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What we all want to know is, have you ever gone full mast? And what was the reaction?

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pardon the pun, but thats the hardest part of the job - trying to stop myself getting erect that is! Sometimes it can be quite challenging given some of the situations!

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Story time!

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playing twister was a challenge, had pretty much no coverage at all for that particular activity! the hot tubs too, one night in particular when the girls just stripped down to their undies and joined myself and another butler in the hot tub. the pumps were really powerful! And, there were a few stray feet feet from girls sitting across playing footsie with my, well my everything if you know what i mean!

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Out of curiosity, what exactly is the problem with getting a hardon during your job? Why is it a problem for a stripper to get hard?

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firstly im not a stripper. the problem with getting hard is it crosses a line and makes sexual behaviour acceptable - the girls think "he's hard, he's enjoying it, lets see what else we can do" its a dangerous road to go down. If i distance myself from it and stay soft, the girls know what they're getting - they know its not sexual and we can all just have a bit of fun

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I hadn't expected a 'naked butler' to post anything that well thought-out. My props to you for being both sexy and professional.

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thank you

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just try to keep my mind occupied, not focus on whats going on - its not always easy i admit!

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I watched some HBO documentary in the 90s about male strippers and they mentioned they fap before their set to prevent this exact issue. Have you tried this technique?

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no comment!

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Pardon my ignorance, but why wouldn't you just go with it? I'd imagine the ladies would enjoy that even more, no?

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a lot of the time we're out in public - in a pub or nightclub, could get into serious bother! even at homes in private parties it doesnt seem right, it becomes openly sexual which isnt the idea

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So your whole act is a subtle tease really?

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i guess, it creates a boundary for the girls if they see i am not aroused by them

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i've no problem with it, and most of them will have a touch at my bum or chest, part of the job i guess! never had anyone cross a line so far

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What about guys touching you?

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only had a couple of gay guys attend the parties, never really been an issue

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If someone tried to hire you for an all male party, would you refuse? Just out of interest.

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i'd speak with them first, see what they were like, wouldn't say no just as a rule

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a few girls have had a quick feel under my apron, never in a overly serios way though, thankfully never had to refuse any activities

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I'd seen a couple of companies offering it, so i thought why not - there's obviously a market for it. girls at parties maybe wanting a bit of eyecandy but nothing sleazy like a stripper or that.

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Have you ever slept with a client... or had intercourse, or anything of that nature?

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not at a party, but yes in following days i've been on a couple of dates with girls

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Have you seen the film "The Butler"? Is there anything in that film that made you think "It's not like that in real life"

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never seen it, will need to look it up

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This seems like a great idea for a sitcom. The guy is a naked Butler, he gets into all sorts of shenanigans at work:

  • Maybe he has trouble keeping a girlfriend because they get jealous

  • Maybe he doesn't know one of his friends is gay and he gets hired to do their party

  • Maybe he gets too good at not getting aroused and becomes impotent

  • Maybe he breaks his rule and sleeps with someone at a party, and people start thinking he's a prostitute - gets hired for different stuff, other naked butlers get pissed because people want them to have sex now

  • Maybe he tries a new waxing place and they burn his ass, so girls keep pinching and smacking and it hurts

  • Maybe he gets tired of being pinched and smacked and joins a women's rights movement who are protesting to stop the sexualization of women, and the women are initially opposed to him being there but eventually end up sexually harassing him themselves

And thats just off the top of my head! What are some ridiculous scenarios you could imagine getting yourself into with this job?

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they're all pretty good man! think you should run with this!

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How do you get a job like this? Also, does it pay good and are the ladies sometimes trying to touch you? Are your customers younger or older women? What about guys? Do they also "rent" you?

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firstly - dont do rent! I just set myself up, advertising locally, the pay is great to be honest (up to about £100/$150 pre hour) the crowds vary, young and old, all kinds of people yes the ladies do touch me, it can be very hands on at times!

