I have worked at Gallery Furniture, in Houston, Texas for 12 years in the bedding department. I have travelled all over the world to educate myself about sleep, and everything surrounding it. I have studied under three of the world's top sleep pathologists and have been to every major mattress manufacturing plant in the United States, and many around the world (including three countries). It is my goal to help people get a restful night of sleep. I recently designed a mattress with Dormeo Octaspring. Ask me anything about mattresses, pillows, bedding or sleep, and I will answer it!

Proof: Name tag: http://imgur.com/I2cqtE5 Profile on company website: http://www.galleryfurniture.com/experts

Edit: The response to this AMA has been INCREDIBLE! It's 6:00PM CST on 9/24/13 and I have to travel for work through next week, I will return to answer all new/remaining questions/comments on Monday 10/7/13. You all RULE!

Edit2: With the fantastic response to this IAMA, out of my own curiosity, I'm wondering if anyone feels comfortable shouting out where they're from ? If not, no worries and I'll continue to answer all questions just the same!

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Salacious-19 karma

How can a person determine whether a mattress is good for them without sleeping on it?

I've been to a mattress store and they all feel pretty soft to me, but that's after like 2 minutes on it. How do I know which one will still be feeling good after years?

GalleryFurniture14 karma

@Salacious That's a great question! The question you're really asking I think is, how do you know what the load density loss is over time of use? There is, in all honesty, only one metric for that which is called a "rollator test". It's basically a large metal circular roll that weighs a certain amount (usually 165 pounds) and simulates time of usage over years. For example this picture shows the test in action:http://imgur.com/k3MJdkj . With that being said, beds without quilt will generally hold up better. In other words, which beds have the least amount of material that could fail in it? Tempurpedic or Dormeo (memory foam mattresses) have no quilt, so their time of use is much longer than a Simmons or Serta spring mattress that have 1-2 inches of quilt. Spring mattresses in general are going to have quilt in them, and therefore a higher failure rate. All memory foam is not created equal, I can say that Tempurpedic and Dormeo brands use no quilt, and therefore am comfortable personally saying it should have a longer life cycle for you. Thanks Salacious!

Rikvidr19 karma

This has to be asked, so I'll do it.

Which mattress is invariably the best to have sex on?

GalleryFurniture18 karma

Haha @Rikvidr I love it! Thanks for asking. The one with the most bounce :D A room is made up in feet, so inches are important :D That bounce will help your game! :D Thank you!!

neature210 karma

I gotta disagree with you there based on personal experience. Boyfriend has a tempurpidic mattress and I love having sexy time on that more than a traditional mattress. We stayed at a hotel recently and with the bouncing of the bed we couldn't get a good rhythm going. That may just be due to the fact that we are used to doing it on a tempurpidic.

GalleryFurniture8 karma

@neature2 Haha i'll be honest i was joking, I personally concur with the Tempurpedic preference :D The Tempurpedic keeps you in one spot, thus giving you a better opportunity for leverage. I totally agree with @neature2 's feedback :D

Butzz3 karma

That may just be due to the fact that we are used to doing it on a tempurpidic.

Probably. My GF has a memory foam mattress and I have a traditional spring mattress. The problem with memory foam is that it doesn't return as much energy in the opposite direction like a nice bouncy spring mattress.

GalleryFurniture5 karma

@Butzz Very true. It's a matter of personal preference. Thanks for your feedback!!

Mouth_2_Ass15 karma

I have horrible lower back pain, best mattress, go.

GalleryFurniture17 karma

@Mouth_2_Ass Do you mind giving me some more information? Do you suffer from chronic or long term back pain? How did you injure your back if so? Have you started a new exercise regiment recently? --- Short Answer: Best bed for back pain, doctors and chiropractors recommend Tempurpedic for lower back pain than any other brand in America.

Mouth_2_Ass7 karma

Chronic, stenosis, ruptured discs. Do physical therapy every week.

GalleryFurniture35 karma

@Mouth_2_Ass Thanks for the follow up information. If you do physical therapy every week, I may advise consulting with your physician about this, because he may have advice since he is rehabilitating your back. I may be interrupting that plan with my feedback. If you want to consult with him, then email me after, feel free to: [email protected] . Thank you!

xenoplastic12 karma

Speaking in terms of evolution, how level was a person's head meant to be when sleeping? Should we be using pillows? If you could tell a person the ideal way to use a pillow for their health (without personal preference tainting their experience) which type of pillow would you recommend? Any? None?

GalleryFurniture12 karma

@Xenoplastic Thank you for asking! Great questions. I do not know that we as people were intended to use pillows, however many people do enjoy them and many people use them incorrectly. I think it's a personal choice to use a pillow or not, I do use a pillow myself. My preference is down pillows. The ideal way to use a pillow is to fit it between the earlobe and the shoulder, it should be touching gently both, to create proper adjacency between taking the pressure off the shoulder and opening up the airways in the neck. I personally prefer Hungarian down, double dequilled, about 500 grams (and no, we do not sell these sort at the store i work at). I am a big guy, and that seems to work with me best. Many people enjoy memory foam pillows such as from Tempurpedic or Dormeo, it's a matter of personal preference, there is no one perfect pillow. Thanks for asking!!

SampsonRustic10 karma

hm, what qualifies you for this position? I've definitely slept quite a bit...

but seriously, isn't the mattress industry just kind of a hoax? People have been sleeping on the ground for a lot longer than mattresses, and I personally feel much better after sleeping on a hard surface. Are we all just too used to matresses? Look at japan for example. Legit yoga mats and they live longer than we do.

