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Real life Tetris?

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Any tips for learning Tactile Sign Language? I would love to learn this new modality.

I'm a hearing person, so once I started learning visual sign language (ASL) that was pretty great as I can now talk to more people and be more accessible.

Now I'm thinking of learning a touch-based language. But I don't know any DeafBlind people who speak it nor know any DeafBlind people at all

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Ive been thinking of doing this since I saw it on Reddit. But Im not sure and Im kinda scared.

Im still young, I have a multitude of years yet to live.
What happens if someone around me needs a kidney and I already donated one? I think I feel almost guilty having already donated one and not being able to possiblely save my loved one's life.

What if there are complications?

What if I actually damage remaining kidney in the future?

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Ever done a party for guys? Have there been guys that have asked you to be there for them? Would you do a party for a bunch of guys?

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Uhh, not always... In my city the buttons were disabled so they literally did nothing. Wasn't too bad though, the system just assumed that there were pedestrians that were gonna cross (this was in the downtown area).


"The push buttons were redundant, because pedestrians were always using them," Escobar said Friday. "There is a general premise there is always pedestrian activity (downtown) so there is no need for people to push buttons."

Winnipeg's public works department began disabling the crossing buttons four years ago. This means all the intersections in question have been set to display "walk" signals, regardless of whether anyone pushed the buttons, Escobar said.

The city did not publicize the fact the buttons were disabled to avoid confusing pedestrians. The buttons remain functional at intersections outside downtown, Escobar said.