Hey guys, so this is your chance to ask me what you want. I'm hangin' out for a couple of hours. If you can't reach me now, you can also find me at @danieldaekim on twitter and https://www.facebook.com/pages/Daniel-Dae-Kim/136577846385452 on Facebook. SO G'head. Ask me anything. ; )


THANKS so much everyone! This was a blast. I gotta go, but you can always find me on social media (above), Saints Row, LINSANITY, and of course, Hawaii Five-0 Friday nights on CBS. Thanks for supporting my career - Gamsahamnida, peace and ALOHA!

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funkseoulbrotha1320 karma

As a fellow Korean, I'm going to ask you a very serious question.

Zerg or Terran?

DanielDaeKim1724 karma


the1_whoknocks968 karma

Michael? Boat?

DanielDaeKim1745 karma


THISgentleman788 karma

A reason Jin was one of my favorite characters on LOST was because I think he was one of the survivors that grew the most over the course of the show—from someone that was relatively disliked at the beginning of season one to someone’s whose death at the very end hit people the hardest. What was it like filming that scene in the submarine with Yunjin Kim, and do you have any other moments from LOST that you particularly loved the most?

DanielDaeKim747 karma

One of my favorite moments of the series. If Jin had to die, that was the way to go. Grateful to Damon for giving me a good sendoff.

Beeson762 karma

Hey Mr. Kim, my question is you kicked Michael's ass and that ruled, and you rule, and I almost cried when your character died on LOST.

DanielDaeKim1942 karma

That is an excellent question.

-Airwalker-652 karma

It was not a good idea to come here when I haven't finished watching LOST yet.

DanielDaeKim869 karma

That is true, grasshopper.

Justvotingupordown641 karma

Hi: I loved the way that the producers of LOST seemed determined to have a diverse cast and not stereotype. Has it been a struggle in your career to avoid being typecast in "traditional" Asian roles?

DanielDaeKim1193 karma


BryceBee123458 karma

Can we have a buddy cop movie/TV series with you and Daniel Day-Lewis?

DanielDaeKim1143 karma

Yes, we can call it the Days of Daniel.

sk3pt1kal356 karma

Did volition always plan to bring Gat back, or was it a result of everyone screaming for more Gat?

DanielDaeKim628 karma

Between you and me I think the fans had a lot to do with it, so THANKS to all of you Saints Row fans!

saggalot333 karma

How hard was it speaking korean a lot on lost? Were you fluent in korean? How did you like the ending. Jin was on of my favorite characters!

DanielDaeKim630 karma

Hard! Though I spoke it as a kid, it was definitely me 2nd language. It took a lot of work to feel comfortable enough to act in another language.

cpt_merica331 karma

Would you be willing to remake every Daniel Day Lewis film with a Korean spin?

heycam511 karma

I drink your soju. I drink it up!

DanielDaeKim374 karma

Good stuff

cpt_merica121 karma

Would also work with bori cha.

DanielDaeKim216 karma

also good stuff.

DanielDaeKim259 karma

Can't touch him.

CindySoLoud265 karma

Do you miss LOST as much as I do? :(

DanielDaeKim726 karma

I'll always miss LOST, but I'm glad it came to an end on its own terms. A show like that deserved to have a beginning, middle and end, as opposed to just getting canceled one day.

Dalfom250 karma

Out of the various things that were left unexplained at the end of Lost, which would you most like to know the answer to?

DanielDaeKim1218 karma

How did everyone keep their haircuts and stubble so perfect?

KejiKotaro234 karma

How did you like working on Justice League as Metron? Your character is one of the ones who stood out the most to me since he was so foreboding and calculating, yet he seemed so neutral.

Did you have any particular inspirations for your character's voice?

Additionally, how did you like working with both Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra?

DanielDaeKim392 karma

Wow, you know my voice work! All good stuff. I'm a superhero fan, so I was glad to be put into that universe.

the_fisher_account220 karma

DDK! I'm a student in the UK and my friends and I recently completed a rewatch of Lost. One thing we all agreed on all throughout the show was how magnificent it would be to hang out with Jin Soo-Kwon - he would slot right into the group. You sir are invited to experience a night of debauchery which will include but is not limited to competitive FIFA 14 drinking games and smoking plenty of Bennies before hitting the city - and the girls round here ALL wear the top buttons on their shirts undone ;) When can we expect you?

