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Can you give us an update on the WWII miniseries on the 8th Air Force? What made you decide to focus on the Mighty 8th for the series?

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I'll answer it.

The AP Style Guide does not mention the "rule" the OP in this question asked.

The OP's question is saying the AP Stylebook says you only call someone a man or woman after 18. That is not accurate.

The rule only refers to the terms "boy" or "youth," not the term "teen."

Here's a link to the stylebook: http://www.quarterboundpress.com/qbp/frequently_asked_questions_files/AP%20StyleGuide%202005.pdf

The only mention of teen in the entire stylebook: "teen, teenager (n.) teenage (adj.) No hyphen is a change in AP style. Do not use teen-aged"

Edit: better link.

Edit 2: This original response really bothers me, and is quite dangerous with regards to making people here assume the media has an agenda with regards to the age of Brown. It has received thousands of upvotes and gold multiple times, yet is completely wrong. The news media did not err here, in this situation they followed the rules of style. AP Style explicitly says do not refer to someone 18 years or older as "boy" or "youth." It does not say to not refer them as a "teen." As my other response here shows, it is incredibly common.

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Just a tip, it's easier to hit 'reply' under the question.

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Screw this, I'm going to create my own Jeopardy. With blackjack, and hookers.

You know what, forget the Jeopardy.

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Did you just call "Airplane!" crappy??