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advertising locally

Has anyone you know ever utilized your services? Or maybe just happened to see you during business hours?

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its happened twice, it can be a bit awkward!

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How did those play out?

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just need to make sure they're cool with it and hope they're not too uncomfortable - its more them than me who feels awkward

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Be honest, did Magic Mike inspire you?

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honestly - yes! my girlfriend at the time absolutley loved it

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Did she break up with you once you started this?

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we broke up before i started

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Is this job like Naughty Bear, but with less staged slutty blowjobs?

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all real life mate, and no sleazy stuff

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If the roles were reversed, if it was 1-2 naked "maids" with a bunch of guys, how do you think people's opinions would change?

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One of my friends (a girl) actually posed the same question to me, i'm of the opinion that it already happens - hostesses etc, they have skimpy costumes so whats the difference? I guess as a male I'm more happy to get a bit more involved than a girl in the same position might be tho

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What's the rate you charge? And how often are your services solicited?

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once or twice a week - usually friday & saturday noghts, though sometimes afternoon too. I can charge up to £100 ($150) per hour

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Did you eventually just copy this comment for future use?

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seems to be coming up a lot!

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But I thought you try not to let it come up? ;-)

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What is the most unusual request you've had at a party?

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there's been a few weird ones, laying on a trolley and being used as a sushi platter was a bit strange! as was being mummified in toilet roll during a home made wedding dress game at a bridal shower!

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Sushi platter, it's like those in japanese adult videos.

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basically i lay naked on a table and was covered in sushi for the girls to help themselves, an interesting evening

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This guy is too clean, no good stories.

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sorry if you came looking for 50 shades!

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Do you answer questions?

jonjones198856 karma

yes! sorry for the delay

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Best/funniest work story? This whole job concept must create some hilarious situations. :D

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it sure does, one night i arrived at a party only to find the host had hired a limo - after undressing I was whisked off in the limo with 6 girls and taken to various nigthspots where i was ushered out for photographs etc, that was a weird one - got lots of strange looks everywhere we went, not to mention it was a cold night!

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What do you think about to stop yourself getting a bit too exited, if you know what I mean?

And before anyone says it, 'Your mom' is not an acceptable answer.

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thats the most difficult part of the job, particularly if theres a lot of physical contact or its quite a racey situation. you just have to try and stay focused, obviously there is nowhere to hide if i do get aroused.

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Have you ever been helpless and just let the mast fly? What's been the reaction of the clients?

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no, thankfully i've always kept it under control!

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Is being erect really taboo though? I mean, I always heard women talking about how a flaccid penis is kind of weird, whereas erections are hot. Why go through the trouble of stopping your arousal?

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it crosses a line in the party, i've talked about this once or twice with people before bookings, they've wanted to make sure i wasn't going to walk about with a hard on all night. i guess for things like the store opening or if we're out in public (bars/clubs/whatever) its more important i dont go down that road. for house parties, sometime i probably could let myself go, but for me it crosses a line - it becomes openly sexual and thats not the idea

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People have hired you for a store opening?

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yeah at a handbag store and a lingerie store - both were good fun!

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I notice you already said no one has tried to cross the line with you yet. Surely you must be prepared for this though? What's your plan? Go with the flow and pretend it didn't happen? Discourage any continuation? Run away screaming?

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its almost got out of hand a couple of times, the girls can get a bit carried away touching and patting my bum - this has worked its way round the front and under my apron at times, i've had girls have a quick grope at my package! Obviously cant allow things like that to continue or it would get a bit sexual, and no doubt i would become aroused. people always respect the boundaries if i pull away or make a joke about it

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But why? What's so bad about raising that flag and going with it? If the girls are the ones doing it then I really don't think they'll say "oh no Mr. Naked Butler, now that you have an erection after I've been touching your dick, I'm not sure I want you here"

jonjones198843 karma

but if i get hard, it becomes sexual - the girls look and think "he's enjoying it, what else will he enjoy" if i stay soft, it creates that barrier and the night doesnt take a sexual turn, maybe some girls are disappointed but they know what they're getting (or not getting)

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Do you come to the door dressed like that or do you have to excuse your self to "get into character?"

jonjones198847 karma

if possible, i try to arrive like this!

