Hello! I'm Marian Green, the District 9 Tribute from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I'm a stuntwoman who's been in (like the title says) The Terminator, Reservoir Dogs, and Air Force One, but I've also worked on Anchorman 2, Knight Rider, The Fall Guy, Magnum P.I, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Pearl Harbor, Basic Instinct, Homeland, and lots and lots of other stuff! Here's my IMDb page to see the (almost) full list: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0338123/

I also produce films for the European market through my company EuroPacific Films. Here is the link to my official website: http://europacificfilms.com/

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarianGreen_1 Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarianGreenD9

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/Bxgqrmn.jpg

edit: I'm going to watch Catching Fire for the first time! I'll answer more questions later!

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bhsu2151 karma

Recently Jason Statham said there should be an Oscar for stunts. What are your thoughts?


mgstunts86 karma

It's a question that's been around for 30 years, and there are already so many Oscars. My opinion is that I still like the idea that stunt people are anonymous. I like my anonymity (even though I'm doing this AMA).

vvoob42 karma

Thanks for doing this! Which actress was the worst to work with, either for yourself or a colleague?

mgstunts97 karma

Demi Moore. She's hypercritical of herself. She's obsessed with her image.

TaylorHammond940 karma

What was working on the Terminator like? Did you get to meet... The One?

How was the Anchorman like? Was the cast just as funny off the camera as they were on the camera?

Finally, is Jennifer Lawrence as attractive in person as she seems on camera?

mgstunts100 karma

  1. Of course I met Arnold! Arnold wasn't famous yet, and James Cameron wasn't famous yet. It was a low budget film and we worked all nights. It wasn't until the screening that we realized that we were in a hit.

  2. The cast of Anchorman 2 was funnier to me off-screen than on! And David Koechner was so nice and the funniest of the bunch.

  3. What you see of Jennifer Lawrence on TV and in the movies is EXACTLY how she is in person. She's not fake at all. She's genuine.

NinjaDiscoJesus40 karma

What was your worst injury?

mgstunts89 karma

My worst injury was when I jumped off a second story balcony and when I landed I ruptured a disk in my back. It was from a movie called Midnight's Child. And then the jump was never even used in the movie.

NinjaDiscoJesus44 karma

And then the jump was never even used in the movie.

Does that upset you ?

mgstunts72 karma

Yes. It's very disappointing. I would have at least liked to have the footage for my demo reel.

malosa10 karma

How was it, working with the legendary Alan Ritchson AKA Thad Castle?

mgstunts11 karma

Alan had THE best sense of humor of all the tributes. He'd sing funny songs in the van after work and kept us laughing all the time. He looks intimidating until you find out he's an all around great guy.

gaylemck38 karma

What did you enjoy about filming Catching Fire?

mgstunts211 karma

Besides the paycheck? I liked working with Finnick and Peeta and Finnick and Finnick and Finnick.

Patrikx3 karma

How's (read: what's) the pay?

mgstunts13 karma

SAG scale

Donniej52537 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA. I was a makeup intern on catching fire in Atlanta last year. I don't have a question, just wanted to say Hi! :)

mgstunts34 karma

Hi Donnie!

CaptainChewbacca37 karma

Three questions:

  1. Have you 'doubled' for any big-name celebrities?
  2. Whats your favorite stunt that you've done?
  3. How would you advise someone who wanted to get into the stunting business?

mgstunts52 karma

  1. Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock, Mariska Hargitay, Marcia Gay Harden, Rachel Weisz, Ally Sheedy, lots of others!

  2. I love doing car hits for the 'wow' factor!

  3. Train, train, train! Know as many various athletic abilities as you can, like martial arts and gymnastics. Go to stunt school!

geareddev26 karma

Have you ever been treated coldly or negatively by the person you were doubling for?

To clarify my question, a couple years back I was working as a PA on a pretty big movie. The film had four "name" actors (2 men, 2 women). The main actor and actress were REALLY big movie stars at the time. To put this bluntly, the stand-ins for all four of them were younger and more attractive.

The two stars acted in a very cold and passive-aggressive manner towards their stand-ins. For the actress, I chalked this up to jealousy over the stand-in's youth and beauty. She looked like the star's twin sister, but 10 years younger. The actor's "twin" was better built. He had more muscle, was younger, and was probably stronger. Given the relationships on set, it really seemed like these two movie stars perceived these stand-ins as a threat. Like someone that could replace them.

