UPDATE: Thank you everyone! I loved answering your questions! If you want to keep chatting please tweet me at @madelinezima1. Hi, I’m the actress Madeline Zima from CALIFORNICATION and BETAS. Here’s proof it’s me: http://imgur.com/xFKR50A. I just finished a great film called #STUCK that is now raising funds for a theatrical release. Please check it out here: http://getstuckintheaters.com. Now...Ask Me Anything!

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greenmask70 karma

I am thinking about writing a movie about Jesus who returns in the year 2112. But this time he is half cyborg and half god and he is pissed. Instead of dying for your sins, he kills for them. You sin, and someone in the world gets killed by cyborg jesus. I was wondering if you could star in the movie as ROBO MARY. She creates cyborg jesus and is one of the leading roles in the movie. I am not rich enough to pay you alot of money but i swear I can cook a damn good ramen noodle for you as compensation.

MadelineZima56 karma

That's hilarious. I can not tell if you are crazy or a genius. But either way, sign me up! Jack Black should play Jesus!

Hopslam4252 karma

Hi I'm 26 have a job and a car, will you marry me ?

MadelineZima82 karma

I won't rule you off the list! I've definitely done worse in the past haha

yakotala49 karma

Is Fran Drescher's voice in the Nanny real or was it all just brilliant acting?

MadelineZima80 karma

Yes it was her voice. It was not acting.

Dabee62544 karma

Did you know your name is an anagram for Dizee Mailman? That's all I got.

MadelineZima59 karma

That's fucking awesome.

ColHadfieldsMastache40 karma


MadelineZima59 karma

I felt like it was a mirror holding up to society, showing some of the emptiness, some of the ugliness. So many people misread that message, thinking you should go out and just fuck a bunch of women and that would make you a bigger man. Instead of filling that human void that can only be filled with real love.

DeniseDeNephew29 karma

The best Reward for donating to Stuck is lunch with you. If I can scrape together the cash where are we going and what are you ordering?

I don't want to look like a hog eating a big slab of lasagna if you're only delicately picking at a salad.

MadelineZima51 karma

For sure! Let's both get steaks. I was a vegetarian for 4 years. It feels soooo good to eat meat again. Break your piggy bank and let's make it happen.

DeniseDeNephew28 karma

I'm cashing out my 401K right now!

MadelineZima41 karma

Fuck yeah!!

sixerj28 karma

If I give $125 for STUCK, you'd really call me to chat????

MadelineZima45 karma

Absolutely!!! We can talk tonight!!!!

-refined-24 karma

What's your favorite board game?

Also, I like your boots.

MadelineZima56 karma

Cards Against Humanity is super fun.

Thanks!! I got them at Aldo :)

Calidream23 karma

First off, you are a goddess. Big fan of yours in Californication and was disappointed when you didn't come back. Why was Californication not a fun set to be on? Will you ever make a re-appearance?

MadelineZima29 karma

First off, thank you - I think the term "goddess" is an underused word. I will never make a reappearance because the show is over and they never asked me to come back. I've just been on sets that are much more fun.

Calidream9 karma

You should find someone that calls you a goddess on a daily basis! Also, I thought the show got picked up for a seventh season?

MadelineZima21 karma

That is pretty hard in LA, but this goddess is keeping hope alive! As for Californication it is in its seventh and final season, but I am not involved.

ShhDynasty21 karma

Is there a difference in atmosphere/vibe on sets between broadcast television, cable, and online (i.e. Betas)? Or is it all similar and more dependent on the scenes being filmed?

MadelineZima24 karma

This is a great question. It feels as though the newer frontier of entertainment, i.e., with internet shows, the executives are young and kind of "get it," so you don't have to have as many fights about creative ideas. You feel more creatively supported.

In_the_cross_hair19 karma

Was it fun acting on The Nanny?

MadelineZima34 karma

See below. I was a child and it was more emotionally scarring than anything.

lost_my_pw_again16 karma

Do you like acting or is that just something which pays the bills?

