I'm that guy in movies that sometimes can be seen more than once. In that I abhor self-promotion, I'll leave it to you guys to figure out what movies those are (hint: my next movie comes out October 11 ).

Looking forward to taking your questions!

I tweeted in advance, so here you go. https://twitter.com/tomhanks/status/384727123661172736

Hey, thanks very much! I gotta go, but thank you for the questions. I had a great time.

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ChairmanFrick3218 karma

I still have a polaroid of you and me from 1993/4 when you were filming "that thing you do" on my street and randomly asked the 11 year old kid on the set if you could use the bathroom in his house.

Tom_Hanks_3604 karma

Did you find my secret message?

Buffitron2596 karma

It is probably one of your lesser known movies, but just wanted to say that I watched "That Thing You Do" countless times as a teenager.

Tom_Hanks_2867 karma

It's the one movie I would love to make again.

inkyou2512 karma

My ex-girlfriends mother's name is Hanks, and they found out through a family tree that she was related to Abraham Lincoln's mother. I told her you were related to Lincoln's mother as well and to this day, she doesn't believe me. Can you please confirm or deny this?

Tom_Hanks_3045 karma

True. Nancy Hanks.

zombieregime2511 karma

Hi Mr Hanks. How are you doing? How was your day?

Tom_Hanks_3320 karma

I prefer this AMA to interviews!

aengelpxl2387 karma

Hi Tom! Greetings from Sweden! Please tell me your favorite piece of trivia from a movie shoot, preferably something we probably didn't know.

Also thanks a lot for doing this, you've always been my favorite actor.

Tom_Hanks_3069 karma

I had a terrible case of the flu shooting the football scenes in Gump

Tom_Hanks_2368 karma

We're trying to get some tech difficulties sorted out on my end... so in the meantime, thank you very much to /u/kn0thing for counting down to my AMA today.

halgoobs2319 karma

Whats your favorite movie you didn't act in?

Tom_Hanks_3243 karma

Recently, Looper. And Das Boot the directors cut.

audiblue2234 karma

Mr. Hanks: Mustache tips. Go.

Tom_Hanks_3760 karma

Shave it off.

ialdabaoth1925 karma

Mr. Hanks, which version of Quantum Mechanics do you believe is more likely to be an accurate interpretation of reality - the Copenhagen statistical interpretation, the Everett-Wheeler "many worlds" model, or the Penrose "consciousness causes collapse" viewpoint?

Tom_Hanks_2717 karma

I am Phoning a Friend Now... Steve DiBiasi says it's the Everett-Wheeler.

AlucardMusic1912 karma

Hello, Mr. Hanks! What were your feelings on the mixed reactions to Cloud Atlas?

Tom_Hanks_2812 karma

Nothing effects the love of making a movie -- particularly CLOUD ATLAS. It will be around for ever...

AVA7111861 karma

Which would you rather see become a ride at a theme park: The Polar Express or Forrest Gump?

Tom_Hanks_3441 karma

The Captain Phillips Life-Boat Launch Experience.

prohibido1836 karma

Were you ever rejected by a woman? How did that make you feel?

Tom_Hanks_2734 karma

Crummy. Very crummy.

Swampfunk1824 karma

Howdy Tom Hanks, I want you to know, I work for a major university and as part of our marketing strategy planning, we had to decide what type of celebrity our school wanted to be like. We chose you. That's how awesome you are, entire universities attempt to mold their students to be like you.

With that being said, if you could go back in time to send one message to yourself at age 30, what would you say?

Tom_Hanks_2977 karma

Floss more often.

ArcticSpyder1805 karma

What's your favorite genre of music?

Tom_Hanks_2817 karma

Give me three guitars, a piano, and a good drummer and I'm done.

JonSnow_1698 karma

HI. I love you Tom Hanks, you should win everything man can come up with. My question is, Do you have the real Wilson from Cast Away or was it lost?

Tom_Hanks_2738 karma

I have the old, ratty wilson and sign new ones for charities.

gagagalen1694 karma

Hey, Tom. Happy you're here, doing this. Excited for the new movie! Looks amazing.

My question, how is Hooch doing?

Tom_Hanks_2948 karma

All the dogs who played hooch -- all four of them -- went to dog heaven.

waikikiking1653 karma

Tom, you have been my favorite actor since i was 8.

I have always wanted to know, how many tries did it take to play heart and soul/chopsticks on that huge piano?

Tom_Hanks_2266 karma

That took all afternoon...,

kingofcalifornia1514 karma

Are you doing this AMA on a typewriter?

