RJD2 here. I'm about to put out my 5th full length album "More Is Than Isn't" on October 8th. I'm releasing this one on my own label, RJ's Electrical Connections. I'm gonna be here until around 3pm. Ask me anything! For more info about the new album: rjd2.net / https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/more-is-than-isnt/id704539646 Proof: Imgur / https://twitter.com/rjd2/status/382160702330662912

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mrs_marty_pants789 karma

One time you ordered a chai tea at a coffee shop i was working in at UPENN, and I accidentally put apple cider in it and didn't realize until you were gone.

No questions. I just wanted to apologize.

RJD2RJD2551 karma

hahaha! thanks. must have been a long time ago. i havent had a chai in years.

mrs_marty_pants123 karma


I asked you if you were working on any projects and you were talking about finishing up a soundtrack for a videogame- Getting Up.

I realized after you left that I had just put milk/soy in an apple cider and steamed it up. I wanted to throw up FOR you.

I didn't last long in that job...

RJD2RJD2151 karma

hahaha! oh sorry. i guess i was kinda laughing at your employment demise for a second there. not cool!

docKy301 karma

No question here, just came to tell you that your music is awesome! Keep up the good work.

RJD2RJD2171 karma


Drew_Shoe290 karma

Years ago, I heard you call into Car Talk and ask the Tappets for advice about your girlfriend's VW.

Did you end up getting the car fixed, or did you trade it in for something that wasn't a lemon?

Also- do you have any unreleased joints with Camu Tao that we can look forward to in the future?

RJD2RJD2279 karma

LOL-ha, yea. it got fixed. i have some cassette tape joints that will stay right where they are, out of respect.

black_treacle77242 karma

The other day I discovered that you were the guy who made the Mad Men theme. I'm a big fan of yours, And I have probably heard that song a few hundred times, and had no idea you made it, it was a nice suprise. Are you still making music for TV shows/movies?

RJD2RJD2280 karma

there's a TV show on the table right now, but i'm not sure if i'll get it or not. so i can't say. so in a year i'll either have nice things to say or i will be a TOTAL DOUCHE about it. sike, i wont.

tellinjokesman188 karma

What's your favourite way of coming across a sample you want to use?

Trying to figure out where some of your samples come from has got me into so much new music, so thanks for that

RJD2RJD2286 karma

hahaha. digging, the old fashioned way.

RJD2RJD2157 karma

Alrighty folks, thanks for having me. I gotta get cast off. Until next time-cheers!

fifaforlife147 karma

Wow, i've never been to one of these so early. I was curious if you have a desire to collaborate with any names in the hip-hop industry, whether it it a rapper, group or even another producer?

Also, many people here know your song Ghostwriter; however, what are some other of your lesser known songs that you feel represent you strongly as both an artist and a person?


RJD2RJD2280 karma

collabs: kind of alot to cram into one response, but here goes.

d'angelo de la pharoahe monch brad mehldau hov! zack brock

lots more.

re: songs-making days longer, let there be horns, games you can win, giant squid, someones second kiss, i guess?

David92093 karma

Big fan of your music! I was wondering on average how long the process is for making songs like Seven Light Years, Smoke & Mirrors, and Ghost Writer?

Thanks for doing the AMA! You're a fantastic musician and every time I hear your music I feel like a badass. Thanks man!

RJD2RJD2152 karma

thanks much. tunes like that would come together in oh, i'd say, a couple hours to a couple days. varies on how complex-obviously the latter has more going on than the former. the further into my catalog you go, the faster it would happen. which is rational. volume is the key, really-i often used to have to make 3-5 beats to get one standout. again, my batting average increases as i age.


Technical question here - how do you isolate specific parts in samples you use? It might have come from a 50 year old vinyl but all I can hear in your track is a drum beat, or vocal line in the final song.