GalleryFurniture20 karma

@SampsonRustic Thank you for asking, i will address your questions one by one. :) Beyond bedding, I have read thousands of articles, dozens of books and spent hundreds of hours with the top sleep pathologists in the world to learn more about sleep as a practice, sleep health and how sleep affects our body and brain. In regards to mattress knowledge, I have been to the manufacturing facilities of literally every major mattress manufacturer in America, including Tempurpedic, Sealy, Stearns and Foster, and many others. Regarding sleeping on the ground or hard surfaces versus mattresses, actually many people including native Japanese citizens who live in Japan do sleep on mattresses, as i know there are a number of mattress companies who have built factories there, including Sealy, Serta, Noah and many others. The sleep community has as of late decided that sleeping on a hard surface is not the best way to achieve back support. Imagine your back as an "S" (as your spine is S-curved, per se): lean up against a wall, slip your hand under your lower lumbar area, and you will feel a gap there. A space between your lumbar and the wall. Therefore, a mattress which helps to fill that gap is going to provide you a better level of back support than laying on the floor. You will also note that as people slept on the floor in the past, they slept on hay, or as you said, a yoga mat or other mats, all of which were part of the transition from sleeping on the floor to our modern mattresses. There are of course many very firm mattresses for sleepers who prefer such a surface. Thanks Sampson!

jono1995 karma

Got to agree here... Forgive my bluntness, however I've been thinking about this for a few AMAs. I'm curious as to what constitutes an expert. Have you taken the field of sleep research forwards somehow, are your views accepted by your professional community etc? In short, are you an expert or are you an experienced user?

GalleryFurniture14 karma

@Jono199 Thanks for asking, do you mind reading my reply to @SampsonRustic where i cover a lot of this? To address what you said regarding the professional community, here in Houston, TX, St. Luke's Hospital has certified my program as being the most proficient and most scientific way to diagnose sleeping surfaces for people without being a doctor. Memorial Herman Hospital has also granted me the same certification. Many mattress manufacturers here in the USA such as Tempurpedic, Sealy and others consider me an expert in foam, fabrics, steel, engineering as well as diagnosing sleep issues for people. Thanks for asking!

detroitflyer7 karma

I find it extremely hard to sleep at night. I will be tired all day, and could easily fall asleep for an afternoon nap (if i wanted). I will then be wide awake and toss and turn most of the night? How is this possible? I should be exhausted by the night, after being up all day and most of the previous night.

GalleryFurniture6 karma

@DetroitFlyer I'm sorry to hear that. It sounds like you have insomnia and are sleep deprived. The afternoon nap is easier because your body is ready to catch up on sleep, and either not being able to go to sleep or not being able to go to sleep, you are possibly an insomniac. I'm not saying that as a negative thing: I am an insomniac. I have a hard time going to sleep, I have an over active mind. I try not to advocate sleeping medications to people, but I do taking sleeping medication to help myself get to sleep (I take Ro-Azepam) and have more restful sleep because of it. I went from sleeping basically 2-3 hours a night to now sleeping 8-10 every day. I would advise consulting your general physician about insomnia first, then reproach the process. Melatonin is also a non-prescription medicine that can be helpful. I do not suggest taking Melatonin every night, it can be addictive. Up to 30 minutes of meditation or prayer can also be very helpful, basically trying to calm the mind enough to where you are able to fall asleep. Thank you for asking!

gdawg996 karma

What are some of the most interesting sleep-related cultural differences you've encountered while travelling?

GalleryFurniture22 karma

@gdawg99 Great question! Thanks for asking! In Sweden, i asked for a King bed when booking a hotel and found later that a "King bed" in Sweden actually means an individual sleeping bed about the size of a twin size bed, which is placed in a more private room for the Kings' protection. So, when i got a "King Bed Room" it was in a larger suite, but with a very small sleeping room with a smaller than twin size bed. I literally was falling off the bed and cracking up the whole night! Thanks for letting me share that!!

wheeler2026 karma

Is the snooze button actually worth pressing? Would it be more beneficial to set your alarm for later?

GalleryFurniture8 karma

@Wheeler202 Great question. Keep in mind, the majority of benefits from sleep occur in the last two hours of your restful sleep period, that's where most sleep doctors believe the majority of the rejuvenation happens. With this in mind, I would advise setting your alarm to go off in 30 minute intervals, which will allow your body to go through one more additional sleep cycle instead of hitting the snooze button which interrupts that additional sleep cycle. For myself, setting the alarm 30 minutes before I know i need to wake up, then again at the time i need to wake up, is the best approach. Thanks for asking!

bringer_of_words5 karma

What is the word on waterbeds?

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@bringer_of_words Waterbeds are now trying to make a comeback. They've been off the market for a while, but as I've attended furniture markets recently (conventions where furniture and accessory vendors gather to show their new wares) I've seen a number of new applications involving water. It may not make a full comeback, but I would expect to see more of them in the consumer marketplace in the near future. Water disperses, it doesn't conform, so I'm not a huge waterbed fan, but I am a fan of low pressure, which water beds allow, so for some people that may be preferred. Thanks B_O_W!!

poptamale5 karma

First Brandon thanks for doing this AMA. Quick question: I just purchased a new king size TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme (mostly because i was afraid of buying something cheap and it becoming a coffin in a year), could i have gotten away with something A LOT cheaper with the same quality.

Also what can i put on the mattress to keep it cool.? This thing heats up like a furnace in the middle of the night.

GalleryFurniture6 karma

@poptamale Thank you for your question and for taking the time to read the thread! You rock! I would advise to classically make up your bed, put on your mattress protector and then two fitted sheets on the bed, which is referred to as "classically making up your bed", that will help to create a barrier between yourself and the mattress and has been shown to cool the bed by 5 or 6 degrees, that is how i make my bed up also. Regarding the quality and price question, my short answer is no. You spent the right amount of money for the right quality of bedding. I think your bed is EXCELLENT. We have the least amount of problems with that mattress versus any other bed I sell, across all brands we sell. I hope you enjoy it, you made a great decision!

Rbeattie984 karma

So what is the best way to induce lucid dreaming.

GalleryFurniture7 karma

@Rbeattie98 Sorry, I'm not an expert on lucid dreaming and do not want to give bad advice. Thank you for understanding!

aqualightning4 karma

What's the easiest/cheapest way to install blackout curtains in an apartment, or some other way to get the room completely dark?

GalleryFurniture4 karma

@aqualightning I'm so sorry, I'm more of a suggestion guy than an installation guy, I have no good advice to share here. I may ask someone at Home Depot or your local hardware store, they may have some fast, well priced advice. I apologize! Thank you for understanding!