Tom_Hanks_2154 karma

I wish.

sirernestshackleton1504 karma

Can you give us an update on the WWII miniseries on the 8th Air Force? What made you decide to focus on the Mighty 8th for the series?

Tom_Hanks_2309 karma

Don Miller's book was all I could ask for in a historical tome. And HBO said " Can you give us another WWII series?" Done!

trouble9071434 karma

If you can only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be ?

Tom_Hanks_2408 karma

The Japanese food seems good for you...

Antithesys1422 karma

Scenario: JJ Abrams is making a reboot movie of The Next Generation. Do you want the role of Picard, Riker, Data, Worf, or Q?

Tom_Hanks_2836 karma

The Borg. Nothing else.

awesomemaryann1415 karma

Do you have any pets? If you do, is any of them called Wilson? :)

Thanks a lot for this AMA! You're awesome!

Tom_Hanks_2191 karma

One dog. She needs walking every night, and I'm the only one who takes her!

pogoing1368 karma

How far did Jim run for you in Forest Gump?

Tom_Hanks_1897 karma

In Montana and south carolina. a few hundred yards in slo-mo.

dayvidday1336 karma

Why don't I ever see reruns of Bosom Buddies?

Tom_Hanks_2194 karma

It wasn't shot on HD and looks terrible now.

plasticfruitaroma1273 karma

Hi Tom! I just wanted to say that your role in Forrest Gump was one of the most touching roles I have had the privilege of seeing as a young person. Any general advice for a girl who feels like the world is moving at the speed of light?

Tom_Hanks_2629 karma

Being kind always works...

TheLazarbeam1223 karma

Forrest Gump is one of the few movies (possibly the only, I have a bad memory) that makes me laugh and cry every time. Congrats on that performance. And if you are still in contact with them, feel free to tell the screenwriters and authors how great I felt it was. Recent AMA-er Gary Sinise was similarly amazing(Lt. Dan was my favorite character, sorry...).

So, do you ever get emotional about yours or others' performances, or the script? And I'm not talking about fake crying or anything. I understand post-production effects and soundtracks contribute to the feel of a scene, but in Forrest Gump it was the meaning behind the characters' actions that did it for me.

Tom_Hanks_2405 karma

When LT. Dan introduced Forrest to his wife, with his titanium legs, i burst into tears...

Asl6871110 karma

Mr Hanks.. Hello from UK.. One quick pointless question but are you really as nice as you seem. Tell us one thing that shows the dark side of Tom!

Tom_Hanks_2546 karma

I relish Aston Villa victories.

KillerBeeTX1023 karma

The bathtub falling through the floor scene in Moneypit followed by that classic laugh is one of the funniest moments ever committed to film. Thank you for making me cry with laughter every time I see it. I could gush like a teenage girl at a One Direction concert over your body of work as I grew up with your movies from The Man With One Red Shoe to my excitement for Captain Phillips. It looks amazing (and we expect nothing less from Tom f-ing Hanks). Thank you for the good times.

As a veteran and lover of military history and militaria in general, I want to thank you for your amazing portrayals, sincere historical accuracy, and of course your continued support of the armed services. Do you feel, as a filmmaker and actor, that historical accuracy in paramount in period pieces or is true historical accuracy in film not really possible?

Tom_Hanks_1656 karma

Accuracy is not just uniforms being right or the tactics being correct -- the human behavior -- and the motivations, need to be true, and that is hard to do in movies...

InstigatingDrunk1010 karma

Why are you so cool? bay area represent!

Tom_Hanks_2127 karma

Oakland -- birthplace of Cool.

Dga172990 karma

What classic movie would you have loved to have worked on?

Tom_Hanks_1964 karma

2001: A space odyssey

Ginge_unit987 karma

If you were a Friends character, which would you be and why?

Tom_Hanks_3059 karma

The naked guy out the window across the back alley.

fallopiantubesocks971 karma

Can you still do the piano dance from Big?

Tom_Hanks_1562 karma

Sure. It's Heart and soul followed by Chopstix!

HybridGenius95862 karma

Mr. Hanks, What would you say was the most difficult movie you have ever had a part in making? I would guess that Cloud Atlas was difficult because not only are there so many parts and accents, but the sheer amount of time it must have taken! Thanks

Tom_Hanks_1338 karma

No movie is easy, some are just more comforatble than others.

NoChanceButWhoCares816 karma

Mr. Hanks, I think what we all need to know is this: What is your perfect sandwich?

Tom_Hanks_1752 karma

Ham and swiss on spelt. Mustard only and a bit of lettuce. No tomato!

MyPrehensilePenis795 karma

I'm trying to think of a good question....uh....oh! What's your favorite typewriter?! Thanks for doing the AMA! :D

Tom_Hanks_1347 karma

I like my Hermes 2000 alot.

