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Which country's currency did you find the coolest or most appealing?

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My Grandfather currently has severe dementia and is in a locked wing of a retirement home (separated from his wife, my grandmother) and my Babci had severe dementia/Alzheimer's before she passed away. One day a nurse gave my Babci an extremely hot cup of coffee without a lid and it ended up spilling on her leg causing third degree burns. It seems to me a lot of nurses don't care for their jobs or do a horrible job at offering care. Why do you think this is the case? What can be done so that people with dementia are receiving appropriate and loving care that they need?

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Any way you'd be willing to do an AMA? I'm sure people would love to hear more!

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If I make you laugh do I get free tokens?

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Um yes they do? I can provide numerous examples of you honestly believe that it's not a sin...