TwistedEdge3 karma


GalleryFurniture5 karma

@TwistedEdge Great question. I have used some of them, but I don't like the ones that are a physical attachment, I feel they are intrusive to your sleep. The main reason I am uncomfortable with them is that they are not as exacting of a scientific measure as you may see if sensors are later placed inside the mattress and are not a physical attachment to your body (which is in the pipeline of mattress technology at this time). I am not saying they are evil, but even ones that are not a physical attachment, many of them to my knowledge use the camera of your smart phone to measure movement in the room, and any errors caused by say pets or other people who live in the home make me uncomfortable that they may cause the user to wake up. I do know people who find benefit as a general metric, but I do not use them. thanks TwistedEdge!

DaggerStJames3 karma

How can I keep my fitted sheet from coming off the corner of the bed every night?

GalleryFurniture4 karma

Hi @DaggerStJames! I would advise to use guarders, they are available at Target or Wal-Mart, they snap right over the corners and fit right over the edges. They're a great way to keep the fitted sheet in place. Thank you!

OhTheHueManatee3 karma

I’ve always resented sleep. It feels like a drug, that takes hours to consume, that I have no choice but to be addicted too, I feel vulnerable to literally anything that could go wrong and it’s staggeringly baffling to me. I never seem to get enough or get way too much (again just like drugs). How can I figure out the best sleeping pattern for myself? What’s the best way I can adapt my body to it? (My guess is the gimmicky products out won’t do anything to help me.) Also why do I always feel worse after a nap?

GalleryFurniture3 karma

@OhTheHueManatee Interesting comment, thanks for sharing. The simple reality is all bodies need sleep, therefore I recommend that you stay open minded in your quest to find the right amount and right methods for yourself. It sounds to me like your circadian rhythm is off. The goal is to find a nice, even keel for your sleeping pattern and attack just that. Feelings that you're missing out on something when sleeping, which I suffer from also, is counter productive, in the sense that all your mental health, weight, blood sugar, even links to cancer, are exponentially increased when your body doesn't get enough sleep. Feeling worse after a nap is another indicator to me that your circadian rhythm is most likely off: You should be taking a nap for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 90 minutes, no longer than that, and no shorter than those periods (as sleep cycles occur in periods of 30 minutes each). Good luck finding the right balance and right methods for yourself, as a life long insomniac it was a struggle for me also (in different ways), i feel your pain and commend you for fighting through it!

slayerboy3 karma

What's the best way for nightshift workers to get sleep?

Also, what type of sleep solution should someone who lives in a studio apartment implement?

GalleryFurniture8 karma

@SlayerBoy I would greatly suggest creating the ideal sleep environment for yourself, and for any and all nightshift workers. This would include: darking out your windows with black out shades or heavy drapes, keeping the room as cold as you can stand, 63-68 degrees F is ideal, to turn off all electronics including television, computer, or mobile,and also keep in mind, if you can't fall asleep, I would advise getting up, getting out of bed, going to another room and doing some light reading or light activity until you feel ready to go to sleep, then return to bed. I would apply this advice to your studio apartment and things should go great!

juliebwise3 karma

Why are all new matresses the kind you can't flip over? You can only spin them around.

GalleryFurniture4 karma

@JuliebWise Great question! The short answer is, because mattress manufacturers all decided to make beds one sided. The majority of consumers did not flip the beds as they should therefore creating warranty issues so they eliminated the issue by making most beds one sided. Admittedly there is also a profit motive there also. Vi-Spring, a brand we carry, is two sided.

D_Adman3 karma

What do you recommend as far as mattresses to someone with mild scoliosis?

GalleryFurniture3 karma

@D_Adman Thanks for asking, to be honest I would advise consulting your family physician about that question first. Buying a very good mattress and box spring will help a lot, and I would not purchase a cheaper one, as scoliosis is a very serious spinal defect. Your physician may advise you to purchase a more firm or softer one based on your current medical treatment, when you do feel you have enough information to make your informed decision, I again would advise buying a high quality mattress that fits your budget to provide the support and comfort you deserve.

thedjotaku3 karma

Just got a brand new mattress - warranty replacement for an older mattress that failed after only 7 years. Replacement is Sealy Posturepedic West Glendale. I'm curious what I need to do to keep the bed "fresh" from just getting worn in the places where my wife and I sleep. Are you still supposed to rotate them? (I know this one can't rotate top to bottom, but do you rotate around so that my head is now my wife's feed?) Or is that something that only applied to old mattresses.

Extra info: If I understood the sales guy correctly, this bed is a hybrid foam/spring bed as opposed to foam all the way through.

GalleryFurniture4 karma

@TheDJOtaku I would advise that one of you lay in the middle of the bed periodically. You should not spin a bed head to toe as you will put yourself in the wrong spinal alignment due to the existing impressions in the bed. If you both occasionally lay in the middle of the bed, you will make the bed feel more even left to right with less of a divisional point in the middle of the mattress. Thanks for asking, great question!

Xanza3 karma

Did it make you feel extra dirty giving a serious answer to a man named /u/Mouth_2_Ass?

GalleryFurniture7 karma

@Xanza ahahaha i just LOL'ed literally! Very loudly. Yes it did. I felt like i needed listerine and peroxide ;D

BakerBitch3 karma

How much wiggle room do I have to negotiate for a new mattress set?

GalleryFurniture6 karma

@BakerBitch Here at Gallery Furniture we are not paid on commission, so our margins are set as low as they can. Some brands, such as Tempurpedic, have pricing that is set by the manufacturer, which forces all retailers to abide by the same pricing across the board. In this regard you may find different retail stores that offer the exact same pricing. In this case, I would advise negotiating for free pillows or free delivery. Have a great night!

DerekComedy2 karma

How do you Calculate what is the best amount of sleep for yourself? I'm around 7 hours of sleep a night at age 23. Is that about normal?

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@DerekComedy That's pretty close to the ideal amount for someone of your age group! For a 23 year old it would be ideal to reach 7.5-8.5 hours of sleep every night, so at 7.0 hours, you're pretty close! =) Keep up the hard work, you're doing a great job!

xXPecuniamXx2 karma

What pillow would you record for someone who wants a very soft pillow but not one that makes their head sink through the whole pillow? Also looking for something luxury and a bit on the higher end.

GalleryFurniture6 karma

@xXPecuniamXx You may want to look up Pandora Sheets & Pillows out of Jacksonville, FL, very high end, very luxury, we used to carry them but not anymore. As a pillow goes, they are my preference. Tempurpedic and Dormeo are a close second and third in my book. Thanks for asking!

seekingnorm2 karma

for young people without any specific medical issues (back problems, sleep apnea, etc) but are looking for a reasonably priced, comfortable mattress, what should we look for and what price range could we expect?