P.S. It would be preferred if you stayed in character the whole time as Season 3 Jin with limited but decent English, and bring your own DHARMA suit.

DanielDaeKim319 karma

Love the UK and I'm down. I'll make sure Jin works on his British accent, too. Maybe Penny can help him.

DanielDaeKim282 karma

Or Charlie, but he's a Manc. ; )

ocdscale217 karma

How many takes did it take for you guys to do this scene (Clifton Bowles original, "Bing it") with a straight face?

DanielDaeKim317 karma

Grrr. Nuff said.

icyone216 karma

Just wanted to say that one of the reasons I started watching LOST is because it had that bad-ass first officer from Crusade. You and Gary Cole had one of the best captain/XO rapports in sci-fi.

Any good stories about the Crusade days?

DanielDaeKim275 karma

WOW. Thanks for remembering Crusade. It was my first series. Gary Cole's a great guy, and J. Michael Straczynski's a very talented writer. The toughest part was squeezing into that jumpsuit everyday!

ThemightyDarmick212 karma

Man, I loved you in Angel. That's all!

DanielDaeKim148 karma


hooj176 karma

Hi, I have two questions...

1) I had an "argument" with my parents about this... are you fluent in Korean?

2) While I think you were great in Lost, I think my favorite role of yours is Johnny Gat in the Saints Row series. Can you tell a funny story about any of your experiences making those games?

DanielDaeKim288 karma

  1. Conversational, but not fluent. My vocabulary is poor and people from Korea can tell I'm not a native.
  2. I love Johnny Gat. He does and says the things that I could never do or say in real life. He's a blast to play!

Suchomimus173 karma

Just shut up, I have to tell you something. For years I thought you were dead, and I blamed myself for it. When you were gone, there was a hole in my life that I tried to fill with anything I could. Partying, sex, revenge... Sometimes a weird combination of the three. But nothing worked, nothing ever made me feel ALIVE like you did. And I always thought that maybe it was 'cause I was just depressed, but seeing you now makes me realize how much I need you. I know I'm not Aisha, and I'm not trying to be, but if-?

DanielDaeKim243 karma

I bet it was fun trying to fill that hole...

summerchilde165 karma

Have a cluckity cluck cluck day, Daniel!

DanielDaeKim142 karma

Yeah, baby!

apkorol117 karma

Who was your favorite actor to work with on Lost?

DanielDaeKim243 karma

Harold, Josh, Ian Cusick are a few that pop to mind, but I genuinely liked working with almost everybody.

Ulsterman24106 karma

Hi Daniel, I don't really have a question just a bit of fan gush, hope you endulge me. A friend and I watched the entirety of Lost over a single weekend in our final year of university. It reached the point were 'Jin-Soo Kwon' was our code to describe any incredibly attractive woman who was within earshot, enabling WingMan protocols...

So thanks for that :).

DanielDaeKim206 karma

LOVE THAT. Btw, I'm a great wingman.

Marcanadian103 karma

Thanks for doing this. I've always admired your work, especially in Lost. I heard a rumour about a possible Lost reunion next year to celebrate 10 years since the debut of the show. Is there actually something planned or is it just a rumour?

DanielDaeKim258 karma

There has been talk amongst us for a bit, but I don't know of anything organized. I bet if you build it, we will come. ;)

josephine_amos99 karma

Hi, Daniel, I've been a huge fan since LOST, I think you're a fantastic actor, and really love you in HAWAII FIVE-0! :) Silly questions:

  1. What makes you laugh?
  2. Are you ticklish? If so, where are your spots?

I hope these make you smile! Happy Chritsmas-to-come! Jo X

DanielDaeKim237 karma

  1. Christopher Guest movies
  2. I do have a spot, but you're gonna have to find it.

Happy Christmas to you, too!!!

WarrenMax00792 karma

In Saints Row IV on one of the missions Johnny Gat says something like "You think i was on Hawaii or something?" it was H50 reference, right?

P.S LOST is best show ever. P.P.S Happy Christmas.

DanielDaeKim106 karma

You caught it!

Thune88 karma

Hi Daniel. I dont really have a question but I just wanted to thank you for beeing a part of lost. You contributed to alot of joy in my life with that.

