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I gotta disagree with you there based on personal experience. Boyfriend has a tempurpidic mattress and I love having sexy time on that more than a traditional mattress. We stayed at a hotel recently and with the bouncing of the bed we couldn't get a good rhythm going. That may just be due to the fact that we are used to doing it on a tempurpidic.

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So happy to see this AMA. Right now I am getting a degree in Wildlife Ecology: Information and Education with a minor in Captive Wildlife. You had my dream job. I have had an internship as a zookeeper before but was not allowed to work with the big cats as policy had just changed to not allow interns to work with them :/

Can you suggest a good way to market myself to a future employer once I start applying for permanent jobs in that field? Also what was the job market like when you were working the zoo circuit? I have to admit that I am terrified of what the job market will be.