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  1. abuse? would you mind expanding on this? hope it's not too delicate of a subject, I loved your work on the show and it's a shame to hear that not all was well during that time.

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Would you rather fight one Noam-Pikelny-sized duck or 100 duck-sized Noam Pikelnys?

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for Chris: How did you go about studying and internalizing all the compositional "stuff" in The Blind Leaving The Blind? You've said string quartet music and like that played a huge part, but what was your process for learning that specific vocabulary? How did you study scores?

for Sara: At a Watkins Family Hour show a couple months ago, you and Adam Levy played this song that I LOVED called (I think) something like "Step it Up." Any chance that song is going to show up on either of your records or at any other shows sometime soon? Would love to hear you and Adam play together more.

for everyone: • When it comes to learning fiddle tunes, it seems like there are a billion different variations on how everybody plays the melody- how do you know which to learn and which are most commonly played?

• Where are people playing bluegrass and acoustic music in LA? I've been beginning to try to play some of this stuff and I want to play with people!

• In every context I've ever heard or seen any of you play, the time feel is always impeccable. What are all your feelings on what makes a good time feel, how to develop awareness of your time, and how to improve it?