In my view, this thinking was illogical of course. The movie stars had a talent that neither of the stand-ins possessed, and that's why they swapped places when the cameras started rolling. But I find it interesting that these movie stars were (apparently) that insecure about these superficial traits. The other two name-actors (cast as the less-attractive best friends) laughed and chatted with their stand-ins.

mgstunts34 karma

The actors I've known who've had the longest careers have always been the nicest to everyone.

CineKite30 karma

Hey Mama Hof, just wishing you well :)

mgstunts37 karma

Hey Austin! What are you up to? How's NYC?

goodlaura24 karma

How did you get 58 comments and questions in such a short period of time (51 minutes)? You are a social media superstar AND hella bad stuntwoman!

mgstunts29 karma

Oh, you know me!

whitemithrandir23 karma

Do you get to know the actors/actresses you are doubling for, or is there more of a distance between you?

mgstunts37 karma

I keep a distance from them, but that's a personal preference. Some stuntwomen become friends with their actresses.

goodlaura22 karma

Curious why you prefer to keep your distance. Does it help you to concentrate more on the stunt work?

mgstunts54 karma

I respect the actor's privacy. Acting can be very demanding and they need to be able to concentrate. I've also seen stunt people try to be cozy with their actors and it backfires in their faces.

TahoeTweezer22 karma

Looks like you've been doing this for almost 30 years. What kind of toll has it taken on your body over the years? Do you have any "permanent" injuries? Also, what got you into this industry?

mgstunts34 karma

Actually, it's 33 years! I don't really like to talk about the injuries, but my back does hurt most days.

TahoeTweezer11 karma

In general, what kind of money do stunt doubles make? Is it a career that can support a family? Or, is it something on the side to make some extra cash?

mgstunts20 karma

Yes, you can definitely support a family as a stunt double, ESPECIALLY if you're a stuntman. They can have very long, successful careers. Not so much with women. I wouldn't consider it a career on the side to make some extra cash, because it takes a lot of dedication.

We get paid by the day/week/etc, but then if a stunt is particularly difficult, we get something called a stunt adjustment that is pay tied to the difficulty of the stunt.

popcorny2719 karma

How do you train for a job like this?

mgstunts21 karma

Train in martial arts, gymnastics, and as many different skills as possible.

ArtOfStupidQuestions19 karma

Do you ever get the feeling you are doing everyone else's dirty work?

mgstunts31 karma

No, I love my job!

Vibster19 karma

How much of your potential business is taken away by stuntmen in wigs?

mgstunts37 karma

Not much. That hasn't really happened since 1980.


Does it bother you to be uncredited in a movie? Is the pay different if you are credited?

mgstunts37 karma

Pay's not different if I'm credited or not. I'm usually credited, but the producer will tell the stunt coordinator that they can only put down a certain number of names in the credits. It's disappointing if I'm not there, but I can always prove I worked on the show through pay stubs and call sheets.

landmule17 karma

Do most actor's respect those that do stunts?

mgstunts24 karma

I'd say so. There's mutual respect between actors and stuntpeople.

ygrimus16 karma

How did you come into the stunt profession, and what's your recommendation for those who aspire to enter the profession at an entry level?

mgstunts25 karma

I was in college and I went to a stunt school, and from there I got additional training and met other stunt people. I began working as an extra to get on-set experience. When I was given an opportunity to do a stunt, I was able to get my SAG card. One job leads to the next in this business through word-of-mouth. My recommendation is to be 100% focused on the goal if that's really what you want to do.

notanotherlamp16 karma

What was your experience on a Tarantino set like?

mgstunts37 karma

He wasn't famous yet, and it was a low-budget movie that we filmed in North Hollywood. It seemed like any other low-budget movie I'd worked on ;)

JPZeal16 karma

How consistent is your job? Do you do big projects for a while and then take a break or is it a regular thing?

mgstunts27 karma

I take a job when it comes up! They're fairly regular, though they were much more regular when I was younger ;)

jibbly658916 karma

What was your favorite movie that you have worked on so far been?

mgstunts30 karma

I loved working on Hunger Games and Anchorman 2, for different reasons. On Hunger Games, I felt like I was an integral part of the show. Anchorman 2 was just so much fun and I was laughing ALL the time on set!

Mr_Beige15 karma

What part did you play in Reservoir Dogs?

mgstunts40 karma

I shot Mr. Orange (Tim Roth) from a car, and then he shot me back.

toodamnparanoid14 karma

Awesome scene! What was it like working with Tarantino so early in his career?

mgstunts20 karma

He was wacky even then!

mgstunts7 karma

Cool! Thanks!

Oceanman9814 karma

Any close calls?

mgstunts42 karma

Skiing away from an avalanche during a TV show in the 80's called The Fall Guy!

