Hi Reddit,

I’m Ben Collins, ex Stig, stunt driver and racing driver, non-dalek.

You may know me from Top Gear as ‘The Man in The White Suit’, for filming stuff like James Bond and most recently beating Damien Walters with superior egg skills aboard a big blue Audi. You can watch that here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lInd8GimJJc

So go ahead, and ask me anything!

Note: I’ve got some people helping me type out answers so I can get to as many questions as I can. So get asking.

Proof: https://twitter.com/BenCollinsStig/status/387305351659683840

Edit: Thanks for all of your questions. This has been really fun, maybe we can do it again sometime. If you want to chat more I'm over here: https://twitter.com/BenCollinsStig

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NotDavisWalker832 karma

I was kinda hoping he wouldn't answer any questions at all.

bencollinsakastig703 karma


liesliesfromtinyeyes496 karma

What sort of measures did you have to take to guard your identity for so many years? P.S. Big fan.

bencollinsakastig987 karma

i got myself a BBC ID card with a fake name "Richard Jameson" cleverly made of the 3 presenters names - so that i could book hotels and get up to mischief without getting caught. Used to wear a balaclava everywhere to hide my face anywhere near a Top Gear shoot and generally be as sneaky as possible

mu410421 karma

Can you talk Jeremy and the guys into doing an AMA?

bencollinsakastig810 karma

if we collectively tweet them to hell i'm sure we could pull it off!

zerocool1990417 karma

what was going through your head when you went off in the koenigsegg and ate the tire wall?

bencollinsakastig1095 karma

i hope i'm not paying for this

bencollinsakastig386 karma

Everyone thank you so much for spending time on Reddit and i've really enjoyed all your questions! If you have any outstanding you can always hit me on twitter @bencollinsstig and i'll do my best to keep in touch!

It's been a pleasure - goodnight All ! x

fakenoveltyaccount346 karma

At first when you came out as 'The Stig' there seemed to be a fued between you and Top Gear but you've been on the show since. How's your relationship with Top Gear now?

bencollinsakastig729 karma

frosty but warm - but not boiling, more luke with a slice of lime and hint of mint.

outtokill7343 karma

What would be your favourite car you have driven on Top Gear?

bencollinsakastig707 karma

Ferrari 458

FirstMurphysLaw304 karma

For how long had you had access for each supercar? Was it only one or two fast laps or whole day?

bencollinsakastig628 karma

the tyres can;t take more than 5 / 6 laps on the supercars and we rarely had spares so it was a 25 minute blind date.

georgetheguinea292 karma

Do you know who the current Stig is?

bencollinsakastig729 karma

there's several bless them - it was like the night when they fed Gizmo's bothers after midnight and Stigs started popping out everywhere

kaptainface288 karma

What does Jeremy's hair feel like?

bencollinsakastig1379 karma

If you've ever had a scratch in the morning 'down there' then you'll know. Kind of pubey but longer...

MrStarkiller1233288 karma


bencollinsakastig563 karma

Great job but i decided to leave because after 8 years the game was up in terms of keeping it secret. The BBC had leaked my name to the Radio Times and the tabloids ran varous stories, so i handed in my notice. I wanted to go full time racing again anyway so it was a new lease of life, but it didn't work out well for the cardboard cut-outs of STIG..!

Overh3at279 karma

Was it hot inside that helmet?

bencollinsakastig1470 karma

Some say the Stig once took off his helmet only to find another helmet in there.

bencollinsakastig369 karma

only with Sienna Miller

jacuaw237 karma

Longer one... What was your the best experience/story you've experienced in Top Gear

bencollinsakastig814 karma

the best thing i did was coach Billy Baxter - the blind driver - he managed to beat 5 sighted drivers and drive the lap100% himself with me shouting expletives and directions as fast as i could. I could have kissed him, had he not been sweating quite as much from the effort. Billy was epic

Euchre224 karma

Can you give us two facts about ducks?

bencollinsakastig532 karma

1) Most male ducks are silent and very few ducks actually "quack." Instead, their calls may include squeaks, grunts, groans, chirps, whistles, brays and growls.