GalleryFurniture3 karma

@seekingnorm Thanks for asking, great question. Purchasing a mattress is a tactile event. I would advise to get out, with your parents or on your own if you're able to go, and lay on some mattresses, spend 5-10 minutes or more laying on the ones you feel are in your price range and when pressed down with the palm of your hand are the comfort or feel you are looking for. I would advise to really spend as much time as you can stand laying on the mattress. It depends on the size price range wise, but expect to spend $500-1000 on a new mattress. If that is outside of your price range, you can certainly look at Sam's Club or other second hand stores. I do not advocate that option, but you can certainly look there and may find one that fits your budget and your needs. Thanks again!

pluto0072 karma

Any suggestions for dealing with "restless leg syndrome"?

GalleryFurniture5 karma

@pluto007 A hand held massager or one you can place between the mattress and box spring can be very helpful in soothing Restless Leg Syndrome. It's an involuntary reaction that occurs when sleeping so I don't attribute it to caffeine/etc. A hand held massager for 5-10 minutes per leg before going to sleep can be very helpful.

Q_starella2 karma

Hey Brandon so here my deal

I have chronic insomnia and lower back pain. I am in dire need of a new mattress but simply cannot afford it. is there anything I can do to my current mattress so help.

Thanks in advance

GalleryFurniture5 karma

@Q_starella Thanks for asking! I would advise looking into some mattress toppers. There are some that are available for as little as $30 to $40 and go up to a few hundred dollars. There are some great ones available from Wal-Mart or Target and seeking out name branded ones like Sealy or Serta can sometimes help to find a higher quality option more quickly. Please note, we do not sell mattress toppers, so i have no profit incentive in these recommendations. I truly do think a mattress topper, when you find the right one, can really help in providing more comfort for your sleep experience! I have insomnia also, my commendations for pushing through this condition and making it happen! Have a great day!

enicknick2 karma

I recently bought a new mattress. It was a significant investment. The new mattress feels different than the one in the store. I expected this to occur for a little while, but how long should it take for it to feel like the mattress I wanted?

GalleryFurniture6 karma

@enicknick Great question. It can take anywhere from 7-30 days to "break in" the mattress. This is normal. Most establishments who sell beds will offer you a 30-90 day sleep guarantee, and it is not uncommon for it to take 30 days or more for the mattress to reach the comfort level you experienced in store. Thanks for asking! I hope you enjoy your new mattress!

Morphage20122 karma

I've been reading articles online about which position is the best to sleep in, e.g. on your back, your stomach, your side, etc... What is your opinion on this? Thanks!

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@Morphage2012 Thanks for asking! If you don't mind me cut and pasting my reply to @Tineofthesimes who had a similar question: Sleeping on your stomach is the absolute worst way to sleep. Sleeping on your side usually makes you snore less. Sleeping on your back usually makes you snore more. If sleeping on your stomach, I would advise trying to sleep on your side. If sleeping on your side, I advise sleeping with a pillow between your knees which will alleviate the stress on your lower back. Thanks so much!

wonderwanderexplore2 karma

Is there any alternative to drugs to help me sleep through the night? I find I often wake up many times and have trouble going back to sleep. I have a great bed and mattress already, but still I wake up.

GalleryFurniture5 karma

@wonderwanderexplore Myself and a lot of people suffer from similar experiences. You may want to exercising more, watching your diet especially caffeine intake or sugar intake past the early afternoon (say 2PM) and, as a coworker I just mentioned this conversation to pointed out, if you are over 18 and in a consensual relationship, a healthy sexual relationship can be very conducive towards a great nights' sleep. I am by no means saying it is a must, but for myself it helps. Good for you avoiding drugs in your efforts to get more restful sleep!

Tineofthesimes2 karma

What are the pros and cons of sleeping on your side vs your back vs your stomach?

GalleryFurniture9 karma

@Tineofthesimes Thanks for asking! Sleeping on your stomach is the absolute worst way to sleep. Sleeping on your side usually makes you snore less. Sleeping on your back usually makes you snore more. If sleeping on your stomach, I would advise trying to sleep on your side. If sleeping on your side, I advise sleeping with a pillow between your knees which will alleviate the stress on your lower back. Thanks so much!

completED7112 karma

What's so awful about sleeping on your stomach?

GalleryFurniture7 karma

@completED711 It's not necessarily awful, the reason why it is frowned upon by the sleep community is because the organs shift and therefore could put pressure upon each other during your sleep process. Please be reassured that if it is comfortable for you, it is most likely okay.

Pkm_Trainer_Nia2 karma

I've always slept on my stomach, and you seriously scared me when you said it was the absolute worst way to sleep.

Can the organ shifting/ sleeping on your stomach develop problems later in life?

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@Pkm_Trainer_Nia I apologize, it was not my intention to scare you or anyone else. I apologize. The part I must be honest and relay, is that yes, sleeping on your stomach can cause you to develop health related problems later in life. It puts a lot of pressure on your back, neck and your shoulders, as well as hurting the natural curve of your back, which can lead to soreness. And, because you have to turn your neck to the side, long periods of this can put the neck out of alignment with the spine and can also lead to nerve irritation. For women it also puts added pressure on the breasts and abdomen as well as other internal organs. It is also the leading cause out of all the positions to lead to wrinkles. I would highly advise for all stomach sleepers to try to start sleeping on your side.

Dirtymike52 karma

I have a memory foam/ tempra-pedic or whatever. Is there any health benefits? All I know is that they feel amazing.

GalleryFurniture7 karma

@Dirtymike5 thanks for asking! Yes absolutely! Having a low pressure system to sleep on alleviates joints and takes the pressure off the muscle groups which keeps the spine in alignment. To align the spine, you have to support the muscle groups correctly, and in doing so, you will take pressure off. You're getting a great health benefit from a memory foam mattress and you're going to get healing qualities because of that consistent support! Back pain when sleeping on a memory foam mattress is usually because of improper sleep position or a memory foam that is not holding up to it's shape, i.e. it's cracked or it's not the right density. Thanks Mike!