RJD2RJD2165 karma

this is where the discipline of digging comes in. it just comes from finding source material that is just one thing at a time. its ENORMOUSLY time consuming. but that's really the only way to do it-there arent any tried and true techniques. i've developed some conceptual "hacks", if you will, but these are things that are centered around slight of hand but for your ears, basically. noone can take a tune that doesnt have a drum break and just extract the drum sounds from it with a magic wand or anything.

dudeimhigh48 karma

The Colossus kept me going through freshman year of college! You're awesome. What was the first thing you remember that got you into making music?

RJD2RJD268 karma

sweet! thanks, glad you liked it. 1st thing i remember was either my mind being blown by the 1st UTFO tape, or my friend playing/teaching me the intro to "stairway to heaven" on guitar.

cjb81360541 karma

What/when/where was the best gig you've ever played? What makes a great gig? Saw you at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, MA years ago with Blueprint and it was one of the best shows ever. The crowd was so into it.

Also, my preschoolers LOVE "Inversions Of The Colossus"! We listen to it everyday.

RJD2RJD2132 karma

can't say i had a BEST show. i had a memorable experience in bellingham washington. we were playing a tiny club, and at the end of the set, i'd put my suit back on, come out front, and do a hand gesture to come back into "ghostwriter"(it took alot of rehearsing to get this perfect with the band). when it drops back in, people usually would go crazy. so im in the suit, the shit comes back in with my hand gesture, the whole room goes apeshit-BUT- this one kid in the front row just grabs in face like he just couldnt handle it. like it was too much to process. and i'm like 3 feet in front of him. i'll never forget that moment.

yaay kids!!!

cjb8136056 karma

I love when you perform with the band, especially when newbies get to experience your stuff with a live band. Their minds are blown! How long do you guy have to practice to get all the sounds down? Not to get to fangirlish, but it sounds amazingly fresh and it's like hearing it for the first time.

RJD2RJD210 karma

it was usually like a week of blitzkreig rehearsals for each tour. thanks so much!

wemptronics38 karma

RJ! 10+ year fan here and first I want to say I have a lot of respect for your work, but also how you constantly interact with your fans on social media. I was submitting an AMA request for you today until I checked your facebook page.

  1. What's your favorite track off the new album?
  2. When can we expect tour dates for MITI?
  3. What happened to your Wakarusa performance this year?

I know the last one is iffy, as I heard a lot of rumors as to why you didn't perform. You were definitely my #1 reason to drive 14 hours to Arkansas. No hard feelings of course, with the inclement weather and what not I can understand the difficulty.

Stay awesome, thanks for the AMA!

RJD2RJD250 karma


hmmm, fav? probably suites 1-3. this will hopefully make sense when you hear it.

tour dates: ahhh..... i'm gonna do spot dates this time around. no plans to grind it out in a van ATM. i had a kid a while back, and he is really fun to be around. no offense, i love touring, but, yea. i can't get those years back.

waka-check my FB page. i explained it in agonizingly shitty detail. im REALLY sorry about that. short story: communication snafu-i don't just arbitrarily bail on gigs.

GullyFolly30 karma

Not a question, but just wanted to apologize for how badly University of Miami screwed your show over last homecoming. I went solely because I had never seen you live and was thoroughly disappointing at the lights being on and the volume being turned down low. Definitely looking forward to seeing you the next time you're in South Florida. Keep making awesome music man

RJD2RJD254 karma

haha! honestly, gigs like those are some of my favorites. if you cruise thru life with no environments that challenge you, you won't learn much. so yea, at that moment on stage with a crowd that is there to see the headliner, 60-70% of which has no idea who you are, it's an L. but a memorable one, if that makes sense.

Atario28 karma

I hear you a lot (and like it) on my "Röyksopp Radio" Pandora channel. How does that sit with you?

RJD2RJD256 karma

it sits surprisingly ok with me

syrophenikan22 karma

Thank you for doing this ama again! You, and a few others have been an inspiration for me to DJ and produce my own tunes.