ITT we currently have:

  • Nanny: more emotionally scarring than anything
  • Californication: Californication was not my favorite experience. It was not necessarily a "fun" set to be on.
  • Crazy Eyes: It was soooo fun.
  • #STUCK: positive, but we have to discount here since you are currently promoting

MadelineZima27 karma

I LOVE acting the higher aspects of life are examined its beautiful, sometimes it feels like an exploration of the human spirit. However sometimes its just a job, and the nanny was unusual because I was too young to really understand what a job is and I took events personally.

lost_my_pw_again13 karma

As followup.

Is there any animosity towards your parents cause they "pushed" you into acting (you said your first job was as a baby)? Do you wish you had a more "normal" childhood or wouldn't you change anything?

MadelineZima26 karma

I would not change a thing. My parents were wonderful. It was the other adults who should have treated a child well, and they were not kind. My parents gave me a little head start in this harsh world, and I could never pay them back.

Snorkelbender15 karma

Hi Madeline,

What's the funniest thing thats happened behind the scenes on Californication?

MadelineZima38 karma

Californication was not my favorite experience. It was not necessarily a "fun" set to be on.

DeniseDeNephew15 karma

I loved you in Heroes! Any crazy on-set stories from those days?

Is David Duchovny as sexy in person as he is on TV?

MadelineZima37 karma

I had so much fun on Heroes. Hayden was such a sweetheart. I think David is sexier on screen ; )

ScooterPit14 karma

What's one of the most profound experiences you've had in your life? As in, what experience(s) caused you to think differently about your life or how you are living it?

MadelineZima22 karma

I volunteered every week at a homeless shelter in Santa Monica called The Upward Bound House. It was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. It allowed me to escape myself for a while.

undeparture13 karma

Would you rather play Wonder Woman or the heroine in a Bond film?

I personally think you would be perfect for both!

MadelineZima47 karma

Oh that's sooo nice! I would rather play Wonder Woman. It's much more empowering to be the heroine as opposed to the object of the hero's affection.

ajb199013 karma

Sorry, I have another question. How did you manage an executive producer credit on #Stuck? I've never really understood what an executive producer does. I just know they're very important. lol

MadelineZima20 karma

I invested in the film myself actually because I really believe in the project. Generally the EP plays a huge part in funding the film. Actually one of the donation levels of #STUCK in an EP credit. Check it out

KaraAlissa11 karma

First of all, I would like to say I'm a huge fan.
My question is: What is your favorite part of being on a set?

MadelineZima22 karma

Craft Service! No question. Also, getting to know the rest of the cast and crew.

CaraBethanie10 karma

I have been seeing these awesome little videos of you and Joel David Moore. hahaha funny. Are these parts of the film?

MadelineZima14 karma

No, those are outtakes from the film, and the videos are to inform people about new rewards you can get by donating to #STUCK.

crazysonofabitch10 karma

Would you like some vegemite on toast?

MadelineZima13 karma

Yes please. I'm always hungry.

CaraBethanie10 karma

Love your hair! Is it real? cause if it is i kinda hate you.. could never hate you though!

MadelineZima25 karma

Thanks! Sorry to say its all natural no extensions! I'm sure your hair is beautiful!

SaraRyanlovesalex7 karma

What was your favorite scene from breaking the girls Mine was when you acted drunk or were you really drunk if not that was some good acting

MadelineZima20 karma

You're not allowed to drink on set. It goes against the insurance policy. Soooo thank you for the round-about compliment

Cuntpuncher277 karma

First, thanks for doing this AMA, I've had a girl crush on you for years. I have two questions for you:

  1. What was it like working with Fran Drescher? Were earplugs involved?

  2. What was your favorite part about filming on Californication? (it was the sex scene with David, wasn't it?)

MadelineZima28 karma

Everyone thinks sex scenes are romantic or fun but they are literally so awkward and uncomfortable and a bunch of eyes are watching wanting you to "be sexy" and your thinking i hope my face stops shaking!

