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The bathtub falling through the floor scene in Moneypit followed by that classic laugh is one of the funniest moments ever committed to film. Thank you for making me cry with laughter every time I see it. I could gush like a teenage girl at a One Direction concert over your body of work as I grew up with your movies from The Man With One Red Shoe to my excitement for Captain Phillips. It looks amazing (and we expect nothing less from Tom f-ing Hanks). Thank you for the good times.

As a veteran and lover of military history and militaria in general, I want to thank you for your amazing portrayals, sincere historical accuracy, and of course your continued support of the armed services. Do you feel, as a filmmaker and actor, that historical accuracy in paramount in period pieces or is true historical accuracy in film not really possible?

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Is it too late for American politics? Has capitalism destroyed democracy entirely? Is there ANY possibility of future laws prohibiting corporate influences on politics? Would a term-limited Congress help stem the tide of corporate money in politics?

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Heya, Rick. I worked with you on Renegade and Earth and Beyond back in the day.

Have you checked out the Renegade X project? What do you think?

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The RTS genre has been slowing considerably lately. Tower defense games seem to be the RTS-lite in today's market. The huge rise in consoles has also contributed to the decline of RTS games as they almost always lacking in their console offerings (mostly due to control constraints).

Where do you see the RTS genre in 5 years? Do you think RTS games are becoming a thing of the past?

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What challenges do you see for a typically conservative, red state like Texas seeing legalization (or even decriminalization)? With our large connection with the border, would border crime be diminished in any way if legalization was achieved?