Do you plan on doing any collaborative work with Blueprint again? Or are you working with any other hip hop folks out there? I know slug has done an AMA here as well (that'd be something, you two getting together would be so awesome).

RJD2RJD231 karma

print's on my new album. and the follow up. and yes, we are working on a new SP album.

SeattleSonics21 karma

How did you come up with your name? I've always wondered if it has anything to do with R2D2. Also I just want to thank you for making such incredible music that has helped me out a lot over the years.

RJD2RJD212 karma

was bestowed-see above. thanks!

OneSingleMonad21 karma

I heard talk a few years back of you producing an album with a band called The Teeth (lately reformed as Purples with a new album set for early next year, I think).

What other philly rock bands have you produced in recent years?

If you could have your way:

What local band would you love to produce but haven’t? What nationally known band would you love to produce but haven't?

Thanks for helping give Philly a good name, man!

RJD2RJD229 karma

i havent done nearly as much of the traditional producing as i'd have liked to. i frankly don't get asked that often. i did a weathervane session for lushlife this year. that's it. i don't really know who is local and awesome right now in philly, but i think it'd be fun to make some recordings with man man. they seem to have a similar "no holds barred" approach.

Fletchenstein17 karma

Do you still listen to other music when you're creating or working on a big project like an album release? If so, what's on RJD2's playlist lately?

RJD2RJD232 karma

i'm ALWAYS trying to get hip to new music, recording or not. lately, mostly jazz. everything from bill evans up to azymuth. but some other stuff, here and there-new rap, early prog rock, whatever.

GoddessCeres17 karma

Are there any plans for more Soul Position releases? That'd be awesome. Thanks for the AMA!

RJD2RJD215 karma

Y-see above

slooted15 karma

No question, just wanted to say you're awesome!

RJD2RJD214 karma


freshfantastic15 karma

The Horror was my jam for years. I flew to Ottawa in 2005 to watch you at the DMC's and it was awesome. I'm an independent artist with a pretty good following in Canada, is there any advice you can give me on the come up?

RJD2RJD236 karma

cool-just keep grinding. have fun. don't do it for a love of attention or fame. make sure you can look back as a 45 year old subway sandwich maker with fond memories of how you spent your time. it could happen to all of us.

j222j14 karma

Why did you bail from Wakarusa?

RJD2RJD260 karma

i posted this on my FB page. but it looks like it maybe needs to be revisited here....

i have a daysheet from my booking agency. it shows when and where i need to be. when i was initially booked for Waka, it showed my time slot as 1:30am on thursday night. so i booked the travel for that. my flight was submitted to the ground transportation crew 6 weeks in advance. the runs were confirmed. show was advanced. i got there on thursday night, only to find that my set time had been changed at some point to saturday night. i normally don't REcheck the actual day i'm playing somewhere after i bought the flight, cause, well, what reason would i have to? i never anticipated that the actual DAY would change. so i flew back friday, and had somewhere i couldnt come BACK to AR the following day. trust me, this sucked. bad. i did a 24 hour transportation marathon, only to see the inside of an airplane, car, and hotel. i'm sorry it sucked for everyone that wanted to see me. bad situation all around.

bonesoup14 karma

Where do you get these wonderful toys?

RJD2RJD236 karma

i work, i get money, then i buy 'em. there's an underground economy for everything, not just freebase and hookers. this here internet comes in handy now and then.

bill_bull14 karma

Hey RJ! I've seen you twice, once with your whole band which was awesome! Want to say you are super talented and rad!

Question: Your career has been all over the musical map from Your Face or Your Kneecap to Third Hand and everywhere in between, is there any new direction your looking to explore that's far beyond you current scope?

RJD2RJD267 karma

i still would like to make a record that is a real, hard as nails, rock record. i mean like deep purple meets bad brains type hard. we'll see.

iEzhik14 karma

Oh hey, you're that guy I listen to on Spotify.