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Has any client contacted you after the job was finished?

When you started, how was your first day?

jonjones198878 karma

yes some girls from parties have got in touch, i've dated a couple afterwards but it can be a bit strange! my first day was very nerve-wracking, i dont mind admitting! I was with another butler though who was experienced so took the lead from him

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I can imagine having a mentor for this sort of activity could be highly beneficial.

jonjones198836 karma

absolutley, not sure i could have started out on my own

IsaacJDean33 karma

Have you ever done something clumsy or embarrassing while on the job?

jonjones198841 karma

nothing major, couple of small spillages! the girls take care of the embarrassemnt themselves - falling about when trying to jump on me, that sort of thing!

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Do you have a partner (girlfriend, boyfriend, wife..)? If so, what do they think of this?

How long do you plan on doing this?

jonjones198847 karma

yes i do, i actually met her at one of the parties so she knew what i did - we've been together 3 months now. i'm 26 this year so not sure how long i'll keep it up, and i guess if our relationship got serious and she didn't want me to do it anymore - i'd obviously have to think about that. happy with things at the moment though

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How do you advertise your service?

jonjones198835 karma

locally & online, word of mouth etc - word spreads

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I've noticed some of the girls strip down too. Have they ever taken you home with them?

jonjones198842 karma

never at a party - had a couple of offers but for me that would be a dangerous route to go down, i dont offer any sexual services and wouldnt want to compromise that. i've met a couple of girls afterwards for a drink, maybe a day or two later though, and indeed my current girlfriend and i actually met at one of these parties, we've been together 3 months now

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What are some tricks you use to keep your boners away?

jonjones198828 karma

no tricks sadly, keeping mind occupied with daft things is the only help, its not always easy!

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have you ever had the sexy time on the job?

jonjones198856 karma

there have been sexy moments yes, but i keep professional. hot tub parties with girls stripping down to their undies, ann summers parties with lingerie fashion shows - it can be a tough gig sometimes!

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cool AMA. never even knew this job existed. but i guess that makes sense.

jonjones198815 karma

yeah- there's definitely a market for it

realpudding16 karma

what would you do if the ladys would get too frisky?

jonjones198839 karma

prepare to be frisked!

greencheese216 karma

What is the worst type of customer?

jonjones198833 karma

not really sure, shy girls can be a bit uncomfortable which creates an odd atmosphere at times, at the other end of the scale - loud and obnoxious girls are a nightmare too tho, constant cuddling and pictures, trying to sex it up as much as they can - bit off putting

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Ever had to do the washing up?

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How does a job like that even pay? Also, what were the requirements you had to meet to get that job?

jonjones198821 karma

just be fun, outgoing, up for a laugh. keep in reasonable shape too i guess. you can earn up to £100(c$150) per hour so the pay is good

Spacial_Parting13 karma

But, where do you put the money?

jonjones198818 karma

i get tips all the time stuffed into my apron, the ladies like the opportunity to get a bit touchy feely i think!

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i've done a divorce party once yes!

Kalbamater13 karma

Do you think it's interesting how fast you forget that you actually are naked?

jonjones198813 karma

sometimes, but i'm usually reminded pretty often with all the pinching, patting, touching etc - not allowed to forget for too long!