Cuntpuncher2713 karma

I can only imagine! Id think the most enjoyable part of that would have been punching him, but that's just me. :) Thanks for answering!

MadelineZima36 karma

I didn't actually punch him. I fake it really well... It's not a good idea to punch the executive producer of the show : )

MadelineZima18 karma

Thanks for the girl crush! Um, work is work every experience is valuable and you learn from for better or worse.

-anklebiter-7 karma

What is your favourite thing about being an actress and what made you interested in going for the role in Californication? (loved the show btw) :)

MadelineZima24 karma

My favorite thing about being an actress is when people appreciate my work, and it gives them relief from their lives. The permission that a film gives people to have an emotional experience that they're not allowed to have in their normal lives. Basically, you go to the movies to sit next to a bunch of strangers and are allowed to cry. It's very healing.

SupGirluHungry7 karma

How did you get involved acting?

What was most memorable about working on Californication? Not necessarily an onset experience.

MadelineZima22 karma

My first audition was an open call for a Downey commercial when I was 24 months old. Crazy! I booked it out of 1,000 other babies : )

Chicaben6 karma

Favourite bands right now?

MadelineZima24 karma

Neil Young. I don't listen to a lot of new music.

Adlerfels5 karma


MadelineZima16 karma

Harvest Moon Neil Young : )

SteveAM16 karma

Your proof picture is pretty adorable. That's not really a question, but just thought I'd mention it.

MadelineZima13 karma

Gracias senor!

gimpdaddy135 karma

Mr. Nanny was awesome and so are you.

MadelineZima14 karma

Thanks! Gotta love the 90's and Hulk Hogan! His real name is Terry. Big heart had a make-a-wish kid on set almost every day. Sweet man. Some people do really beautiful things with their celebrity.

alfienism5 karma

Have you ever drank a ZIMA?

MadelineZima26 karma

Yes I have! They taste like sprite gone bad.

hulkrules220855 karma

Did you ever feel like you needed to do serious drama or other things to distance yourself from your character and the writing on "The Nanny?"

MadelineZima18 karma

Any job you get in the film business is a fucking miracle : ) It's not nearly as calculated as people would think. Roles like Holly in #STUCK allowed me to show other parts of my ability.

AubreyPlazasButtHair4 karma

Do you have any actress in particular that you look up to? A hero perhaps?

Also what's your favorite Christmas song?

MadelineZima12 karma

Yes! I love Diane Keaton. My favorite Christmas Song is Jingle Bells.

Pullo_T4 karma

Great to see you here Madeline!

I enjoyed your role in Californication.

Was it tough doing Stuck, with it being funded as it is?

Have you had any other interesting projects since Californication that we should know about?

MadelineZima6 karma

It was a challenge to film #STUCK because we shot a feature-length in 10 days. But it was one of the most fun experiences I've ever had.

We're now raising money to support a theatrical release: http://getstuckintheaters.com/

inkabinka234 karma

Wow. Love you. From heroes on.
You rock

What is you favorite cartoon? What is your favorite animated movie??

MadelineZima22 karma

Wow. Thanks! My favorite cartoon is Archer. Fuckin hilarious. My fav animated movie is The Land Before Time. I even have an animated cell from the movie. One of the illustrations I bought a few years ago.

SaraRyanlovesalex3 karma

What were your favorite scenes from another cinderella story

MadelineZima9 karma

I wasn't in that movie!

ajb19903 karma

What attracted you to the movie Crazy Eyes? That was an interesting watch.

Also, Mr. Nanny is so underrated.

MadelineZima12 karma

Thank you! I loved the idea of playing a character who had nothing to lose and was on her to way to rock bottom. Just a hot mess. It was soooo fun. Mr. Nanny was on during Thanksgiving but it was on the Spanish channel. My mom forced our family to watch it - in Spanish, no subtitles. I Vined a video of it.

undeparture3 karma

Can you tell us anything about what you've been writing? I'm very intrigued.