Hi. :)

RJD2RJD239 karma


boomstack14 karma

I start every Sunday with a playlist influenced by your albums. How do you start your Sundays? What kind of music or artists are in your Sunday playlist?

Can't wait for more soul position. I'm glad you answered that one.

RJD2RJD233 karma

cool. sundays are either NPR or jazz, usually. maybe some vince guaraldi, or something a little more ambient. jean michel-jarre or something like that.

DankityDankity13 karma

I saw you a couple years ago at University of Oregon. Some freshman threw and broke a glass bottle and your set got cut short. Sorry about that, man. We all had an awesome time and were so pumped that you came to our little college town!

RJD2RJD212 karma

cool-fun times. great crowd!

Salacious-13 karma

Wouldn't the name "R2DJ" make more sense?

RJD2RJD248 karma

ehh. doesnt roll off the tongue quite as stupidly as rjd2.

Poro_Op13 karma

RJ! I shook your hand after your performance at Thrival! It was one of the single greatest moments of my life. I just wanted to say that such a small thing made me love you and you music that much more. So thank you so much for that simple handshake.

RJD2RJD216 karma

oh shit! of course. no prob. thanks for the love.

joshgold313 karma

First off, thank you for doing this!

Now for DA BIZNISS: In Columbus, a lot of us here view you as a sort of "hometown hero" seeing as you spent much of your early career in the city. I was curious as to what some of your favorite places were in Columbus to spend your time? Any fun dive bars, record shops, parks, etc?

P.S. I gave you a fortune cookie fortune at your Bluestone show in April and never got to explain it because you got called off stage. Basically I was down to the last $30 to my name and found that fortune during my lunch break. It said something along the lines of "There is a great adventure waiting for you", at which point I decided to use the last of my money and see you spin for the first time in the 4 years I've been listening to your work.

Thanks for a great show, and please always come back to CBus. We love you.

RJD2RJD212 karma

awww, thanks! cols is dear to my heart. hope it was the right decision!

Doesntafraid512 karma

Hi RJ, Ive been a Big fan since Deadringer (even used part of good times roll pt 2 to intro the groomsmen at my wedding).

About your album, The Third Hand, what made you decide to do so many of the vocals yourself? I listened to that album so many times before I found out it was you!

RJD2RJD225 karma

that's badass. so if you listened to it that many times, i take it you didnt hate it? :)

i dunno, sometimes listening habits influence recording habits. i was listening to ALOT of psych rock and "classic" rock leading up to that album. and i always have tried to have a vocal presence on my records, it was just usually done thru samples. add in a healthy dose of "i don't really give a shit about my relevance in music" and "hmmmm what does this button do", and.....there you have it.

Doesntafraid57 karma

Lol, sounds like you weren't too happy with it?

It was not my favorite of your records, but I had been long anticipating a new release from you and while some songs i didn't like, there were others that I liked a lot and then grew to appreciate the ones i wasn't initially so fond of.

It has been a while since i sat down and listened to the whole thing, but I remember feeling like I could connect with you because you had something to say. I always liked your music, but going from mostly instrumentals to actually lyrics allowed me some insight. Someday and Just When I really connected to in terms of having a family, and whats important.

Maybe I just liked your "classic" and psych rock influences. Anyway, thanks for getting back to me, cant wait for the new album!

RJD2RJD220 karma

no, i liked and was proud of the album, i just.....get alot of hate for it.that's all.

stumblecow11 karma

I wrote some lyrics to "A Beautiful Mine":

Mad Men, Mad Men, Mad Men, Mad Men, Mad Men, Mad Men, Mad Men, Mad Men, Maaaaaaaad....

(mad they are so mad they are so mad)

RJD2RJD214 karma

genius. pure genius. timeless, and yet so full of immediacy and poignance.

TempestofChaos11 karma

Hey RJ, always wondered, what color is your soul?