Gay4Moleman14 karma

Get off my plane!!!

mgstunts16 karma

Air Force One!

ygrimus14 karma

Do you keep any momentos from projects?

mgstunts78 karma

Call sheets, the script, and I kept my husband from The Fall Guy.

rawritsadinosaur9 karma

Is he a stuntman as well? Did you have a stuntperson meet cute?

mgstunts27 karma

No, my husband is a cinematographer and a director. And all stuntmen are cute!

Cykuta11 karma

I have no questions, I just want to say this is amazing and you are amazing. Movies often make those supersexystripperheroines do all sorts of crazy stuff, and then you get out there and actually do it. That's awesome.

mgstunts10 karma

Thank you so much!


Did any of the "leading" actors do their own stunts? If so, who was it and what was the most impressive stunt they did?

mgstunts26 karma

For legal reasons, the main actor is not usually allowed to do a dangerous (i.e., impressive) stunt.

shredphones11 karma

2 questions:

  1. It seems like most of the stuff on your IMBD page is all this relatively high-profile, blockbuster stuff. Is that just the stuff that sort of floats to the surface on IMDB, or do you generally only tend to work on bigger stuff?

  2. At some point, I assume you'll get to an age where you probably won't be interested in standing in front of moving cars, getting blown up, etc. Do you think you'll retire, or would you try to transition into acting?

mgstunts13 karma

  1. Lately, I've been fortunate to get high profile stuff, but I've clearly worked on not high-profile films and TV shows!

  2. I'll retire and transition into producing, and I've already begun producing! Probably in the next few years I'll retire, but I won't pass up something amazing if it comes along.

AubreyPlazasButtHair9 karma

How does it go down when an actor wants to do their own stunts?

mgstunts19 karma

It's not the actor's decision. The stunt coordinator will work with the actor to see how much he/she can handle, and then the coordinator will determine how capable the actor is.

sevpay9 karma

I know that it would be bad for your career to not be called in, but have you ever been called in to do a "stunt" that you thought "Really? They need a stuntwoman for this?" If so, what was it?

mgstunts33 karma

I can think of lots of stuff! When I worked on Escape from LA with Kurt Russell, all I had to do was lie on the ground. Sure, there were explosions and fire all around me, but all I had to do was lay there.

Any time I had to play a dead body, that's fun because I get to be paid to take a nap.

sevpay12 karma

Intersting! I have a followup question. Is there a "Stuntworkers Union" or anything of the sort that dictates where a stuntperson should be used? Or more importantly, to make sure that you are relatively safe when you perform the stunt?

mgstunts14 karma

It's all part of the same guild as the actors--SAG/AFTRA. They dictate pay, safety guidelines, etc.

ygrimus9 karma

I know it's unfair to ask a second question.... but, i just read you worked on anchorman 2, are there any cool stories from that experience (or is it confidential until release)?

mgstunts18 karma

There are so many cool stories, but I did sign an NDA, so I'll just give you one. I was racing with a minotaur through the battle. He reached over and scooped me up just so I wouldn't trip over someone who'd fallen in front of me!

choboy4569 karma

What was the most dangerous stunt you performed?

mgstunts23 karma

Any car hit I did (and I did a lot of them!). There's a 50% chance I'd end up in the hospital, based on the people I knew who also did car hits and how many times they'd end up in the hospital. I was also pregnant on one of my biggest car hits, but I didn't know it at the time, otherwise I wouldn't have done it.

vaginacrazy8 karma


mgstunts13 karma

We filmed all of September, October, and November of 2012. We were training and shooting simultaneously.

paintwritedream8 karma

Since you played a minor character in CF, did you invent a backstory for her before filming? :) I know some of the other cast members did that!

mgstunts14 karma

Absolutely! And I even left some of the details up to the fans! I held a contest for naming my character (Sylva Mayleaf), and my preferred weapon (pitchfork). My publicist and I filled in the rest of the story (we had a fun time discussing that!). I sent the winners a personally autographed photo.

wwefan3608 karma

Is there some type of stunt you have not done?

mgstunts17 karma

I've never turned over a car. Few women have.

nismine168 karma

What was your proudest moment? (In stunts) :)

mgstunts32 karma

I received an Action Icon Award for my career as a stuntwoman this month. Awards for stunts have only been around for 10 years or so, and it's nice to be recognized by my peers.

nismine1611 karma


mgstunts12 karma

Thank you!

kmja6 karma

Have you ever pulled off an epic prank, using your stunt skills?

mgstunts17 karma

On Halloween, I love dressing up as Austin Powers.