Sitin12 karma

Are you attracted to the clients at any time?

jonjones198826 karma

of course, especially at ann summers parties where they try on lingerie or fetish stuff, and some of the games at hen parties too can be pretty wild!

lIlIIlIlIIlIlIIlIlII11 karma

do you ever get aroused at parties/weirdest moment, go

jonjones198817 karma

i have to try very hard to make sure i dont get aroused, its not always easy believe me! especially in hot tubs or playing twister, being used as a sushi platter or having girls shoot drinks off my stomach. the weirdest moment, not really sure. there've been a few - i get asked to give foot massages a lot, i've been asked to paint toenails, plait hair, be painted on, prticipate in games at bridal showers - making wedding dresses out of toilet paper, ann summers parties too - i've been involved in balloon passing games, pantyhose races all sorts of weird stuff!

veul50 karma

Has anyone asked you to do the ring toss game?

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Pakigooner10 karma

Have you dated a client afterwards?

jonjones198813 karma

i have and still am, 3 months later!

Slumberfunk10 karma

Do you feel objectified, and do you regret not taking the chance to call yourself "The Naked Buttler"?

jonjones198818 karma

that would have been cool! I guess i am being objectified, thats what i'm getting paid for, im under no illusions about that

xmessesofmenx8 karma

Hahaha. Have men ever requested your service and if so are you allowed to decline?

jonjones198815 karma

never happened yet, though there have been a couple of gay friends at parties, i've no issue with this - don't know if i'd be comfortable taking a booking for a group of men though

quest_56926 karma

Fully naked right? So what happen if you get a raging boner during your work? I would assume it will happen very frequently.

jonjones198810 karma

fully naked except for a tiny silk apron which protects my modesty! (you'll see in the pictures) it hides nothing though, certainly no involuntary movements! so a raging boner would be quite embarrassing - have to try and keep it in check!

WiggleBooks6 karma

Ever done a party for guys? Have there been guys that have asked you to be there for them? Would you do a party for a bunch of guys?

jonjones19889 karma

there have been a few gay guys at parties i've worked at. never did just a guys party tho, never been asked

Fillipe4 karma

Have you ever been hired by a group of men? If not, would this be something you'd hesitate to accept as a job?

jonjones19886 karma

not thus far, not sure how i'd feel about it to be honest

SubtlySociopathic2 karma

Most awkward or embarrassing moment?

jonjones19883 karma

awkward moment probably in the hot tub, getting quite 'flustered' i guess you could say, or perhaps playing twister - my little apron was pretty useless during this!

Astrrum2 karma

So, as a naked butler, you must be on hand at all times, huh?

jonjones19883 karma

you could say that!

insomniac102 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

jonjones19882 karma

ah the old classic, 100 duck sized horses!

the_soggy_taco1 karma

Have you ever farted while on the job?

jonjones19883 karma

actually yes once, but i think i got away with it!

BrasaMaan1 karma

do you enjoy what you are doing or do you sometimes think about quitting? any funny conversations with your clients that you remember?

jonjones19882 karma

not thinking about quitting any time soon, i enjoy it a lot. its funny how sometimes you can just get into a normal conversation - about holidays or football or something, you totally forget the situation!

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This sounds like a womens equivalent of a female prostitute for men. "Sure, I'll bring you food, drinks, and a foot massage -- $100 for the hour."

jonjones19881 karma

i guess so! seriously tho, nothing sexual - wine chocolates and foot rubs tend to be enough!

stevenbyah3-1 karma

Is it fair to say your customers enjoy Jon Jones' bone?

jonjones19881 karma

no I dont offer sexual services!!!

theupvoteking1000-4 karma

Am I paying for the nudity or the cleaning aspect of your enterprise, and can I get you do perform the free one for me please... no tax taxtaxtaxyaxtax of course!

jonjones19886 karma

you're paying for a butler service, that can encompass a lot of things, nothing sexual tho - not a road i go down with clients

GifLurker-8 karma

Why did you start an AMA if you didn't want to answer an questions?

jonjones19882 karma

sorry for the delay!

superpencil121-12 karma

Scumbag naked butler

Does an AMA, Doesn't answer any of the questions.

jonjones19884 karma

sorry for the wait, had to take a call - all over it now!