DanielDaeKim125 karma

You're welcome. It was literally my pleasure.

BrushGoodDar85 karma

What are your thoughts on Dennis Rodman?

DanielDaeKim326 karma

Please forgive him. He knows not what he does.

NotAnAverageTaunTaun78 karma

Hi Daniel! I'm taking a break from cramming for finals to thank you for portraying such a great, multi-faceted character on "LOST." Jin and Sun were my very favorite characters on the show... their arc captivated me (and my mom, with whom I watched the show in its entirety) from start to finish. What was your favorite episode to act in? Any favorite memories from the set?

Also... my mom has a massive crush on you and watches everything you're in post-"LOST". Just wanted to pass on her adoration. :)

DanielDaeKim121 karma

Tell your mom I said thanks. Maybe one of my favorites was the Jin centric episode on season one. It was the first time you got to see under the hard exterior. Of course the death scene was amazing, too.

cartman7877 karma

Will Grace Park be coming back to H50 full time before the end of the season? Love the chemistry between the 2 of you on the show!

DanielDaeKim105 karma

Absolutely. You'll be seeing more of Kono.

vagicle76 karma

Hi, Daniel! Huge fan of yours, from Angel through to Hawaii Five-0. I can't begin to explain you how lovely it is to see two such good looking Korean faces on a mainstream TV show every week.

1) In my youth, I actively rejected & tried to repress my own Korean-ness, like a lot of others did, to fit in and be as Twinkie-like as possible. It's something I regret today and have tried to recoup through my adulthood. Did you experience something similar growing up? 2) As noted by Alex during a livetweet, you seem to be bringing the gun show to work every week, so who can I bribe to add more tank tops to Chin's wardrobe rotation?

DanielDaeKim137 karma

  1. I did, and may I humbly suggest that you fight that as much as you can. Being we are makes up the fabric of America, and we should ALL celebrate our heritage, not be ashamed of it. It makes our country a better place. and
  2. I like that Alex is the poster boy for shirtlessness on 5-0. He's more than up to the job!

evenflough76 karma

Hey Daniel Dae Kim! I am a huge fan of LOST and you, and watching you learning english throughout the series was probably one of the best aspects of the show itself.

What is your favourite dish and why??

DanielDaeKim140 karma

Thanks. I love a lot of different kinds of food, but one of my best memories as a kid was going down to the Jersey Shore and cracking crab until my fingers hurt. Yum.

culus_ambitiosa69 karma

I love the Saints series and Gat is easily the one of my favorite parts of the series. My question is did you ever play any of the games and if so what were your thoughts on them? Thanks for doing this AMA.

DanielDaeKim169 karma

I have played the games, and I would say they're fun FOR THE RIGHT AUDIENCE. I would never encourage young kids to play them.

monoblue69 karma

Do people constantly get you confused with Daniel Day Lewis, or is that just me because I'm an idiot?

DanielDaeKim312 karma

No. We are actually the same person.

Captinsmith49 karma

That was pretty cool seeing Hurley on Hawaii 5-0 will he become more of a character on the show?

DanielDaeKim82 karma

He'll be back!

guesswhosknocking46 karma

who is the funniest person behind the scenes on the H50 set?

DanielDaeKim72 karma

Chi McBride is HILARIOUS.

AndrewNathaniel45 karma

Awesome job on Lost. Did you know how the series was going to end before season 6?

DanielDaeKim61 karma

I knew a few bits and pieces but that's it.

botanyisfun44 karma

Hey DDK! Thanks for the AMA!

My question: What was it like being the new incarnation of a classic character like Chin Ho? Was their any reaction to your casting positive or negative?

DanielDaeKim94 karma

It's been overwhelmingly positive. I'm glad to play someone who's not stereotypical and gets to do some cool stuff like ride a Harley, and use a shotgun. ; )

dapatrons44 karma

Was there ever a line that you had for Johnny Gat that you refused to say or rewritten because it would be too wild for Saints Row?

DanielDaeKim119 karma

Never. They just make me laugh. BUT, it is important to me that young kids don't play this game. It's violence and language is for older players only.

tlmma44 karma

Just introduced my roommates to LOST and Jin definitely has been a favorite so far. When you give Hurley the thumbs up on the beach while he is struggling to plan a picnic with Libby I crack up every time. How was it working on a show for so long before being able to speak English?

