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If I were /u/Crazy_Overlord, I'd print this reply out and frame it and hug it and kiss it

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So how awesome was it that Adam Savage (from Mythbusters) built you a Doc Ock costume? I have seen the pictures and it looks so damn cool! Do you still have the costume? Admit it, you still wear it even though it's not Halloween ;)

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If you could come up with your own “some say” intro for The Stig, what would it be?

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Stephen, I totally thought that you won the lip synch battle on Jimmy Fallon the other night. Your rendition of Single Ladies was the most hilarious thing I’ve seen. I am a tall lady, and have sometimes felt a bit awkward because of it and have gotten the question every tall person has been asked: “do you play basketball?” I want to know, as a tall person, what is the funniest or weirdest or most awkward situation that happened because of your height? Thanks for the AMA and making me laugh. Good night!

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I'm not sure if I'd be offended or happy to be used as a meeting point.