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Yea, but it's just a mash of colors


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So you can see colors, but you don't know how to identify which color is which... Can you describe, as best you can, the color? I'd like to know how you perceive the color.

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Quick question first, can you describe what you see as blue to me, then I will describe it to you.



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Somehow colors can be explained by the temperature feeling. BLue is cold color, it's like you feel your feet are wet nad you're starting to feel chills going up through your spine to the top of your head. It gives you feeling of free space.

Red color are hot hands, that you want to quickly get away from the color not to burn them. It is really close to you and feels fuzzy. Kinda sharp, hard but elastic under more pressure.

Yellow is.....lazy. It;s like a red-wannabe. It is warm, but not hot. It's pleasant, and dont want to harm you (like the red).

Green is sticky. Let's you do stuff to him, allows you. you're not afraid of green, but it's not warm. Rather body-temperature, maybe little colder.

Black is nothing. No colors at all.

White is so cold and hot at the same time that you want to turn your head. It's pinching and stabbing as hell.

EDIT: i'm not a fan of editing posts, but Thank you for Reddit Gold, kind stranger :)

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You, I like you


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Blue is like................................


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I can't describe blue other than what I believe to be what I remember as the color of the sky


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What memories do you have of color and sound?

Can you still picture/visualize anything today from when you were 3?

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"I can still hear, just not see or speak, but if you meant for my voice, I just barely remember it, as for color thanks to the last reddit AMA , I believe I can remember blue, grey, black, white, and green. I sadly can 'visualize' very little, I remember a sky with a cloud, a leaf, but I can't remember what people look like, which saddens me. Thanks for a great first question"


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Being blind and mute, do you use sign language to communicate to others? If so, how did you learn? If not, what is your primary way of communicating?

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Yes I do, I learned by someone moving my hands for me.


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Hey, I just want to give a huge thanks to the person who was patient and kind enough (even though it was probably his job) to take the time and teach you sign language in that particular way, must have been very hard and long!


Lirsh55 karma



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Recently my father became blind due to malpractice. I knew that being blind is hard but blindness was so far away from me that I never really realized how it affects life.

I don't know if my father will ever see again, but I think medical progress in the next 50 years will repair your damages and you will be able to see again. So my question is: What would you first do if you could see again?

You sound like a cool guy.

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Look at my family


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Also check out boobs when you get the chance

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I still have hands you know ;)


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Hi! What's something you wish people understood about people who are blind/mute? Are there any common misconceptions?

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" well for one STOP talking to me In that baby voice, I'm 18, and most likely smarter than your dumb butt(:D he can't curse, we refuse to teach him) two, we are normal people wih normal thoughts. Three, I can't use echolocation so stop clicking at me. Anything else?"


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Have you ever tried any hallucinogenic drug?

Lirsh110 karma


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From reading through the comments on your last AMA, I see that you are able to sign up to get a vocal cord transplant when you're 18, which must be now or very soon. Is this a possibly for you?

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"I am 18 now :). And we have actually started looking into it. But as someone in the last AMA said, our research is pointing I me wanting to wait till I'm about 23-25"


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Oh sorry, I missed that. We'll I hope it works out when the time comes, and that you do another AMA then too!

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It's fine, and I will try"


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Could you try to describe what it's like to be blind? Especially since you are able to remember what certain things look like.

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"To put it bluntly, being blind sucks, but I try to 'look' past that. Being blind has it's challenges, I hate having to always rely on others. But as for the not seeing aspect, that does by phase me as much. I've learned to accept 'greyness' as my sight, and it's not that bad. I guess one just adapts. But don get me wrong, being blind also has some 'advantages'. Like for example, I can get just about any girl ever, and I can even 'feel' them without being a creeper unlike Nick(Lirsh) here."


Edit. Thanks for the gold, we will pass it on

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You're the best blind person ever

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And you're pretty great also


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Really? It's easy to get laid if you're blind?