DanielDaeKim67 karma

Love that moment. Thanks for reminding me. :)

emm81339 karma

Just wanted to say that Jin was definitely one of my favorite characters on Lost:) If you could play anything other character on Lost, who would it be? Or (if you've heard that question a million times) I read somewhere that Josh Holloway said the Sun and Jin scenes always made him tear up...did you have a similar experience to any particular scene/type of scene?

DanielDaeKim98 karma

I like Sayid's ability to kick ass in a smart way and I love the twists and turns in Locke's story. And Sawyer's one liners were the best. Josh rocks.


What was it like, for most of LOST, to play a character who's lines were almost never in english?

DanielDaeKim70 karma

HARD, but rewarding.

pinata_penis_pump32 karma

What was it like working on The Jackal as one of your earlier acting gigs?

DanielDaeKim60 karma

Ha! My first taste of being on a big film set. Eye opening in many ways, but the highlight was meeting one of my heroes, Sidney Poitier. I will always remember him.

habitrail131 karma

Hey DDK! My cousin and I rented the first season of LOST when I was 12 (it was the first time I binge-watched a season of a TV show) and it eventually became something I looked forward to watching every week until its end. The show became a huge discussion topic among other losties in my circle of friends, and led to some heated arguments in the later seasons. 3 questions:

  1. What were your initial thoughts when you heard about the premise of LOST?
  2. What was your experience acting in a small role on that one episode of Seinfeld? How did you like it?
  3. Coke or Pepsi?

DanielDaeKim62 karma

  1. This is a huge risk. We're gonna fail or succeed BIG.
  2. I was a fan so I was happy to just be a part of it.
  3. Honestly, it depends on my mood. I like 'em both.

zort7029 karma

Hi, loved you in LOST and love you in H50, both on the island !

Do you think you might be able to join us for the LOST 2014 fan gathering ? We would love to say hello.

DanielDaeKim70 karma

If it's OFFICIAL and organized I'll look into it.

ashmcam8329 karma

Who's been your favorite guest star so far on Hawaii Five-0?

DanielDaeKim65 karma

We've had some great ones - Carol Burnett was amazing! but I think the thing that I love most is how many actors of color our show hires on a weekly basis. It makes for a great mix.

SilverTides29 karma

Oh wow... I just started LOST this summer and have watched all the episodes, apart from the last one because I can't bear to let it go. It is definitely the best TV show I have watched, and your role as Jin left me astounded. Could you please tell me something to give me the courage to finish the series? /._.\

DanielDaeKim138 karma

Yes. The last episode does bring some closure, and contrary to what a lot of people think, we were NOT dead the entire time.

AubreyPlazasButtHair28 karma

Lost is one of my favorite shows. I don't even think the ending was that bad. You were great!

Name 1 actor and 1 actress you'd like to work with.

Also, what is your favorite Christmas song?

DanielDaeKim81 karma

Marion Cotillard

O Come, All Ye Faithful, or Adeste Fideles if you're nasty.

thegeekinblack27 karma

Loved your work in Saints Row, any chance of Saints Row 5 down the line?

DanielDaeKim44 karma

Hope so!

Gideon_Drake25 karma

Hi there Mr. Kim,

First off, just want to say how much I loved your performance as Gatin Saints Row. My question is based around that actually, did you have any input or impact on why Gat was killed off in the third game? Was it something you wanted?

Thank you so much for your time today!

DanielDaeKim41 karma

No input on that, but I didn't want Johnny to die. I have too much fun playing him. ; )

Crozzhairz25 karma

Daniel Dae Kim! Haha, I've always wanted an AmA with you, and now it's actually happening.

So, my question is:

Was there any particular reason for why your character in the Saints Row-series had a lesser role in the 3rd and 4th games?

DanielDaeKim64 karma

Gat was too busy kicking ass somewhere else.

uberlad24 karma

What's your very best life advice?

DanielDaeKim96 karma

"Luck" is when opportunity meets preparation

kojane24 karma

Who are your favourite bands or musicians right now?

DanielDaeKim83 karma

M83, the XX, Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, William Fitzsimmons, Two Door Cinema Club, Editors, just to name a few. ;)

Tehok24 karma

How long were you in the make up chair when they glued a vagina to your forehead for that Voyager episode? Also did you do stuff to it after.