WTF_Fan530756 karma

Hi Mr. Hanks, I just want to say that you are my favorite actor of all time. My question is, What was it like working with Sam Mendes in Road to Perdition?

Tom_Hanks_1425 karma

Sam is a talented gent who taught me the joys of Marmite on a toasted bagel.

melodyponddd703 karma

Good afternoon Mr. Hanks

I doubt you will ever read this but I am kind of hoping you will. A LONNNNNG way back, you actually worked with my dad in Cleveland at the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival. He was an intern, you were not. I doubt you would remember him, but he had been given the nickname Sven. It's been such a long time ago that I doubt you'd remember but you can't blame a girl for trying. He always said wonderful things about you.

You've always been my favorite actor and I admire the broad range in acting you have. A question for you I have is, what scene in all the films you have done, was the most emotional for you?

Thanks for doing this AMA. You've always been my hero and an inspiration to continue my acting endeavors.

Tom_Hanks_836 karma

Was Sven there in '78 or '79?

RhubarbCharb702 karma

Would you come to my wedding in 2015?

Tom_Hanks_2342 karma

No, but I'll send a toaster.

pleatedmeat696 karma

I grew up in a Somali refugee town (of less than 40,000 people nearly 10% of the pop is Somalian) so the whole piracy thing was a huge deal back home when it actually happened. I know the movie wasn't shot there, but did you learn anything interesting about the Somalian conflict or culture when shooting Captain Phillips?

Tom_Hanks_1463 karma

Somalia is filled with good people trying to get by in a troubled place...

dwagget649 karma

Hello from the UK! Throughout your career you always seem to play the good guy. The ladykillers is the only exception I can think of and I really enjoyed you in that role. Do you ever wish you could play more "badguys"?

Tom_Hanks_1348 karma

See CLOUD ATLAS and you tell me.

FlyingSioux93572 karma


Tom_Hanks_1390 karma

The first job I had in Cleveland with the Great Lakes Theater Festival. Without that first job you are not a professional...

jimmyeppley568 karma

Hey Tom!

How was it like to make fun of yourself doing SNL Celebrity Jeopardy?

Tom_Hanks_971 karma

Loved that, but should have said "Sybalence, sybalence" into the pen /microphone.

nnieman527 karma

Hi Tom, In Cloud Atlas which was your favorite character you got to play and why?

Tom_Hanks_1022 karma

Loved that hotel desk clerk.

molotov0815513 karma

On a scale from 1 to 10, how bad was the appearance in the german show "Wetten Dass?" for you? You seemed a bit uncomfortable.

And I just want to thank you for all your terrific movies! They made me the movie buff I am...

Tom_Hanks_808 karma

I didn't mind doing Wetten Dass, I just didn't know I was going to be on for so long...

Dinosaria496 karma

Hi Mr. Hanks! Do you have a favorite actor or actress that you loved working with the most? Is it possible to choose?

Tom_Hanks_844 karma


Sauceofdoom434 karma

Hi Tom. If you had the chance to travel back in time, any place at any moment but only for 15 minutes - where would you go and what would you do? Have a nice one.

Tom_Hanks_1174 karma

I would go back to NYC in 1939 for the smells and food and people -- to see the City when it was at a different scale than now. to see the worlds fair and eat Cheesecake at Lindy's. I'd only want 24 hours to do it all.

that's it, folks, I've liked typing to you all! gotta go to lunch....

Muppetmeister433 karma

Did you get a chance to meet with Captain Phillips prior to the movie? If so, what was he like and how does he look back at the hostage situation now?

Tom_Hanks_736 karma

Rich was watching an NCAA basketball game of UConn in his socks when I walkd into his house. He has no fond memories of his ordeal but it's conclusion...

SuperAleste413 karma

What was it like on the set of The 'Burbs?

Tom_Hanks_645 karma

Shot on the back lot at Universal -- take the tour and you will see the street. We shot in summer time from 12 noon to midnight. Like a block party.

MoonCoontheLoon361 karma

What is the most crucial advice for becoming an actor?

Tom_Hanks_821 karma

Show up on time. Know your lines. Have and idea of what to do in the scene. the rest will take care of itself.

bbb19341 karma

Have you ever been confused by somebody calling you Otm Shank?

Tom_Hanks_445 karma

No. Mot Skahn, yes.

clea326 karma

Hi Tom

Great movies, cheers!

Was it your idea to do a reddit AMA?

Tom_Hanks_903 karma

Scott Rudin suggested it and my kids said I had to. I like it.

musette_bat295 karma

Looking at how your life turned out, do you think you were like a feather in the wind, or you picked your own destiny?

