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My internet-desensitized brain's thoughts: You're a transgender airline pilot? Meh.

You work at a functioning windmill from 1700 in Belgium? Holy shit, that's awesome!

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Do you guys have any type of rating system in place? I don't really know how to phrase that, but I just know that there are people going through bad times, that truly need and deserve help, and those that are perfectly content to leech off society for their entire life. During the winter months, there are people you have to turn away, do you get any say in who gets to stay and who doesn't?

I volunteered at a shelter for a couple months, but had to quit after it made me sick having to turn away people in need, while there were chronic abusers/leeches of the system sleeping in a bed because they got there first.

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I don't know if this is breaching into the "can't disclose for security reasons" realm, but what is the largest theoretical attack you could mitigate? Say if multiple botnet handlers were to suddenly team up for a joint cause, throwing some insane traffic along the lines of tbps at a site/ISP.

edit: to clarify, I mean mitigate while still keeping the site online, not just blackholing the traffic.

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What type of breading and/or egg wash do you use for battered women?

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Have you ever really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?