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Is it difficult to play human instruments with a hoof?

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Do you think you'll be doing another Doctor Who character in the future, and if not, what was your experience like working with the DW crew?

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Is this job like Naughty Bear, but with less staged slutty blowjobs?

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Im 25 and wavering at 470, my lower back muscles tire almost instantly when i stand up and walking more than a hundred feet means i have to sit down for a minute or two to allow the muscle spasms to stop and catch my breath, and i was just wondering if you experienced anything similar and if you had an tips on how to keep up the motivation? because it's damned hard to purposefully put myself into that much pain just to do some cardio...

Edit: thanks for all the good advice y'all and kind words /u/SergeantTibbs.

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Worked in porn store, my favorite titles came from the gay section... gems like Ream His Straight Throat 1-8, and Dude, it Doesn't Won't Make You Gay 1-6