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Kinda, but don't go blind just to get some


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How difficult is it to look up porn. And what are you envisioning

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"Well his was bound I come up. I don't rally use porn all that much, and the best way to keep Nick(Lirsh) from feeling too awkward is to just say that I don't visualize, I imagine feeling if that makes sense"


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/r/gonewildaudio may be able to lend a hand

Vanguard-Raven174 karma

lend a hand

Lirsh131 karma


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What kind of work do you do if any, Or hope to do in the future? If you could see for one day, What would go see?

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" I assists with other proper who have setbacks in their life. And I hope I continue with this work. If I could see for a day, and this is the best question I've received in a while, I would keep my eyes closed. I know this isn't an answer that you were lookin for, but I feel like just seeing something would make me miss my sight, and why do that;)? But if I had to open my eyes, I would first, look at my family, then two go to two sites nick recommended. www.wherecoolthingshappen.com and reddit's /r/earthporn . In real life I would just get in a car and have someone keep driving me until the day ends."



Hey Brandon or /u/Lirsh. I'm a blind young person, and have been writing a book on dealing, surviving, and living with blindness. I would love your input on how you've lived with blindness. I don't mean how you use technology to go to school or that sort of thing, I mean how you mentally deal with your blindness. All the best.

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Living with blindness is not easy, not at all. But, that said, I don't let that get in the way of life. If I encounter a challenge, my first thought is not, oh well, time to give up, but rather huh, a challenge, how can I get past this obstacle? Basically, always look on the bright side of life.

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What do you like to think about?

Lirsh133 karma

"Anything, everything, music. What about you?"


LaughNgamez71 karma

The universe, thanks for this AMA!

Lirsh137 karma

"No problem, and let me know when you think about what is outside the universe!"


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When you hear people speak, how do you visualize them? Can you tell if someone seems self centered and vain, or if someone is more genuine in their interactions? Thanks for the AMA!

Lirsh165 karma

"Nice questions I 'visualize them as just kinda a grey stick thing, nick says like a grey Slenderman whatever that is. And yes, I can definitely tell what people sound like, I'm really good with sarcasm, but I feel not being able to see winks or smiles leaves me missing part of the interaction."


Simplyeyc6953 karma

That's awesome! You have a very unique/rare perception of people which allows you to see others unlike anyone else. I feel that no matter the circumstance, being able to see others differently is a gift. I wish the best for you and your devoted friend!

Lirsh62 karma

"Thank you, and I wish the best for you also:)"




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Are you good at pinball?

Lirsh51 karma

Yes, yes I am.


goatcoat54 karma

Can you use a computer? If so, what is the best accessibility software out there for blind people?

Lirsh135 karma

"Using a computer if difficult, for typing, and I know it sounds like I'm advertising, but Dragon speech stuff legitimately works, and because I (technically me, the friend) have a Mac, it has text to speech on it."


goatcoat49 karma

You're a mute guy and you use speech recognition software?

Lirsh110 karma

Let me clarify, I'm(Nick) using dragon as Brendan signs to me. I'm no amazing typists, so Dragon speeds things up along with letting Brendan confirm what I'm saying/typing is correct.

goatcoat43 karma

Let me clarify. Can Brendan use a computer when Nick isn't around? If so, how does Brendan do it?

Lirsh94 karma

Brendan Can to a limited extent, if you're not familiar with a Mac's text to speech, it basically reads the words/link/file,app that the mouse is over, so he can use it, just slowly


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What's something that people do that really annoys you (relative to your blindness)?

Lirsh219 karma

" when people ask, 'are you blind?' It like no, I'm just a dude, with a dog/stick, wearing sunglasses, staring into space... Another might be people use a baby voice with me, I might be blind and mute, but that doesn't mean I'm stupid"


PS thanks for the question, if it seems I'm mad at you I'm not :)

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Hahaha. people are so dumb. I was looking for something less obvious...

Lirsh116 karma

"Oh, also I can feel the wind of you waving your hand in my face... Stop it before I hit you. Another thing that annoys me, and it might seem silly, is I sometimes get annoyed when people always offer their help"


skater359857 karma

That's seems very reasonable. I am proud to say that I don't offer gratuitous help to anybody with any sort of disability. Seems trite.

