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Weldernick3 karma

Why thank you much!! And thank you for making my evening! You are the most beautiful woman in Hollywood! And I am in Maine... So very unlikely you would be coming up here especially this time of year :-P but thank you again and best of luck!

Weldernick3 karma

Hello there I am a huge fan and really looking forward to Stuck! I just know it will make a great release!

I have just a little question based on the donations. If I were to donate $750 and get the prize of enjoying lunch with you how would that happen? I live across the country from you I am guessing... So how would that work?

Weldernick1 karma

You call this cold? You haven't seen nothing :-P In the middle of a good cold winter I am in shorts and a t-shirt on warm days of like 32 degrees XD