Also, out of all the roles you've played, which did you connect to most on a personal or emotional level?

MadelineZima7 karma

I wrote a short film that is in the process of being re-tweeked. I found a lot of myself in the role of Holly in #STUCK - it was the first time I've ever had to really carry a film. There was no one for me to hide behind.

safefire3 karma

Hi! Thanks for doing this! You're awesome. What are your sisters up to?

MadelineZima9 karma

yeah! My sisters just did a film called "Automatic Hate" with Adelaide Clemons and Joseph Cross. It's going to be a film festival darling. I'm so proud.

DenDen13373 karma

Are you a cat or dog kind of person?

MadelineZima10 karma

I LOVE both

lost_my_pw_again3 karma

Has the hash-tag in the movie title any significance or is that just hip and marketing?

MadelineZima15 karma

It's hip and #brilliant! haha Plus my character Holly has a #relationship with her #phone #theentiretime

emergethehero3 karma

What would you like for Christmas?

MadelineZima9 karma

I would like for my film #STUCK to get distribution, which you can help us out by donating to the cause - http://getstuckintheaters.com/

Weldernick3 karma

Hello there I am a huge fan and really looking forward to Stuck! I just know it will make a great release!

I have just a little question based on the donations. If I were to donate $750 and get the prize of enjoying lunch with you how would that happen? I live across the country from you I am guessing... So how would that work?

MadelineZima7 karma

I live in LA but I travel a lot. I'm sure we can make it work. If you have any other questions you can contact us at [email protected] or chat with the director on the site

Weldernick3 karma

Why thank you much!! And thank you for making my evening! You are the most beautiful woman in Hollywood! And I am in Maine... So very unlikely you would be coming up here especially this time of year :-P but thank you again and best of luck!

MadelineZima6 karma

You are like frozen up there! Stay warm brother!

CaraBethanie3 karma

What do you have coming up next?

MadelineZima8 karma

I'm on the show BETAS on Amazon Prime, and just writing my own stuff.

dead_lift_it3 karma

I'd be happy to buy you a cup of coffee one of these days. If you're interested.

That being said, you were definitely the most intriguing woman on Californication. Look forward to seeing you in more roles in the future.

MadelineZima7 karma

I'm a big fan of coffee!

Eightdaysago2 karma

If you were not involved in acting, what kind of career would you pursue?

MadelineZima7 karma

I would pursue a career in humanitarian causes, and would probably work for non-profits.

HWLights922 karma

First and Foremost I just want to stop in, say hi, and wish you a great holiday season. I've been a fan of your work for a long time and have many fond memories of watching you on the nanny growing up. I do have a few questions for you though:

  1. What was it like to work with David Duchovny?
  2. What was your favorite scene to film in Mr. Nanny with Hulk Hogan?
  3. Obligatory Nanny Question: When the whole cast was together doing a show was it difficult to keep a straight face (especially considering some of the stuff Fran Drescher did?
  4. I know you did some work on heroes but with the recent boom in comic book movies is that a medium you have ever considered stepping into?

Seasons Greetings, Dan

MadelineZima22 karma

1: David was great. 2: Do YOU remember what you were doing at 6 years old? I need a past-life regression to remember... 3: It was difficult not to cry from all the abuse. 4: Yes I would love to get into the comic book arena. I'm a big fan of capes.

sixerj2 karma

What kind of #STUCK cash to I have to throw your way to get you to come to a Pearl Jam concert with me?

MadelineZima8 karma

Pearl Jam? Couldn't pay me enough. Well nothing against Eddie Vedder, but you'd have to pay up big. Not my vibe.

EmmaWatsonSnipple2 karma

Just want to say you're preeetty pretty. How much actually goes on behind the scenes vs on TV?

MadelineZima8 karma

We'll your preeety nice.