2) There are more than 40 breeds of domestic duck. The white Pekin duck (also called the Long Island duck) is the most common variety raised for eggs and meat.

when-i-disappear223 karma

Which "some say" are actually true? Is the answer "all of them"? Be honest here.

bencollinsakastig720 karma

All of them except this one. "Some say he is illegal in 17 US states, and he blinks this way [sideways]. All we know is he’s called the Stig.” - It's actually 18.

bencollinsakastig355 karma

some say his politics are terrifying

It came about after an extended stay at Jezza's house on the Isle of Mann and he realised that there was someone even extremer than himself

h3yf3ll4222 karma

are jeremy clarkson's teeth as brown in person as they appear to be on television or are they inexplicably browner and lightened via CGI?

bencollinsakastig728 karma

high def was never kind to him

buckteef206 karma

What was your biggest "oh sh*t" moment?

bencollinsakastig508 karma

i hit a kerb in a Formula 3 car at Rockingham at 135 mph and my point of view was towards a fluffy cloud which i thought might become my final destination. When the car finally landed i had a nice concussion but i managed to win the top wheelie award in Max Power so it ended well

poppynor206 karma

Hi Ben!

  1. Were you always the Stig? Or were there stand-in Stigs?
  2. Did the preseters always know that you were the Stig?

bencollinsakastig538 karma

I couldn't make a photo shoot once because i was filming for Top Gear elsewhere and they booked a stand in - apparently Jeremy said "get rid of it" and refused to have his photo taken with him, which made me laugh. With some very rare exceptions, i did all of my stuff from walking through London to all the testing off camera and all the studio work.

The presenters didn't know for a while at first then yes , they knew , but Jeremy often used to open the visor just to double check

courtachino188 karma

If you could come up with your own “some say” intro for The Stig, what would it be?

bencollinsakastig804 karma

some say they should just give me the keys and let me drive without the damn intro!

ngengerous162 karma

Do you still keep in contact with anyone from Top Gear?

bencollinsakastig347 karma

Yes - i got to see all the old faces when they came to the set on Skyfall but i've yet to encounter The Clarkson since i left the show. I'm looking forward to that..

Gruns152 karma

Of the three presenters; May, Hammond or Clarkson, whom did you like best? And why? Where you there when Hammond was injured in the rocket car? How awful was that?

bencollinsakastig399 karma

I really liked working with all three of them! Jeremy can be a pain in @ss but hilarious in the same second, Hammond loves a fight and that's endearing and James is mad, i used to spend hours watching his eyes spinning around like a loon.

I was meant to be there the day Hammond was hurt but was called away to work with Jeremy - it was horrible when it happened and thankfully he pulled through. Like i say he's a fighter

lukemad152 karma

Were you actually listening to that stuff in the car?

bencollinsakastig287 karma

the language CD's and morse codes..? No. I used to tune into Chris Evans though - top man

foscarench151 karma

How much of the time Stig was on camera did you actually spend in the suit? Was it you walking around London, appearing in studio... etc.

bencollinsakastig592 karma

I was entirely method. I slept in that suit. I spent family christmases never revealing my identity. To anyone. Not even myself.

NotMathMan821140 karma

Wanna play me in Mario Kart? I bet I could take you.

bencollinsakastig207 karma

I bet you could.

axsiegel136 karma

Any advice for somebody wanting to get involved in the racing world?

bencollinsakastig490 karma

try go karting - its the cheapest fun you can have with your clothes on

torquesteer133 karma

Most of the auto journalists in the UK have a thing against Audis, mostly due to their heritage and understeering nature. Yet you drive one and even became their brand ambassador. How come? What's your secret to having just as much fun in one as a rear wheel driven car?

bencollinsakastig431 karma

My race mechanic had the original 1991 spec Quattro when i started racing in 1995 and the things he could do with it on a country lane were unreal. More recently when i was racing in Formula 3 my engineer took me out in an A3 and after seeing the way it gripped i got rid of my Toyota Supra and bought the A3, then proceeded to put 250,000 miles on the clock. It refused to die!

In the end that car had leaks everywhere, dents from being parked in London and i had ragged it every second of its life. But it still clung to the road like shit to a rug. I eventually scrapped it, being heartless and needing the cash, but there some love there. Kind of.

Many journalists can't drive very well so i don't believe what i read. And most people should judge a car from their own test drive i reckon. I've never driven an Audi that understeered - the only model that might be over-engineered is the TTRS, but the standard TT is wicked, i drove one last week.

