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How did you like working on Justice League as Metron? Your character is one of the ones who stood out the most to me since he was so foreboding and calculating, yet he seemed so neutral.

Did you have any particular inspirations for your character's voice?

Additionally, how did you like working with both Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra?

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1) How long did it take you guys to get into costume?

2) How did you guys come up with the name for table flip? Who came up with it?

3) How do you guys pick your games? Why Cards Against Humanity first?

4) Suzy, are we gonna see anymore from your meeperfish?

5) Are we gonna see a mortem3r video for how you did your hair in this table flip?

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EEEEEEE Thanks for the response guys!

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Will you ever release a Danny Sexbang soundboard like you hinted at during the Wind Waker playthrough?

I request that you have at least one quote containing, "World Famous Pugilist Tommy Ray Handley!"

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This is the right video link for people who are looking for it: http://www.polarisgo.com/video/qir44M07eX4z/category/all/tag/all/section/latest/page/0