BluSkyHeisenberg2 karma

What would you recommend for a person who has incredible stomach pain and tosses and turns all night in bed? (Note, not something very hard plz) Edit: I know nothing about sleep and I should considering I have had issues sleeping for years

GalleryFurniture6 karma

@BluSkyHeisenberg Hi! Great user name :) Do you mind if I ask you some questions to follow up? A) With the abdominal pains, your mobility on something soft is going to be compromised. Do you believe that would add to your discomfort? B) In sleeping, do you think you want something cloud soft, something like laying on your sofa, or something slightly firm? --- My first thought: I look forward to getting more information from you, but my initial feedback would be something plush, just enough top to make it nice and soft, but not so much top that your mobility is compromised. I look forward to speaking to you more!

BluSkyHeisenberg2 karma

Thank you! To answer your questions A) I don't think mobility will be a big issue for me. B) I think I would like something cloud soft but not 100% sure, haven't really laid on a good new mattress in ages.

GalleryFurniture3 karma

@BluSkyHeisenberg A) OK thanks for the feedback! That helps greatly! B) Thanks again for the feedback. I would advise the Stearns & Foster Hidden Retreat Villa. It is by far and away one of the softest, most comfortable beds I've ever felt. It's a 100% latex mattress with no springs and additional latex in the pillowtop. It's all made the tallaley way, which means it's ventilated and is very cool to the touch. (It's "thermo-neutral", so to speak.) Great ventilation, extremely soft mattress. Have a great day, Thank you!

Mikeydoes2 karma

Being a sleep expert must be amazing, I didn't know you can go pro in sleeping.

What is like to be able to fall asleep on command?

Being an expert of your stature-- how many days can you sleep for simultaneously?

GalleryFurniture3 karma

@Mikeydoes hehe i LOL'ed literally. Since i'm an insomniac, I'm lucky to sleep for 1/2 a day simultaneously :) I am unfortunately not able to go to sleep on command. My boss Mack is pretty good at it though! We've rode on planes together where he can go to sleep pretty darn quickly. So much so I even lost sleep myself trying to study his technique!! Have a great day @Mikeydoes thank you sir!

icetgoatee2 karma

So I have a little twin mattress on the ground that I tell other people is a bed (I look like a kidnapping victim when I'm in my room). I'm in the market for an actual bed. What would my best bet be for a good comfortable bed that is still inexpensive?

GalleryFurniture6 karma

@icetgoatee Thanks for asking! Sealy Posturepedic offers some great inexpensive options. So does Simmons & Serta (both of which are brands we do not carry). They're all good. Some mattress experts would say, a bed under $1000 you could pick randomly and they would all be very similar. I would suggest purchasing the set (mattress, box spring and metal frame) for both comfort and to reduce the appearance of being a kidnapping victim :D Have a great day!

MayorOfClownTown2 karma

My friend has terrible back pain, but refuses to upgrade from his $300 mattress. Can you just tell him he's an idiot? Also, its not like he's broke or anything either...

GalleryFurniture3 karma

@MayorOfClownTown Haha i want to say "Yes, Please relay the message that Brandon Jackson says you're an idiot" ;D But instead: Please relay the message that by every night of you sleeping bad, when you have the ability to sleep well, which could be easily influenced by a better mattress, I would question either how much pain he is experiencing or his own good judgment to take an action that could be very beneficial to his life. Being masochistic about back pain is not advised by anyone. Continue to be a good friend and gently coach him up that a better mattress could truly provide him less back pain and a better sleep experience. Hopefully over time your rational approach will sway his irrational one! Best of luck, you're a good friend for what you're trying to do! :D

Burning_Isobel2 karma

Looking to purchase a new mattress, actually..... what is the biggest mistake people make when buying a mattress?

GalleryFurniture2 karma

The most expensive mattress is the mattress you buy twice. Most people are looking for to limit expenses, and this is a cardinal sin. Buying cheap is going to result in a bad buy. It is important to find out what works best for you and your body; so test the waters and do not be cheap. Your body will thank you.

AdventureTim2072 karma

As a college student, what kind of mattress topper is best for a college budget? The mattresses here are insufferable.

GalleryFurniture7 karma

@AdventureTim207 I got one from Wal-Mart before that was a Sealy brand that was excellent. I may advise checking Wal-Mart for a Sealy brand mattress topper. It was at an excellent price and my guests who slept on the bed were very satisfied. Thanks Tim!

arcticwolf912 karma

Hi! I have a question about hypnic jerks. I started experiencing them recently and they really mess with my sleep. My question is, why I am experiencing them, and what can I do to make it stop?

GalleryFurniture5 karma

@arcticwolf91 I admittedly am not an expert on hypnic jerks, there are a wide range of potential causes I was able to find including caffeine, stress and strenuous activities in the evening. It has also been theorized that the brain is misunderstanding muscle relaxation and the onset of sleep as a signal that the sleeper is falling. In this regard, I may suggest cutting off caffeine at 2PM in the afternoon or earlier, attempting to dial back stress or exposure to stressful situations and would avoid strenuous activities in the evening time. It should be noted i do not have extensive knowledge in this field and there may be more expert advice you can find upon this subject. Thank you!

simonsen2 karma

I sleep without a pillow is this bad ?

GalleryFurniture6 karma

@SimonSen Absolutely not! As i mentioned in an earlier post, many people sleep without a pillow and have for centuries. Many people sleep comfortably without a pillow and if you are comfortable without one, and sleep restfully through the night or the sleep period your schedule allows (daytime for night shift workers), then by all means it is certainly okay. Thanks for asking!

morgan_freemun1 karma

A month ago we purchased a new king size Serta iSeries Ceremony. We looked at many different mattresses and decided on this one because it had the most positive reviews on the web. We thought about a foam, but they are just too firm for our tastes.

We like the mattress overall, but there are two complaints. The first is that it retains heat too well. In the morning when I wake I will have certain areas that are hot, like my knees, back, and elbows. So that sucks.

My question... We have only had it about a month and my wife and I are both relatively small people compared to most. I'm 165lbs and she is 120lbs. The mattress is already starting to kind of dent in the areas where we sleep. It isn't a lot, but it is noticeable and it doesn't recover over the course of the day.

Is this going to get worse and is this a common problem for such a young mattress? We had our last mattress for ten years and it never started to sag, we loved it. We just wanted to upgrade from queen to king.

