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Would you ever try to survive a week as a homeless person in a metropolitan city?

Secondly, you should challenge man tracker!

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Which artist truly amazed you with their voice? Were you ever disappointed? Do you ever work unsigned artists to help them break through?

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What is your stance on the Keystone pipeline which will ship Alberta crude oil from Canada into the United States?

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My best friends and I were in the mountains snowboarding heading up a chair lift. One of us said we need a sticker on our boards. Our friend replied with you need a BRAZZERS sticker. We were all so stoked on the idea.

We're planning on making BRAZZERS snowboards and winter coats. Are you guys cool with that? If not can you hook us up with a couple authentic stickers haha

Love the site & the BRAZZER corgi!

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With the World Wars being such a negative time in history, what are you able to take from the experience that is positive?