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I'm an adjunct instructor with almost 2 decades of experience. A few things you might consider:

Using a teacher's passion to avoid compensating them fairly, or treating them reasonably, is and old and common practice.

Passion is fine, and work is often necessary, but they don't have to be combined. Money combines best with work, and passion is best left to justify itself - but is easily tainted by the work environment. It took me a long time to learn that a job should make you as much money as possible, and that money can be used to pursue your passion while leaving it pure, and unmarred by exploitation etc.

Does this sound tricky in your particular situation? Then it will be a bigger challenge, but just as worth it. But surely you can find a way to do what you love on your own terms.

Take what you will from this. I just hate to see it happen, every time I see it happen. And I've seen it a lot.

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You're all so reasonable and rational that I'm sure you will remain calm while we take those rights off of you. I look forward to reasonable and rational discussion of your reactions to the loss of said rights. Was it right, taking your rights away, or was it wrong?

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Great to see you here Madeline!

I enjoyed your role in Californication.

Was it tough doing Stuck, with it being funded as it is?

Have you had any other interesting projects since Californication that we should know about?