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@morgan_freemun It is common for that to occur with Serta brand mattresses. I am a big advocate for Serta, but their foam is poured in China, and I personally prefer foam mattresses whose mold is poured in the USA. The indentation that you are experiencing now is only going to get worse over time, the reason being because the Low Density Loss (LDL) is so low that it continues to occur more and more over time. Have a great day, I appreciate the opportunity to speak to you!

detroitflyer1 karma

Melatonin --> dietary supplement, safe for Long term use; or not a good thing?

GalleryFurniture4 karma

@DetroitFlyer Hello again! :) As i mentioned in my previous response, melatonin can be a helpful sleep aid, but i would advise against using it every night. It can be addictive. Thank you!

MekrahPrime1 karma


GalleryFurniture4 karma

@MekrahPrime Thanks for asking! Congratulations on the new job. At 21 years old I would advise 8-9.25 hours of sleep a night. I would advise going to bed at 9:30PM or earlier. I would advise no more sugar past 2PM and no caffeine past 2PM also. I would additionally advise no alcoholic beverages within 90 minutes of the time you plan to go to sleep. Have a great day!

ToniJabroni1 karma

What can you do for hot flashes?

I can promise you that I haven't slept more than three hours in a row in two decades.

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@ToniJabroni I'm sorry to hear that Toni. If suffering from severe hot flashes, I may suggest looking into Post Menopausal Hormone Therapy (PMHT). Both oral and transdermal estrogens are available as either estrogen alone or estrogen combined with progesterone. They are intended to reduce the hot flashes in their severity and have reported success of reducing hot flashes by 80-90%. Thank you Toni!

Illbjammin1 karma

My mom has bad sciatica pain any suggestions on a new mattress?Any help would be appreciated.Thanks!

GalleryFurniture3 karma

@Illbjammin Sorry to hear that, my wife suffers from sciatica. A good mattress is always good, my wife has found that a daily stretching routine can be very helpful or light yoga, and always keep on hand Icy Hot patches, running them up and down the spine, the gentle heat seems to soothe the back. Taking ibuprofen or aspirin before bed also sometimes helps to reduce the pain. Have a good day!

TheCasemanCometh1 karma

I guess my question is: I apparently move a lot in my sleep and talk a lot in my sleep. Unless I'm absolutely exhausted when I go to sleep I have a lot of dreams and I frequently wake up still tired, what's the deal? what do I need to change so that sleeping doesn't involve talking, moving around, and being tired?

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@TheCasemanCometh It sounds like you are not cycling normally through REM sleep or NREM sleep. Somniloquy is a common term for the act of speaking during sleep, it is an abnormal behavior that sometimes occurs during sleep. It is considered harmless unless you are having it during REM or NREM sleep. It is considered to be genetic and you may want to consult your general physician in regards to this. A lot of times it is considered to be linked to stress or night terror behavior. So sorry for your experiences, keep fighting the good fight! Also work hard to be as stress free as possible and my commendations for continuing to work the maximum amount of sleep possible.

mjolk221 karma


GalleryFurniture5 karma

@Mjolk22 With the amount of sleep you describe in one sitting, you may be a narcoleptic. I would advise contacting your family doctor as narcolepsy can be linked to sleep apnea or other harmful sleep disorders. You may want to try to increase the amount of exercise you are doing and cut off caffeinated beverages and foods containing sugar past 2PM. Good luck in confronting this issue, thanks for the taking the time to ask.

black_crowe1 karma

How many pancakes can you eat in a single sitting

GalleryFurniture3 karma

@black_crowe Haha great question! If i really tried, probably 6. I'm talking big, fluffy pancakes, because that's the way Daddy Brandon likes them :D I should mention I do prefer waffles :D

Stregano1 karma

I do not know if you can answer this, but I am going to try anyway. I have a special "condition" that started awhile ago. I am unsure if you can maybe help me over this to find out something I can try for a solution before going to s sleep doctor (since that is not covered on most insurance plans), plus what happens is that I will fall asleep randomly. I mean, it is random, but seems to really happen when I am in a school-type setting. I could be 100% wide awake and alert, but start reading something in order to learn something, and then fall asleep. It is like reading educational material is some kind of trigger. Yeah, I know, it is weird.

Is there anything you can suggest? Maybe some way I can train myself to stay awake while I learn. I mean, I can learn just fine, but it is random when I fall asleep and seems to happen more when I am digging in to a text book, even if I am loving the information

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@Stregano That is very interesting, thanks for asking. I would first advise making sure you are getting 8 hours or more a night in restful sleep. If not, working towards this goal may be a good first step. I would also advise eating breakfast. That has helped me a lot in staying alert throughout the morning and day. Maintaining a healthy weight through exercise and proper dieting can also be very helpful. Another simple trick is to try to keep a glass of ice water with you. The extra cold sensation frequently can help to shock me into staying awake. Thanks for asking!

daniellejuice1 karma

I am traveling to Japan from the US. Whats the best way to reset my internal sleeping clock with the 14 hour time difference? Its going to feel like 3am when its noon there. Any suggestions to cope well?

GalleryFurniture4 karma

@daniellejuice Yes absolutely! When you immediately get on the airplane, i would advise a goody bag filled with sleep tools, including: a sleep mask (the black mask that goes over your eyes), some moisturizer for your hands, decompression socks (the long, tight, tall socks that help blood circulation), comfortable shoes you can easily remove and some over the counter sleep medication, such as Melatonin or Tylenol PM. I would encourage you to try to physically switch your sleep cycle over to the one you will be abiding by while in Japan. Best of luck and have a great trip!

ezxhaton1 karma

Does Mattress Mac send you guys out to study and do the plant tours? My dad used to work with you guys, doing delivery!

GalleryFurniture3 karma

That's so awesome please give your Dad our best regards! A lot of times I am invited by different manufacturers based on their needs and my experience with the company. Occasionally Mack does pay for me to go visit such as when I visited Vi-Spring in Britain, or Hastens in Sweden. He's a great guy as I'm sure your Dad would agree! Thanks @ezxhaton!

Dracofav1 karma

Is there a type of bed that's best for people who sleep exclusively on their side?