Wayfarer_5156 karma

Have you noticed any decrease in work overall in the past fifteen years or so since CGI has become so much more prevalent in film?

mgstunts12 karma

There's still a lot of work, but the biggest difference has been that stunts are now safer because we can use cables and CGI will be able to remove them for the final cut. When I used to jump off buildings, it was just me and a mat below to catch me. Now, safety cables are always used. When I used to get hit by cars, it was just me and the car, but now we use cables for that, too. It's made many less injuries, and for that, we're grateful.

GLG_Hoenhiem6 karma

Greetings! You are a huge inspiration for me, I am just getting out of collage and was wondering what stunt school would you recommend. Being a stuntman has always been a dream of mine, keep up the good work and stay safe!

mgstunts4 karma

Thank you! There's a stunt school called LA Stunts Training Center. It's a good place for beginners. Michael Long is a friend of mine (we went to stunt school together back in the 70's), and he's where I would go if I wanted to learn new tricks. He also hires people onto his shows. Good luck!

dlatz895 karma

On average how many takes to get a stunt right? I dont quite remember which one was the District 9 tribute or what she did, but was tedious to get that perfect manueveur and what not?

mgstunts13 karma

Usually it's just one take, covered by multiple cameras.

TheSweetness914 karma

your funniest fart?

mgstunts17 karma

The one that made /u/GovSchwarzenegger say, "I won't be back."

insidethelabyrinth4 karma

(if applicable) Where did you go to college and what did you study?

mgstunts3 karma

I studied kinesiology at UCLA. I originally wanted to be a physical therapist.

stepong4 karma

Do you ever get star struck?

mgstunts20 karma

Only once, with Tom Selleck on Magnum, P.I.!

projectedpaul4 karma

Which movie had you worked on did you dislike the most in terms of the quality of the final product?

Which movie have you worked on is your favorite?

mgstunts8 karma

Favorite: Magnum, P.I. I know it's not a movie, but I LOVE that TV show! Dislike: Nothing But Trouble

farawaycircus3 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA, hope I didn't miss it!

You're in some of my favorite movies, I need to rewatch a few and look for you - got a favorite movie of yours that shows your best work?

mgstunts6 karma

Most of my "best" work was on TV shows that are hard to find now... Here's my demo reel - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65SGHrpQYa4

flipnaked3 karma

How hard is it to get into stunt work? Its my dream job and I wouldnt even know where to start

mgstunts5 karma

Like most great jobs, it takes 100% focused dedication. To get started, you need to live where movies/tv shows are made. You need to get training and meet other stunt people. Working as an extra is a great way to learn "set etiquette." There are several good books written by stunt people: Vic Armstrong, Julie Ann Johnson, Hal Needham, Angela Meryl that will give you insight into the business. Good luck!

molemon3 karma

What is your favorite stunt you've ever done?

mgstunts6 karma

I love doing car hits!

Special_Guy3 karma

To name a few from IMDB:

Terminator, night Rider, Matlock, Magnum, P.I., The Rocketeer, Reservoir Dogs, Basic Instinct, Batman Returns, Naked Gun 33 1/3, The Net, Nick of Time, Broken Arrow, Spy Hard, The Nutty Professor, Vagas Vacation, Seinfeld, Batman & Robin, Air Force One, Thats My Bush, Pearl Harbor, Buffy, 24, Lizzie McGuire, Drop Dead Diva, Homeland, The Hunger Games, Anchorman 2, Spongebob SquarePants 2.

Quite a career, How do you get picked for stuff usualy, by looks (look alike) talents or History? Have any lucky breaks or chance opertunities that played out?

mgstunts2 karma

I get chosen by all of the above!

wildevidence3 karma

What stunt was necessary for Reservoir Dogs? Person being pulled from a car?

mgstunts11 karma

There were two stunts for women. I was the one that shot Tim Roth (Mr. Orange).

Omega_Orion3 karma

What is your favorite type of movie to work on? It seems stunt doubles are used almost everywhere nowadays.

mgstunts5 karma

Comedies, because I love to laugh!

Jthumm3 karma

Hi my mom lives in ringwood nj, part of it was filmed there, do you know where they were filmed? And how was ringwood?

mgstunts6 karma

I wasn't actually in Ringwood, but my daughter told me they were filming there. They actually filmed on a trail she has hiked before. She calls it "the Castle trail."

hlabarka3 karma

if you die doing a stunt do you hope it makes it into the film?

mgstunts7 karma

Absolutely NOT! That would be disturbing.

fartingmonkeyy3 karma

Hi! How did Sam Claflin almost blind himself?

mgstunts3 karma

He broke a finger in a fight, but I've never heard about him getting almost blinded.

