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What kind of work do you do if any, Or hope to do in the future? If you could see for one day, What would go see?

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How does having grand parents whom were both professors at Harvard help with admissions?

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Thanks so much for answering the question. He was able to get the tumor removed, he actually informed the surgeon how to do it during the operation and watched via mirror. But, the question still lingered, I'd hate to lose that property.

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I just wanted to say I love every movie you do, especially Me, Myself, and Irene. It's only one of two movies that I've watched back to back. Thank you for all your hard work.

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I have a question for you, and it may be outside your range of knowledge considering its dealing with property in another country. My great uncle owns my families island in Canada, he is dual citizenship with both Canada and America. His place of residence and work are both in America. He had a tumor in his head and was expected to die at one point. We were told if he died, in order to keep the island we would have to pay two million in taxes. I assume this is the" Death tax" My question in regards to that situation is, is there a way around that or is my family screwed upon his death.