GalleryFurniture4 karma

@Dracofav I would advise something softer that will cradle and nestle you around your hip and shoulder. Something too firm will cause pressure on your shoulder and your hip which can cause tossing and turning. Thanks for asking!

WeirdF1 karma

When I wake up in the morning, I can't have a lie in for too long without my back slowly building up into quite a lot of pain. When I get up the pain fades within a few minutes. I have no back problems except if I lie on my back for too long following waking up, is this my mattress?

GalleryFurniture3 karma

@WeirdF Actually no, it's your spine. The spine does not get nutrients while you sleep, so the act of you getting up and moving around is getting that lubrication back to the spine, thus alleviating the back pain. Thanks for asking, I hope that helps!

Shaeos1 karma

How is the best way to get rid of bedbugs?

Edit: I would also like to know a good brand of mattress that's firmishmaybe? I can find in a twin. Expect much fucking to occur.

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@Shaeos Thanks for asking. RE: Bed Bugs: I would advise getting an exterminator that has bed bug experience to kill them off. You have to kill them at such a high level of heat that it can be difficult to do properly. Sealy Posturepedic makes a great firm twin size mattress such as Cordovan Firm. Great for sleeping or the activity you mentioned. :D Have a great day!


How often to i need to flip/rotate my queen mattress? Wife and I both sleep on it.

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@SHOOTFIRE I would advise rotating as often as needed, and if your mattress is of an older style that still should be flipped, it is suggested to do so 4 times a year. A non-flip mattress, I would suggest rotating and laying on the middle of the bed to create a level sleep surface. Thank you so much!

mtgeekman1 karma

I have been dealing with insomnia for most of my life. Did a sleep study and the Dr's response to the results was a flat, "You sleep like crap" (actual words). He tried to put me on some Anti-Depression and Anti-Anxiety meds which had no effect or made things worse.

This has gotten worse lately.

My mattress is comfy to me and I love my pillow. Every time I've gone to a Dr about it they tell me its just a seasonal thing and don't listen to what I tell them... after the last Dr I haven't gone back.

What would you suggest?

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@mtgeekman Thanks for asking. I myself am also a lifelong insomniac, so i understand your feelings and frustration. I apologize for the unprofessional attitude and bedside manner of the sleep study doctor whom which you met with. Anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications, I would agree, most likely will not help a non-anxious, non-stressed, not depressed insomniac. If you were depressed, by definition you would sleep more than the average person. For myself, sleep medications (specifically Ro-Azepam) seem to give me the ability to not only go to sleep and stay asleep, but especially to fall asleep, which has been very difficult for me. If open minded to medication, you may want to look into it or similar other sleep medications, perhaps a small sample trial amount and seeing how it works. Numerous other sleep medications and tranquilizers were not effective for myself. Melatonin also sometimes works and is over the counter, although I would advise NOT taking it every night as it can become habit forming. If trying to avoid medicines, and even in conjunction with medicine, I would advise light yoga or prayer for up to 30 minutes before trying to go to sleep, as well as paying particular attention to your sleep environment, which should include keeping the room as dark as possible, as cool as possible (63-68 degrees F is ideal), and free of electronics, including TV, cell phone, computers, etc. I would try to avoid exposure to any electronic screens about an hour or more before bed time. I would also avoid caffeine or sugary foods after 2PM and would advise exercise and proper diet within your comfort zone. I feel for you, best of luck and keep up the hard work!

donghead1 karma

I read an article one time about how if you practice getting very little sleep, say taking a 3 hour nap during the day and then forcing yourself to stay awake and continuing on like that, eventually your body will learn to make the most of the sleep it does get. This results in your body going straight to REM sleep when you do take those 3-4 hour naps.

Is this true or have i just been lied to this whole time?

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@donghead My opinion would be that you have been lied to. Sleep is the one commodity which you cannot catch up on. Adults should sleep 7.5-8.5 hours per every 24 hours (at night or day, if a night shift worker). I have not ever been exposed to scientific evidence which indicates that forcing oneself to sleep a shorter amount of time can speed the process of entering REM sleep. I am sure there are people who are still very intelligent and sleep less than 8 hours a night, but I am not so sure that those people will not experience adverse physical and mental health effects from such activity. Thank you for asking!

spiced1 karma

How do I train myself to sleep on my back or side? I'm a stomach sleeper and it's really messing with my neck.

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@spiced Good job being knowledgeable about it and working towards that goal. I would advise using pillows as barriers to force yourself to sleep on your side, including a pillow for normal use under your head (if interested, feel free to read some of my previous posts about proper pillow placement and usage) and a pillow between your knees. Great job working towards it! You can do it!

Elphie_8191 karma

Can you recommend a brand of pillow? My dad is extremely picky and keeps rejecting pillows for being too soft, too hard, too squishy, etc!

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@Elphie_819 Tempurpedic pillows are great if you are comfortable with a memory foam pillow. Some may find that to be too firm. Alternatively a latex pillow might be perfect, they are cool to avoid heat build up with a nice balance of being firm while still soft to the touch. I personally prefer down pillows. Thank you so much for asking!

mailbox1231 karma

How can I improve a hard crappy dorm room mattress?

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@mailbox123 if you don't mind me cut and pasting my reply to @AdventureTim207: I would advise a mattress topper. I got one from Wal-Mart before that was a Sealy brand that was excellent. I may advise checking Wal-Mart for a Sealy brand mattress topper. It was at an excellent price and my guests who slept on the bed were very satisfied. Thanks Tim!

mrgoober13371 karma

What is your favorite TemperPedic mattress? How do you feel about the new octaspring mattress? I'm also a mattress wrangler, every mattress you've seen, I've picked up over my shoulders.

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@mrgoober1337 Awesome! Great talking to a fellow willing worker! :D My favorite Tempurpedic is a Cloud Luxe Breeze. I've been really impressed with how durable the Dormeo Octaspring is. We have had a minimal number of complaints or returns, I've been very impressed! Nice talking to you!

gracefulzaz1 karma

I've noticed there's a difference between sleeping on a comfortable mattress on a bed, and having that same mattress lay on the floor. Is there a reason for this?