As for heritage.. the rallying pedigree is mega but look at Le Mans. They don't just win - they destroy the competition and having seen up close the attention to detail and the preparation, the skill and the passion that goes into that racing program it makes it hard not to admire them.

fakenoveltyaccount125 karma

Any cars you have not yet driven you hope to someday drive?

bencollinsakastig263 karma

The new McLaren - and the Ferrari P4!

theamunraaa118 karma

How do you feel about the Project CARS. Is it really becoming an outstanding simulation (visuals aside) or are you "forced" to speak good of it. Since you drove most of those cars you are one of few that should really know the handling. Cheers.

bencollinsakastig175 karma

We are getting there with PCARS - i drove one of the old F1 cars (Renault 98T) and couldn't get off it for hours. The others are changing all the time and it can be one step back to go a step forwards but the progress is incredible. They won't launch it until it's perfect - the studio is obsessive which is great

joker151116 karma

Hi Ben, Thank you for doing this. If got given any amount of money to start your own racing series with your own rules, What type of racing could we expect?

bencollinsakastig332 karma

Death race 2014.

Sir_Von_Tittyfuck174 karma

Can I be a part of that?

bencollinsakastig606 karma

Sir Von Tittyfuck with a name like that, you'd be most welcome.

radio_dead111 karma

Do you like roller coasters? What is the best one you've ridden?

bencollinsakastig478 karma

Nah, too slow.

cyclic_rival105 karma

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, I have three:

1) What was your least favorite car to drive?

2) Who was your favorite star in a reasonably priced car?

3) Who was your least favorite star in a reasonably priced car?

bencollinsakastig203 karma

1) Any kind of TVR

2) Tom Cruise was amazing, he pushed himself to get a fast time and he was incredibly down to earth.

3) No one really. There was never a dull day in the office, but I did think I was going to get fired when I scared the shit out of Jack Dee. He tried to get out of a moving car.

Daniiiiii101 karma

Has being a former Stig gotten you out of paying for tickets or vice versa?

bencollinsakastig330 karma

The Police are pretty cool in my experience but i've only ever pulled The Stig card when i was wearing The Suit - otherwise it would have been a double whammy - jail and get fired. When a cop asked my name (as he detained me on the M1 in a caterham) i shouted slowly "T H E S T I G" and he laughed and walked off

psychopastry100 karma

Hello Mr Collins, of all of your cousins around the world which is your favourite? And do you think we'll ever get to see a battle of the Stigs?

P.s. Big fan, thanks for all of your hard work!

bencollinsakastig338 karma

Japanese Stig was excellent because he kept kicking Jeremy in the face, and don't we all want to have a go at that sometimes?

There could never be a Stig battle, it would just be far too dangerous as it would most likely create a black hole in space.

Scooby30384 karma

How did you get the job? What kind of training did you go through to become such a badass driver?

bencollinsakastig211 karma

still learning - i had the best teachers which is to say i've raced some big talents and you have to learn quickly or finish 2nd all the time. I got the job by writing to the boss, meeting him and then driving a car - quickly. Quite traditional. I beat the Old Stig's lap times and got hired - SWEET!

hiking_fool84 karma

Any plans on running Le Mans this year?

bencollinsakastig153 karma

absolutely - nothing sorted yet but working with a couple of teams to get into something fast - hope to see you there!

heysinned71 karma

What is your daily driver?

bencollinsakastig179 karma

don't have one but i'll get onto it - every man needs a chauffeur - quite right

autoalex68 karma

Top Gear or Fifth Gear?

bencollinsakastig258 karma

Top Gear. You can't beat a big fat hairy budget.

NOISY_SUN68 karma

What's your favorite automotive website?

bencollinsakastig150 karma

stevenmw68 karma

What is your favorite color? Where did "The Stig" nick name come from?

bencollinsakastig140 karma

Black. Not white. Controversial eh?

rezz066 karma

I know this would be a long response but here goes my question, I've read somewhat about how it went but I wanna hear it directly from you. What was your routine going in to work. -Did you leave home with the Stig outfit in the trunk and then change before you got there, a special room? Or how did it work out -How did you deal exactly with your payment since I assume it wasn't under your name. -Did you ever get bribed by anyone to tell you who you were?

Thank you so much for this AMA I love Top Gear and you were great as the Stig and it was great to hear all the celebrities say you were a great teacher and made me wish I saw you teaching as the Stig.

bencollinsakastig201 karma

No long response needed...