RJD2RJD2103 karma

no soul inside, had it replaced with a big paper mache dollar sign.

DiscoInterno10 karma

Are there any local hip hip acts from Philly that you're into? Thinking of maybe guys like Has-lo, Zilla Rocca, Reef the Lost Cauze?

RJD2RJD210 karma

yea, Reef is dope

TheoAdler10 karma

I'm a huge fan!! :) (Deadringer is one of the most listened to albums on my ipod) I've always wondered what the meaning of the album cover was though. What's he looking at and why is he laying there?

RJD2RJD226 karma

shit, you are thinking about it harder than i did :)

akinch05909 karma

Hey man, huge fan of your music. I recognize that this is a fairly common question in electronic music AMAs, but I was wondering what your stance was on the recent media attention to substances like MDMA. I've read a lot about it and just want to know your thoughts. Thanks!

RJD2RJD243 karma

i think there should be ways for kids to get educated about how to take care of themselves. abstinence doesnt work for sex, and it doesnt work for drugs. there is a taboo to overcome about discussing these things; any agency that tries to educate kids will invariably be accused of condoning drug use.

at the same time, honestly? i think it's bullshit that labels are totally fine promoting singles from miguel and miley cyrus and all these rappers talking about molly left and right all over their records. in the same way that i think it's unfortunate that gangbanging and selling crack is totally commonplace in commercial rap, and nobody on the radio or label side seems to give a shit about any kind of balance, in terms of messages that resonate on a human level. i'm not surprised Macklemore is going 7x platinum; in the landscape of popular music, he's damn near a lone island in terms of "message"-he should.

nmd01199 karma

What software/protools do you use to make your music and gather samples? Fruity Loops? Adobe Premier? MPC's?

RJD2RJD220 karma


barrytrousers9 karma

if you could have created/written any song what would it be?

RJD2RJD236 karma

well i think that "giant steps" is arguably the most important chord changes written in the 20th century, so in terms of "trophy song", i think that's it. but i dont really think about music like that; i'm not in a one-upmanship/bloodsport mindstate most of the time i'm making music.

errangatang8 karma

Hello RJD2! Huge fan here. one of my fav performances was at camp bisco 2010 with break science.

How did your relationship with Break Science come about? any notable collabs coming up in the near future? What are your favorite festivals/places to play?

RJD2RJD212 karma

i brought them out to open on one leg of The Colossus tour in 2010, based off youtube videos. i remember the first night of tour, i was late coming in the gig, and my drummer was like "you've gotta see this guy". he rarely likes drummers. from there, it just blossomed out of mutual respect, really.

powerwafer8 karma

Is it ever tempting to go "the easy route" and switch to all digital production that's so prevalent in this day and age? What makes you stick with vinyl, especially live, other than setting yourself apart and the "wow" factor?

On a personal note, seeing you live a couple years ago was one of my favorite shows I've ever been to and I can't wait to see you again when the opportunity presents itself.

RJD2RJD223 karma

thanks! not really. i think it's obvious by now that constantly pumping out music is not my #1 priority. i have always worked under the general ethos that taking risks within the framework of style is something i'm willing to do, but risks in terms of "quality control", or half-assing it, isn't what i want to do. i want to look back and know that i couldnt have worked harder on any of my records.

6anon7 karma

What was it like working with Blueprint? Will we get to hear more Soul Position in the future?

RJD2RJD28 karma

always great.

Ronin3117 karma

Ramble, you are amazing! So stoaked you're releasing another album! Any tracks you are particularly proud of?

RJD2RJD211 karma

im particular to the whole record, honestly :) i may feel different in the future, too.

SenshiSaiza6 karma

Who are some of your favorite people to work with? I hear Aesop is one chill duder!

RJD2RJD212 karma

blueprint and aaron livingston are close to the top, but they are homies, so yea.

Letsgetsmitfaced5 karma


What was the turning point in your life when you decided to make music your primary career?