Mc2sand3s2 karma

I'm very impressed if you're doing this from your iPhone.

MadelineZima12 karma

I'm not. I'm doing it the old fashioned way from a Dell laptop!

Kesh20472 karma

If you were a smurf, what would your smurf name be?

MadelineZima15 karma

My middle name is Rose so I would go with Rosette

SaraRyanlovesalex2 karma

Was it fun working with hilary duff in a cinderella story (is that the right movie) ;-)

MadelineZima9 karma

It was really fun working with Hilary! I even became friends with her and with her sister Hayley. They are great girls.

TedTurnerFishSticks2 karma

Do you write alone or receive help from a veteran?

I'm in the industry now, based out of Atlanta.. looking to take a leap of faith into writing full time.. with what words of wisdom would you leave me?

Thank you!

MadelineZima4 karma

I write myself and sometimes with my sisters. Write with someone you trust. :)

LaserBang1 karma

Hi Madeline! It's a pleasure to be able to ask you a question. You're one of my favorite actresses, and I think it's really great of you to do something like this for your fans.

First off, I'd like to thank you for contributing to the prevalence of LGBT characters in modern entertainment. You've played a good number of lesbian roles (in case you didn't know, haha). Was that a conscious decision or did it just happen to come about organically?

MadelineZima6 karma

I think I must just have an androgynous vibe! I'm a big fan of women in general, and I think we need to all support each other.

Nickycz1 karma

If you had any superpower, how would you benefit humanity?

Oh and btw. You're gorgeous :)

MadelineZima12 karma

If I had a superpower, I'd be able to produce food out of thin air and feed everyone!

YouLoveitatIchiban1 karma

Isnt $150k pocket change in the movie business? if youve got a movie done and done and its decent, which I'm sure it is, is $150k really make or break?

I dont pretend to know anything about anything. Just asking.

MadelineZima10 karma

For some, $150k is pocket change. But for independent films like ours, tit's exactly that - make or break. With that money, it will enable us to get #STUCK out across the country in at least 10-20 cities. Every dollar counts, and every cent goes to renting screens. Even $5 makes a difference.

LobsterChop1 karma

Hi Madeline! You're the best.

What would be your ultimate meal (entree, sides, desert, etc.)?

MadelineZima4 karma

Caprese Salad. A steak in A1 (even though that's not fancy), and a nice glass of red! NOW I'M HUNGRY :)

LobsterChop1 karma

Haha, that was the intended effect. ;)

Those are some good choices! Although, I have to say, I'm a white man, myself.

MadelineZima1 karma


churmpy0 karma

you seem nice. i'm kind of depressed. also i don't have any money for your thing since i'm broke but here is a little story about cat poo that i wrote. http://www.hoobleh.com/cat_poo.html yours sincerely, churmpy

MadelineZima6 karma

Cheer up, Churmpy! Everyone gets a little blue sometimes. When I'm done here I'll read your meow story. I promise!

earthbinder0010 karma

I like you Madeline Zime :) I keep seeing you how you like salad.. are you a vegan? I kinda hope not though...

MadelineZima4 karma

I was a vegetarian for four years, but no longer.

SaraRyanlovesalex0 karma

Kennywood is an amusement park here in pittsburgh pennsylvania home of the black widow coaster

MadelineZima2 karma

My family is from PA!

SaraRyanlovesalex0 karma


MadelineZima9 karma

WTF does that mean?

shubzz101-14 karma

You have nice boobs - Are they real?

MadelineZima19 karma

Your momma shoulda taught ya better manners than that.

hanni90-17 karma

would you sleep with an asian guy? a black guy? a hispanic guy?

MadelineZima18 karma

Are they all in a bar? Cause that sounds like the beginning of a really great joke. :)

koske14-26 karma

Would you like to fuck and punch me?

MadelineZima24 karma

Wow. You are so fucking original. Douchehead.

SaraRyanlovesalex0 karma


MadelineZima9 karma