Tom_Hanks_471 karma


sherlockmofoholmes285 karma

Hey, Tom! Just to make it sure... who is the best smelling actor you have ever worked with?

Tom_Hanks_537 karma

Hands down, Peter Scolari.

ContinuumGuy284 karma

Tom, looking forward to Captain Phillips, but also looking forward to seeing you portray Walt Disney. I was wondering what sort of research you did on him, given that he was both a remarkable man but also one who had some complicated parts in his life.

Tom_Hanks_426 karma

Go to the Disney Family Museum at the presidio in SF!

magicsebi198 karma

The Terminal was the first movie I ever saw properly, in a cinema. Since then I've watched most of your movies and you've become my favourite actor! Your films always inspired me and brought me joy even in my sadder moments.

I don't have any fancy questions, I'm just wondering... what was the last song that was stuck in your head?

Thanks, T.Hanks!

Tom_Hanks_409 karma

It's a Great Big Beautiful tomorrow from Disney's Carousel of Progress.

Klcarnley190 karma

Mr. Hanks, reddit recently heard you love typewriters. Any chance you might share what sparked your fascination with the collection?

Tom_Hanks_485 karma

That glorious sound.

curves_to_the_left183 karma

If you were offered Quiz Master to an American equivalent of the BBC show Q.I., would you host it?

Tom_Hanks_323 karma

No, but University Challenge? Maybe!

karmehameha181 karma

How long was your oscar taped to your car ?

Tom_Hanks_430 karma

That was an Emmy, and only for about 20 feet.

sneakyMak180 karma

How long do you think, would you really survive on an deserted island?

Tom_Hanks_356 karma

Id make it a week and a half.

Czolgosz2162 karma

Tom, in case my first comment gets buried, and it will, I thought I'd make a more specific one. My mom and dad worked at the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival during the summer of '79. My mom, Sara O'Neil, was the house manager, and the two of you were mutual friends with a woman named Joanne VanDeVort. If yo see this, my dad's birthday was this month, and it would just make his year to know that you remember them at all. Thanks so much!

Tom_Hanks_250 karma

Did Jo work in the box office? she once told me her pipes burst in winter.

macker517158 karma

Hi Tom! I loved your article in the nyt about typewriters. You nailed all the reasons why I like to use them myself. However, I tried to turn in one of my stories to my professor and she told me to stop because editing is far easier on a computer.

Can you give me the satisfaction of being able to tell my prof, "But Tom Hanks told me I should!!!"

Tom_Hanks_408 karma

for Papers, you gotta go with a computer. But love letters? Type 'em!

PaleBlueMarble156 karma

Greetings, Mr. Hanks. Your projects show a deep connection to the stories of World War II. Has that made an impact on you at a personal level?

I admire and respect your work. I also wonder if you would take a stab at another comedy project. Thanks for the AMA.

Tom_Hanks_265 karma

I never stop learning -- Read Rick Atkinson's GUNS AT LAST NIGHT.

moldren115 karma

Mr. Short-Term Memory! You shouldn't have sat under that pear tree!

Tom_Hanks_313 karma

What are you talking about? Who? Huh? What was the question? Why am I typing this?

skier105 karma

How do you go to the bathroom in space?

Tom_Hanks_290 karma


syrianpee90 karma

Mr. Hanks, I just finished watching Band of Brothers. Is David Schwimmer funny in person?

Tom_Hanks_157 karma

He is. when he chooses to be.

jarman579 karma

Do you actually know what love is?

Tom_Hanks_180 karma

Learned it from R. Wilson.

Skeptykal44 karma

Mr. Hanks,

I am a huge fan. Back in high school, in a program called AFJROtC, my instructor would make us watch Forrest Gump every year because your character portrayed the traits of perseverance, bravery, and honesty, among others. The thing was, we never got tired of it!

Despite watching the movie for ~2 years, one of my favorite movies is The Green Mile. My question for you would have to be what your favorite memory was in the making of the movie.

Tom_Hanks_71 karma

WE all loved each other on the Green Mile.

Ichoose2326 karma

Do you carry a hankie Mr Hanks?

Tom_Hanks_29 karma

Forget too often.

Xience10 karma

I recently watched a rerun of saving private ryan which is a brilliant movie. Where did you guys get the end idea of blowing up a tank with a "handgun."

Tom_Hanks_27 karma

Desperation makes for odd decisions, then those P_51's came over and dropped bombs...

locomotors8 karma

Mr Hanks, would you ever do a sequel to Apollo 13?

Tom_Hanks_22 karma

Apollo 14?