DanielDaeKim36 karma

HA! That was fun, but unfortunately it was removed right after shooting.

Firedemon021 karma

What do you normally do in your down time between takes?

DanielDaeKim99 karma

The cast will talk, play words with friends, or lately, Cards Against Humanity. Definitely Rated R.

nikki43167021 karma

If you could star in a movie with any actor or actress, who would be your dream casting?

DanielDaeKim101 karma

Hmm. Give me something w/Clooney, Hanks, Clive Owen, Marion Cotillard, Carey Mulligan, maybe with Alfonso Cuaron, Ang Lee or Chris Nolan at the helm. This list could go on and on, but one thing is for sure, they need to be cool people. Life is too short to work with attitude or excessive ego.

dms46021 karma

Aloha from Kauai... As a die-hard LOST fan, thanks for contributing to that awesomeness! Did you guys ever get to explore the outer islands while filming? Also, as a die-hard Seinfeld fan, let me just say "Gonorrhea!"

DanielDaeKim29 karma

I've been to a lot of them. They all have a unique character. and yes, "GONORRHEA!"

Jeanine_GaROFLMAO18 karma

Big fan of your work, man. Just wanted to say keep fighting the good fight!

DanielDaeKim40 karma


philbeard17 karma

Good afternoon Daniel! Big fan of your work on LOST. The film festival I worked at just screened LINSANITY and found out that you were the one who narrated it.

My question is how did you end up working on that project, and did you get to chat with Jeremy Lin during the process?

Thanks for doing an AMA!! Enjoy your burrito!

DanielDaeKim55 karma

I love the Jeremy Lin story because it encapsulated the notion that excellence is not determined by the package it comes in. Kinda like RATATOUILLE ; )

How did you know about my burrito???

pampurio16 karma

Hey Daniel, I'd like to see you playing a less serious role than the ones we're used to see you play. Tell me you're gonna star in a comedy soon!

DanielDaeKim32 karma

I would love that!

diskopo15 karma

Hey Daniel! Big fan. Been meaning to ask this for 10 years. Was Agent Tom Baker on 24 adopted? Why did he not have a Korean name?

DanielDaeKim80 karma

That's my take on it. I'm glad he didn't have an Asian name. There's no reason to think that you should make presumptions about that stuff just based on the way you look. The world's more complex than that.

handbrah15 karma

What's your favorite place to eat in Hawaii? favorite place in Hawaii?

DanielDaeKim40 karma

So many great places to eat, but my favorite new place is the Pig & the Lady.
As far as location, try Kualoa Ranch or Waimanalo Beach.

inferno22915 karma

Hi Daniel, do you feel that there is Asian males in the media are being more positively portrayed or does the media still have more ways to go? I wish you more successes in the future! Also, what is your favorite food if it hasn't been asked already?

DanielDaeKim45 karma

We're making progress but there's still a long way to go. I'll know we've gotten somewhere when I see a legitimate Asian American romantic LEAD who kicks some ass AND "gets the girl."

jdk941214 karma

You were awesome on LOST. But were you upset about Johnny Gat having such a short role in Saints Row The Third after being a major character in the first two? And were you happy to come back for Saints Row IV?

DanielDaeKim38 karma

Johnny's his own man. He shows up when he wants to show up. Hell, he even came back from the dead.

hannah_storm14 karma


DanielDaeKim30 karma

Huh? I don't think I've ever gotten a pedicure in my life. But I'm willing to try...

xanderlexx14 karma

Hey DDK! I have a couple of questions :D 1. If Volition decided to make a Saints Row 5, would you want Johnny Gat to return? 2. What was your favourite weapon out of all the Saints Row games?

DanielDaeKim27 karma

  1. YES!
  2. His mouth.

armedtetrapod14 karma

Not a question, but my mom thinks you're hot...she used to have a pic of you up in her office.

DanielDaeKim12 karma

Thanks to mom!

evenflough13 karma

Which movie/tv-show did you enjoy being a part of, the most?

DanielDaeKim24 karma

It's a cliche, but I've learned something from every job I've been on. That's the truth.

BrushGoodDar11 karma

What should I order tonight from our local Korean restaurant?

