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As a developer, the "leverage the features" mindset is why I dropped IE as a serious player a long time ago. We don't want to "leverage your features" we want you to conform to existing web standards.

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My comment was harsh, but credit where credit is due - IE10 is much better to work with than previous versions.

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The Oreo guys? Is that even a sport?

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Just wanted to say that one of the reasons I started watching LOST is because it had that bad-ass first officer from Crusade. You and Gary Cole had one of the best captain/XO rapports in sci-fi.

Any good stories about the Crusade days?

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You're a super busy dude - since Avengers you've done half a dozen movies, plus SHIELD, plus voice work. How do you find the energy to approach each project with what appears to be never-ending enthusiasm?

Is there a mirror universe Clark Gregg running around? Does he have a sweet beard?