Get up. Suit up. Shower. Start engine. Leave for work. Method.

bored_scot63 karma

What was your relationship with the cast like on Top Gear when you were The Stig? Did you guys chill out with drinks at all or was it purely professional?

bencollinsakastig174 karma

I rarely got to hang out because it's hard to drink a beer through the old helmet, but when we toured the world we had some good parties - until the 3 musketeers started playing musical instruments. Then i tended to hail a cab

axsiegel58 karma

What car have you had the most fun in? Was it the fastest or the smoothest through the corners?

bencollinsakastig147 karma

most fun - easily a Formula One car, but actually at Le Mans i drove a car a few years back with an F1 engine, huge wings and killer brakes that was dynamite to drive. 220mph through a winding ribbon of tarmac past trees and people waving beers from a Ferris Wheel - awesome

Ih8peoples54 karma

Do you only enjoy riding cars?

Would you ride motorcycles?

If you had rode a motorcycle which do you enjoy more cars or motorcycles?

Thanks for doing an IAmA

bencollinsakastig361 karma

i ride bike, i fall off. i don't like bike

Overh3at46 karma

Why did You start your racing career?

bencollinsakastig83 karma

i grew up going fast in the back seat of my dad's car and without realising it i was hooked on speed from day 1, so the racing career was a dream come true. It's totally addictive - out of body in a way

as-we-speak42 karma

Anything you listen to at home but not in the car?

bencollinsakastig230 karma

currently loving "Imagine Dragons"

dyanceyfunnie41 karma


bencollinsakastig109 karma

only one man is allowed one liners on TG!

FirstMurphysLaw40 karma

Have you ever helped in designing some cars? If yes, what did you do for them? Something more than driving on track?

bencollinsakastig101 karma

I helped design the Ascari - that's a bit strong really. I drove it and worked with the clever designers so they could chip away at the marble and produce the KZ1. It became a kick-ass racecar and we had a lot of success in FIA GT racing with it, and the GT2 edition was incredible. Had it not been wet on the day we took it to Top Gear it could well have posted the fastest time, still today

Hemmingways40 karma

Who is the best formula one driver through the ages in your opinion ?

Also why does every answer involving Clarkson have thinking dots...?

bencollinsakastig94 karma

... i love dots - it's morse code for ..--..-.- something... Gilles Villeneuve was the best to watch, by far, but Senna remains the best. It's hard to compare but really when you watch him action and the psychology he brought to the sport, he was unbeatable

phil1987uk39 karma

Hello ben! Which do you feel is more fun/realistic Forza or the Gran Turismo series?

bencollinsakastig144 karma

i can't play Forza - i got stuck on Level One and nearly threw my xbox through the TV! And GT is quite cool but i just don't get it. It still feels arcade like and i end up loading Black Ops II to get some trigger time instead. But i don't live by myself anymore so those days on Xbox Live are Loooooongg gooooone

mvd91139 karma

If you could legally change your name to The Stig would you?

bencollinsakastig79 karma

No! would you?

JustAnotherLondoner37 karma

What cars do you own?

bencollinsakastig148 karma

i've got a van! VW Transporter - yes - i live life on the EDGE!

Faybriggers33 karma

Hi Ben, you've been away from Facebook and not updated your website news for ages, so what have you been up? Also, are you planning on any more front-of-camera film roles like you had in the Dark Knight Rises? All the best, Fay

bencollinsakastig49 karma

Hi Fay, Not as much Facebook but I do tweet over here: https://twitter.com/BenCollinsStig

I've been doing some cool stuff like this film for Audi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lInd8GimJJc and as for film stuff the new Spiderman 2 and the new Secret Service Film.

Kev287833 karma

If you had to make the choice between being a professional stunt driver, OR a professional racing driver for the rest of your driving career, which would it be?

bencollinsakastig63 karma

Such a hard question because they're both so fun. Racing but I'm lucky that I don't have to choose between them IRL.

cljoey32 karma

Hey!! What do you do in your downtime? Its clear you work hard, but also have a young family, it must be hard to keep up with family life while traveling the world driving fast cars?

bencollinsakastig58 karma

love skiing and it won't be long before the kids are doing things faster than me!

MainBattleGoat30 karma

What's up Ben! Two questions:

What was your favorite racetrack to ever have driven on?

