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What sort of information do you mine from a serious applicants personal Facebook profile?

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What is the corporate culture of Facebook like? Do they offer relocation to all jobs, or only the more senior level?

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Nick, thank you for doing this! I’m a huge fan and super excited to ask you this. I refuse to believe that Ron Swanson is just a character made up by a team of writers. I like to believe you directly influenced that characters creation and parts of Ron are you. Like, writers sat you down and asked you to fill out a Meyers Briggs test and then said “ok, this is literally Ron Swanson”. Please tell me I’m right? ;)

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I have personal experience with cyberknife. It saved my aunts life.

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I am traveling to Japan from the US. Whats the best way to reset my internal sleeping clock with the 14 hour time difference? Its going to feel like 3am when its noon there. Any suggestions to cope well?