Also, what's your favorite sample you've ever used?

RJD2RJD27 karma

turning point: i had two. i quit being a server once to be a dj. it lasted about 6-12 months. then i got a real job. then i quit being a bank teller to be a producer. it stuck that time. fav sample: not one, but there's been some flips i'm proud of. the string part in "act 2" is probably one i'm most proud of.

cl0s33n0ugh5 karma

Pumped I caught this AMA from the jump. Just found out about you a few months back, and now, your tunes are my go-to for just about any mood. Keep showin em your stuff! Also - hoping to catch you at FFFest here in Austin in November - any plans on coming back this way after that?

RJD2RJD24 karma

nothing booked AFTER that.

tesmundo895 karma

I've always wondered, what instruments do you play?

RJD2RJD212 karma

i amateurishly play drums, bass, keys, guitar.

gabeman5 karma

I have no idea how I found your music, but I'm so glad I did. I remember preordering SWLS and I think the free poster I got for preordering is still up in my bedroom at my parents house.

Anyway, your music has been used in tons of ads, movies, and even as the Mad Men theme song. Do you have a favorite way that it's been used? A least favorite? Keep up the awesome work!

RJD2RJD212 karma

that's awesome! wonder if i have that poster. favorite? probably Mad Men, honestly. sorry-truth is boring sometimes.

fish_bait5 karma

Long time fan! As for a question, what's your thoughts on the mash up scene... do you view the folks involved as "artists", or just some guys with computers recycling other artists music?

RJD2RJD215 karma

is it a scene? i didnt know. i hear it here and there. it is a thing. a thing that has been known to come out of speakers from time to time. yyyyup. definitely exists.

SirReginaldQuilsbury4 karma

Hi! I was wondering where you find the samples that you use. They're so unique and really give your music a distinct sound.

RJD2RJD223 karma


yonbonabooyah4 karma

Hey brother just wanted to say I love your music. Saw you for the 1st time at camp bisco years ago and had a blast. Keep on doin what you're doin!

RJD2RJD25 karma


Chicekly4 karma

Hey saw you at Bonnaroo in 05' great show it was the first time I had seen you live, I know you haven't played there since and was wondering do you enjoy playing festivals or is it a necessary evil that artists tend to have to do?

RJD2RJD212 karma

i do enjoy it. i dont HAVE to do anything.

BlerpityBloop4 karma


RJD2RJD212 karma

i usually try to get to point B as quick as possible. i don't like using my conscious mind at the beginning stages. once i'm at point C or D, it's all downhill. or uphill. whichever one is good and easy.

RandellThor4 karma

What are some of your current favorite artists and songs?

PS Love your stuff

RJD2RJD213 karma

depends on genre. zack brock, yo yo ma, the stepkids, disclosure all put out great records recently.

Bankara3 karma

Hey RJ, awesome to know that a new album is dropping. I have been digging your work since way back. I was a casual fan until this one time I woke up from a dream where 'June' had been the soundtrack to it. I spent the next day searching through everything I had been listening to to find out what that song was and once I did I gave it a much closer listen and heard Copywrite's lyrics about his father's passing. Gave me chills because the dream was about my own dead father.

TL DR; When an artist's music insinuates itself into my dreams I basically become a lifelong fan. Thanks for all the amazing music and looking forward to more!

RJD2RJD26 karma


bionicnipple3 karma

RJ, do you believe in aliens?

RJD2RJD247 karma

i was a mathematics major. logic and reason are my respites in what can be a cold world. statistically speaking, i think the odds of life elsewhere in the universe are 99.94%. intelligent life? that can be debated, i think. still likely.

JonBoyWhite3 karma


RJD2RJD26 karma

sweet! not my first.

WhySoSlow3 karma

Big fan and went to Dancefestopia in KC just to see you and was way upset that you were not a headliner. What was up with that? Anyway I know you were a mathmatics major, so my real question is while taking mathmatics at university is there anything that you explicitly learned in class that helped you become a better musician?

