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This is probably going to get buried, but I hope you see it. Do you remember being bombarded with a group of male strippers around 2 am in front of the San Diego Convention Center? Here's a photo to jog your memory.

That was my boyfriend and a few of my best friends (I was standing a few feet away holding all their stuff). They worry that they made you severely uncomfortable based on your facial expression... they're all such huge fans and hope that they didn't make a bad impression. Can you forgive them?

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Is Mindy Kaling real?

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Hi Daniel! I'm taking a break from cramming for finals to thank you for portraying such a great, multi-faceted character on "LOST." Jin and Sun were my very favorite characters on the show... their arc captivated me (and my mom, with whom I watched the show in its entirety) from start to finish. What was your favorite episode to act in? Any favorite memories from the set?

Also... my mom has a massive crush on you and watches everything you're in post-"LOST". Just wanted to pass on her adoration. :)

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Seeing all of the negative responses in this AMA by people thinking that Yelp is somehow corrupt, I'm curious to know about the craziest response you've ever gotten from a business owner! Any stories about confrontation by Yelp users?

Also, what is your favorite flavor of Pop Tart? (Was curious to see what a non-sugar-lover would say in response... kale sounds about right)

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Do people in Texas frequently lodge things in their noses?