she might be able to find a way to make it work.

Income potential really depends on her and if she could find out what works for her... there's no simple formula, I'd say do a lot of watching and find out what she's comfortable with. There are girls on MFC that don't take their clothes off and make 5 times what I make... I'm getting there, though ;)

If you want exact figures... my research has shown the top 500 girls making around $5k a month, top 100 making $10k a month and top 10 making $30k (or more since they're harder to get ahold of) a month.

iEatWoofers0 karma

I have two:

How much do can you see of logged in members on MFC? Just what they tell you?


Why did you put what you do in () in the title?

amie_1 karma

I can't see much about members... what's in their profile, and if they haven't hidden or generalized it, their score and number of tokens in their account.

I replaced the "blank" with my story in the "IamA (Blank) AMA!"... so if that's not proper reddiquette! I'm just a lowly cam girl ;)

ajgwa0 karma

Hi some questions below, PM sent about other details! Exp cam model.

How much exposure have conventions improved fan base?

Any shows with other MFC models?

Do you do group or G/G shows, pm details.

amie_1 karma

Hi! I have any been to two conventions so far and am a fairly new model so the exposure is a bit skewed I'm sure. I would say I had about 5,000 people notice me, 100 say hi or take a picture, and will probably only get about 3-5 regulars out of it.

I have two models in my area that I do shows with regularly.

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amie_2 karma

The links were broken when I posted, fixed now.

Fast-Beaver0 karma

Were you popular in high school? If yes, were you promiscuous?

amie_-1 karma

No and still no. I'm actually kind of shy.

DabuSurvivor0 karma

Something I always wonder with people who do stuff like this or porn or whatever -- do you ever feel weird that friends or family could see you doing the stuff you do on cam?

amie_-1 karma

Nah, if they find it they have they were looking for their own reasons ;)

I make decent money, I like it, I'm safe... I'll defend it any day.

seraph77-4 karma

This used to be a place for enlightened, intelligent conversations. Now it's a AMA for camwhores? A bunch of fedora-tipping virgins upvote this crap?

amie_0 karma

Wait, isn't the whole interweb for porn?

tedbradly-10 karma

You know how sports players are widely criticized for being paid way too much for meaningless shit? How do you feel knowing you are in the same boat? If you could go back, would you read more literature, develop skills, and enter a career that stresses personal development and intellectual satisfaction instead of showing your nude body off?

amie_5 karma

Believe it or not, I am usually clothed when I'm on cam and that's usually when I make the most money, it's more conversation that keeps me doing well. Sure, often it is about sex, but that is one of my interests.

I'm not too sure my job is much more meaningless to than 99% of the population, I at least enjoy what I do and have some passion for it. I read daily, I have skills beyond my abilities to turn people on, and I will retire in my 30s, and my stress levels are much lower than 99% of people in the US as well.

Good luck with your career.

saucedog-11 karma

good for you, I guess. i don't really care. but good for you and all that stuff. Edit you guuuuuys lol

amie_6 karma

Well thank you, I guess.

Waxdec-13 karma

Don't you get enough attention from those losers

amie_3 karma

ha! if it were too much I wouldn't be here.