RJD2RJD25 karma

ha. hey, i just go where they tell me!

not really. the causal link is probably the other way around-i likely found music comfortable because i found numeric relationships comfortable in a similar way. sister disciplines and all that.

anagram_pro3 karma

What do you think about the other Philly EDM guys? Nigel Richards, Diplo (last 2 years), etc? Would you ever collab with Nigel or Diplo?

RJD2RJD28 karma

i respect what they are doing, stylistically. i'd be down.

y2jk3 karma

Saw you in Columbus, concert was absolutely amazing, took a picture with you but forgot to ask you 2 things. Will there be another Ice Bird album? Also, will you make another a song with Kenna? Keep making music, I enjoy your work.

RJD2RJD27 karma

yes. and yes! aaron is on MITI, and we will def do another album together. kenna has an EP coming out eventually that i produced. (at least i hope it comes out!)

HueyBosco3 karma

So many of your songs were the soundtrack to my emerging into adult life. Chicken-Bone Circuit, Bus Stop Bitties, Work were always in the background and I had the pleasure to see you do your craft at a free park show in Austin back in 2006.

My question is that I've seen more interest in cassette tapes that I figure is linked to the rise in popularity of vinyl. From a DJ perspective, what's the value of cassette? I don't really get it and I feel like it's just piggy-backing on vinyl's resurgence. Any insight?

RJD2RJD221 karma

man, i have no idea. i didnt know tapes were cool. not sure if i care. but if someone wants to race rewinding cassettes with a pencil, come at me bro

choptimusgrime3 karma

Hey man, i can't wait to catch your fun fun fun fest set this year, you always kill it at ffff

who were some of your biggest influences growing up?

in music, art, life in-general

RJD2RJD26 karma

led zeppelin, U2, hendrix, UTFO, RUN DMC. Kraftwerk.

masterSpleef3 karma

I'm curious what your thoughts on trap music are? More specifically the large consensus that it takes no skill to produce and all sounds the same.

P.S. If you have ever heard of the producer GUTS I think that two would make an awesome collab.

RJD2RJD28 karma

i think some of the guys who sort of birthed that style have done some great records-lex luger, shawty redd, etc.

jaqen_hbLARG3 karma

Hi RJ! First I just want to say, I'm a big fan of your music. Great for late nights of studying. What setup do you use to record your music? Do you use a professional studio? Do you work out of home? I'm very into writing music, and would be interested in giving music like yours a shot at writing.

RJD2RJD29 karma

protools, an MPC, instruments, mics. that's it. yes, inna home studio styleee

cardaman3 karma

Hey RJD2- What are your biggest musical influences outside of your genre?

Thanks for all the great music.

RJD2RJD29 karma

old school new school need to learn tho....

callmeapples3 karma

Did you know your music was in the forecast skate video? That's how I became a fan.

RJD2RJD27 karma

i may or may not know that. name doesnt ring a bell.

StephenMcTowelie12 karma

For someone who's just starting out int he producing/DJing world, what pieces of advice can you give? And what things do you recommend/not recommend doing?

RJD2RJD28 karma

have fun. don't let it become stressful.

tesmundo892 karma

Have you done many songs where you recorded with real instruments?

RJD2RJD24 karma


avoidmynoid2 karma

How do you feel about DJs that make the crossover to commercial pop? Yes, like Daft Punk. Do you feel that kind of success is pandering to the pop crowd, or is it a natural evolution in DJ music?

RJD2RJD222 karma

i am not in the business of passing judgement on other folks motives.

gman9202 karma

You opened me up into the trip-hop scene, and for that, I thank you.

As a question, how much as Mad Men upped your visibility? Other than the fact you kinda look like Don Draper.

RJD2RJD25 karma

lol, me looking like don draper is easily the best compliment i will EVER get on my looks. yea, it's helped in the visibility dept, i'd say.

mpeskin2 karma

Are you a huge Star Wars fan? Is that where the name came from?