Lirsh100 karma

"Haha,(technically wind blowing out his mouth, so like hhhhh, hhhhhh, but I digress) don't say that too often in public "


PrincePound49 karma

Will you give your best description of being mute?

Lirsh403 karma

" "


iOpCootieShot45 karma

Have you ever thought about sculpting? As another outlet, and form of communication?

Lirsh95 karma

"I've tried, I've sucked, I've stopped, it's fun, but it kinda sucks I can't see what I've done when I'm finished"


iOpCootieShot30 karma

Gosh, as a visual artist, imagining your abilities is mind boggling. Your influence and inspiration is unique and raw. It's impossible to suck. Aha consider doing it again id be interested in seeing what you've created. And pay to see it! When you did attempt previously what mediums did you work with?

Lirsh52 karma

Thanks for your support. And Nick said he will find my clay thing. And to be redundant, I used clay, no idea what type, but I'm told it was a brown/rust color."


chickenboneneck37 karma

Is it liberating when meeting girls that you don't have to care as much about their looks? I experience a certain level of self-conscious vanity and have passed on what are some really nice, sweet girls because I am embarrassed by their looks. You kinda have the ultimate excuse to not give a damn.

Lirsh62 karma

Yeah, it is, I love not caring what I appear like. It is the perfect excuse


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Lirsh370 karma

Just tell me, I'm not too good with visual cues, I guess I'm bad a reading body language or something


Why_Did_You_Leave36 karma


Lirsh81 karma

Neighbors, friends since age 2


mecon218 karma

When did Nick learn ASL?

Lirsh47 karma

Age 4-6


CharlieBuck35 karma

What is your favorite food or taste?

If you guys are done that's cool, I'm a little late but I really wanted to thank both of you for this AMA. I've read every question and answer, and have enjoyed this a lot.

Secondly, what was your youngest memory dealing with movement. And by movement I mean like riding in a car fir the first time. How did you respond to your body moving, but having no control over it?

Lirsh72 karma

"Definitely Steak. And the movement question, it was definitely weird being in a car, I get easily motion sick because eyes are needed for something or another with balance when you are not moving but what you are in is"


oldspice7534 karma

What happened physically that affected your voice?

Can you make any vocalizations or sounds?

Lirsh69 karma

Physically, I no longer have any vocal cords, and I can whistle and make "air" sounds"


Nukraine29 karma

If you could choose between having your vision back or your ability to speak, which would you choose and why?

Lirsh89 karma

Speak, communication to me is more important than sight.


Mostfunguy28 karma

Not sure if your still answering questions, but what do you think about race? Can you tell someones race from just hearing them?

Lirsh143 karma

If they are of the same background, then no, everyone is equal. But I can tell a difference between "yo dawg, you be blind man or just see blurry?" And "Hey, are you completely blind or partially blind?"


Fastidiousfast27 karma

How on earth did you sign "yo dawg" to Lirsh?!

Lirsh46 karma

He spelled it out

Nicholewho25 karma

What is your favourite daily past time?

Lirsh63 karma

"Playing the piano, or eating, that's always a good time. Also I love music"


Robinisthemother23 karma

Hi. This is very interesting. I imagine that you are into listening to a lot of different music. I am a musician and am curious to what music you like to listen to?

I have a recommendation of my own. It's one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard. It's a saxophone sonata by David Maslanka. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Lirsh31 karma

Very very cool, thanks for the introduction :)


cc12345622 karma

Do you still listen movies or shows? If you do can you name one and tell us what you thought of it?

Lirsh95 karma

Yes, TV is interesting, especially news channels, my favourite movie would be Forrest Gump an TV show would be Big Bang Theory


Spruxy18 karma

Hi Nick,

Did you know sign language before you met Brendan? Or did you learn it specifically to help him and communicate with yourself and others?

Lirsh64 karma

I learned ASL so I could understand him


computer_karen27 karma

You are a very good friend :)

Lirsh23 karma



refinedbyfire17 karma

What's your favorite music?