SuperWiseman3 karma

What was you're reaction when they told you you were going to act on Catching Fire?

mgstunts3 karma

In the film business there's a lot of auditions, and a stunt person or actor will only book a small percentage of them. I was surprised to receive the initial phone call, and ecstatic when I learned that I was given the role.

EmergentBehavior3 karma

Was this the toughest role you've had to play, and if so why. If not, what was it and why?

mgstunts6 karma

My toughest role was Innocent Blood, because I had to work outside in the winter in a dress.

Zerotan2 karma

How do you feel about Jason Statham advocating for an Oscar for stunt performances?

mgstunts2 karma

My opinion is that I still like the idea that stunt people are anonymous. I like my anonymity (even though I'm doing this AMA).

bhsu212 karma

Is there one stunt that you've seen in another movie and thought "Wow! I wish I could have done that one!"

mgstunts6 karma

Any time I see people performing parkour, I say I wish I could do that! To be able to move like that would be so awesome!

JuxtaTerrestrial2 karma

What's you favorite color?

mgstunts7 karma


BossKitten2 karma

Which stunts did you do in catching fire? I just watched it but I can't remember who the District 9 tribute was. Did Jennifer Lawrence have a stunt woman?

mgstunts15 karma

We did the big bloodbath at the Cornucopia, which was not used in the film. It might be because the scene was so violent that it would have ruined the PG-13 rating. I also doubled Wiress when she's killed by having her throat slit and I doubled for Greasy Sae when she gets roughed up by the Peacekeepers.

Yes, Jennifer had a stunt double. Renae Moneymaker. She's amazing!

Crocoshark2 karma

What did you do in The Terminator and which scenes can we catch glimpse of you?

mgstunts3 karma

Tech Noir (club scene) when Terminator shoots me in the back and I land on top of Sarah Connor. See demo reel - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65SGHrpQYa4

vicksvapor772 karma

Hi Marian! Other than more of the Cornucopia battle, were there any other scenes you filmed that were trimmed or eliminated, like the interviews? Do you recall any other deleted scenes from other parts or the film that aren't in the final cut? Do you have a copy of the script? Thanks :)

mgstunts3 karma

  1. I wasn't interviewed by Caesar Flickerman (none of the stunt people was).

  2. The blood bath was the most notable scene deleted. Many scenes were trimmed way down to keep the story moving.

  3. The script was top secret and I wasn't given the full copy.

retoupin2 karma

What do you think of the idea of an Oscar for "Best Stunt Performance in a Feature Film"?

I like it...but I am not in the industry.

mgstunts3 karma

There are many stunt people who are for it but I prefer the old days when stunt people were anonymous. It keeps movie making more mysterious and glamorous.

fershkatoon1 karma

What was your role in Air Force One? Seriously one of my favorite movies ever

mgstunts5 karma

I worked for the president as one of his assistants and jumped out of the airplane.

seventytwopixels1 karma

I just watched catching fire last sunday with my mom and loved it. Sorry you had to be from the district who's tributes all died on the first day!

mgstunts14 karma

Thank you for your concern! I'm feeling much better now!

Mikeaz1231 karma

Big magnum PI fan here! Any stories from the set?

mgstunts3 karma

When Tom first met the woman who would become his eventual real-life wife...well, let's just say it was a big surprise and a big disappointment to the women on the show, because up until that time he'd been the constant bachelor.

makeyellowsnow1 karma

Any job you wish you had gotten but missed out on?

mgstunts5 karma

GI Jane! I was offered the role, but I had an injury from a previous show so I couldn't take the role.

Naymeister1 karma

How did you get your start in your career? Was there a pronounced moment or did you stumble upon it?

mgstunts3 karma

There was a pronounced moment. Can't remember the exact day, but I think I was 19 years old and saw the movie "Hooper." It was the ah-ha moment!

Travistbs1 karma

Were you the stunt double for the actress who played Sarah Connor in the Terminator?

mgstunts13 karma

No, but I was actually hired to double Sarah Connor. I turned down the role because I didn't feel like I was the proper body type for the actress and I recommended my friend instead, Jeannie Malahni, to double her and she got the job.

Noobdax1 karma

Tic toc?

mgstunts2 karma

It's a clock.

Jthumm0 karma

This might sound weird, but i looked you up on IMDb and it says you are filming spongebob squarepants 2? What? Are you alowed to say anything about that?

mgstunts5 karma

I signed an NDA and can't talk about it right now.