Did you ever get bored of driving the Top Gear track so many times?

Thanks for doing this AMA, I've been a huge fan of the show, even after you left.

bencollinsakastig63 karma

The Macau street racing circuit.

Never ever got bored of the Top Gear track. There were just too many awesome cars to drive.

cyhawk3128 karma

what is your ideal car?

bencollinsakastig91 karma

fast enough through a corner to break my neck - would be a different way to check out

cljoey22 karma

I know you work on Automaniak, the Polish tv show, do you have any plans to come to a UK show? You left FifthGear after just a few episodes, but would love to see you on TV again!

bencollinsakastig50 karma

Wait...Doesn't everyone in the UK watch Polish TV?!

bencollinsakastig32 karma

Would love to do some TV in the UK - the Poles are wicked and up for some mad stuff so it reminds me of TG in the early days. Be great to do a UK feature though

FreeOnes_Petra22 karma

If you could race on ay current F1 team, which would it be and which of the drivers would be your teammate?

bencollinsakastig54 karma

Red Bull would be fun, and as it's my fantasy team I'd have three. Me, Vettel and Alonso.

umdmatto16 karma

Are there any American cars you have been excited to drive?

bencollinsakastig50 karma

love Corvettes - but the ZR1 was a bit disappointing - i prefer the C6 which was a simpler beast, like me probably. I also drove the Batmobile! That was the best - engineered by the Brits but it had the Corvette engine

stevenjweir15 karma

Hi Ben. How much of your racing ability is concentration? Do you feel that your body knows what to do and almost like you're being driven around by yourself? Basically does raw talent carry you or is it just ball achingly painful to be as good as you on track?

bencollinsakastig47 karma

It's 100% concentration, so long as your body is fit enough to cope with the G force and the physical abuse of wrangling the controls. That's the part i love most, you lose track of your body completely - it's like breathing - and the whole world is reduced to a flight path and a gut feel. It's never boring! Ok it was once - i did a 24 hour race in a 2CV and you spent 100% of the lap on full throttle. I thought my luck was in when the car got smashed up but they just bent it straight and sent me out again ;)

cljoey14 karma

So who is helping you with your typing then? :)

bencollinsakastig54 karma

grandma would you type faster for chrissake!

bencollinsakastig36 karma

The lovely people I shot the Audi film with. Though I'm actually managing to answer most of them myself.

offkilter7211 karma

How does one learn the basics of drifting and oversteer without access to a rear wheel drive car? How realistic is it?

bencollinsakastig29 karma

you'd better hire one! Silverstone have a Caterham with low grip tyres which is great for learning. Trying to drift your FWD car could prove painful..!

bencollinsakastig22 karma

is that the new stig?

Kev28788 karma

I know that Mark Webber figured out who you were when He did his lap on Top Gear. But did you ever get the impression that someone else might of figured out who you were as well?

bencollinsakastig21 karma

Rubens rocks - people knew but for a long time kept the secret. It only started going pear shaped when the Radio Times gave the impression that the BBC were making it an open secret

Thestigsfatcousin7 karma

Mr. Collins, I'm a huge fan and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to do this. I read your book recently and it was excellent. What was your favorite segment to film for Top Gear? Also, what has been your favorite driving experience outside of Top Gear? Would you do it all again (Being the Stig) if given the chance?

bencollinsakastig7 karma

Thank you for logging in! I wouldn't change a thing although with experience i wouldn't make as many mistakes , hopefully.. ! I loved being The Stig, especially the first two years, they were Golden and if you asked the boss Andy Wilman he would almost certainly agree. It was very much a family unit that grew into a commercial beast, but still has some great talent spinning the wheels.

For me the best part was rocking up, getting chucked the keys to something expensive and walking out the TG cabin door onto a cold stretch of tarmac to give it some large around the track. That was great. And terrifying the celebs of course - i did my best to relax them but some folks really Sh@t themselves

AtlantaMFR6 karma

What do you think about the Grand-Am - ALMS merger?

I hate it.

bencollinsakastig7 karma

It's going to be interesting to see how that shapes up...