Lirsh39 karma

Soft rock, instrumental, alternative, like bands like Coldplay or Of Monsters and Men, or Imagine Dragons"


NotAwakeYet17 karma

So how exactly do you communicate with others? I realize they can speak to you and you can understand them, but how does it work the other way around?

Lirsh45 karma

"I have learned American Sign Language"


rudeboyrave16 karma

I run a MUD and i notice we get a lot of blind players with screen readers playing our game. Do you play MUD's?

Lirsh20 karma

No, I have not, can you provide a link?


icecrackervan15 karma

Some blind people, when they can see again, get depressed because the world's different (duller, mostly? I remember reading an article about that) to what they imagine. Are you worried the same thing will happen to you?

Lirsh29 karma

I'm not sure, mainly because I don't think of the world as in color, so I think it wouldn't be too bad


I believe he thinks of the world as something akin I a Black and White Film


rkgonzalvo14 karma

I would imagine that you listen to a lot of talk radio. If so, what shows do you like?

Lirsh41 karma

"Howard stern is sometimes funny, I'm from somewhere in Eastern Pennsylvania, so I like 93.3's Preston and Steve, along with 94.1 Sports Radio, otherwise I listen to a lot of B101.1 and Radio 104.5 because I'd rather listen to music."


hijenx13 karma

What's your favorite food?

Lirsh31 karma



StephenMcTowelie113 karma

What would you say is the coolest thing you can do that others can't?

Lirsh32 karma

"Tough one, I can play pool(billards) to a limited extent blind. But otherwise I'm somewhat boring. I'm good at math if that helps? Or is there some other answer you were looking for and I just interpreted this wrong?"


thestyropyro9 karma

How do you perceive your space and the environment? Is there some form of visual image? or is it information like: there is a table there, there are steps there etc.

Lirsh73 karma

I can tell when I'm out in the open, or in a room, just by different echo types, as for furniture, I have to have a really good memory of where that evil coffee table is


thestyropyro6 karma

How long did it take you to start being able to remember where things are?

Lirsh56 karma

Just after one good instance of my shin making a new friend


awkward_pwnguin9 karma

What do you imagine yourself doing in the future? As far as school and/or work?

Also, you're awesome and have great taste in music. Thanks for doing this AMA

Lirsh22 karma

I believe that I want to help others with similar setbacks . An no problem


BruzzyBear7 karma

This may sound stupid but do you feel that your other senses are enhanced?

Lirsh18 karma

Probably, although I don't have much for comparison.


jarrettgabe7 karma

Is it bad to ask for a picture of him? He seems cool.

Lirsh24 karma

Although he says he does not care about his appearance, he does care somewhat, and he just doesn't like having his picture taken. Sorry


TownIdiot257 karma

Would you go out with Helen Keller, and what would your dates be like?

Lirsh39 karma

Kinda quiet and awkward. We don't have much to talk about


niineliives6 karma

Might be too late, but how does it sound when you laugh/sneeze/hiccup? It seems that for the majority of people, a hint of their voice comes out during these things. Does something similar happen to you?

Lirsh10 karma

It's just air leaving his mouth


Pageix2 karma

Do you find yourself following any sports teams or keeping up to date with sports news at all? If so, do you just try your best to imagine what is happening on the field?

Lirsh3 karma

I follow the phillies a little, just because I'm from the area though. I imagine things on a square field because I only know general shapes


mr_natewalker1 karma

Hello, I have a couple questions for you. Are you self sufficient for any duration of the day? I would have to assume you have a handler 100% of the time because lack of sight and hearing leaves you with no awareness. Do you a great family who takes care of you or is it a medical professional? Also is there any type of work you can do, and if you are employed, where?

Lirsh25 karma

"As I said earlier, I have to rely on others a lot, I'm never 100 self sufficient, I can't make any hot food, but I can turn on a TV or radio, surf the internet with a limited capability, and something I love about reddit would have to be /u/CaptionBot and his/her/it's subtitles. And I have a handler about 90% of the day, and my dog 99% or more. I have a Greta family, yes, and Nick here helps a ton. I currently help, or at least try to help, other people with setbacks in their life."