RJD2RJD27 karma

i am a fan, but the name was actually given to me by an old MC buddy of mine.

Nasty19312 karma

How much are your royalties from the Mad Men sample deal?

RJD2RJD24 karma

fairly meh but i still deposit 'em. you see any ferarris over here yet????

sirtimid2 karma

What's your favorite song you created?

RJD2RJD210 karma

my favorite is usually the most recent thing i've finished. so, right now, maybe "winter isnt coming". this will change in months, if not weeks.

duke_brohnston1 karma

On Entroducing there is a clip where an old man says "well hello there, is that your dog? I dont see why you cant have dogs on the moon. I suppose you're back for some more of Dr. (Unknown)'s magic elixir..." What movie is that from?

Also much respect for still using vinyl and turntables in a growing digital industry.

RJD2RJD27 karma

that is a great question, and one for the guy who made that album. DJ Shadow.

nobodyGotTime4That1 karma

I love your work. Please keep making music.

I have seen you live a few times. Sometimes opening for acts like Lotus (this was years ago), my question is: How do like opening for musical acts that are extremely different from your style?

If I could have any theme music play as I walked, Like Saturday Night Fever, I'd pick ghostwriter. What would be your theme song?

RJD2RJD23 karma

my theme song would probably be "pick up the pieces" by AWB, a funk standard. i like being in front of a crowd that isnt familiar with me-it's a challenge. do i always win? no. but it gives me a chance to think on my feet.

idrive51 karma

Mr. RJD2,

Would you ever consider having underground hip-hop artists/lyricists featured in your songs, similar to that of Gorillaz?

Edit: My most fave dig of your tunes would have to be "Ghostwriter".. Oh yesssss.. So many days writing over it. :D

RJD2RJD23 karma

ive actually done alot of producing for underground rappers in my day....

slevadon1 karma

Just wanted to say that I loved Snatch and Lock Stock. Keep doing your thing!

RJD2RJD22 karma

i take it this is a "you look like guy ritchie" joke. which i will gladly take, all day, every day.

DAL821 karma

I'm bored and sitting at home in front of my (somewhat) decent stereo. What should I be listening to right now?

RJD2RJD22 karma

The Sorcerer soundtrack on 8.

Moabalm1 karma

What's good man, just wanted to say that Deadringer got me through basic training. You planning on doing any more work with Jakki da Motamouth? And if you could collab with any musical artist, who'd it be?

RJD2RJD22 karma

Jakki is an elusive guy. he doesnt really have that "drive" that makes people record music all the time. any artist? d'angelo is up there, but so is maurice white, and EPMD, and chaka khan, and....

internetpizza1 karma

The first time I used Pandora, it was to start a RJD2 station because I needed some good music with no vocals for programming (music with vocals distracts me too much). Your music is great, played a large (albeit indirect) role in my development of some widely used software, and has helped me discover a ton of new artists and styles of music. Keep it up!

RJD2RJD22 karma


kllmam1 karma

Biggest regret?

RJD2RJD23 karma

i've come to terms with everything, so no regrets really eat away at me, per se. there's some personal shit i would have done differently, but by the time you close the door on your 20's, i think that's only natural.

FreekForAll1 karma

Saw you in Montreal few month ago. It was a great show. Thanks ! Have you ever been asked to produce music for pop stars ?

RJD2RJD22 karma

not really. i've been asked to submit stuff, but i'm also not really one for doing "soundalike" type work, so i'm not really the best man for the job, if that's a required qualification.

yumaidentity1 karma

I am so happy I got to see your set at What The Festival this year. It was amazing to see your skill as a DJ in person, and it gave me some ideas on how to spice up my shows.

I just wanted to say thank you for being awesome. Also any tips you can give on production?

RJD2RJD23 karma

tips? listen listen listen. there's always more to learn. have fun.