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BootStiefel131 karma

Hello Mr. Merchant!

Big fan of the comedy, the podcast, the radio and everything else. Two questions!

1) What are you enjoying these days in the world of hip hop? Any recommendations?

2) When was the last time you physically smacked Karl Pilkington?

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Even better, can you explain it to us as you would have done to kids on Bill Nye the Science Guy?

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Don, I love Bubba Ho-Tepp. Any word on there actually being a sequel or is imdb just screwing with me?

Don, I printed off your article about your 6 Harsh Truths and I read it almost everyday of this new year. Just wanted to say thank you. I really really needed that kick in the ass.

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Is he called Yuki, because of Fruits Basket the anime?

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Kickstart it. I'll give you half my paycheck. It's not much, but...yeah. Also, he's right here, just ask him...