PresidentIke4 karma

Opinion on the Reliant Robin?

bencollinsakastig4 karma

Not sitting well with the New Stig in Poland:


It's a fun funny car!

joeflies4 karma

One of my friends says that a former stig owns his local pub, and he makes no secret that he was a stig. I've always wondered if this was a true story - do you know of a real stig that owns a pub, or is it likely this guy is lying?

bencollinsakastig8 karma

Is his name Julian Bailey?

marekjoz4 karma

  1. During Top Gear - did you have your own influence on the show or just rode the track and that's it? I mean - were you, in your own opinion, somehow a decision person or just the guy to drive the car?
  2. I don't remind any TG episode, when you would test tyres, fuels or oils. Any reason for that?

bencollinsakastig10 karma

I once suggested that we do a feature on Tyres because they made such a big difference to lap times e.g. Pirelli or Bridgestone - and the Boss said "not if you want anybody to watch the show" but i disagree i think people want to be informed about stuff that matters

I used to come up with ideas, stuff like the stunts and car football was a mix of lots of ideas "from the floor". In the early days it was easier to come up with something and get it to the screen

Bestuck3 karma

What are your thoughts about next year engine change in F1?

bencollinsakastig6 karma

should be interesting! I'm sure it will be plus ca change, plus c'est le meme

Loving F1 at the moment but i wish it was on BBC still so i could actually watch it

iamnotsamneill3 karma

Hey,I dont really have any questions, i just wanted to say, youll always be my favorite stig.

bencollinsakastig9 karma

Thankyou Mum

Hulk1673 karma

Who is the most talented F1 driver currently?

bencollinsakastig4 karma

Not sure - is it Alonso ? He's 110% everywhere and can overtake. But Vettel is mega and no denying. Let's see how Raikonnen goes next year

skollie3 karma

Stig-san, would you say your military training had anything to do with making you a decent driver? Does that help with the psychological side of fast driving?

And is the Scuderia that much better to drive than a 458?

SO many questions for you, but those are top of the list.

bencollinsakastig8 karma

The time i spent in the army had more influence on my outlook than anything else i've done and affected my whole approach to life, so it certainly helps with racing. You learn never to quit and to break through self imposed limits, which in the end aren't real

texsurfin2 karma

Favorite car that a person like me could someday own. Fyi your awesome

bencollinsakastig4 karma

Context, what's a person like you like? Thanks! You're awesome.

autoalex2 karma

Hi Ben - I'd like to know what websites/mags you read day to day and if you'd have time/inclination to take part in a 'celeb taxi' video one day?

bencollinsakastig2 karma

Love to remake the film "Taxi" if thats what you meant?

SymphonicJedi2 karma

Favorite driving music or road trip songs/albums?

bencollinsakastig13 karma

When I'm not learning a new language... (jk) I'm addicted to Leftfield and Massive Attack, but then I would say that. I'm from Bristol.

aldrchase2 karma

Wow first AMA I've been early too. Loved you on the show Ben! If you couldn't be a driver, what would be your second choice?

bencollinsakastig3 karma

Thanks! Fighter pilot.

DaDoBT2 karma

jeremy, james or hammond ? :)

bencollinsakastig6 karma

Context? Is this a Lord of the flies scenario?

Scooby3032 karma

Favorite Car?

bencollinsakastig9 karma

whoops! Ferrari 458

bencollinsakastig6 karma

The time i spent in the army had more influence on my outlook than anything else i've done and affected my whole approach to life, so it certainly helps with racing. You learn never to quit and to break through self imposed limits, which in the end aren't real

Sildeer2 karma

Hi Ben! Good to see you here.

Did you ever get injured in Top Gear? And as a stunt driver?

bencollinsakastig4 karma

I broke four ribs racing but nothing with TV and thankfully nothing so far with the movies either. Long may it continue!

Nicrestrepo2 karma

Ok , any car, money no object, ......which is the fav daily driver, which is the fav toy and which the fav vintage ?

bencollinsakastig6 karma

I'd be driving down the high street in a Formula One car towing a two-storey trailer (for the fuel and the jacuzzi)

Toy i'd like a Renault 5 Turbo 2 doubles as Vintage - but maybe throw in a Lancia Delta Integrale

bigpipes842 karma

Have you had a chance to drive the new Lamborghini Sesto Elemento?

bencollinsakastig4 karma

no, it's a sore point

BradMaddox1 karma

Why did you have to ruin the mystery

bencollinsakastig5 karma

i did my best for 8 years - which was 7 years longer than the first Stig, so not too bad, but i'm sorry if i ruined christmas