DanielDaeKim38 karma

Dae Gu MaeWoontang, - Spicy Codfish stew, but only if it's Rock Cod, not Black Cod.

JustxJeff9 karma

Do people recognize you more from Hawaii 5-0, Lost or from Saints Row

DanielDaeKim21 karma

LOST, but a lot of people recognize me from SR

Annie_P149 karma

Do you know if Alex O'Loughlin or Scott Caan are ticklish?

DanielDaeKim19 karma

I don't know, but they both study jiu jitsu, so they're used to having hands on them.

sexsation6 karma

Does it not bother you and/or other actors that some things on LOST can never be understood ?

DanielDaeKim12 karma

Not really, but I know it bothered Damon for awhile, and that bums me out. I know how hard he worked on every aspect of it.

LessThanHero426 karma

Johnny Gat Vs All the other characters you've played (-Metron) in a fight who wins?

DanielDaeKim12 karma

Johnny might not win, but he'd definitely be the most entertaining to be around.

heycam4 karma

Hey Daniel, been a big fan of yours for ages! I think the first show I really remember you from was Crusade as John Matheson – shame it got cancelled! You've also had a lot of single appearance characters in different series. What's your favourite series you've been in for a single episode?

DanielDaeKim7 karma

Hmm. Either 24 or ER. I learned a lot being on both sets.

SeanJ844 karma

What did you have for lunch?

DanielDaeKim9 karma

Haven't had it yet.

Lap_Ras4 karma

What do you have to say to the guy who bought the million dollar special edition of SRIV?

DanielDaeKim11 karma


BootStiefel4 karma

You were awesome on Lost and my parents say you're the best part of Hawaii 5-0 :D

Question, what other kind of genre's would you like to attempt in your acting career? Also, are you any flicks coming up we should watch out for?

DanielDaeKim5 karma

I'd love to do a romantic comedy. Got one handy?

hello_mcee4 karma

Hi DDK! Thanks for the AMA! Absolutely adore you on H50. What is your favourite Hawaiian food you can't get anywhere else? I dream about Foodland's ahi poke daily...

DanielDaeKim5 karma

Poke's definitely it!

byerz2 karma

How many bifs a day do you smoke?

DanielDaeKim13 karma

Gotta say, it's not my thing.

aziraphalesbrigade2 karma

Hey, DDK! I'm an enthusiastic fan of Hawaii Five-0 and your portrayal of Chin Ho is absolutely inspiring to me as a creative person who just kind of loves characters. Can you tell me what your favorite part of playing Chin Ho has been these past few years?

DanielDaeKim4 karma

Playing someone who has quiet leadership and is not afraid to be his own man, despite the demons that he lives with.

Dalfom2 karma

Have you ever been to Ireland? If so, do you like it?

DanielDaeKim3 karma

No, but would love to. Is that an invitation?

cally1231 karma

We've seen them being protective of one another, but just how far do you think Chin would go to make sure Kono is safe? How far would he go if someone like Adam harmed her?

DanielDaeKim2 karma

He would kill whoever harmed her. I'm convinced. That's how much family means to him.

landmule1 karma

My wife is binge watching Lost right now and I won't tell her your character dies. Since two of the shows you've been on used islands, My question is whether you're a fan of Gilligan's Island? Also, Ginger or Mary Ann? And finally, what's your favorite kind of jelly bean?

DanielDaeKim3 karma

Gotta say Ginger. Who knew she had that much makeup on the island?!? and I'd say Coconut

johnlockeskidney41 karma

Hi Daniel! I absolutely adore you and you're acting skills. In fact, after watching Lost, it was you who inspired me to learn Korean and join the theater department at my school. It's not mean't in a creepy way, it just goes so far to say how inspriational you can be to everyone else, whether intentional or not. Any who! Back to asking a question. What has been the most rewarding thing you've done in your life and what do you take pride in ? If there was one piece of advice you could tell your former young self, what would it be ?

DanielDaeKim2 karma

The most rewarding thing in my life is my family, hands down. I take pride in watching my kids become the people I know they can be. What i would tell my young self is. Don't be discouraged, Keep working hard, it will be worth it.

AGoodMan3241 karma

Top five movies??

DanielDaeKim3 karma


There's 6 for ya!