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I have read recently that a new study suggests that life may not, in fact, be all that common in our universe, which makes life on earth even more precious. Are you involved in any projects that are searching for habitable planets? Also, do you believe that for humanity to truly insure its survival in the cosmos that expansion to other planets is necessary?

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So is your intention to make this available as a school text or as a library item? Who is your target market and what do you expect to have to do to reach them?

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Do you agree, as many moderate Muslim women are now claiming, that Mubarek and the Brotherhood have 'hijacked' the revolution for the purpose of creating a fundamental Islamic state that will marginalize the rights of other views, including Christians and other Muslim views?

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it's not "cock-asian". It's "Kaw-k-sian" The cau is pronounced first.

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I understand that nearly every woman who buys a bra, buys the wrong size. How do you actually measure for bra size?