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Mr. Cameron: A Na'vi, the Alien Queen and the T-800 Terminator get in a fight. Who wins?

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Hans, you've worked on so many things, but I'm wondering: is it "easier" to score completely new things (like Inception) or for established franchises/characters like Spidey, Batman, Superman and, dare I say it, perhaps the Justice League one day?

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Just a random question: Have you always gone by "Haley Joel", or were called just Haley Osment or just Joel Osment before you went into acting?

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Any advice to Joe Mauer on how to be an elite catcher while raising twins?

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Tom, looking forward to Captain Phillips, but also looking forward to seeing you portray Walt Disney. I was wondering what sort of research you did on him, given that he was both a remarkable man but also one who had some complicated parts in his life.