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@gracefulzaz Absolutely. It is the foundation under the mattress. The foundation in my opinion plays as much of a role in the comfort of the mattress as the actual mattress itself. Therefore, a mattress directly on the floor would be a firmer foundation thus making the bed feel less comfortable. Alternatively, if you put it on a semi-deflective surface such as a box spring, it will make the bed slightly more comfortable because it will yield when the mattress is giving (under the pressure of a human body/bodies on top). Thank you for asking!

rachael_bee1 karma

I have been having horrific dreams every night for 2 months, except when I sleep on the couch. why?

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@rachael_bee The bed psychologically speaking may be a source of anguish or stress. This is not uncommon, especially if trauma or stress related memories are triggered by being in your bed. If you are able to achieve 8+ hours of restful sleep on the couch, that may be advisable until you are able to figure out what is raising your stress levels in regards to the bed. Sorry to hear about that Rachael, I hope you a quick resolution to this situation!

zabawa1 karma

What would you not recommend eating right before bed?

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@zabawa Great question! Please try to avoid: alcohol, caffeine, spicy food, dairy products, meats high in protein, processed food or MSG, and garlic. Foods that are good right before bed include: Fiber and whole grains, crackers, sparkling water, hummus (with vegetables), bananas, apples, dried fruit/nuts, cashews, cereals with oats. Thanks for asking!!

BreakOpen1 karma

My girlfriend suffers from stomach problems, is a light sleeper, and often wakes up later than I do. When I wake up to get ready for work, I usually wakes her up too despite my best efforts. What mattress would you recommend that would help with this?

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@BreakOpen Great job being so compassionate to want to alleviate this situation for your girlfriend, you're the best! I might suggest a memory foam mattress because there is no interconnection from left to right therefore creating good motion separation index so as to protect her sleeping state while allowing you to get out of the bed. Or, if you are going to consider a regular inner spring mattress, you may want to consider one with pocketed coil because each individually wrapped coil will likewise help to create a better motion separation index than one that is interconnected left to right. To be clear, I do feel that a memory foam mattress would help more with this specific objective than a pocketed coil mattress. I am very familiar with Tempurpedic & Dormeo memory foam mattresses and can highly suggest both of those brands. Thanks again!

mumrahsDjang1 karma

The past week I have been waking up around 2-4am. I go to bed around 10:30-11pm each night and wake up at 7:05 every morning. My mattress is very comfy and I have no complaints. What would be the cause of this?

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@mumrahsDjang It could be stress related, or possibly a false bladder reading, which is to say waking up with the feeling you need to go to the restroom. If it's not stress related (say a new stressor in your life in recent weeks) it could be a deeper psychological issue that your mind is simply unwilling to let go of. At that stage in the night, you should be in the real rejuvenation part of your sleep pattern, and should be at your deepest stage of sleep at that time. For myself, keeping a stress journal where i write down any stressors or anxieties before bed, then put that journal in a nearby drawer, and "put away" those thoughts for the evening, is very beneficial. Perhaps this or light yoga before bed could help. Thank you for your question!

stumblecow1 karma

What about doubling up on pillows? Do you recommend it? I sort of end up with like one pillow for the head, and kind of clutching another pillow like I'm married to it.

ps: from NYC

GalleryFurniture2 karma

Hi @stumblecow! That's absolutely normal. I would advise only one pillow under your head, but an additional one to hold onto is actually very helpful in alleviating stress from your opposite shoulder, and if you like an additional pillow between your knees, this is also advisable because you won't twist your back. You're doing great! Keep it up!

CallaBreeze1 karma

I have a small waist, and big hips. When I sleep, I toss and turn due to pain in my hips where the difference in touching the bed is. I have tried using pillows to help alleviate some of the pain, but it doesn't work well.

Which mattress would be the ideal choice for me?

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@CallaBreeze I would advise something softer that yields around the hip and comforts and supports that nerve ending in your hip. It may be hard to find, but I would advise laying on mattresses you are considering for at least 10 minutes or more to see how it feels to you. If considering a Tempurpedic, I'd advise looking into the Cloud Supreme, or Cloud Luxe product models, which will fit your needs very well. Thank you so much!

ignoramusaurus1 karma

Whats the optimum amount of sleep? What's the best way to wake up feeling refreshed?

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@ignoramusaurus Great username :D It's all based on age, and certain age groups need to sleep certain amounts. From 1-4 weeks ago, 15-16 hours per day, from 1-4 months, 14-15 hours per day, from 4-12 months, 14-15 hours per day, from 1-3 years old, 12-14 hours per day, from 3-6 years old, 10-12 hours per day, from 7-12 years old, 10-11 hours per day, from 12-18 years old, 8-9.25 hours per day, Adults: 7.5-8.5 hours per day. Getting the proper amount of restful sleep and really making sure those last 2 hours of sleep you are completely uninterrupted is the best way to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to seize the day!

Royal_Hofner1 karma

Did you ever watch the Penn & Teller BS episode on the "Sleep" Industry? If so what did you think about it?

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@Royal_Hofner Sorry I have not watched it. I did just watch a small portion of it on YouTube, an interview with Dr. Daniel Kripke, and his feedback regarding sleep medication, and while I don't agree with everything he said (the 10 minutes comment) I do agree with certain aspects. I personally take a medicine to sleep every day, and as a doctor confirmed insomniac, can say that I personally believe my medicine helps me to sleep better and for me, the proof is in the numbers: I sleep more now (8-10 hours every night) than i ever have in my adult life, so for me, it works. That is, mind you, after many, many failed attempts at medication, with different medications that did not work for me and were an abject failure. I have not watched the episode in it's entirety, but I think it's fair to say if you read all my responses on this AMA, that I am not pushing products or trying to make money from this venue, simply trying to share some of my sleep or mattress knowledge that I've accumulated over the years. I do stand by the fact that I think sleep, restorative, restful sleep in excess of 7.5 hours every day, is good for EVERYONE. Thanks for asking, I appreciate it!

koeke14-1 karma

Have you ever heard about lucid dreaming, and if so, have you practiced it yourself?

GalleryFurniture2 karma

@Koeke14 I have not read much about it, but after your and @BreakfastWithReddits' questions, I certainly plan on reading more! I have not practiced it myself.

BreakfastWithReddit-1 karma

Are you an expert in creating lucid dreams? If yes, how do you do it?

GalleryFurniture4 karma

@BreakfastWithReddit No I am not. That's more of a psychological thing and is not within my range of expertise. Thanks!